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XX International Linac Conference
held 21-25 Aug 2000 in Monterey, CA

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Monday, 21 August 2000

Invited Talks
MO102 - Nan Phinney (SLAC): SLC Final Performance and Lessons
MO201 - Jean-Pierre Delahaye (CERN): CLIC: A Two-Beam Multi-Tev e+- Linear Collider
MO202 - Reinhard Brinkmann (DESY): TESLA Linear Collider Design and R&D Status
MO203 - Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC): Progress in the Next Linear Collider design
MO204 - Nobu Toge (KEK): JLC Progress
MO301 - Pantaleo Raimondi (SLAC): New Developments in Linear Colliders Final Focus Systems.
MOA01 - Courtlandt Bohn (Fermilab): Theory and Suppression of Multibunch Beam Breakup in Linear Colliders
MOA02 - Daniel Schulte (CERN): Simulations of an Intra-Pulse Interaction Point Feedback for Future Linear Colliders
MOA03 - Daniel Schulte (CERN): Beam Dynamics Simulation for the CTF3 Drive Beam Accelerator
MOA04 - Daniel Schulte (CERN): Beam Loading Compensation in the Main Linac of CLIC
MOA05 - Roberto Corsini (CERN): A Low Charge Demonstration of Electron Pulse Compression for the CLIC RF Power Source
MOA06 - Marc Ross (SLAC): Single Pulse Damage in Copper
MOA07 - Peter Tenenbaum (SLAC): Quadrupole Centering and Beam Steering in the Next Linear Collider Main Linacs
MOA08 - Peter Tenenbaum (SLAC): Studies of Beam Optics and Scattering in the Next Linear Collider Post-Linac Collimation System
MOA09 - Peter Tenenbaum (SLAC): Direct Measurement of Geometric Wakefields from Tapered Rectangular Collimators
MOA10 - Josef Frisch (SLAC): Advanced Collimator Systems for the NLC
MOA11 - Andrei Seryi (SLAC): Investigations of Slow Motions of the SLAC Linac Tunnel
MOA12 - Andrei Seryi (SLAC): Ground Motion Studies and Modeling for the Interaction Region of a Linear Collider
MOA13 - Andrei Seryi (SLAC): Ground Motion Model of the SLAC Site
MOA14 - Andrei Seryi (SLAC): Simulation Studies of the NLC with Improved Ground Motion Models
MOA15 - Linda Hendrickson (SLAC): Beam-based Feedback Simulations for the NLC Linac
MOA16 - Takayuki Imai (KEK): Double Kicker System in ATF
MOA17 - Michael Syphers (FNAL): Estimates of Dispersive Effects in a Bent NLC Main Linac
MOA18 - Valentin Paramonov (INR): CDS Structure for the Normal Conducting Accelerating Cavities in TESLA Linear Collider.
MOA19 - Robert D. Ryne (LANL): Large-Scale Simulation of Beam Dynamics in High Intensity Ion Linacs using Parallel Supercomputers
MOA20 - Ji Qiang (LANL): A Second Order Stochastic Leap-Frog Algorithm for Langevin Simulation
MOA21 - Karl Bane (SLAC): Impedance of a Beam Tube with Small Corrugations
MOB01 - Joel Le Duff (LAL): Design Studies for a High Current Bunching System for CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) Drive Beam
MOB02 - Louis Rinolfi (CERN): An Injector for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3)
MOB05 - Yoshio Yamazaki (KEK): Development of the Electron Gun for the JNC High Power Linac
MOB06 - Jean-Paul Carneiro (FNAL): Emittance Measurements at the A0 Photoinjector
MOB07 - Gerardo D'Auria (Sincrotrone Trieste): The FaBrE Project at Trieste
MOB08 - Heiko Trautner (CERN): Production and Studies of Photocathodes for High Intensity Electron Beams
MOB09 - Sam Park (SLAC): The SPEAR Injector RF Gun and Linac Performance
