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Keyword: field

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Superconducting Accelerator Cavities on a Large Scale accelerator, electron, linac, thermal 16
  • Y. Kojima
Microscopic Examination of Field Emission Areas in Superconducting Nb Cavities cathode, ion, plasma, vacuum 21
  • D. Moffat, T. Flynn, L. Hand, J. Kirchgessner, R. Noer, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
Design of Superconducting Magnets for the SSC accelerator, quench, superconducting magnet, thermal 32
  • R.B. Palmer
Field Quality Issues in Superconducting Magnets multipole, quadrupole, sextupole, skew 37
  • P. Schmüser
A Comparison of Calculations and Measurements of the Field Harmonics as a Function of Current in the SSC Dipole Magnets Lorentz force, alignment, sextupole, skew 42
  • R.C. Gupta, J.G. Cottingham, S.A. Kahn, G.H. Morgan, P. Wanderer
Analysis of Magnetic Field Measurement Results for the AGS Booster Magnets booster, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 45
  • E. Bleser, R. Thern
Some Recollections on the Story of the Cyclotron and Comments on Higher Degrees cyclotron, factory, focusing, ion 48
  • J.R. Richardson
Construction and Early Commissioning Results of the AGS Booster booster, ion, proton, vacuum 52
  • W.T. Weng, L. Ahrens, R. Damm, A.J. McNerney
DANE: The Frascati -factory damping, emittance, luminosity, wiggler 68
  • G. Vignola
CW Racetrack Microtrons accelerator, cw, electron, microtron 71
  • M.A.D. Wilson
Common Mode Noise on the Main Tevatron Bus and Associated Beam Emittance Growth betatron, emittance, proton, tune 93
  • P. Zhang, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, D. Siergiej, D. Wolff
Design and Multiparticle Simulation of the Half Integer Slow Extraction System for the Main Injector extraction, octupole, septum, simulation 96
  • D. Trbojevic, M. Harrison
Energy and Energy Width Measurement in the FNAL Antiproton Accumulator accelerator, antiproton, spectrum, synchrotron 108
  • M. Church, S.Y. Hsueh, P.A. Rapidis, S. Werkema
Accelerator Design of the KEK B-Factory accelerator, damping, luminosity, tune 138
  • S.-i. Kurokawa, K. Satoh, F. Takasaki
Examination of the Stability of the Advanced Imaginary t Lattice betatron, lattice, quadrupole, tune 162
  • K.Y. Ng, S.Y. Lee, D. Trbojevic
Mixed Ion Beams near Transition Energy acceleration, accelerator, ion, proton 174
  • S. Hancock
Status of the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project betatron, coupling, lattice, luminosity 183
  • L.M. Barkov, S.A. Belomestnykh, V.V. Danilov, N.S. Dikansky, A.N. Filippov, B.I. Grishanov, P.M. Ivanov, I.A. Koop, O.B. Malyshev, B.L. Militsyn, S.S. Nagaitsev, I.N. Nesterenko, E.A. Perevedentsev, D.V. Pestrikov, L.M. Schegolev, I.K. Sedlyarov, Y.M. Shatunov, E.A. Simonov, A.N. Skrinsky, I.B. Vasserman, V.G. Vescherevich, P.D. Vobly, E.I. Zinin
Geometrical (Lienard-Wichert) Approach in Accelerator Physics electron, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 198
  • S.G. Arutunian, M.R. Mailian
Effects of Errors on the Dynamic Aperture of the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring alignment, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 210
  • H. Bizek, E. Crosbie, E. Lessner, L. Teng, J. Wirsbinski
Relativistic Acceleration and Retardation Effects on Photoemission of Intense Electron Short Pulses, in RF-FEL Photoinjectors acceleration, cathode, electron, space-charge 233
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Transverse Emittance of an Intense Electron Short Pulse Just Emitted by the Cathode of a RF-FEL Photoinjector: Influence of Electrodynamic Effects acceleration, cathode, electron, emittance 236
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Beam Dynamics in the Spiral Line Induction Accelerator accelerator, equilibrium, focusing, quadrupole 242
  • S. Slinker, G. Joyce, J. Krall, M. Lampe
Upgrade of the PHERMEX Accelerator cathode, emittance, focusing, injection 245
  • T.P. Hughes, R.L. Carlson, D.C. Moir
Nonlinear Dynamics of Electrons in Alternating-Sign Toroidal Magnetic Field acceleration, electron, induction, instability 257
  • Y.L. Martirosian, M.L. Petrosian
Transport and Error Sensitivity in a Heavy-Ion Recirculator extraction, heavy-ion, lattice, quadrupole 260
  • W.M. Sharp, J.J. Barnard, S.S. Yu
3d and r, z Particle Simulation of Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion: The WARP Code accelerator, emittance, focusing, lattice 263
  • A. Friedman, D.A. Callahan, D.P. Grote, I. Haber, A.B. Langdon
Canonical Particle Tracking in Undulator Fields accelerator, multipole, undulator, wiggler 266
  • G. Wüstefeld, J. Bahrdt
ASAP - A Symbolic Algebra Package for Accelerator Design accelerator, quadrupole, synchrotron 272
  • E. Bozoki, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Friedman
Digital Computer Simulation of Axisymmetric Electron Beams and Guns of Any Energy cathode, simulation, space-charge, target 278
  • J.E. Boers
Aperture Determination by Long Term and Multiparticle Tracking acceptance, emittance, focusing, tune 288
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
Chromaticity Modelling in the Fermilab Main Ring betatron, octupole, sextupole, tune 294
  • J.E. Goodwin, S.M. Pruss
Application of Differential-and-Lie-Algebraic Techniques to the Orbit Dynamics of Cyclotrons acceleration, betatron, cyclotron, extraction 303
  • W.G. Davies, S.R. Douglas, G.E. Lee-Whiting, G.D. Pusch
A High-Order Moment Simulation Model Lorentz force, sextupole, simulation, thermal 312
  • K.T. Tsang, D.P. Chernin, C. Kostas, A. Mondelli, J.J. Petillo
LEBT Modeling with ARGUS accelerator, gun, quadrupole, simulation 315
  • J.J. Petillo, A. Mondelli
Conformal FDTD Modeling of 3-D Wake Fields accelerator, resonance, simulation, vacuum 321
  • T.G. Jurgens, F.A. Harfoush
First Polarization Calculations in MAD electron, optics, polarization, tune 324
  • H. Grote
Improvements in MAD in View of LHC Design accelerator, collider, hadron, multipole 327
  • F.C. Iselin
Space-Charge Calculation for Bunched Beams with 3-D Ellipsoidal Symmetry accelerator, emittance, simulation, space-charge 330
  • R.W. Garnett, T.P. Wangler
Closed Orbit Correction in the SSC alignment, collider, lattice, tune 348
  • G. Bourianoff, B. Cole, H. Ferede, F. Pilat
Design Characteristics of the Linac-LEB Transfer Line for the SSC emittance, injection, linac, quadrupole 351
  • R.K. Bhandari, S. Penner, E. Seppi
The Extension of the OSCAR2D Code to Compute Azimuthally Dependent Modes of Axially Symmetric Cavities accelerator, light source, synchrotron, vacuum 366
  • P. Fernandes, R. Parodi, G. Sabbi
The HIF Transport Code FOCI acceleration, ion, quadrupole, target 369
  • D.W. Hewett, R.O. Bangerter
Comparison of Binning and Sorting of Magnets in the SSC High Energy Booster accelerator, booster, lattice, sextupole 371
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
The Beam Dynamics Study in a Compact Synchrotron accelerator, lattice, synchrotron, tune 374
  • Y. Huang, S. Ohnuma
Diffraction Radiation by a Charge Sheet Moving Past a Conducting Wedge radiation 380
  • H. Henke
