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The Status of R&D for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven accelerator, collider, injection, ion 12
  • E.B. Forsyth
Results from Lanzhou K450 Heavy Ion Cyclotron cyclotron, injection, ion, ionization 29
  • B. Wei
Initial Operation of Cooler Ring, TARN II acceleration, extraction, injection, ion 37
  • T. Katayama, K. Chida, T. Hattori, T. Honma, K. Katsuki, A. Mizobuchi, M. Nakai, A. Noda, K. Noda, M. Sekiguchi, F. Soga, T. Tanabe, N. Ueda, S. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, M. Yoshizawa
Status Report on the AGOR Superconducting Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, injection, vacuum 43
  • B. Launé
Problems in Measuring Micron-Size Beams accelerator, electron, positron, radiation 60
  • C. Field
Design and Preliminary Tests of a Beam Intensity Monitor for LEP collider, feedback, modulator, resonance 71
  • K.B. Unser
Electric Polarizability and Magnetic Susceptibility of Small Holes in a Thin Screen coupling, impedance 88
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.K. Cooper, R. Li
Experiment of Cusptron Microwave Tube cathode, electron, instability, spectrum 91
  • J.Y. Choe, K. Boulais, W. Namkung, H.S. Uhm
FCI-Field Charge Interaction Program for High Power Klystron Simulations electron, injection, klystron, simulation 94
  • T. Shintake
Small-Signal Gain and Numerical Simulation of Transvertron High Power Microwave Sources electron, instability, radiation, simulation 97
  • D.J. Sullivan, M.J. Arman, B.B. Godfrey, J.E. Walsh
Structure Studies for the CERN Linear Collider CLIC alignment, damping, impedance, linac 103
  • I. Wilson, H. Henke, W. Schnell
Development of the Collective Interaction Klystron (CIK) bunching, electron, focusing, instability 109
  • J.A. Pasour, T.P. Hughes, K. Thomason
Computer Aided Field Measurements of the SUPERHILAC Alvarez Cavities alignment, impedance, vacuum 112
  • D. Howard, R. Dwinell, B. Feinberg, R. Fuhrman, R. Sorensen
Computer-Aided Studies of the ALS 500 MHz Storage Ring Cavity acceleration, damping, impedance, target 121
  • C.C. Lo, B. Taylor
Design of a 100 MW X-Band Klystron cathode, gun, klystron, x-band 129
  • K. Eppley
Bunch Lengthening Control Using the Fourth Harmonic Cavity in the VUV Ring coupling, resonance, synchrotron, thermal 138
  • J. Keane, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, A. Fauchet, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas, G. Vignola, J. Wachtel
X-Ray RF System Upgrade at the NSLS crystal, impedance, vacuum, x-ray 141
  • J. Keane, H. Ackerman, J. Aspenleiter, W. Broome, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, P. Mortazavi, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas
Planned Beam Transport and Two-Cavity Amplifier Experiments on the University of Maryland Gyroklystron diagnostics, dielectric, gun, gyroklystron 144
  • D. Welsh, J. Calame, V.L. Granatstein, B. Hogan, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, M. Naiman, M. Read, M. Skopec, C.D. Striffler
A High Power X-Band Relativistic Klystron accelerator, electron, klystron, x-band 147
  • T.J. Davis, E. Chojnacki, J.A. Nation
High Power Traveling Wave Amplifier Experiments crystal, electron, radiation, waveguide 150
  • J.A. Nation, J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, D. Shiffler
Damped Accelerator Structures for Future Linear e Colliders accelerator, collider, coupling, waveguide 156
  • H. Deruyter, H.A. Hoag, A.V. Lisin, G. A. Loew, R.B. Palmer, J.M. Paterson, C.E. Rago, J.W. Wang
Anomalous Electron Loading in SLAC 5045 Klystron and Relativistic Klystron Input Cavities cathode, electron, instability, klystron 159
  • R. F. Koontz, W.R. Fowkes, T.L. Lavine, R.H. Miller, A. Vlieks
Studies of Ferrite Materials for the AGS Booster Synchrotron booster, ferrite, instability, proton 165
  • M.A. Goldman, P. Cameron, R.T. Sanders, J. Tuozzolo
Perpendicular Biased Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Ring booster, ferrite, shielding, thermal 171
  • R.L. Poirier, T. Enegren, C. Haddock
The Interaction Between the Third Harmonic Resonance and Parasitic Modes Inside the TRIUMF Cavity acceptance, coupling, cyclotron, impedance 174
  • V. Pacak, D. Dohan, T. Enegren, K. Fong
Progress on a Prototype Main Ring RF Cavity accelerator, coupling, ferrite, thermal 177
  • G.R. Swain, R. Kandarian, R.L. Poirier, W.R. Smythe, H.A. Thiessen
RF System for the STA SR Ring coupling, impedance, radiation, synchrotron 180
  • T. Kusaka, M. Hara, A. Miura, T. Yoshiyuki
High Power RF Tests of 433 MHz Single-Cell Accelerator Cavities and Associated Feed System accelerator, coupling, electron, klystron 183
  • A.M. Vetter, J.L. Adamski, R.W. Kruse, A.G. Krycuk
SUPERFISH Accuracy Dependence on Mesh Size accelerator, linac, radio-frequency, rf cavities 186
  • J. L. Merson, G.P. Boicourt
Computer-Aided Design of Three-Dimensional Waveguide Loaded Cavities damping, impedance, klystron, waveguide 189
  • Y. Goren, D.U.L. Yu
Prototype RF Cavity for the HISTRAP Accelerator accelerator, ferrite, impedance, vacuum 193
  • S.W. Mosko, D.T. Dowling, D.K. Olsen
Depressed Collectors for Gyrotrons depressed collector, gyroklystron, plasma, positron 199
  • M.E. Read, A.J. Dudas, W. Lawson, A. Singh
Dynamics of an Electron in an RF Gap electron, extraction, fringe fields, ion 202
  • Z.D. Farkas, P.B. Wilson
Higher Order Modes in the SRS 500 MHz Accelerating Cavities coupling, damping, impedance, waveguide 211
  • J.N. Corlett
Determination of Failure Mechanisms of RF Cavity Aperture Windows dielectric, finite element, thermal, vacuum 214
  • R.A. Rimmer