MOB11 - Michael Cole (Advanced Energy Systems): Development of a Novel Superconducting RF Photocathode Electron Gun
MOB12 - Thomas Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems): Thermal Structural Analysis of an SCRF Photocathode Electron Gun Cavity
MOB13 - Don Edwards (FNAL): The Flat Beam Experiment at the FNAL Photoinjector
MOB14 - Reza Kazimi (TJNAF): Setting and Measuring the Longitudinal Optics in CEBAF Injector
MOB15 - Manoel Conde (ANL): Initial Results of the New High Intensity Electron Gun at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator
MOB16 - Michael Fitch (FNAL): Compression of High-Charge Electron Bunches
MOB17 - Nicholas Sereno (ANL): Use of Coherent Transition Radiation to Set Up the APS RF Thermionic Gun to Produce High-Brightness Beams for SASE FEL Experiments
MOB18 - Sung-Ju Park (POSTECH): 2.856-GHz Modulation of Conventional Triode Electron Gun
MOB20 - Shuichi Okuda (Osaka University): High-Intensity Single-Bunch Electron Beam Generation with the 38 MeV L-Band Linac in Osaka University
MOB21 - Robert Chehab (LAL-IN2P3 (CNRS)): Experimental Determination of the Characteristics of a Positron Source Using Channeling ()
MOC01 - Hitoshi Hayano (KEK): Wire Scanners for Small Emittance Beam Measurement in ATF
MOC03 - Shigeru Kashiwagi (Waseda Univ.): Photoelectron Beam Longitudinal Phase Space Tomography Studies at the ATF
MOC04 - Bernd Schweizer (Darmstadt University of Technology): Latest Developments from the S- DALINAC
MOC05 - Michael Fitch (FNAL): Electro-Optic Sampling of Transient Fields From the Passage of High- Charge Electron Bunches
MOC06 - William Berg (ANL): Characterization of Ce-Doped Scintillating Crystals for Imaging Electron Beams at the APS Linac
MOC07 - Roger Richardson (LLNL): Elliptical X-Ray Spot Measurement
MOC08 - David Findlay (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory): Measurements of RF Cavity Voltages by X-Ray Spectrum Measurements
MOC09 - Peter Forck (GSI): Measurement of the Six-Dimensional Phase Space at the New GSI High- Current LINAC
MOC10 - Franco Tazzioli (INFN): Measurement of Temporal Response of Ferroelectric Photocathodes
MOC11 - Sergey Kurennoy (LANL): Beam Position-Phase Monitors for SNS Linac
MOC12 - Larry Doolittle (LBNL): SNS Front End Diagnostics
MOC13 - Alexander Feschenko (INR, Moscow): Space Charge Effects in Bunch Shape Monitors
MOC14 - Robert Valdiviez (LANL): Intense Proton Core and Halo Beam Profile Measurement: Beam Line Component Mechanical Design
MOC15 - J. Douglas Gilpatrick (LANL): Beam Diagnostics Instrumentation for a 6.7-MeV Proton Beam Halo Experiment
MOC16 - Christophe Vermare (LANL): Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) Measurements of an Intense Pulsed Electron Beam
MOC17 - Kenichi Yanagida (JASRI): A BPM System for the SPRING-8 Linac
MOC18 - Jeffrey Dooling (ANL): A Real-Time Energy Monitor System for the IPNS LINAC
MOC19 - Mark Woodley (SLAC): Measurement and Correction of Cross-Plane Coupling in Transport Lines
MOC20 - Tsuyoshi Suwada (KEK): Numerical Analysis of a Beam-Energy-Spread Monitor Using Multi- Stripline Electrodes
MOD01 - Peter Ostroumov (ANL): Heavy Ion Beam Acceleration of Two-Charge States from an ECR Ion Source
MOD02 - Peter Ostroumov (ANL): Multiple Charge State Beam Acceleration at ATLAS
MOD03 - Pierre Bricault (TRIUMF): Status Report on the Construction of the ISAC Drift Tube LINAC