Beam Dynamics of Multi-Tank DTL and CCL Designs accelerator, alignment, emittance, insertion 395
  • C.C. Paulson, S.L. Mendelsohn, A.M.M. Todd
IONSCAN: A Program for Optimizing Charge-State Combinations and Calculating Operating Parameters for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron betatron, cyclotron, extraction, injection 425
  • H. Lindqvist
Simulation of Accelerating Structures with Large Staggered Tuning acceleration, accelerator, coupling, damping 431
  • K.A. Thompson, J.W. Wang
Tracking with Space Charge in the Fermilab Booster booster, emittance, injection, tune 434
  • S. Stahl, C. Ankenbrandt
Emittance Measurement in a Magnetic Field cyclotron, electron, emittance, simulation 437
  • J.K. Boyd
Error Analyses and Modeling for CEBAF Beam Optical Systems: Beam Line Element Specifications and Alignment Error Tolerances lattice, multipole, quadrupole, simulation 443
  • D.R. Douglas, J.Y. Tang, R.C. York
Theory of Relativistic Electron Beam Bunching By the Wakefield Effects of a Background Plasma electron, ion, plasma, wakefield 455
  • H.S. Uhm
On the Impedance Due to Synchrotron Radiation impedance, ion, radiation, synchrotron 458
  • S. Heifets, A. Michailichenko
Longitudinal Tune-Up of the SSC Drift-Tube and Coupled Cavity Linac Sections accelerator, acceptance, linac, simulation 485
  • S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer
A New Wake-Potential Calculation Method Using Orthogonal Polynomials accelerator, electron, impedance, simulation 491
  • T.-S.F. Wang, B. Zotter
Transverse Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac accelerator, electron, linac, positron 494
  • Y. Ogawa, A. Asami, T. Shidara, M. Takao
Longitudinal Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac electron, linac, positron, spectrum 497
  • M. Takao, A. Asami, Y. Ogawa, T. Shidara
Estimation of the Longitudinal Impedance of the ATF Damping Ring damping, impedance, vacuum, wiggler 506
  • M. Takao, K.L.F. Bane, T. Higo, K. Kanazawa, H. Nakayama, J. Urakawa, K. Yokoya
Beam Pulse Shorting Phenomena in a RF Electron Gun cathode, electron, electron gun, gun 509
  • Y. Huang
Beam Emittance and the Effects of the RF, Space Charge and Wake Fields - Application to the ATF Photoelectron Beam electron, emittance, gun, laser 511
  • Z. Parsa
Compensation of Coherent Tune Shift of Betatron Oscillation in Storage Rings accumulation, betatron, damping, tune 529
  • V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.A. Sery, V.D. Shiltsev
The BNL Accelerator Test Facility and Experimental Program electron, emittance, gun, laser 550
  • I. Ben-Zvi
Pulse Power Driven High Power Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers bunching, electron, simulation, spectrum 561
  • J.A. Nation, J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, L. Schachter, D. Shiffler
Laser Wakefields at UCLA and LLNL accelerator, focusing, laser, plasma 564
  • W.B. Mori, C.E. Clayton, C.B. Darrow, J.M. Dawson, C.B. Decker, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, K. Marsh, S.C. Wilks
Beam-Dynamics Design and Performance of the RF Deflector in the Los Alamos Single-Beam Funnel Experiment accelerator, emittance, focusing, ion 578
  • F.W. Guy, K.F. Johnson, O.R. Sander
The SISSI Project: An Intense Secondary Ion Source Using Superconducting Solenoid Lenses acceptance, solenoid, target, thermal 594
  • A. Joubert, E. Baron, C. Grunberg, J.D. Larson, W. Mittig, F. Ripouteau
SLIA Beam Line Design accelerator, focusing, induction, simulation 613
  • J.J. Petillo, D.P. Chernin, C. Kostas, A. Mondelli
Fields and Trajectories in the Magnicon cw, cyclotron, electron, simulation 640
  • P. Tallerico, D. Rees
Proton Synchrotron RF Cavity Mode Damper Tests accelerator, damping, impedance, synchrotron 643
  • W.R. Smythe, C.C. Friedrichs, L.S. Walling
A Chopper Driven 11.4-GHz Traveling-Wave RF Generator chopper, emittance, induction, spectrum 646
  • G. Westenskow, J. Boyd, J. Haimson, T. Houck, B. Mecklenburg, D. Rogers, R. Ryne
Amplification Studies of a Multi-Megawatt Two-Cavity X-Band Gyroklystron coupling, gyroklystron, waveguide, x-band 658
  • W. Lawson, J. Calame, V.L. Granatstein, B. Hogan, P.E. Latham, W. Main, M.E. Read, M. Reiser, V. Specht, C.D. Striffler
Use of Ferrite-50 to Strongly Damp Higher Order Modes damping, ferrite, thermal, vacuum 664
  • D. Moffat, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
A New Approach in Simulating RF Linacs Using a General, Linear Real-Time Signal Processor accelerator, coupling, damping, resonance 672
  • A. Young, S.P. Jachim
Modeling of a 1700-MHz Cluster Cavity of Planar Triodes cathode, coupling, simulation, waveguide 675
  • D.E. Rees, C. Friedrichs
A Fast Amplitude and Phase Modulated RF Source for AmPS cw, extraction, injection, klystron 684
  • F.B. Kroes, E. Heine, T.G.B.W. Sluijk
Higher Order Mode Damping in a Pill Box Cavity accelerator, coupling, damping, waveguide 687
  • F. Voelker, G. Lambertson, R. Rimmer
Measurements on Prototype Cavities (352 MHz) for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) accelerator, damping, impedance, instability 693
  • J.F. Bridges, J.M. Cook, R.L. Kustom, J.J.H. Song
Analysis of Eddy Currents in the Walls of the Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory Booster Synchrotron booster, factory, ferrite, ion 699
  • I.B. Enchevich, M.J. Barnes, R.L. Poirier
Component Development for X-Band above 100 MW coupling, klystron, vacuum, waveguide 713
  • W.R. Fowkes, R.S. Callin, M. Studzinski
Comparison of SW and TW Non-Synchronous Accelerating Cavities as Used in Electron Beam Storage Rings accelerator, coupling, electron, impedance 716
  • A. Zolfaghari, P.T. Demos, J.B. Flanz, K. Jacobs
A High Power Cross-Field Amplifier at X-Band accelerator, cathode, electron, simulation 719
  • K. Eppley, J. Feinstein, K. Ko, N. Kroll, T. Lee, E. Nelson
A 2D Field Solver for Periodic Structures with Special Corner Elements accelerator, finite element, travelling wave, waveguide 722
  • E. Nelson
Gated Field-Emission Cathodes for Microwave Devices accelerator, cathode, electron, vacuum 725
  • P.M. McIntyre, H.P. Demroff, S.M. Elliott, B. Lee, J.D. Legg, Y. Pang, D.L. Parker, M. Popovic, M.D. Stewart, M.H. Weichold, W. Yu, W.K. Yue
High Power X-Band Coaxial Amplifier Experiments coupling, dielectric, electron, simulation 728
  • T.J. Davis, J.A. Nation
Studies of an X-Band Three-Cavity Gyroklystron with Penultimate Cavity Tuning bunching, gyroklystron, injection, modulator 731
  • S. Tantawi, V.L. Granatstein, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, W. Main, H. Matthews, C.D. Striffler
A Second Harmonic Amplifier for Accelerator Applications bunching, feedback, gyroklystron, radiation 734
  • P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, W. Main, C.D. Striffler
RF Breakdown Test of SiO2 Coated Copper Electrodes rf breakdown, spectrum, vacuum, x-ray 736
  • D. Sun, P. Datte, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay
New Design Concepts for Ferrite-Tuned Low-Energy-Booster Cavities acceleration, booster, dielectric, ferrite 748
  • G. Schaffer