Status Report on the Radio Frequency Accelerating Systems of the APS at Argonne feedback, impedance, linac, synchrotron 217
  • G. Nicholls, J. Bridges, J. Cook, R. Kustom
The Design of the R.F. Cavities for Elettra accelerator, electron, impedance, simulation 220
  • P. Fernandes, R. Massarino, A. Massarotti, R. Parodi, A. Tarditi
CARM Driver for High Frequency RF Accelerators cyclotron, electron, induction, waveguide 223
  • B.G. Danly, K.D. Pendergast, R.J. Temkin, J.S. Wurtele
Boeing Travelling Wave Structure Electrical Performance accelerator, electron, impedance, travelling wave 229
  • T. Buller, R. Friedman, W. Gallagher, A. Vetter
125 MHz Cavity for NAR acceleration, electron, injection, synchrotron 240
  • A. Shibayama
Design and Construction of a Chopper Driven 11.4 GHz Traveling Wave RF Generator chopper, emittance, impedance, klystron 243
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg
Engineering Design of the Interaction Waveguide for High-Power Accelerator-Driven Microwave Free-Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, laser, lifetime 246
  • D.B. Hopkins, H.W. Clay, G. Listvinsky, M.A. Makowski, B.W. Stallard, A.L. Throop
Technique of Race-Track Microtron Injection into Linac injection, ion, linac, microtron 251
  • A.R. Tumanian, R.V. Tumanian
Second Slow Extraction of Relativistic Nuclear Beams from the Synchrophasotron acceptance, extraction, focusing, vacuum 258
  • I.B. Issinsky, S.V. Kostyuchenko, V.D. Kravtsov, E.A. Matyushevsky, S.A. Novikov, D.V. Uralsky, B.V. Vasilishin, V.I. Volkov, I.V. Zaitsev, L.P. Zinoviev
Design of the Injection System by Half Resonance into a Superconducting Electron Storage Ring emittance, injection, ion, resonance 260
  • S. Nakata, C. Tsukishima
Mechanical Design of SXLS Radio-Frequency Cavity resonance, thermal, vacuum, x-ray 263
  • P. Mortazavi, J. Keane, S. Sharma, M. Thomas
A 4-Megavolt, 5-Kiloampere Pulsed-Power High-Brightness Electron Beam Source cathode, electron, emittance, vacuum 276
  • R.L. Carlson, L.A. Builta, T.P. Hughes, T.J. Kauppila, D.C. Moir, R.N. Ridlon
Multi-Ampere Metal Ion Source cathode, ion, plasma, vacuum 289
  • I.G. Brown, J.E. Galvin, R.A. MacGill
Gabor Lens Focusing of a Negative Ion Beam electron, focusing, ion, plasma 304
  • J.A. Palkovic, F.E. Mills, C. Schmidt, D. E. Young
Status of the Sandia EBIS Program electron, ion, solenoid, vacuum 310
  • R.W. Schmieder, C. Bisson, S. Haney, N. Toly, A.R. Van Hook, J. Weeks
Photoelectric Injector Design Code emittance, focusing, photoelectric, space-charge 313
  • B.E. Carlsten
The ECR Heavy-Ion Source for ATLAS acceleration, accelerator, ion, solenoid 319
  • R.C. Pardo, P.J. Billquist
Conceptual Design of a Gyrotron-Driven Superconducting ECR Ion Source ion, plasma, sextupole, solenoid 325
  • P.J. Countryman, C.M. Lyneis, R.C. Wolgast
Simulations of High-Brightness RF Photocathode Guns for LLNL-SLAC-LBL 1 GeV Test Experiment electron, emittance, gun, laser 334
  • Y.-J. Chen
A Volume H- Ion Source with a Torodial Discharge Chamber electron, extraction, ion, plasma 340
  • K. Prelec
Intense Negative Heavy Ion Source with Cusp Magnetic Field emittance, extraction, ion, plasma 345
  • Y. Mori, S. Fukumoto, H. Hagiwara, K. Ikegami, A. Rokugawa, A. Tagaki, A. Ueno
Design Calculations and Measurements of a Dipole Magnet with Permendur Pole Pieces accelerator, induction, magnetic measurements, wiggler 351
  • R.A. Early, J. K. Cobb, J.E. Oijala
Variable Gradient Permanent-Magnet Quadrupole Lenses accelerator, extraction, quadrupole, space-charge 354
  • P.G. O'Shea, J.E. Dyson, R.G. Maggs, P. Schafstall, T.J. Zaugg
Hall Effect Magnetic Field Regulation Systems for the CESR Injector injection, lifetime, neutron, quadrupole 357
  • C.R. Dunnam
Conceptual Design of a 5 T/mm Quadrupole for Linear Collider Final Focus accelerator, collider, induction, quadrupole 360
  • K. Egawa, T.M. Taylor
DC Septum Magnet for Beam Extraction cooling water, septum, shielding, vacuum 363
  • A. Noda, K. Chida, A. Mizobuchi, F. Soga, M. Yoshizawa
A Radiation Hard Dipole Magnet Coils Using Aluminum Clad Copper Conductors booster, radiation, septum, target 366
  • W.J. Leonhardt
Magnets for High Energy Colliders optics, quadrupole, sextupole, solenoid 369
  • J. Spencer, H. Stucki
Design of a Pulsed Switching Magnet for the Bevalac accelerator, alignment, focusing, vacuum 372
  • S. Abbott, J. Alonso, J. Brown, J. Kalnins, G. Krebs, R. Reimers
Laced Permanent Magnet Quadrupole Drift Tube Magnets accelerator, focusing, linac, quadrupole 375
  • B. Feinberg, G.U. Behrsing, K. Halbach, J.S. Marks, M.E. Morrison, D.H. Nelson
Magnetic Measurements at LNLS linac, magnetic measurements, quadrupole, solenoid 378
  • W.A. Ortiz, R.T. Neuenschwander, F.W.B. Talarico
Static and Dynamic Magnetic End Effects and Correction Magnets for the AGS Booster booster, ion, quadrupole, vacuum 381
  • G.E. Danby, J. W. Jackson
Description of New Vacuum Chamber Correction Concept booster, proton, sextupole, vacuum 384
  • G.T. Danby, J. W. Jackson
Magnetic Measurements of Permanent Magnet Insertion Devices at the BNL-NSLS electron, insertion, synchrotron, undulator 387
  • L. Solomon, G. Decker, J. Galayda, M. Kitamura
Prototype Magnet Designs and Loss Measurements for the Dual Frequency Booster Synchrotron for TRIUMF's KAON Factory booster, injection, quadrupole, synchrotron 390
  • A.J. Otter, C. Haddock, P. Reeve, P. Schwandt
Design, Construction, and Field Mapping of the HISTRAP Prototype Dipole ion, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 393
  • B.A. Tatum, D.T. Dowling, R. S. Lord, S.W. Mosko, D.K. Olsen
Quadrupole Magnet for the APS Storage Ring accelerator, photon, quadrupole, vacuum 396
  • K.M. Thompson, S. Kim, R. Lari, L.R. Turner