MOD04 - Pierre Bricault (TRIUMF): A Charge State Breeder Based on a Low Frequency RFQ for the ISAC Accelerator Complex
MOD05 - Enrique Henestroza (LBNL): Ion Sources and Injectors for HIF Induction Linacs
MOD06 - Jens Peters (DESY): The Status of DESY H - Sources
MOD07 - Raphael Gobin (CEA-Saclay): An ECR Hydrogen Negative Ion Source at CEA/Saclay: Preliminary Results
MOD09 - Rainer Thomae (LBNL): Measurements on the H- Ion Source and Low Energy Beam Transport Section for the SNS Front-End Systems
MOD10 - Bernhard Schlitt (GSI): Design of the 7 MeV/u, 217 MHz Injector Linac for the Proposed Ion Beam Facility for Cancer Therapy at the Clinic in Heidelberg
MOD11 - Ulrich Ratzinger (GSI Darmstadt, Germany): Commissioning of IH-RFQ and IH-DTL for the GSI High-Current LINAC
MOD12 - Juergen Klabunde (GSI): Operational Aspects of the High Current Upgrade at the UNILAC
MOD13 - Winfried Barth (GSI): The New Gas Stripper and Charge State Separator of the GSI High Current Injector
MOD14 - Hartmut Reich (GSI): Commissioning of the High Current Ion Sources at the New GSI Injector (HSI)
MOD15 - Ludwig Dahl (GSI): The Low Energy Beam Transport System of the New GSI High Current Injector
MOD16 - Robert Laxdal (TRIUMF): First Beam Test with the ISAC Separated Function DTL
MOD17 - Robert Laxdal (TRIUMF): ISAC at TRIUMF: Recent Achievements and Future Goals
MOD18 - John Staples (LBNL): Design of the SNS MEBT
MOD19 - Jani Reijonen (LBNL): Evolution of the LEBT Layout for SNS
MOD20 - Akira Ueno (KEK): First Beam Test of a Volume Production H- Ion Source with a LEBT
MOD21 - A. Zherebtsov (IHEP): IHEP Experience on Creation and Operation of RFQs
MOE01 - Rui Li (Jefferson Lab): Analysis and Simulation on the Enhancement of the CSR Effects
MOE02 - Franz-Josef Decker (SLAC): Short High Charge Bunches in the SLAC Linac
MOE03 - Gennady Stupakov (SLAC): Quadrupole Misalignments and Steering in Long Linacs
MOE04 - Gennady Stupakov (SLAC): Suppression of Beam Breakup Instability in a Long Train by Introducing Energy Spread Between the Bunches
MOE05 - Jean-Francois Ostiguy (FNL): Optimized Wakefield Computations Using a Network Model
MOE06 - Wolfgang F.O. Mueller (U. Frankfurt): The Diffraction Model And Its Applicability for Wakefield Calculations
MOE07 - Rainer Wanzenberg (DESY): Lattice Matching with a Quadrupole Missing
MOE08 - Wim Mondelaers (Department of Subatomic Radiation Physics, Ghent University): Transient Beam Loading Compensation in Low-Energy Pulsed Linear Electron Accelerators
MOE10 - Alexander Nesterovich (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute): Experimental Study of System for a Simultaneous Bend of Unidirectional Electron and Proton Beams
MOE11 - Steven Lund (LLNL): Emittance Growth from the Thermalization of Space Charge Nonuniformities
MOE12 - John Barnard (LLNL): Envelope Modes of Beams with Angular Momentum
MOE13 - Christopher Allen (LANL): Investigation of Halo Formation in Continuous Beams Using Weighted Polynomial Expansion and Perturbational Analysis
MOE14 - Michael Zeitlin (IPME RAS): Multiscale Analysis of RMS Envelope Dynamics
MOE15 - Antonina Fedorova (IPME RAS): Multiresolution Representations for Solutions of Vlasov- Maxwell-Poisson Equations
MOE16 - George Gillespie (G.H. Gillespie Associates): Some New Approaches to Solving Constrained Transfer Line Matching Problems
MOE17 - Yuri Batygin (American Sciences and Engineering): Self-Consistent Model of Three-Dimensional Time-Dependent Ellipsoid