Cyclotron Autoresonance Maser (CARM) Amplifiers for RF Accelerator Drivers cyclotron, electron, induction, wiggler 754
  • W.L. Menninger, D.L. Birx, C. Chen, B.G. Danly, D.L. Goodman, K.D. Pendergast, R.J. Temkin
Analysis and Optimisation of RF Power-Klystrons by FCI-Code bunching, electron, klystron, simulation 757
  • E.-G. Schweppe, E. Demmel, S. Isagawa, H. Seifert, T. Shintake, M. Yoshida
Numerical Simulation of the SLAC X-100 Klystron Using RKTW2D accelerator, electron, klystron, simulation 760
  • R.D. Ryne, A.E. Vlieks
Test Results from the LLNL 250 GHz CARM Experiment electron, induction, waveguide, wiggler 766
  • B. Kulke, D. Bubp, M. Caplan, T. Houck, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., D.B. McDermott, D. Rogers, D. Trimble, R. VanMaren, G. Westenskow
Fast Ferrite Tuner for the BNL Synchrotron Light Source coupling, ferrite, radiation, synchrotron 774
  • E. Pivit, S.M. Hanna, J. Keane
A Simple Analytical Estimate of the Loss Parameter of a Large Tapered Chamber impedance, ion, vacuum 792
  • J.J. Welch
Measurements of High-Temperature RF and Microwave Properties of Selected Aluminas and Ferrites Used in Accelerators accelerator, dielectric, electron, ferrite 795
  • R.M. Hutcheon, F.P. Adams, P. Lucuta, J.E. McGregor, B.H. Smith, M.S. de Jong
100 MW Klystron Development at SLAC electron, gun, klystron, solenoid 798
  • A.E. Vlieks, R.S. Callin, G. Caryotakis, K.S. Fant, W.R. Fowkes, T.G. Lee, E.L. Wright
SXLS RF Cavity and System damping, ferrite, vacuum, waveguide 804
  • M. Thomas, R. Biscardi, R. D'Alsace, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, J. Rose
Initial Operating Experience with the Auxiliary Accelerating Cavity for the TRIUMF Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, ion, vacuum 810
  • R.E. Laxdal, K. Fong, G.H. Mackenzie, V. Pacak, J.B. Pearson, L. Root, M. Zach
CONDOR Simulation of an 11.4GHz Traveling Wave Output Cavity electron, impedance, klystron, simulation 813
  • Y. Goren, D. Yu
Switchable 10 Hz/1 Hz LEB Magnet Power Supply System booster, feedback, impedance, quadrupole 816
  • C. Jach
An RF Cavity for the B-Factory accelerator, coupling, damping, impedance 819
  • R. Rimmer, M. Allen, J. Hodgeson, K. Ko, N. Kroll, G. Lambertson, R. Pendleton, H. Schwarz, F. Voelker
Beam Transmission and Emittance Measurements of the RFQ1 Accelerator accelerator, emittance, injection, proton 845
  • G.M. Arbique, B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, W.L. Michel, J.Y. Sheikh
Fast Kicker Requirements for the SSC's Low and Medium Energy Boosters booster, impedance, injection, kicker 863
  • M. Wilson, D. Anderson, C. Pappas, L. Schneider
A Pinger System for the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring extraction, kicker, proton, tune 866
  • T.W. Hardek, H.A. Thiessen
Electrical Performance of the Injection System Kickers at the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory accelerator, injection, kicker, modulator 869
  • C. Figley
Correction Magnet Power Supplies for APS Machine acceleration, feedback, monitoring, synchrotron 911
  • Y.G. Kang
Operational Results of an Improved Regulator and Trigger System for the "Fast" Raster Scanning Power Supply System Constructed at the Bevalac Biomedical Facility accelerator, controls, feedback, ion 943
  • G. Stover, J. Halliwell, B. Ludewigt, M. Nyman, R. Stradtner
Theoretical Study of H- Stripping with a Wiggler Magnet emittance, injection, ion, wiggler 955
  • R. Hutson
Results of Calculations on the Beam Deflection Due to the 1 MHz Chopper for the Kaon Factory accelerator, chopper, factory, simulation 967
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait
Electrostatic Deflector Development - At the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron cathode, cyclotron, extraction, septum 979
  • W.T. Diamond, J. Almeida, G.R. Mitchel, H. Schmeing
HEB to Superconducting Super Collider Transfer Lines beamline, collider, emittance, injection 985
  • F. Wang, R. Schailey
POISSON Study of Electrostatic Septa for the MIT-Bates SHR accelerator, electron, extraction, injection 990
  • M. Farkhondeh
The Ultra-Fast Injection Kicker for SXLS electron, injection, kicker, synchrotron 993
  • T.J. Romano, R. Heese
SLC Kicker Magnet Limitations damping, ferrite, impedance, kicker 996
  • R. Cassel, G. Bowden, F. Bulos, A. Donaldson, D. Fiander, T. Mattison, J. Weaver
Applications of the Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) for High Gradient Accelerator Structure accelerator, electron, rf breakdown, vacuum 1008
  • H. Matsumoto, M. Akemoto, H. Hayano, A. Miura, T. Naito, S. Takeda
X-Band Accelerating Structure for Japan Linear Collider collider, damping, linac, waveguide 1011
  • T. Higo, K. Kubo, M. Takao, K. Takata
Prototype of the Accelerating Resonator for the Superconducting Sector Deuteron Cyclotron coupling, cyclotron, impedance, resonance 1017
  • N.V. Vasiliev, A.A. Glazov, V.A. Kochkin, D.L. Novikov, E.N. Zaplatin
Design of an Accelerating Cavity for the Superconducting Super Collider Low-Energy Booster acceleration, booster, damping, ferrite 1020
  • C.C. Friedrichs, B.M. Campbell, L. Walling
Superconducting Niobium Sputter-Coated Copper Cavity Modules for the LEP Energy Upgrade accelerator, cryomodule, electron, thermal 1023
  • C. Benvenuti, P. Bernard, D. Bloess, G. Cavallari, E. Chiaveri, E. Haebel, N. Hilleret, J. Tückmantel, W. Weingarten
Superconducting Cavity Development at Los Alamos National Laboratory   1046
  • B. Rusnak, E.R. Gray, R.G. Maggs, D.L. Schrage, A.H. Shapiro, G. Spalek, P. Wright
RF Pulses with Flat Output Waveform Generator in RF Power Upgrade System accumulation, coupling, electron, linac 1048
  • B.Y. Bogdanovich, A.P. Ignatyev, V.A. Senyukov
The Coherent Beam-Beam Interaction damping, feedback, resonance, simulation 1071
  • S. Krishnagopal, R. Siemann
Effect of Non-Planar Undulators on Beam Dynamics in ELETTRA coupling, insertion, multipole, sextupole 1074
  • L. Tosi, R. Nagaoka
New Developments on the Generation of Arbitrary Polarized Radiation from Insertion Devices electron, polarization, radiation, undulator 1083
  • P. Elleaume
Magnetic Field Tolerances for Insertion Devices on Third Generation Sychrotron Light Sources emittance, focusing, synchrotron, undulator 1091
  • P.J. Viccaro, D.W. Carnegie, R. Savoy
Initial Operation of the Vanderbilt Free Electron Laser electron, laser, spectrum, wiggler 1115
  • P.A. Tompkins, F. Amirmadhi, W.D. Andrews, K. Becker, C.A. Brau, J. Kiaie, M.R. Marc
Capacitive Beam Position Monitors and Automatic Beam Centering in the Transfer Lines of GANIL accelerator, cyclotron, diagnostics, ion 1142
  • P. Gudewicz, E. Petit
The SSRL Injector Beam Position Monitoring Systems CAMAC, booster, electron, injection 1151
  • W. Lavender, S. Baird, M. Borland, S. Brennan, R. Hettel, H.-D. Nuhn, R. Ortiz, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang
A CCD Camera Probe for a Superconducting Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, tune, vacuum 1163
  • F. Marti, R. Blue, J. Kuchar, J.A. Nolen, B. Sherrill, J. Yurkon
High-Sensitive Remote Diagnostics of the Accelerated Particles' Beam Cross Section diagnostics, monitoring, proton, residual gas 1166