Beam Transport Magnets for CEBAF accelerator, electron, optics, quadrupole 399
  • L.H. Harwood, G. Biallas, J.R. Boyce, W. Heilbrunn, K. Johnson, R.C. York
A Magnetically Switched Kicker for Proton Extraction accelerator, extraction, induction, kicker 402
  • J. Dinkel, J. Biggs
Kicker Magnets for the Advanced Light Source extraction, ferrite, injection, kicker 405
  • G. Gabor, F. Voelker
Kickers Used for Bunched e+/e- Beam Transfer in the CERN PS Complex impedance, injection, kicker, vacuum 408
  • T. Fowler, J.C. Freze, D. Grier, K-D. Metzmacher, L. Sermeus
Design Analysis and Measurement of Very Fast Kicker Magnets at SLAC damping, ferrite, kicker, radiation 411
  • J.N. Weaver, G.B. Bowden, F. Bulos, R.L. Cassel, A.R. Donaldson, A. Harvey, A.V. Kulikov, M.N. Nguyen, A. Odian, V.G. Price, L.L. Reginato, M.C. Ross, F. Villa, D.S. Williams
HERA Status electron, injection, proton, quadrupole 431
  • B.H. Wiik
The Fermilab Upgrade antiproton, collider, linac, luminosity 436
  • S.D. Holmes, D.A. Edwards, R.E. Gerig, M. Harrison, M.J. Syphers
Record Capture and Acceleration Efficiency in the SURF-II 300 MeV Circular Storage Ring accelerator, kicker, lifetime, microtron 461
  • L.R. Hughey
Experience with Phase II Insertion Devices in the X-Ray Ring insertion, tune, wiggler, x-ray 470
  • G. Decker, J. Galayda, S. Krinsky, L. Solomon
Higher Order Mode RF Power Extraction From Polarized Cavities with a Single Output Coupler accelerator, damping, deflecting mode, quadrupole 479
  • J. Kirchgessner, J. Graber, W. Hartung, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, D. Saraniti, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Field Emmission Processing of Superconducting RF Cavities with High Peak Power collider, coupling, klystron, vacuum 482
  • J. Kirchgessner, J. Graber, W. Hartung, J. Lawton, D. Moffatt, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Fully Hydroformed RF Cavities ion, radio-frequency, thermal, vacuum 485
  • C. Hauviller
Temperature and Field Dependence of the RF Surface Resistance of High Tc Materials accelerator, coupling, crystal, superconductivity 488
  • D. Moffatt, K. Green, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
R & D in Progress to Overcome Field Emission in Superconducting Accelerator Cavities accelerator, superconductivity, thermal, vacuum 491
  • Q.S. Shu, K. Gendreau, W. Hartung, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffatt, R. Noer, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears
Optimization of Coil Configuration in a Superconducting Dipole Magnet for Compact Synchrotron Light Source electron, finite element, focusing, sextupole 494
  • M. Kitamura, T. Kobayashi, N. Maki
Test of Two 1.8 M SSC Model Magnets with Iterated Design multipole, quench, sextupole, thermal 497
  • P. Wanderer, J.G. Cottingham, P. Dahl, G. Ganetis, G. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, A. Prodell, E.P. Rohrer, W. Sampson, R. Shutt, P. Thompson, E. Willen
Collarless, Close-in, Shaped Iron Aperture Designs for the SSC Dipole accelerator, controls, quench, sextupole 500
  • R.C. Gupta, G.M. Morgan
Status of the Quadrupoles for RHIC accelerator, ion, quadrupole, quench 503
  • P.A. Thompson, J.G. Cottingham, M. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, S. Plate, A. Prodell, W. Sampson, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Minimum Energy to Start a Quench and Optimum Copper-to-NbTi Ratio quench, superconductivity, thermal 506
  • K.Y. Ng
A New High-Gradient Correction Quadrupole for the Fermilab Luminosity Upgrade collider, luminosity, quadrupole, quench 512
  • P. Mantsch, J. Carson, M.J. Lamm, A. Riddiford
Compensation of Time Varying Fields in the Tevatron Superconducting Magnets collider, injection, ion, tune 521
  • D.E. Johnson, D.A. Herrup
In-Situ Non-Destructive Testing of Superconducting Dipoles in the Tevatron accelerator, target, vacuum, x-ray 524
  • B. Hanna, H. Jostlein, D. Plant, S. Pruss
Design Considerations for a Large Aperture High Field Superconducting Dipole accelerator, multipole, sextupole, target 527
  • F. Harfoush, C. Ankenbrandt, M. Harrison, J. Kerby, K. Koepke, P. Mantsch, T. Nicol, A. Riddiford, J. Theilacker
Full Length SSC R&D Dipole Magnet Test Results Lorentz force, accelerator, collider, quench 530
  • J. Strait, M. Bleadon, B.C. Brown, S. Caspi, M. Chapman, J. Cortella, J.G. Cottingham, P. Dahl, A. Desportes, A. Devred, G. Ganetis, A. Garber, A. Ghosh, W. Gilbert, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, R. Hanft, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, J. Kaugerts, E. Kelly, T. Kirk, M. Kuchnir, M. Lamm, P. Mantsch, P.O. Mazur, R. Meuser, K. Mirk, G. Morgan, D. Orris, J. Peoples, C. Peters, A. Prodell, J. Rechen, J.M. Royet, W. Sampson, R. Scanlan, R. Schermer, R. Schutt, C. Taylor, P. Thompson, J.C. Tompkins, G. Tool, J. Turner, P. Wanderer, E. Willen, J. Zbasnik
Fabrication and Test of Prototype Ring Magnets for the ALS booster, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 566
  • J. Tanabe, N. Andresen, R. Avery, R. Caylor, M.I. Green, K. Halbach, S. Hernandez, E. Hoyer, D. Humphries, Y. Kajiyama, R. Keller, W. Low, S. Marks, J. Milburn, D. Yee
A Synchronous Beam Sweeper for Heavy Ions accelerator, cathode, ion, vacuum 595
  • J.M. Bogaty
Generating Catalogs of Transverse Matching Solutions accelerator, focusing, quadrupole, target 598
  • G. Swain, M. Burns, P. Busch
Half Wave Helix Loaded Superconducting Resonator for the Saclay Heavy on Linac booster, ion, linac, shielding 601
  • B. Cauvin, J.P. Fouan, J. Girard, G. Ramstein
A Rotary Tuner for UHF Drift-Tube Linacs accelerator, coupling, insertion, linac 607
  • D. J. Liska, J. H. Billen, H. Mignardot, G.W. Zimmerman
