Beam Dynamics

Title Page
Improved Tracking Codes: Present and Future 2186
  • R.V. Servranckx
Transverse Instabilities due to Wall Impedances in Storage Rings 2191
  • B. Zotter
Relation Between Field Energy and rms Emittance in Intense Particle Beams 2196
  • T.P. Wangler, K.R. Crandall, R.S. Mills, M. Reiser
Transport of High-Intensity Beams 2201
  • M. Reiser
Superconvergent Tracking and Invariant Surfaces in Phase Space 2206
  • R.D. Ruth, T. Raubenheimer, R.L. Warnock
Beam Separation at the CERN SPS Collider 2209
  • L.R. Evans, A. Faugier, R. Schmidt
The ISR Impedance Between 40 kHz and 40 GHz 2212
  • A. Hofmann, J. Borer, K. Hübner, S. Hansen, J.Y. Hemery, J.C. Juillard, S. Myers, E. Peschardt, J. Poole, T. Risselada, L. Vos, B. Zotter
Transverse Mode-Coupling Experiment in DCI 2215
  • M.P. Level, P.C. Marin, E.M. Sommer, B. Zotter, H. Zyngier
Transverse Instabilities due to Beam-Trapped Ions and Charged Matter in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator 2218
  • E. Jones, F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, E.J.N. Wilson, S. van der Meer
Theory of Non-Planar Orbits 2221
  • A. Antillon, M. Month
The Chaotic Dynamical Aperture 2225
  • S.Y. Lee, S. Tepikian
Limiting Effects of the Parasitic Sextupole Component in the CERN Large Hadron Collider 2228
  • M. Bassetti, W. Scandale
Antiproton Losses at Large Transverse Amplitudes in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator and Corrective Measures Using Skew Quadrupoles and Sextupoles 2231
  • V. Chohan, Z.Y. Guo, C.D. Johnson, E.J.N. Wilson
Performance Limitations of the CERN SPS Collider 2234
  • L.R. Evans, J. Gareyte
An Analytic Approach to the Off-Momentum Closed Orbit in Storage Rings 2237
  • J. Hagel
Computer Simulation of the Beam-Beam Interaction at a Crossing Angle 2240
  • A. Piwinski
A New FFAG Orbit Code 2243
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Controls in Use at CESR for Adjusting Horizontal to Vertical Coupling 2246
  • M. Billing
The Dependence of Single Particle Stability on Net Chromaticity in CESR, near Qh=9+1/3 2249
  • S. Peggs
Studies of Chaotic Behaviour in HERA Caused by Transverse Magnetic Multipole Fields 2252
  • H. Mais, F. Schmidt, A. Wrulich
Violation of Midplane Symmetry in Bending Magnets 2255
  • D.C. Carey
Classification of Half-Integer Resonance Dynamics 2258
  • L. Michelotti
Width of Nonlinear Difference Resonances 2261
  • S. Ohnuma, R.L. Gluckstern
Resonance Crossing in the Presence of Space Charge 2264
  • I. Hofmann, K. Beckert
Exact Calculation of Nonlinear Orbit Properties of a Synchrotron 2267
  • B. Gottschalk
T-Change in the KEK GeV-PS 2270
  • A. Ando
Hamiltonian Formulation for Synchrobetatron Resonance Driven by Dispersion in RF Cavities 2273
  • T. Suzuki
Nu Shifts in Betatron Oscillations from Uniform Peturbations in the Presence of Non-Linear Magnetic Guide Fields 2276
  • K.C. Crebbin
A Method to Render Second-Order Beam Optics Programs Symplectic 2279
  • D. Douglas, E. Forest, R.V. Servranckx
Hamiltonian Formulation of Optical Perturbations in Storage Rings 2282
  • H. Zyngier
Coherent Oscillations Produced by the Rapid Skirting of an Integral Resonance 2285
  • M.M. Gordon, F. Marti
Applications of the Second-Order Achromat Concept to the Design of Particle Accelerators 2288