  • P.Y. Komissarov, L.I. Judin, V.G. Mikhailov, V.A. Rezvov, A.A. Roschin, V.I. Sclyarenko
H- Beam Characterization Using Laser-Induced Neutralization accelerator, emittance, laser, linac 1171
  • V.W. Yuan, R. Garcia, K.F. Johnson, K. Saadatmand, O.R. Sander, D. Sandoval, M. Shinas
Results from a Prototype Beam Monitor in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Light proton, radiation, spectrum, synchrotron 1177
  • A.A. Hahn, P. Hurh
Beam Structure and Transverse Emittance Studies of High-Energy Ion Beams accelerator, background, emittance, ion 1183
  • K. Saadatmand, K.F. Johnson, J.D. Schneider
Design of the AGS Booster Ionization Profile Monitor booster, ion, ionization, vacuum 1189
  • A.N. Stillman, R.E. Thern, W.H. Van Zwienen, R.L. Witkover
Beam Size Measurement at High Radiation Levels accelerator, betatron, emittance, radiation 1192
  • F.-J. Decker
Wire Scanners for Beam Size and Emittance Measurements at the SLC accelerator, emittance, radiation, vacuum 1201
  • M.C. Ross, E. Bong, L. Hendrickson, D. McCormick, L. Sanchez-Chopitea, J.T. Seeman
Emittance Measurements of FEL Accelerators Using Optical Transition Radiation Methods accelerator, electron, emittance, quadrupole 1204
  • R.B. Fiorito, D.H. Dowell, A.R. Lowrey, A.H. Lumpkin, D.W. Rule, W.C. Sellyey, R.L. Tokar
Beam Spot Size Measurement Using Beamstrahlung Signals at the SLC Interaction Point electron, photon, positron, radiation 1207
  • E. Gero, P. Chen, W. Kozanecki
Betatron Tune Measurement System for the HERA Proton Storage Ring emittance, kicker, proton, tune 1222
  • S. Herb
Betatron Tune Measurement and Control in the PETRA Proton Ring betatron, electron, proton, tune 1276
  • S. Herb
Development and Application of General Purpose Data Acquisition Shell (GPDAS) at Advanced Photon Source photon, quadrupole, software, vacuum 1299
  • Y. Chung, K. Kim
Control System User Interface for Accelerator Commissioning and Operation accelerator, beamline, septum, software 1305
  • D. Dobrott, J. Corbett, S. Howry, D. Keeley, A. King, G. Kolte, M. Lee, Z. Mikic
Overview of Real-Time Kernels at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory collider, controls, software, target 1308
  • K. Low, S. Acharya, M. Allen, E. Faught, D. Haenni, C. Kalbfleisch
Feed Forward RF Control System of the Accelerator Test Facility electron, klystron, linac, target 1323
  • I. Ben-Zvi, J. Xie, R. Zhang
Design of a Multivariable RF Control System Using Gain-Shaping in the Frequency Domain accelerator, coupling, feedback, impedance 1329
  • C.D. Ziomek, S.P. Jachim, E.F. Natter
Sychronization of a Variable Frequency Source with a Fixed Frequency Source Using a Sliding-Mode Controller acceleration, booster, extraction, feedback 1332
  • L.K. Mestha, K.S. Yeung
Measurement of Bunch Time-Structure in KEK PF injection, photon, synchrotron, vacuum 1338
  • M. Tobiyama, T. Kasuga, T. Katsura, T. Obina, T. Takeo
The UNK Control System accelerator, controls, software, synchrotron 1356
  • V.N. Alferov, V.L. Brook, A.F. Dunaitsev, S.G. Goloborodko, P.N. Kazakov, V.V. Komarov, B. Kuiper, A.F. Lukyantsev, M.S. Mikheev, V.P. Sakharov, E.D. Scherbakov, N.N. Trofimov, V.P. Voevodin, S.A. Zelepoukin
Improvement of the Time Structure and Reproducibility of the Bevalac Spill extraction, feedback, sextupole, spectrum 1401
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Emittance Calculation Using Liouville's Theorem for a Diagonalized Hamiltonian emittance 1687
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A New 3-D Integral Code for Computation of Accelerator Magnets accelerator, finite element, photon, synchrotron 2140
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The Physical Way of Standardizing Magnets accelerator, betatron, quadrupole, software 2143
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Septum Magnet for Electron Slow Extraction from the Yerevan Synchrotron electron, extraction, septum, vacuum 2146
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Preliminary Study of an Integral Harmonic Analysis Magnetic Field Measurement System for Long SSC Magnets CAMAC, injection, instrumentation, software 2161
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Experiments with All-Kapton Insulation and Axial Prestress in 1.8 m-Long SSC R&D Magnets accelerator, collider, quench, thermal 2164
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Tests of 1.5 Meter Model 50mm SSC Collider Dipoles at Fermilab accelerator, collider, instability, quench 2173
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Tests of 40 mm SSC Dipole Model Magnets with Vertically Split Yokes accelerator, collider, quench, thermal 2179
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Coil End Design for the SSC Collider Dipole Magnet accelerator, acceptance, collider 2182
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Bipolar and Unipolar Tests of 1.5m Model SSC Collider Dipole Magnets at Fermilab accelerator, collider, sextupole, skew 2191
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Coil Shapes Towards Pure Multipoles in Circular Regions (A Numerical Approach) accelerator, collider, multipole, quadrupole 2194
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A Software Package Linking PE2D and ANSYS for SSC Magnet Design collider, finite element, software, thermal 2197
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Divergent Quench Velocity Expression and 4-cm SSC R&D Dipole Magnets collider, ion, quench, thermal 2203
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Mechanical Analysis of Beam Tube Assemblies for SSC Dipoles During a Quench Lorentz force, collider, quench, radiation 2206
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Quench Analysis of the Energy Deposition in the SSC Magnets and Radiation Shielding of the Low- IR Quadrupoles lifetime, quench, radiation, shielding 2212
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The SSC Collider Correction System collider, quadrupole, quench, skew 2218
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Superferric Correction Magnet Test Results accelerator, quadrupole, quench, thermal 2221
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Quench Simulation Studies of the TAC Jelly Roll Superferric Dipole Corrector Elements for the SSC focusing, quench, radiation, simulation 2224
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Quench Performance of Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets for the New Fermilab Low Beta Insertion accelerator, insertion, quadrupole, quench 2227
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Production Measurements on the Quadrupole Correctors for the New Low-Beta System for the Tevatron Collider accelerator, collider, quadrupole, quench 2230
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Magnetic Performance of New Fermilab High Gradient Quadrupoles accelerator, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 2233
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Iron Saturation Control in RHIC Dipole Magnets finite element, ion 2242
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Revised Cross Section for RHIC Dipole Magnets emittance, ion, quench, survey 2245