Numerical and Experimental Studies of Particle Accelerators Powered by Modulated Intense Relativistic Electron Beams acceleration, accelerator, electron, simulation 609
  • J. Krall, M. Friedman, Y.Y. Lau, V. Serlin
Advanced Accelerator Test Facility (AATF) Upgrade Plan accelerator, electron, laser, plasma 612
  • W. Gai, B. Cole, C. Ho, R. Konecny, S. Mtingwa, J. Norem, J. Rosenzweig, M. Rosing, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Determination of the Beam Width in a Stellatron Accelerator betatron, electron, target, x-ray 615
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, R. Prohaska, N. Rostoker
Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Experiments in KEK electron, linac, plasma, positron 618
  • A. Ogata, A. Enomoto, H. Kobayashi, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, Y. Nishida, T. Urano
Frequency Response of 4-8 GHz Stochatic Cooling Electrodes coupling, impedance, kicker, stochastic cooling 639
  • D. McGinnis, S.Y. Hsueh, J. Marriner, J. Misek, J. Petter
Boeing 120 MeV RF Linac Injector Design and Accelerator Performance Comparison with PARMELA accelerator, emittance, gun, simulation 657
  • A. Yeremian, J. Adamski, W. Gallagher, R. Kennedy, J. Orthel, L. Young
Preliminary Results of a Raster Scanning Beam Delivery System controls, ion, ionization, radiation 672
  • T.R. Renner, W. Chu, J. Halliwell, B. Ludewigt, M. Nyman, R.P. Singh, G.D. Stover, R. Stradtner
A New Design of Truly Selfshielding Baby-Cyclotrons for Positron Emitter Production cyclotron, ion, positron, target 675
  • M. Abs, J.L. Bol, A. Chevalier, E. Conrad, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, M. Ladeuze, G. Lannoye, T. LeDocte, A. Ninane, G. Rijckewaert, S. Zaremba
Feedback Linear Induction Accelerator Using Fusion Reactor Exhaust Plasma acceleration, feedback, induction, plasma 681
  • K. Denno
Optimal Wakefield Excitation and Particle Acceleration in a Relativistic Counterstreaming Electron Beam acceleration, accelerator, electron, plasma 691
  • Y.T. Yan
Cross-Field Acceleration by Electromagnetic Wave acceleration, electron, plasma, simulation 703
  • S. Kawata, A. Manabe, H. Watanabe
Report on the Lake Arrowhead Workshop on Advanced Acceleration Concepts acceleration, accelerator, laser, plasma 712
  • C. Pellegrini
Superconducting RF Linear Collider collider, damping, emittance, linac 721
  • D.L. Rubin, J. Graber, W. Hartung, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Upper Hybrid Wave Collective Acceleration Studies accelerator, cyclotron, electron, wiggler 734
  • E. Chojnacki, T.J. Davis, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation
Medical Accelerator Projects at Michigan State University accelerator, cyclotron, ion, neutron 742
  • H. Blosser, E. Blosser, G. Blosser, R. Burleigh, D. Johnson, T. Kuo, F. Marti, R. Maughan, W. Powers, J. Vincent, J. Wagner, A. Zeller
Status of the PBFA-II Light Ion Beam Fusion Program accelerator, cathode, ion, plasma 752
  • J.P. Quintenz, J.E. Bailey, K.W. Bieg, D.D. Bloomquist, R.S. Coats, D.L. Cook, J.T. Crow, M.S. Derzon, M.P. Desjarlais, P.L. Dreike, R.A. Gerber, T.W. Hussey, D.J. Johnson, W.A. Johnson, R.P. Kensek, G.W. Kuswa, J.R. Lee, R.J. Leeper, T.R. Lockner, J.E. Maechen, D.H. McDaniel, P.F. McKay, T.A. Mehlhorn, C.W. Mendel, Jr., L.P. Mix, E.L. Neau, C.L. Olson, T.D. Pointon, A.L. Pregenzer, T.J. Renk, G.E. Rochau, S.E. Rosenthal, C.L. Ruiz, L.X. Schneider, S.A. Slutz, R.W. Stinnett, W.A. Stygar, M.A. Sweeney, G.C. Tisone, B.N. Turman, J.P. VanDevender, J.R. Woodworth
X-Ray Lithography Sources: A Review electron, injection, linac, x-ray 757
  • J.B. Murphy
High Intensity H- Cyclotrons for Radioisotope Production cyclotron, extraction, injection, ion 764
  • J.L. Bol, A. Chevalier, E. Conrad, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, M. Ladeuze, G. Lannoye, T. LeDocte, A. Ninane, G. Rijckewaert, S. Zaremba
High-Average Power Millimeter-Wave FEL for Plasma Heating Using the ETA-II Accelerator accelerator, electron, waveguide, wiggler 770
  • A.L. Throop, D.P. Atkinson, J.C. Clark, G.A. Deis, D.B. Hopkins, R.A. Jong, M.A. Makowski, W.E. Nexsen, A.C. Paul, E.T. Scharlemann, B.W. Stallard, K.I. Thomassen, W.C. Turner
Developement of a 10-m Wedged-Pole Undulator accelerator, focusing, undulator, vacuum 783
  • K.E. Robinson, S.C. Gottschalk, F.E. James, D.C. Quimby, J.M. Slater, A.S. Valla
A Novel Small Period Electromagnetic Undulator for Free Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, finite element, undulator 786
  • W. Zhou, A.N. Fang, W.Z. Tang
Transverse and Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instabilities in Trains of Closely Spaced Bunches betatron, collider, damping, synchrotron 792
  • K.A. Thompson, R.D. Ruth
Understanding and Improving the High Field Orbit in the Fermilab Booster betatron, booster, extraction, survey 815
  • Y. Chao, L. Ketcham, C. Moore
Intrinsic and Resonance Space Charge Limits accelerator, booster, lattice, simulation 818
  • G. Parzen
Scaling Relations for a Beam Deflecting TM110 Mode in an Asymmetric Cavity coupling, deflecting mode, radiation, waveguide 827
  • H. Takeda
Simulation of an RFQ Funnel for Heavy-Ion Beams focusing, funneling, ion, quadrupole 833
  • F.W. Guy, R.H. Stokes
Differential Algebras without Differentials: An Easy C++ Implementation   839
  • L. Michelotti
The Improvement Program for Higher Intensity and Better Quality in the Princeton University Cyclotron accelerator, coupling, cyclotron, extraction 845
  • Y. Huang, S. Kidner, S. Oh, M. Yoon
Beam Impedance of Ferrite Kicker Magnets damping, ferrite, impedance, kicker 851
  • F. Voelker, G. Lambertson