  • K.L. Brown, R.V. Servranckx
A Diagnostic for Dynamic Aperture 2291
  • P.L. Morton, J.-L. Pellegrin, T. Raubenheimer, L. Rivkin, M. Ross, W.L. Spence
Ion Stability in Bunched Electron Beams 2294
  • D. Douglas
Effect of Long Range Beam-Beam Interaction on the Stability of Coherent Dipole Motion 2297
  • M.A. Furman, A.W. Chao
Tracking the SSC Test Lattices 2300
  • B.T. Leemann, D.R. Douglas, E. Forest
Beam Tracking and Stability Analysis for the SSC 2303
  • S. Heifets, K. Lau, D. Neuffer, D. Raparia
Study of Random and Systematic Multipoles in the SSC Lattice 2306
  • S. Heifets
High Transition Energy Magnet Lattices 2308
  • R.C. Gupta, J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock
MARYLIE 3.0-A Program for Nonlinear Analysis of Accelerator and Beamline Lattices 2311
  • A.J. Dragt, D.R. Douglas, E. Forest, L.M. Healy, F. Neri, R.D. Ryne
Reduction of Sextupole Distortion by Shuffling Magnets in Small Groups 2314
  • R.L. Gluckstern, S. Ohnuma
Instability Studies and Double RF-System Operation at BESSY 2317
  • E. Weihreter, A. Gaupp, H.G. Hoberg, W.-D. Klotz, P. Kuske, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier
Saturation of a Longitudinal Instability due to Nonlinearity of the Wake Field 2320
  • S. Krinsky
Microwave Instability across the Transition Energy 2323
  • S.Y. Lee, J.M. Wang
Strong Intrabeam Scattering in Heavy Ion and Proton Beams 2326
  • G. Parzen
Observation of Beam-Excited Modes in Traveling Wave Accelerator Structures 2329
  • A.M. Vetter, J.L. Adamski, W.J. Gallagher
New RF Exercises Envisaged in the CERN-PS for the Antiprotons Production Beam of the ACOL Machine 2332
  • R. Garoby
Charge Passing Off-Axis through a Cylindrical Resonator with Beam Pipes 2335
  • H. Henke
IMPASS-A Computer Program for Calculations of Impedances of Periodic Axially Symmetric Smooth Structures (Bellows) 2338
  • S.A. Kheifets, P.M. Gygi
Effect of Reactive Feedback on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability Using the Few-Particles Model and Simulation 2341
  • S. Myers
The Effect of Radiation Damping and Noise on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability due to Localized Structures 2344
  • F. Ruggiero
Beam Vacuum Chamber Effects in the CERN Large Hadron Collider 2347
  • L. Vos
Simulation of Multiturn Transverse Instabilities in Electron Storage Rings 2350
  • C. Reece, R. Sundelin
"Anomalous", Nonlinearly Current-Dependent Damping in CESR 2353
  • L.E. Sakazaki, R.M. Littauer, R.H. Siemann, R.M. Talman
Theoretical Prediction of Head Tail Tune Shift in PETRA 2356
  • R. Klatt, R.D. Kohaupt, T. Weiland
Direct Observation of Microwaves Excited in the Fermilab Beam Pipe by Very Narrow Bunches 2359
  • J.E. Griffin, J.A. MacLachlan
Statistics of Dipole Steering in the Tevatron 2362
  • M.J. Syphers
Asymmetric Dee-Voltage Compensation of Beam Off-Centering in the Milan Superconducting Cyclotron 2365
  • Lj. Milinkovic, E. Fabrici, R. Ostojic
The Bunched Beam Interaction with the Hybrid Modes in a Multi-Sectional Ion Linac 2368
  • I.V. Gonin, S.K. Esin, L.V. Kravchuk, P.N. Ostroumov, V.V. Paramonov
Beam Behavior in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring 2371
  • K. Satoh, H. Fukuma, T. Ieiri, S. Kamada, K. Nakajima, A. Ogata, K. Oide
Transverse Instabilities in the LIL 2374