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Superconducting Magnet Program for X-Ray Lithography Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory photon, quench, thermal, vacuum 2248
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A Dipole Magnet Model for Compact Synchrotron Light Source electron, finite element, synchrotron, x-ray 2251
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The Superconducting Tritron Magnets induction, injection, ion, vacuum 2254
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Superconducting Quadrupole Magnet System for TRISTAN Mini-Beta Insertions focusing, injection, quadrupole, quench 2257
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A Design Concept for the LHC Insertion Quadrupoles insertion, lattice, quadrupole, radiation 2260
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SXLS Phase II Vacuum System electron, ion, photon, vacuum 2316
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Extraction Septum Magnet for the SSRL SPEAR Injector booster, extraction, septum, vacuum 2328
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Operational Experience with SLC Damping Ring Kicker Magnets damping, ferrite, kicker, thermal 2331
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Synchrotron Radiation Masking on Asymmetric 6.5 x 4.3-GeV B-Factory background, radiation, scattering, spectrum 2342
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Engineering Design of the PLS 2 GeV Storage Ring Dipole Magnet accelerator, insertion, lattice, vacuum 2345
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Low-Sextupole Steering Dipoles for the MIT-Bates SHR accelerator, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 2348
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Permanent Magnet-Based Dipole for a Small Storage Ring electron 2351
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Magnet End Design: The Main Injector Dipoles accelerator, finite element, focusing, sextupole 2354
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Effects of the SRRC Second Prototype Dipole Magnet on the SRRC Ring lattice, multipole, sextupole, tune 2357
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A Radiation-Hardened Pulsed Magnet for the Tevatron-I Target Station antiproton, proton, radiation, target 2360
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Magnets for TRIUMF's KAON Factory accelerator, booster, factory, quadrupole 2363
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Magnetic Devices of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher Ring AmPS extraction, quadrupole, septum, sextupole 2366
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The Ring Magnets for the SSRL SPEAR Injector alignment, quadrupole, radiation, vacuum 2369
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The ELETTRA Transfer Line Magnets accelerator, induction, linac, quadrupole 2372
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Fabrication and Tests of Prototype Quadrupole Magnets for the Storage Ring of the Advanced Photon Source multipole, photon, quadrupole, skew 2375
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A Quadrupole Magnet for the Fermilab Linac Upgrade accelerator, linac, quadrupole, sextupole 2378
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Performance of Superconducting Cavities for CEBAF accelerator, electron, thermal, vacuum 2384
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Q Degradations in Superconducting Niobium Cavities accelerator, coupling, thermal, vacuum 2387
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Production of Superconducting Niobium Cavities for CEBAF accelerator, dielectric, electron, site 2390
  • M. Dzenus, K. Iversen, D. Kiehlmann, M. Peiniger
First Operation of MACSE the Saclay Pilot Superconducting Electron Linac acceleration, accelerator, electron, linac 2393
  • B. Aune, C. Antoine, Phung Ngoc B., B. Bonin, P. Bosland, S. Buhler, J.M. Cavedon, S. Chel, C. Chianelli, A. Curtoni, M. Desmons, J. Fagot, M. Fouaidy, J. Gastebois, A. Godin, F. Gougnaud, G. Gourcy, J.F. Gournay, F. Guemas, X. Hanus, C. Henriot, J. Jablonka, J.M. Joly, M. Juillard, T. Junquera, E. Klein, F. Koechlin, P. Leconte, A. Mosnier, M. Prome, H. Safa, T. Tourrette, A. Veyssiere
Superconducting RF Activities at Peking University acceleration, brightness, electron, ion 2396
  • C. Chen, J. Song, G. Wang, L. Wang, B. Zhang, K. Zhao
First Test of a 1.5 GHz Single Cell Accelerating Cavity Obtained by Magnetron Sputtering of Niobium cathode, lattice, sputter, vacuum 2399
  • G.C. Gualco, P. Fabbricatore, G. Gemme, A. Matrone, R. Musenich, R. Parodi, S. Rizzo, F. Rosatelli, B. Zhang
Fabrication Techniques and RF Properties of Niobium Thin Wall Cavities accelerator, laser, superconductivity, vacuum 2402
  • M. Sakano, T. Fujino, H. Hirabayashi, M. Ikeda, H. Matsuba, S. Mukoyama, T. Shimano, A. Yamamoto
Operational Experience with the TRISTAN Superconducting RF System acceleration, multipacting, radiation, vacuum 2405
  • K. Akai, T. Furuya, E. Kako, K. Kubo, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido
Long Term Performance of the TRISTAN Superconducting RF Cavities extraction, luminosity, rf cavities, vacuum 2408
  • E. Kako, K. Akai, T. Furuya, K. Kubo, S. Mitsunobu, H. Nakai, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido, T. Tajima, T. (KEK) Takahashi
High Peak Power RF Processing Studies of 3 GHz Niobium Cavities accelerator, coupling, cw, thermal 2411
  • J. Graber, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Increase in RF Surface Resistance of Niobium as a Result of Acid Treatment acceleration, cathode, equilibrium, vacuum 2414
  • D. Moffat, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, J. Potts, D. Proch, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
Test Results on 3 GHz Structures for a Superconducting Linear Collider acceleration, collider, electron, quench 2417
  • R.W. Roth, J. Graber, J. Kirchgessner, V.G. Kurakin, D. Moffat, G. Muller, H. Padamsee, H. Piel, J. Pouryamout, D. Reschke, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Field Emission Studies of Heat Treated and Chemically Treated Superconducting Cavities pick-up, rf cavities, site, thermal 2420
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Crab Cavity Development for the Cornell B-Factory, CESR-B accelerator, betatron, multipacting, polarization 2423
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, C. Chen, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, D. Rubin, Y. Samed, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu, M. Tigner, D. Zu
Development and Test of an Accelerating Cavity Shape for a Superconducting Linear Collider collider, coupling, thermal, vacuum 2426
  • J. Kirchgessner, P. Barnes, W. Hartung, M. Hiller, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, D. Saraniti, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Status of the Superconducting Cavity Program for HERA coupling, electron, klystron, radiation 2429
  • B. Dwersteg, G. Enderlein, W. Korber, A. Matheisen, W.-D. Moller, D. Proch, D. Renken, J. Sekutowicz