Beam Dynamics Calculations for the LAMPF Optically Pumped Ion Source emittance, extraction, ion, solenoid 854
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson, R.L. York, O.B. van Dyck
Finite Difference Time Domain Modelling of Particle Accelerators coupling, ion, scattering, simulation 866
  • T.G. Jurgens, F.A. Harfoush
Compensation of Magnetic Imperfections in the SSC injection, lattice, multipole, tune 869
  • R. Talman, L. Schachinger, T. Sun
Electron Transport in Stellarator Fields beamline, electron, induction, quadrupole 872
  • M.G. Tiefenback, V.L. Bailey, Jr., S.D. Putnam
Application of the ARGUS Code to Accelerator Design Calculations acceleration, accelerator, gun, simulation 877
  • A. Mondelli, C. Chang, A. Drobot, K. Ko, A. Mankofsky, J. Petillo
Sheet Electron Beam Gun Design Using ARGUS cathode, electron, gun, simulation 888
  • J.J. Petillo, A.J. Dudas, M.E. Read
Comparison of Analytical and Computational Estimates of Reduction in Linear Aperture in the Presence of Sextupole Field lattice, sextupole, tune 897
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Disassociation of Electrons from Partially Stripped Ion Beams Due to Strong Magnetic Fields booster, electron, ion, vacuum 900
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Capture and Containment of the Positron Beam in the APS Injector Linac focusing, positron, quadrupole, solenoid 903
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A Five-Picosecond, Electron Pulse from the ANL L-Band Linac accelerator, bunching, electron, streak camera 912
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Emittance Growth, Tune Shift, and the Bunched-Beam, Bunched-Beam Interaction collider, emittance, scattering, tune 929
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Dynamics in an Adiabatic Free Electron Laser electron, recirculation, synchrotron, wiggler 932
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Development of the 1 GeV Proton Linac for the Japanese Hadron Facility coupling, hadron, linac, quadrupole 947
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400 MeV Upgrade for the Fermilab Linac accelerator, collider, focusing, linac 950
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Design of an Integrally Formed RFQ coupling, ion, proton, vacuum 953
  • S. Abbott, R. Caylor, R. Gough, D. Howard, R. MacGill, J. Staples
Concepts, Features, and Design of a Sixteen-to-Four Beam Combiner for ILSE emittance, focusing, ion, quadrupole 968
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Conceptual Design of Bend, Compression and Final Focus Components of ILSE acceleration, diagnostics, ion, quadrupole 971
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Exploring the Beam Parameter Space of a CW RFQ Proton Accelerator cw, emittance, ion, solenoid 980
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Compact Linacs for Positron Emission Tomography focusing, ion, linac, proton 987
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Low Emittance Immersed and Non-Immersed Foilless Diodes for High Current Electron Linacs accelerator, cathode, electron, emittance 1002
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RADLAC-II Upgrade Experiments accelerator, cathode, electron, x-ray 1005
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PIC Simulations of an Aschromatic Solenoidal Focusing System for LMF accelerator, focusing, ion, target 1014
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A Conceptual Design for an LMF Accelerator Module accelerator, electron, extraction, ion 1017
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Electron Beam Injection, Deflection, and Transport in the UNM Betatron betatron, diagnostics, electron, focusing 1020
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Beam-Breakup and Image-Displacement Instability Coupling Impedances in High-Current Electron-Beam Induction Accelerators coupling, impedance, induction, instability 1023
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Theory of the Wakefield Effects of Relativistic Electron Beams background, electron, plasma, wakefield 1029
  • H.S. Uhm
Pondeormotive Effects on Charged Particle Beam Limiting Current coupling, electron, plasma, waveguide 1032
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Intense Electron Beam Propagation across a Magnetic Field electron, equilibrium, ion, polarization 1035
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Stability of Compact Recirculating Accelerators acceleration, focusing, instability, quadrupole 1038
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Transport and Stability of Long-Pulse, High-Current Electron Beams in Ion Focused Regime Plasma Channels for Advanced Accelerators electron, injection, ion, plasma 1044
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Octopole Correction of Geometric Aberrations for High-Current Heavy-Ion Beams focusing, heavy-ion, ion, quadrupole 1047
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Beam Dynamics in the Spiral-Line Induction Accelerator accelerator, beamline, induction, simulation 1055
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The Beam Tracking during the First Few Milliseconds of a Low Energy Booster emittance, sextupole, synchrotron, tune 1061
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High Average Beam Power Linac Waveguides accelerator, electron, impedance, waveguide 1064
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Beam Mismatch and Emittance Oscillations in Magnetic Transport Lines emittance, focusing, plasma, space-charge 1067
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Neutralization of Long and Short Pulse Ion Beams cathode, electron, ion, plasma 1070