  • M. Boussoukaya, G. Bienvenu, J.C. Bourdon, R. Chehab, J. Le Duff
Coherent Synchrotron Relaxation Oscillation in an Electron Storage Ring 2377
  • G. Rakowsky
General Theory of the Diocotron Instability of a Relativistic Electron Beam 2380
  • H.C. Chen
Influence of Electromagnetic Effects on Stability Properties of a High-Current Beatron Accelerator 2383
  • H.S. Uhm, R.C. Davidson
Radial-Longitudinal Coupling in Proposed RCNP Injector Cyclotron 2386
  • T. Yamazaki, K. Hosono, Y. Kadota, I. Miura, T. Saito, T. Tei
Landau Damping in the SLAC Linac 2389
  • K.L.F. Bane
Collective Effects and the Design of the SSC 2392
  • J.J. Bisognano
Instabilities in the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory Synchrotrons 2395
  • R. Baartman, H. Schönauer, T. Suzuki
Beam Breakup with Random Initial Displacement 2398
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.K. Cooper
Beam Breakup with Smooth Rapid Current Build-up 2400
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.K. Cooper
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance for a Beam Pipe with a Cavity 2403
  • R.L. Gluckstern, F. Neri
Non-Linear Beam-Beam Forces in Storage Rings: Particular Analysis for S.S.C. and L.H.C. Parameters 2405
  • M. Pusterla, G. Servizi, G. Turchetti
Perspectives for a High Energy Electron Cooling at LEAR: An Experimental Test 2409
  • M.E. Biagini, U. Bizzarri, R. Calabrese, M. Conte, S. Guiducci, F. Petrucci, L. Picardi, C. Ronsivalle, C. Salvetti, M. Savrié, S. Tazzari, L. Tecchio, A. Vignati
Electron Cooling Device for TARN II 2412
  • T. Tanabe, Y. Hirao, T. Honma, M. Kodaira, A. Noda, K. Sato, M. Sekiguchi, M. Takanaka, J. Tanaka, H. Tsujikawa
Stochastic Momentum Cooling of a Low Energy Beam at TARN 2415
  • N. Tokuda, K. Chida, T. Katayama, A. Mizobuchi, T. Nakanishi, A. Noda, N. Takahashi, M. Takanaka, S. Watanabe, H. Yonehara, M. Yoshizawa
Longitudinal Equilibrium Distributions of Ion Beams in Storage Rings with Internal Targets and Electron Cooling 2418
  • T. Ellison
Electron Gun Design Study for the IUCF Beam Cooling System 2421
  • D.L. Friesel, T. Ellison, W.P. Jones
Suppression of Propagating TE Modes in the FNAL Antiproton Source Stochastic Beam Cooling System 2424
  • W.C. Barry
Ion Beam Cooling by Radiation and Electron Heat Sink 2427
  • K.T. Nguyen, H.S. Uhm
Intermediate Energy Electron Cooling of Antiprotons to Improve the Luminosity of Antiproton-Proton Colliders 2430
  • D.B. Cline, F.T. Cole, D. Larson, F.E. Mills, D. Young
Beam Envelope Solution of a Finite Emittance Beam Including Space Charge and Acceleration 2433
  • D.J. Larson, F.T. Cole, F.E. Mills
Design Study of the Third Order Resonance Extraction System at TARN II 2436
  • M. Takanaka, Y. Hattori, A. Noda, T. Tanabe, H. Tsujikawa
Slow Extraction at LAMPF II 2439
  • E.P. Colton
Slow Extraction at the SSC 2442
  • E.P. Colton
Simulations of Half and Third Interger Resonant Extraction from a One-GeV Pulse Stretcher Ring 2444
  • J.B. Flanz, C.P. Sargent
Nonlinear Effects of Focusing Bars Used in the Extraction Systems of Superconducting Cyclotrons 2447
  • M.M. Gordon, V. Taivassalo
Design of the Axial Injection System for the NSCL Cyclotrons 2450
  • F. Marti, J. Griffin, V. Taivassalo
Beam Dynamics of RF Devices to Improve the Efficiency of Proposed H- Extraction from TRIUMF 2453