Transient Heat Conduction Analysis in Superconducting Cavities electron, instability, quench, thermal 2435
  • X. Cao, D. Proch
Analysis of the Radiofrequency Dipole and Qudarupole Effects in a QW Resonator background, ion, multipole, quadrupole 2438
  • A. Battistella, G. Bisoffi, M. Cavenago, A.M. Porcellato
Recent Developments in High-Current Superconducting Ion Linacs accelerator, cw, focusing, ion 2441
  • J.R. Delayen, C.L. Bohn, W.L. Kennedy, C.T. Roche, L. Sagalovsky
Status of the SUNY Superconducting RFQ acceleration, accelerator, fringe fields, ion 2444
  • A. Jain, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Lombardi, P. Paul, H. Wang
The Superconducting Cavities for the TRITRON background, injection, multipacting, vacuum 2450
  • P. Schutz, T. Grundey, J. Labedzki, U. Trinks
Field Measurement of Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets for TRISTAN Mini-Beta Insertions alignment, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 2462
  • K. Egawa, K. Endo, T. Kubo, Y. Morita, Y. Ohsawa, N. Ohuchi, T. Ozaki, R. Sugahara, K. Tsuchiya
Design of the Magnet for the SPring-8 Storage Ring lattice, photon, quadrupole, sextupole 2465
  • N. Kumagai, K. Kumagai, S. Motonaga, J. Ohnishi, H. Takebe
Development of Non-Ferrous Superconducting Magnets focusing, lattice, muon, proton 2474
  • F. Krienen, D. Loomba, W. Meng
Design Considerations and Prototype Performance of the Fermilab Main Injector Dipole emittance, extraction, injection, sextupole 2477
  • D.J. Harding, M.E. Bleadon, B.C. Brown, E. Desavouret, J.D. Garvey, H.D. Glass, F. Harfoush, S.D. Holmes, J.C. Humbert, J.M. Jagger, G.R. Kobliska, A. Lipski, P.S. Martin, P.O. Mazur, F.E. Mills, D.F. Orris, J.-F. Ostiguy, J.E. Pachnik, S.G. Peggs, E.E. Schmidt, J.W. Sim, S.C. Snowdon, D.G. Walbridge
Time Decay Measurements of the Sextupole Component of the Magnetic Field in a 4-cm Aperture, 17-m-Long SSC Dipole Magnet Prototype injection, multipole, quench, sextupole 2480
  • A. Devred, J. DiMarco, R. Hanft, J. Kuzminski, P.O. Mazur, T. Ogitsu, D. Orris, T. Peterson, R. Stiening, J. Tompkins, Y. Yu, H. Zheng
The Impact of Persistent Current Field Errors on the Stability of the Proton Beam in the HERA Proton Ring injection, proton, sextupole, tune 2483
  • F. Willeke, F. Zimmerman
Visualization of Wake Fields in 3-D accelerator, impedance, plasma, resistive wall 2512
  • F.A. Harfoush, T.G. Jurgens
RF Control System for CEBAF CAMAC, accelerator, resonance, software 2515
  • S. Simrock
Modelling of the Transverse Mode Suppressor for Dielectric Wake-Field Accelerator accelerator, damping, dielectric, wakefield 2554
  • W. Gai, C.-H. Ho
Accelerating Field Step-up Transformer in Wake-Field Accelerators acceleration, accelerator, impedance, waveguide 2557
  • E. Chojnacki, W. Gai, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Suitability of Tunneling Ionization Produced Plasmas for the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator electron, ionization, laser, plasma 2560
  • W.P. Leemans, C.E. Clayton, A. Dyson, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh
Vlasov-Maxwell Simulations of Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics in the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator electron, plasma, simulation, thermal 2563
  • J. Krall, E. Esary, G. Joyce
High Accelerating-Gradient Accelerator Based on Magnetic Field Decay Mechanism acceleration, accelerator, electron, induction 2566
  • H.S. Uhm
An Active Particle Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, electron, injection 2569
  • T. Goldman
An Electrostatic Accelerator FEL Amplifier as a Possible Microwave Power Source for Linear Colliders accelerator, electron, gun, undulator 2575
  • L.R. Elias, I. Boscolo, D.J. Larson
Particle Trajectories through MIRRORTRON Configurations background, electron, ion, plasma 2581
  • D.J. Larson, D.W. Hewett
Engineering Systems Designs for a Recirculating Heavy Ion Induction Accelerator accelerator, induction, ion, quadrupole 2595
  • M.A. Newton, J.J. Barnard, L.L. Reginato, S.S. Yu
Electron Accelerator for Transmutation of Fission Products and Nuclear Fuel Cycle Actinides accelerator, electron, linac, travelling wave 2601
  • G.I. Batskikh, B.V. Bekhtev, V.A. Boiko, V.V. Elian, A.V. Mishchenko
Linear Resonant Accelerators for Industrial Applications accelerator, focusing, ion, proton 2613
  • O.A. Waldner, V.D. Danilov, V.G. Gass, A.A. Glaskov, A.A. Il'in, A.D. Koljaskin, A.I. Krivonosov, V.N. Leonov, N.R. Lobanov, O.S. Milovanov, A.A. Mishukov, A.N. Pronin, A.A. Revkov, P.B. Shurupov, N.P. Sobenin, Y.I. Tlekhas, B.V. Zverev
Performance of the CERN Plasma Lens in Laboratory and Beam Tests at the Antiproton Source antiproton, focusing, plasma, proton 2631
  • R. Kowalewicz, E. Boggasch, J. Christiansen, K. Frank, M. Lubrano di Scampamorte, S. Milner, F. Pedersen, H. Riege, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz
Status of Compact Synchrotron Light Source Work at TAC emittance, lattice, simulation, synchrotron 2649
  • C.A. Swenson, Y. Huang, F.R. Huson, R. Rocha
The DARPA Compact Superconducting X-Ray Lithography Source Features linac, radiation, vacuum, x-ray 2652
  • R. Heese, S. Kalsi, E. Leung
The Superconducting Compact Storage Ring NIJI-III electron, injection, lattice, vacuum 2655
  • Y. Tsutsui, K. Emura, F. Miura, H. Takada, T. Tomimasu
Calculation of Eddy-Currents Induced in a Compact Synchrotron Superconductiong Magnet Structure during a Current Ramp ion, light source, superconducting magnet, vacuum 2658
  • S. Kalsi, R. Heese
Lattice Properties of the Phase I BNL X-Ray Lithography Source Obtained from Fits to Magnetic Measurement Data lattice, multipole, quadrupole, tune 2664
  • L.N. Blumberg, J.B. Murphy, M.F. Reusch
Beam Dynamics of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring emittance, lifetime, quadrupole, synchrotron 2667
  • C.C. Kuo, H.P. Chang, C.S. Hsue, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
Lattice Design of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring betatron, emittance, lattice, tune 2670
  • C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
The Booster to Storage Ring Transport Line for SRRC booster, extraction, injection, septum 2697
  • M.H. Wang, C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo
Design of Beam Transfer Line and Injection System of Pohang Light Source electron, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 2700
  • I.S. Ko, M. Yoon
Beam Transport to the SXLS Ring injection, linac, quadrupole, septum 2703
  • E. Bozoki
Design and Simulation of Fast Pulsed Kicker/Bumper Units for the Positron Accumulator Ring at APS damping, ferrite, impedance, simulation 2706
  • J. Wang, G.J. Volk
Magnets with Full Apertures for Extracting Synchrotron Radiation at the Photon Factory Ring photon, quadrupole, radiation, sextupole 2709
  • Y. Kobayashi, A. Araki, Y. Kamiya
Status of Development of the Insertion Devices for ELETTRA insertion, radiation, undulator, wiggler 2712
  • C. Poloni, R. Bracco, B. Diviacco, R.P. Walker, D. Zangrando
A Wedged Pole Hybrid Type Undulator as a Synchrotron Radiation Source electron, photon, radiation, undulator 2715