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Drift Tubes for a Focusing Channel of Ion Linear Accelerator focusing, linac, quadrupole, vacuum 1073
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A POS Hall Model cathode, electron, ion, plasma 1076
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Application of Linear Electron Accelerators to Industry and Medicine electron, irradiation, klystron, radiation 1085
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ECR Source Scaling Concepts electron, ion, ionization, plasma 1088
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Brief Review of the Development of Electrostatic Accelerators and Continuing Work at Strasburg accelerator, emittance, ion, vacuum 1103
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Relativistic Klystrons accelerator, bunching, ion, klystron 1123
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Status of the LEP Accelerating Structure acceleration, coupling, impedance, vacuum 1128
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The LEP Main Ring High Power RF System coupling, ferrite, klystron, waveguide 1131
  • H. Frischolz
Development of the Resonant-Cavity Virtual-Cathode and Large-Orbit Gyrotron High-Power Microwave Sources cathode, coupling, electron, waveguide 1134
  • M.V. Fazio, W.W. Destler, R.F. Hoeberling, J. Kinross-Wright, R. Stringfield, F. VanHaaften
RF Breakdown Studies in Copper Electron Linac Structures linac, rf breakdown, vacuum, x-band 1137
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Magnetic Performance of the LEP Bending Magnets injection, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 1148
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High Frequency Dependence of the Coupling Impedance for a Large Number of Obstacles coupling, impedance 1157
  • R.L. Gluckstern
Effect of Energy Spread on the Dipole Beam Break-Up Instability betatron, cyclotron, focusing, solenoid 1166
  • D. Chernin, A. Mondelli
Effect of the Induced Voltage on the Bunch Motion at the Transition Energy acceleration, impedance, instability, synchrotron 1169
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The AMOS (Azimuthal Mode Simulator) Code accelerator, impedance, simulation, software 1181
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Modeling Ferrite Electromagnetic Response in the Time-Domain damping, ferrite, induction, lattice 1184
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Effects of Frequency Spreads on Beam Breakup Instabilities in Linear Accelerators betatron, coupling, damping, focusing 1193
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Z-Pinch Wiggler cyclotron, electron, plasma, wiggler 1220
  • M.C. Lampel
Insertion Devices for the Advanced Light Source at LBL electron, insertion, vacuum, wiggler 1222
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An Ultra-Low Emittance Damping Ring Lattice and Its Dynamic Aperture damping, emittance, sextupole, wiggler 1225
  • L. Emery
Effect of Tapering on Optical Guiding and Sideband Growth in a Finite-Pulse Free-Electron Laser electron, focusing, resonance, synchrotron 1234
  • B Hafizi, P. Sprangle, C.M. Tang, A. Ting
FEL Projects at DELTA electron, klystron, radiation, undulator 1237
  • D. Nölle
A Compact X-Ray Lithography Lattice Using Superferric Magnets lattice, light source, synchrotron, x-ray 1242
  • L.K. Chen, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay, S. Ohnuma, C.A. Swenson
A Second Superconducting Wiggler Magnet for the Daresbury SRS emittance, injection, sextupole, wiggler 1250
  • M.W. Poole, V.P. Suller, S.L. Thomson
Measurement of a FEL Undulator and Particle Tracking alignment, electron, ion, undulator 1253
  • C. Tsukishima, S. Nakata
The Effect of Magnetic Field Errors on the Radiation Spectrum of Elettra Undulators brightness, electron, radiation, undulator 1259
  • B. Diviacco, R.P. Walker
Lattice Comparison for the Synchrotron Light Source Bessy II emittance, insertion, lattice, sextupole 1265
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Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Small Obstacle accelerator, coupling, impedance, resonance 1271
  • R.L. Gluckstern, F. Neri
Exploratory Orbit Analysis accelerator, instrumentation, resonance, software 1274
  • L. Michelotti
Modeling Nonlinear Behavior in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, acceptance, resonance, simulation 1277
  • R.E. Gerig, Y. Chao, L. Michelotti
Release of Marylie 3.0 beamline, collider, lattice, resonance 1283
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Analytical Expressions for the Smear Due to Nonlinear Multipoles accelerator, multipole, octupole, sextupole 1286
  • N. Merminga, K.Y. Ng
Third Order Combined Function Bending Magnets accelerator, booster, focusing, octupole 1289
  • D.C. Carey
One Dimensional Motion in a Thick Sextupole: A Comparison of Tracking Methods with the Exact Solution accelerator, multipole, proton, sextupole 1295
  • J. Hagel, B. Zotter
Beam Dynamics in Wigglers: Tracking in PEP with Damping Wigglers and Measurements at Spear damping, electron, tune, wiggler 1307
  • J. Safranek
Design of Optics for the Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC emittance, optics, quadrupole, sextupole 1319
  • K. Oide
A New Design of the SSC Boosters injection, lattice, space-charge, tune 1331
  • M.A. Furman, L.K. Chen
XMAP: A Differential Algebra Tool Generating Accelerator Maps accelerator, lattice, multipole, software 1337
  • S. Peggs, J. Irwin
Effect of Insertion Devices on Beam Dynamics of the 8 GeV Light Source Storage Ring insertion, optics, tune, undulator 1361
  • R. Nagaoka, M. Hara, H. Tanaka, K. Tsumaki, K. Yoshida