  • R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie
Efficient Capture in an Accumulator Ring of 20,000 Turns of Beam Injected from TRIUMF 2456
  • D. Raparia, G.H. Mackenzie, C.W. Planner, J.R. Richardson
Beam Transmission of RFQ1 Calculated Using the Finite Element Method for Space and Image Charges 2459
  • B.G. Chidley, N.J. Diserens
High Current Beam Transport Experiments at GSI 2462
  • J. Klabunde, A. Schölein, P. Spädtke
KOBRA3- Three Dimensional Raytracing Including Space-Charge Effects 2465
  • P. Spädtke
Beam Dynamics in a High Current Proton Linac 2468
  • H. Lustfeld, J.E. Mülller
Nonlinear Field Effects and Longitudinal Emittance Growth of High Intensity Bunched Beams 2471
  • M. Pabst, K. Bongardt, U. Funk
Theory and Simulations of Neutralization and Focusing of ICF Ion Beams 2474
  • D.S. Lemons, M.E. Jones
Numerical Studies of High Current Beam Compression in Heavy Ion Fusion 2477
  • J. Bisognano, E.P. Lee, J.W-K. Mark
The Effect of Induced Charge at Boundaries on Transverse Dynamics of a Space-Charge-Dominated Beam 2480
  • C.M. Celata, I. Haber, L.J. Laslett, L. Smith, M.G. Tiefenback
Measurements of Stability Limits for a Space-Charge-Dominated Ion Beam in a Long A.G. Transport Channel 2483
  • M.G. Tiefenback, D. Keefe
The LBL Neutralized Beam Focusing Experiment 2486
  • G.A. Krafft, C.H. Kim, L. Smith
Transportable Charge in a Periodic Alternating Gradient System 2489
  • E.P. Lee, T.J. Fessenden, L.J. Laslett
Propagation of Intense Pulsed Electron Beams with Energies Below 80-keV 2492
  • X.L. Jiang, S.C. Jiang
The Negative Mass Instability in High Current Modified Betatrons at Low Energies 2495
  • B.B. Godfrey, T.P. Hughes
Equilibrium and Stability Properties of the Solenoidal Lens Betatron 2498
  • T.P. Hughes, B.B. Godfrey
Progress in the Development of a 3D Finite Element Computer Program to Calculate Space and Image Charge Effects in RF Quadrupoles 2501
  • N.J. Diserens
Self-Consistent Treatment of Equilibrium Space Charge Effects in the l=2 Stellatron 2504
  • D. Chernin
Calculation of Space Charge Effects in Isochronous Cyclotrons 2507
  • S. Adam
SLC Injector Modeling 2510
  • H. Hanerfeld, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, M.B. James, R.H. Miller
Beam Dynamics in MABE 2513
  • J.W. Poukey, P.D. Coleman, T.W.L. Sanford
Self-Consistent Non-K-V Distributions for Periodic Focusing Systems 2516
  • J. Struckmeier
Macrofilament Simulation of High Current Beam Transport 2519
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson
SUPERGOBLIN-The Accelerated Orbit Code in Use for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron 2522
  • E.A. Heighway, C.R. Hoffmann
Robinson Instability and Beam Loading 2525
  • B.C. Craft, III
Emittance Growth in Accelerator Waveguides 2528
  • R.C. Kennedy
Wake Potentials of a Relativistic Point Charge Crossing a Beam-Pipe Gap: An Analytical Approximation 2531
  • G. Dôme
Interaction Regions for e-p and p-p Collisions in the LEP Tunnel 2535
  • G. Guignard, K. Potter, A. Verdier
Current Tolerances for LEP Magnet Power Converters 2538
  • G. Guignard, G. von Holtey
A Computer Simulation Study of e+e- Storage Ring Performance as a Function of Sextupole Distribution 2541
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann
Current-Dependent Bunch Lengthening in the SRS 2544
  • T. Garvey
Beam Profile of Phase Space with Arbitrary Configuration 2547
  • Y. Chen, X. Xie
Beam Properties of UVSOR Storage Ring 2550
  • T. Kasuga, M. Hasumoto, T. Kinoshita, H. Yonehara
A New Method for High Luminosity 2553
  • K. Takayama, A. Ando
Emittance Growth Caused by Current Variation in a Beam-Transport Channel 2556
  • P. Allison
Moments in Particle-in-Cell Simulations 2559
  • M.M. Berz, W.P. Lysenko
Comparison of Simulation with Experiment in an RFQ 2562
  • G.P. Boicourt, O.R. Sander, T.P. Wangler
The Moment Code BEDLAM 2565
  • P.J. Channell, L.M. Healy, W.P. Lysenko
Acceleration Simulation in the LAMPF II Booster 2567
  • E.P. Colton
Longitudinal Tune Control in Synchrotrons 2570
  • E.P. Colton
The RF Program for LAMPF II 2573
  • E.P. Colton
A Generalization of the Child-Langmuir Relation for One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Diodes 2576
  • A. Kadish, M.E. Jones, W. Peter
Use of a Minimum-Elipse Criterion in the Study of Ion-Beam Extraction Systems 2579
  • R. Keller, P. Allison, J.D. Sherman
Permanent-Magnet Quadrupoles in RFQ Linacs 2582
  • W.P. Lysenko, T.F. Wang
Accelerator Column Models for Low-Current Beams 2585
  • D.P. Rusthoi, P. Allison, K.R. Crandall
Transverse Emittance of a 2.0 MeV RFQ Beam with High Brightness 2588
  • O.R. Sander, G.P. Boicourt, W.B. Cottingame
Circular-Beam Ray Tracing on a Microcomputer 2591
  • J.D. Schneider
Proposed Use of the Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Structure to Funnel High-Current Ion Beams 2593
  • R.H. Stokes, G.N. Minerbo
Scaling Laws for RFQ Design Procedures 2596
  • E.A. Wadlinger
Electron Trajectories in a Combined Wiggler and Alternating Gradient Quadrupole Field 2599
  • T.F. Wang, R.K. Cooper
Numerical Simulation of an Accelerator Injector 2602
  • J.K. Boyd, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole
Analytical Methods of Electrode Design for a Relativistic Electron Gun 2605
  • G.J. Caporaso, J.K. Boyd, A.G. Cole
Brightness Measurements on the Livermore High Brightness Test Stand 2608
  • G.J. Caporaso, D.L. Birx
The Design of Gridded Pierce Guns for Accelerators 2611
  • R. True
RF System for a 1 GeV Pulse Stretcher Ring 2614
  • C.P. Sargent, J.B. Flanz
Orbit Properties Relevant to Phase Selection in the MSU K500 Cyclotron 2617
  • B.F. Milton, H.G. Blosser
Simulation Studies of Instabilities and Emittance Growth in a Periodic Solenoidal Channel with Linear and Nonlinear Focusing 2620
  • H. Dantsker-Rudd, I. Haber, M. Reiser
Ion Beam Steering with a High-Intensity Electron Beam 2623
  • K.T. Nguyen, H.S. Uhm
Accelerator Physics Measurements at the Damping Ring 2626
  • L. Rivkin, M. Allen, K. Bane, J-P. Delahaye, T. Fieguth, A. Hofmann, A. Hutton, M. Lee, W. Linebarger, P. Morton, M. Ross, R. Ruth, H. Schwarz, J. Seeman, J. Sheppard, R. Stiening, K. Wille, P. Wilson, M. Woodley
RF Beam Deflection Measurements and Corrections in the SLC Linac 2629
  • J.T. Seeman, M.C. Ross, J.C. Sheppard, R.F. Stiening
Electron Beam Transport and Emittance Measurements in a Long Periodic Solenoid Channel 2632
  • J. McAdoo, E. Chojnacki, J. D. Lawson, P. Loschialpo, K. Low, M. Reiser
Depolarizing "Beat" Resonances in the Brookhaven AGS 2635
  • K.M. Terwilliger, E.D. Courant, A.D. Krisch, L.G. Ratner