  • S. Sasaki, N. Matsuki, H. Ohno, S. Sasaki, T. Takada
Design Considerations for a Fast Modulator in a 'Crossed Undulator' electron, modulator, radiation, wiggler 2718
  • R. Savoy, K. Halbach
The U5.0 Undulator for the ALS insertion, radiation, undulator, vacuum 2721
  • E. Hoyer, J. Chin, K. Halbach, W.V. Hassenzahl, D. Humphries, B. Kincaid, H. Lancaster, D. Plate
Fast Excitation Variable Period Wiggler accelerator, injection, undulator, wiggler 2724
  • A. van Steenbergen, J. Gallardo, T. Romano, M. Woodle
Incorporation of a 5 T Superconducting Wiggler in an MLI Synchrotron Light Source lattice, radiation, synchrotron, wiggler 2727
  • D.Y. Wang, H. Wiedemann, F.C. Younger
Ion Channel Focusing in FEL Wigglers electron, focusing, ion, wiggler 2730
  • J. Vetrovec
Performance of Rocketdyne Phase-Optimized Pure Permanent Magnet Undulator electron, quadrupole, undulator, wiggler 2733
  • G. Rakowsky, B. Bobbs, J. Brown, P. Kennedy, G. Swoyer
Design and Test of a Model Pole for the ALS U5.0 Undulator accelerator, insertion, synchrotron, undulator 2736
  • W.V. Hassenzahl, E. Hoyer, R. Savoy
ALS Insertion Device Block Measurement and Inspection accelerator, insertion, photon, software 2739
  • S. Marks, J. Carrieri, C. Cork, W.V. Hassenzahl, E. Hoyer, D. Plate
Ion Beam Probe for Measurement of Wiggler Errors alignment, electron, ion, wiggler 2742
  • J. Vetrovec, B. Bobbs, M. Lampel
Coherent X-Rays from PEP damping, emittance, radiation, undulator 2748
  • S. Baird, A.S. Fisher, J.C. Gallardo, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Pellegrini, R. Tatchyn, H. Winick
SATURNUS: The UCLA Infrared Free-Electron Laser Project electron, emittance, radiation, undulator 2751
  • J.W. Dodd, W.A. Barletta, D.B. Cline, J.G. Davis, G. Hairapetian, S.C. Hartman, S.N. Ivanchenkov, C.J. Joshi, A.S. Khlebnikov, J. Kolonko, Y.Y. Lachin, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, J.A. Smolin, A.A. Varfolomeev
Design, Manufacturing and First Measurements of a Hybrid Permanent Magnet Undulator for Free Electron Laser controls, electron, laser, undulator 2760
  • F. Rosatelli, L. Barbagelata, F. Ciocci, F. Crenna, M. Grattarola, G. Gualco, A. Matrone, G.B. Ottonello, A. Renieri
Pulsed Undulators for High Efficiency FEL Oscillators Unstable in the Visible Spectrum bunching, coupling, electron, undulator 2763
  • H. Leboutet
Reduction of Undulator Radiation and FEL Small Gain due to Wiggler Errors electron, radiation, undulator, wiggler 2766
  • A. Friedman
A New Possibility of Coherent Microwave Radiation by Relativistic Particles electron, instability, radiation, undulator 2775
  • A. N. Didenko
Effects of Construction and Alignment Errors on the Orbit Functions of the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring alignment, photon, quadrupole, sextupole 2778
  • H. Bizek, E. Crosbie, E. Lessner, L. Teng, J. Wirsbinski
Beam Acceleration in the LBL 88-Inch Cyclotron with Injection from the AECR Source cyclotron, electron, injection, ion 2796
  • D.J. Clark, C.M. Lyneis, Z. Xie
Superconducting Booster Cyclotron Studies at GANIL booster, cyclotron, injection, septum 2802
  • A. Chabert, C. Bieth, P. Bricault, M. Duval, J. Ferme, A. Joubert, M.H. Moscatello, F. Ripouteau, Q.V. Truong
The COSY-Jülich Project April 1991 Status electron, extraction, injection, vacuum 2808
  • R. Maier, U. Pfister, J. Range
The Proposal of the Accelerator Complex of the Moscow Kaon Factory booster, factory, injection, vacuum 2823
  • V.V. Balandin, G.I. Batskikh, V.P. Belov, A.G. Chursin, G.A. Dubinsky, S.K. Esin, V.A. Glukhikh, N.I. Golubeva, A.I. Iliev, Y.D. Ivanov, Y.S. Ivanov, V.A. Konovalov, L.V. Kravchuk, N.D. Malitskiy, A.V. Matveev, R.A. Meshcherov, B.P. Murin, V. Paramonov, A.S. Pashenkov, Y.F. Semunkin, Yu.V. Senichev, Y.P. Severgin, E.N. Shaposhnikova, I.A. Shukeilo, M.N. Tarovik, S.P. Volin
Conceptual Design of a High Luminosity 510 MeV Collider collider, damping, lattice, luminosity 2853
  • C. Pellegrini, M. Cornacchia, D. Robin
High Frequency Betatrons acceleration, betatron, induction, injection 2874
  • D.R. Winn
Improvement of 150 MeV Racetrack Microtron focusing, injection, linac, x-ray 2877
  • T. Hori, T. Mitsumoto, Y. Sasaki, M. Sugitani
Measurement and Tuning of Beam Parameters in the Heavy Ion Storage Ring ESR betatron, coupling, electron, ion 2880
  • F. Nolden, S. Baumann, K. Beckert, H. Eickhoff, B. Franczak, B. Franzke, O. Klepper, W. Konig, U. Schaaf, H. Schulte, P. Spadtke, M. Steck, J. Struckmeier
Algorithm for the Deflector Plates of the 1 MHz Chopper for the Kaon Factory accelerator, chopper, factory, injection 2883
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait
The Status and Development of the UNK Project acceleration, extraction, injection, vacuum 2913
  • V.A. Yarba
Multimegawatt RF Power Sources for Linear Colliders accelerator, collider, electron, klystron 2928
  • G. Caryotakis
The Magnicon: A New RF Power Source for Accelerators cyclotron, deceleration, electron, gun 2933
  • O.A. Nezhevenko
AC Bias Operation of the Perpendicular Biased Ferrite Tuned Cavity for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Synchrotron booster, cw, ferrite, spectrum 2943
  • R.L. Poirier, I.B. Enchevich, T.A. Enegren
Transverse Impedance Measurements of Prototype Cavities for a Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrotest (DARHT) Facility accelerator, coupling, ferrite, impedance 2961
  • L. Walling, P. Allison, M. Burns, D. J. Liska, D.E. McMurry, A.H. Shapiro
A New Front-End for the LEP Injector Linac bunching, gun, linac, positron 2964
  • J.-C. Godot, H. Braun, A. Pisent, L. Rinolfi
Status of the ARES R&D Program emittance, gun, injection, laser 2973
  • R. Boni, M. Castellano, P. Fabbricatore, M. Ferrario, A. Gallo, P. Michelato, M. Minestrini, F. Musenich, C. Pagani, R. Parodi, P. Patteri, L. Serafini, S. Tazzari, F. Tazzioli
Commissioning of the New Heavy Ion Injector at GSI accelerator, acceptance, ion, linac 2981
  • N. Angert, L. Dahl, H. Deitinghoff, J. Friedrich, J. Glatz, J. Klabunde, H. Klein, U. Ratzinger, A. Schempp, H. Schulte, B. Wolf
Design Studies of SSC Coupled Cavity Linac coupling, emittance, quadrupole, simulation 2993
  • C.R. Chang, R. Bhandari, W. Funk, D. Raparia, J. Watson
Tuning of the First 805 MHz Side-Coupled Cavity Module for the Fermilab Upgrade accelerator, coupling, linac, vacuum 2996
  • Z. Qian, M. Champion, T.G. Jurgens, H.W. Miller, A. Moretti, R. Padilla
An Interactive Code SUPERLANS for Evaluation of RF-Cavities and Acceleration Structures acceleration, accelerator, dielectric, ion 3002
  • D.G. Myakishev, V.P. Yakovlev
The 3/4 Backward TW Structure for the ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector coupling, electron, impedance, klystron 3005
  • P. Girault
A New Electron Linac Injector Design up to 200 MeV bunching, electron, focusing, linac 3008
  • D. Tronc
Cavity Shape and Beam Dynamics Design for a Linac for Pions acceptance, coupling, linac, pion 3014
  • G. Swain
Characterization of a Ramped Gradient DTL: Experiment and Theory accelerator, emittance, linac, x-ray 3017