1.8 TeV Tevatron Upgrade Lattices accelerator, collider, lattice, target 1364
  • A.A. Garren, M.J. Syphers
Closed Orbit Analysis for the RHIC insertion, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1370
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Optical Flexibility of the COSY-Jülich Storage Ring acceleration, lattice, quadrupole, target 1379
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Dipole Fringe Field Optics in TRANSPORT ion, optics 1385
  • L. Sagalovsky
Orbital Dynamics in the Tevatron Double Helix emittance, lattice, proton, tune 1391
  • L. Michelotti, S. Saritepe
Multiple Equilibrium States of Electron Flow in a Magetron Gun cathode, electron, equilibrium, gun 1397
  • A.V. Agafonov, D.B. Orlov
Longitudinal Instability of Azimuthally-Nonsymmetric Beam in a Synchrotron impedance, instability, multipole, proton 1400
  • V.I. Balbekov, S.V. Ivanov
Precise Energy Measurement of the Continuous Proton Beam bunching, ion, linac, proton 1409
  • A.V. Feschenko, P.N. Ostroumov, S.A. Petronevich, S.I. Sharamentov
Initial Operation of the First 20 MeV Tank of the INR Linac acceleration, bunching, focusing, linac 1411
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Differential Algebra, A New Tool accelerator, damping, ion, tune 1419
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High Average-Power Induction Linacs accelerator, cathode, emittance, modulator 1441
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Heavy-Ion Superconducting Linacs accelerator, booster, heavy-ion, ion 1451
  • J.R. Delayen
High Brightness Immersed Source Injector Characterization brightness, cathode, simulation, x-ray 1456
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Electrostatic Beam Separation System of TRISTAN Main Ring ferrite, injection, radiation, vacuum 1480
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Emittance Measurements at the Bates Linac accelerator, electron, emittance, quadrupole 1526
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Observations of the Transverse and Longitudinal Nature of the Fermilab Linac Beam accelerator, injection, linac, plasma 1534
  • E. McCrory, K. Carlson, T. Owens, C. Schmidt, L. Wahl
Precision Measurements of the SLC Reference Magnets electron, extraction, monitoring, thermal 1547
  • S. Watson, M. Levi, J. Nash
Pulse-Power-Induced Oscillations on the REX Electron Beam electron, emittance, streak camera, vacuum 1559
  • L.A. Builta, R.L. Carlson, T.P. Hughes, T.J. Kauppila, D.C. Moir, R.N. Ridlon
General Analysis of Beam Position Monitors accelerator, beam position monitor, kicker, vacuum 1565
  • G. DiMassa, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Diagnostic for COSY-Jülich kicker, monitoring, pick-up, target 1574
  • R. Maier, U. Hacker
HESYRL 200 MeV Linac Single Bunch Energy Spectrum Measurement electron, klystron, linac, spectrum 1589
  • Y. Yin, D. Wang
RF Phase Measurement at Phermex Using Time-To-Digital Converters CAMAC, accelerator, electron, gun 1591
  • S.A. Watson, G.R. Jennings, D.C. Moir
184-Inch Synchrocyclotron Decommissioning cyclotron, radiation, shielding, vacuum 1605
  • R. Reimers, J. Haley, G. Hampton
Ho Injection for the JHP Compressor/Stretcher Ring emittance, injection, proton, scattering 1617
  • I. Yamane, K. Kitagawa
A Two-Cyclotron Concept for the Production of Radioactive Ion Beams cyclotron, injection, ion, target 1620
  • Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, M. Loiselet, A. Ninane, G. Ryckewaert, S. Zaremba
A 30 MeV H- Cyclotron for Isotope Production cyclotron, extraction, injection, ion 1623
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Digital Control of the LEP RF System controls, klystron, software, vacuum 1636
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Networking Remote Instrumentation for the Advanced Light Source accelerator, controls, instrumentation, light source 1648
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Relational Databases for SSC Design and Control lattice, multipole, optics, quench 1666
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Vax Q-Bus to CAMAC Systems Crate Interface for Long Camac Branches CAMAC, controls, timing 1690
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The Ground Test Accelerator Control System Database: Configuration, Run-Time Operation and Access accelerator, cathode, software, timing 1693
  • L.R. Dalesio
An Energy Spectrum Compressor System (ESC) for the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher (AmPS) acceleration, accelerator, electron, klystron 1704
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ITEP Proton Synchrotron Reconstruction acceleration, ion, proton, synchrotron 1728
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Comparison of Gabor Lens, Gas Focusing, and Electrostatic Quadrople Focusing for Low-Energy Ion Beams electron, focusing, ion, plasma 1744
  • M. Reiser
Longitudinal Emittance in High-Current Linear Ion Accelerators accelerator, bunching, emittance, space-charge 1748
  • T.P. Wangler, T.S. Bhatia, G.H. Neuschaefer, M. Pabst
Analysis of RF Modes in the ANL APS Vacuum Chamber Using Computer Simulation, Electron Beam Excitation and Perturbation Techniques coupling, electron, synchrotron, vacuum 1755
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Asymptotic Growth of Cumulative and Regenerative Beam Break-up Instabilities in Linear Accelerators betatron, coupling, electron, focusing 1761
  • Y.Y. Lau
Status of Superconducting RF Cavity Development accelerator, electron, ion, linac 1764
  • K.W. Shepard
Measurement of the Magnetic Field Coefficients of Particle Accelerator Magnets booster, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 1774
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Magnet Design Studies for the European Light Ion Medical Accelerator cyclotron, focusing, injection, ion 1777
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Training of LBL-SSC Model Dipole Magnets at 1.8K Lorentz force, accelerator, quench, superconductivity 1780
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Long-Term Test of a LEP Prototype Superconducting Cavity in the CERN SPS acceleration, accelerator, feedback, vacuum 1783
  • D. Boussard, G. Cavallari, H.P. Kindermann, G. Passardi, R. Stierlin, J. Tückmantel, W. Weingarten
The CERN Antiproton Accumulator Clearing System with Ion Current Measurements as a Residual Neutralization Diagnostic antiproton, coupling, ion, vacuum 1786
  • F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, L. Soby
Upgrading of TRISTAN by Superconducting RF System accumulation, coupling, injection, x-ray 1789
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Real Time Closed Orbit Correction System betatron, electron, feedback, tune 1792
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More Bunches in LEP betatron, injection, luminosity, rf cavities 1806
  • J.M. Jowett
Plasma Compensation Effects with Relativistic Electron Beams collider, electron, luminosity, plasma 1812
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Progress Report on the LEP Pre-Injector accumulation, klystron, septum, target 1815
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A 1.5 TeV Superconducting Synchrotron Design for the Fermilab Tunnel antiproton, injection, lattice, proton 1821
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Recent Commissioning Experience on the SLC Arcs alignment, betatron, electron, linac 1844
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Operational Experience with Heavy Ions at BNL: An Update acceleration, injection, ion, proton 1850
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Operational Results of the BEAR Flight RF System acceleration, accelerator, coupling, thermal 1867
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Beam Loading and Cavity Compensation for the Ground Test Accelerator coupling, impedance, resonance, simulation 1870
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Feedback Control of the Upgraded Linac at Fermilab accelerator, feedback, klystron, linac 1876
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RF Control System Development at CEFAB accelerator, feedback, modulator, spectrum 1885
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Numerically Controlled Oscillator for the Fermilab Booster CAMAC, accelerator, booster, synchrotron 1888
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Operational Results for the Raster Scanning Power Supply System Constructed at the Bevalac Biomedical Facility accelerator, feedback, impedance, ion 1890
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A Proposal to Pulse the Bevatron/Bevalac Main Guide Field Magnet with SCR Power Supplies acceleration, accelerator, ion 1893
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Control of the Bevatron/Bevalac Main Guide Field Power Supply for Fast Ion Switching Operation acceleration, accelerator, controls, ion 1896
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Operational Experience and Techniques for Controlled Longitudinal Phase Space Dilution in the AGS Using a High Harmonic Cavity acceleration, booster, controls, synchrotron 1934
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Bevalac Versatility: Operations Achievements in the Multitasking Mode accelerator, ion, target, tune 1937
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Fermilab's Automated Accelerator Start-Up Program accelerator, antiproton, extraction, quench 1940
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Improved High Voltage Coax for Antiproton Source Kicker Pulse Forming Networks and Pulse Transmission antiproton, dielectric, ionization, kicker 1951
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Circuit Description of Pulsed Power Systems damping, impedance, induction, plasma 1954
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The Vertical Alignment of the D0 Overpass in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, alignment, proton, quadrupole 1957
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Magnetic Properties of the ALS Booster Synchrotron Engineering Model Magnets booster, extraction, multipole, sextupole 1966
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AC Magnetic Measurements of the ALS Booster Dipole Engineering Model Magnet booster, induction, sextupole, vacuum 1969
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Design, Fabrication, and Calibration of Curved Integral Coils for Measuring Transfer Function, Uniformity and Effective Length of LBL ALS Booster Dipole Magnets booster, induction, radiation, synchrotron 1972
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A Plasma Lens for the CERN Antiproton Collector Scaled from Model and Experiment accelerator, antiproton, focusing, plasma 1975
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Effects of Irradiation on Hall Probe Sensitivity electron, irradiation, neutron, radiation 1993
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Relativistic Multipactoring damping, electron, klystron, proton 2008
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RF By-Pass on the Proton Synchrotron Vacuum Chamber Flanges acceleration, impedance, proton, vacuum 2012
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New Accelerating Sections for the 2 GeV Linac damping, electron, linac, waveguide 2021
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