  • K.F. Johnson, G.P. Boicourt, G.O. Bolme, C.M. Fortgang, J.D. Gilpatrick, J. Merson, O.R. Sander, D.P. Sandoval, E.A. Wadlinger, V. Yuan
High Order Calculation of the Multipole Content of Three Dimensional Electrostatic Geometries accelerator, lattice, multipole, quadrupole 3020
  • M. Berz, W.M. Fawley, K. Hahn
Measurements on Iris-Structures with Rectangular Holes coupling, electron, linac, luminosity 3023
  • M. Kurz, P. Hulsmann, H. Klein, A. Schempp
RF Tests of a Band Overlap Free DAW Accelerating Structure accelerator, coupling, impedance, linac 3026
  • R. Parodi, P. Fernandes, A. Stella
Acceleration Tests of the INS 25.5-MHz Split Coaxial RFQ acceleration, emittance, ion, linac 3035
  • S. Arai, A. Imanishi, T. Morimoto, S. Shibuya, E. Tojyo, N. Tokuda
Numerical Simualtion of a Short RFQ Resonator Using the MAFIA Codes acceleration, accelerator, ion, simulation 3038
  • H. Wang, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Jain, A. Lombardi, P. Paul
Deceleration of Antiprotons with a RFQ acceptance, deceleration, emittance, ion 3041
  • A. Schempp, F. Botlo-Pilat, H. Deitinghoff, A. Firjahn-Andersch, J.-Y. Hémery, C. Thibault, H. Vormann, M. de Saint Simon
Properties of the GSI HLI-RFQ Structure acceleration, emittance, ion, synchrotron 3044
  • J. Friedrich, N. Angert, U. Bessler, H. Deitinghoff, J. Klabunde, H. Klein, A. Schempp, R. Veith
New Vanes for RFQ1: Fabrication, Installation, and Tuning accelerator, coupling, thermal, vacuum 3047
  • B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, T. Tran-Ngoc
Progress of the 473 MHz Four-Rod RFQ accelerator, ion, quadrupole, vacuum 3050
  • R. Kazimi, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay
Longitudinal Emittance Measurement of the 100 MeV Proton Beam emittance, factory, linac, spectrum 3062
  • Y.V. Bylinsky, A.V. Feschenko, P.N. Ostroumov
The Delta-T Tuneup Procedure for the Fermilab Linac Upgrade accelerator, acceptance, linac, tune 3064
  • T.L. Owens, E.S. McCrory
Proton Beam Acceleration up to 160 MeV at the Moscow Meson Factory Linac factory, linac, quadrupole, spectrum 3067
  • G.I. Batskich, Y.V. Bylinsky, S.K. Esin, A.P. Fedotov, A.V. Feschenko, Y.D. Ivanov, O.S. Korolev, L.V. Kravchuk, A.I. Kvasha, V.A. Matveev, V.N. Michailov, A.N. Mirzojan, N.P. Murin, P.N. Ostroumov, S.A. Petronevich, B.A. Rubtsov, I.A. Sagin, S.I. Scharamentov, V.L. Serov, N.I. Uksusov, S.Z. Zyarylkapov
Funneling Study with a Low Energy Proton Beam brightness, emittance, funneling, ion 3076
  • W. Barth, A. Schempp
LIAM-A Linear Induction Accelerator Model accelerator, electron, induction, solenoid 3079
  • H. Brand, G. Caporaso, F. Chambers, F. Coffield, D. Lager
Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Tuning Linear Induction Accelerators accelerator, beamline, brightness, induction 3082
  • D.L. Lager, H.R. Brand, F. Chambers, F. Coffield, W.J. Maurer, W. Turner
Modeling of Switch Cores for Induction Accelerators accelerator, impedance, induction, radiation 3088
  • H.D. Shay, G.D. Craig, J.F. DeFord
Modeling Magnetic Pulse Compressors accelerator, induction, simulation, timing 3091
  • A.N. Payne
Degradation of Brightness by Resonant Particle Effects brightness, instability, resonance, solenoid 3100
  • Y.-J. Chen, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole, A.C. Paul, W.C. Turner
ETA-II Beam Brightness Measurement accelerator, brightness, emittance, induction 3106
  • A.C. Paul, S.L. Allen, F.W. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, F.J. Deadrick, W.C. Turner
Beam Breakup Considerations in the Design of Multiple Off-Axis Gaps in an Induction Accelerator Cell for SLIA acceleration, accelerator, insertion, waveguide 3117
  • J. Edighoffer
Experimental Observations of Beam Transport in Twisted Quadrupole Fields damping, electron, quadrupole, solenoid 3120
  • J.P. Lidestri, V.L. Bailey, Jr., J.A. Edighoffer, S.D. Putnam, M.G. Tiefenback, D. Wake
Magnet Design for SLIA Proof-of-Concept Experiment accelerator, alignment, betatron, quadrupole 3123
  • V. Bailey, R. Curry, J. Lidestri, M. Tiefenback, D. Wake
RADLAC II/SMILE Performance with a Magnetically Insulated Voltage Adder accelerator, cathode, electron, x-ray 3129
  • S.L. Shope, C.E. Crist, C.A. Frost, M.G. Mazarakis, J.W. Poukey, K.R. Prestwich, K. Struve, B.N. Turman, D. Welch
A Novel Concept for a Lithium Lens Exciter background, chopper, simulation, survey 3132
  • G.G. Karady, H.A. Thiessen
Fast Risetime Magnetic Field Coil for Electron Beam Propagation Studies betatron, electron, emittance, focusing 3141
  • D.J. Weidman, W.C. Freeman, J.D. Miller, K.T. Nguyen, M.J. Rhee, R.F. Schneider, R.A. Stark
Long Pulse Electron Beams cathode, electron, focusing, solenoid 3144
  • J.R. Smith, I.R. Shokair, K.W. Struve
Pulse Shape Adjustment for the SLC Damping Ring Kickers damping, ferrite, impedance, kicker 3156
  • T. Mattison, R. Cassel, A. Donaldson, H. Fischer, D. Gough
Fast TEM Kicker with MOSFET Solid State Driver accelerator, impedance, injection, kicker 3174
  • A. Saab, M. Kogan, T. Russ
Application of Electrostatic Undulators for Acceleration of Intense Ion Beams acceleration, accelerator, ion, undulator 3177
  • E.S. Masunov, A.P. Novicov
The ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector chopper, electron, klystron, linac 3180
  • D. Tronc, C. Bourat, P. Girault, P. Letellier, A. Massarotti, G. Meyrand, S. Sierra, D.T. Tran
Electron Preinjector for Siberia-2 SR Source accelerator, electron, gun, injection 3186
  • O.A. Nezhevenko, G.N. Ostreiko, B.Z. Persov, S.I. Ruvinsky, G.V. Serdobintsev, E.N. Shaimerdenov, M.A. Tiunov, V.P. Yakovlev, I.A. Zapryagaev
Electron-Beam Generation, Transport, and Transverse Oscillation Experiments Using the REX Injector cathode, electron, extraction, induction 3192
  • R.L. Carlson, P.W. Allison, T.J. Kauppila, D.C. Moir, R.N. Ridlon
Matching and Transport of Beams in a Continuously Twisted Quadrupole Channel damping, emittance, quadrupole, solenoid 3195
  • M.G. Tiefenback, V.L. Bailey, Jr., J.P. Lidestri, S.D. Putnam
High Voltage, High Power Nested High Voltage Accelerator accelerator, coupling, electron, vacuum 3201
  • R.J. Adler, R.J. Richter-Sand
Progress on the CLIC Final Focus System alignment, luminosity, quadrupole, synchrotron 3228
  • O. Napoly, P. Sievers, T. Taylor, B. Zotter
Optimizing Energy Spread in the CLIC Main Linac acceptance, damping, linac, luminosity 3231
  • G. Guignard, C. Fischer
Investigations on Beam Damping Simulations and the Associated Model of CLIC damping, focusing, linac, quadrupole 3234
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard, A. Millich
Microwave Quadrupole Structures for the CERN Linear Collider collider, damping, focusing, quadrupole 3237
  • W. Schnell, I. Wilson
Design Calculations of the CLIC Transfer Structure coupling, drive beam, linac, waveguide 3240
  • E. Jensen
Simulations on Pair Creation from Beam-Beam Interaction in Linear Colliders background, electron, photon, simulation 3252
  • P. Chen, T. Tauchi, K. Yokoya
Differential Luminosity Under Beamstrahlung electron, luminosity, photon, spectrum 3255
  • P. Chen
Linear e+e- Colliders above 1 TeV (CM) accelerator, collider, damping, luminosity 3261
  • A.A. Mondelli