MOE18 - Yuri Batygin (American Sciences and Engineering): High-Brightness Beam Current Limit in RF Field
MOE19 - Rami Kishek (Institute for Plasma Research, U. Maryland): Energy Transfer Mechanisms and Equipartitioning in non-Equilibrium Space-Charge-Dominated Beams
MOE20 - Yoshihisa Iwashita (Institute for Chemical Research): DFQ: Double Frequency RFQ
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Tuesday, 22 August 2000

Invited Talks
TU101 - Robert Kustom (ORNL): An Overview of the Spallation Neutron Source Project
TU102 - Kazuo Hasegawa (JAERI): The KEK/JAERI Joint Project: Status of Design and Development
TU103 - Christoph Leemann (Jefferson Lab): RIA Project
TU201 - Lloyd Young (LANL): High Power Operations of LEDA
TU202 - Thomas Wangler (LANL): Beam Halo in Proton Linac Beams
TU203 - Jacques Lettry (CERN): Exotic Ion Beams, Targets and Sources
TU204 - Oliver Kester (LMU Munich): Test Measurements with the REX-ISOLDE LINAC Structures
TU205 - Augusto Lombardi (INFN): PIAVE the Legnaro New Positive Ion Injector Based on Superconducting RFQs
TU206 - Maurizio Vretenar (CERN): A High Intensity H- Linac at CERN Based on LEP-2 Cavities
TU301 - Roger H. Miller (SLAC): Accelerator Structures for Linear Colliders
TUA01 - Yoshisato Funahashi (KEK): Fabrication Process of Rounded Damped Detuned Structure
TUA02 - Toshiyasu Higo (KEK): Meeting Tight Frequency Requirement of Rounded Damped Detuned Structure
TUA03 - Juwen Wang (SLAC): Design, Fabrication and Measurement of the First Rounded Damped Detuned Accelerator Structure (RDDS1)
TUA04 - Zenghai Li (SLAC): Design of the JLC/NLC RDDS Structure Using Parallel Eigensolver Omega3P
TUA05 - Zenghai Li (SLAC): Numerical Studies on Locally Damped Structures
TUA06 - Karl Bane (SLAC): Dipole Mode Detuning in the NLC Injector LINACs
TUA07 - Roger Jones (SLAC): Fabrication and Tolerance Issues and Their Influence on Multibunch BBU and Emittance Dilution in the Construction of X-Band RDDS Linacs for the NLC
TUA08 - Roger Jones (SLAC): Comparisons of Equivalent Circuit Predictions with Measurements for Short Stacks of RDDS1 Discs, and Their Potential Application to Improved Wakefield Prediction
TUA09 - Roger Jones (SLAC): Local and Fundamental Mode Coupler Damping of the Transverse Wakefield in RDDS1 Linacs
TUA10 - Roger Jones (SLAC): An Investigation of Optimized Frequency Distributions for Damping Wakefields in X-Band Linacs for the NLC
TUA11 - Valentin Paramonov (INR): General Relations for Mode Parameters of Compensated Structures in the Vicinity of Operating Point
TUA12 - Valentin Paramonov (INR): The Compensated Periodical Structure RF Deflector
TUA13 - Nicolay Sobenin (MEPhI, Russia): Rectangular Waveguide HOM Couplers for a TESLA Superstructure
TUA14 - Rainer Wanzenberg (DESY): A Fast Switchyard for the TESLA FEL-Beam Using a Superconducting Transverse Mode Cavity
TUA15 - Matthias Liepe (DESY): Superconducting Superstructure for the TESLA Collider: New Results
TUA16 - Erk Jensen (CERN): Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
TUA17 - Walter Wuensch (CERN): The CLIC Main Linac Accelerating Structure
TUA18 - Valery Dolgashev (SLAC): Higher Dipole Bands in the NLC Accelerating Structure
TUA20 - Roger H. Miller (SLAC): Microwave Quality Assurance for Single Cells of the Next Linear Collider
TUA21 - Viatcheslav Pavlov (BINP): Test of Accelerating Structure for VEPP-5 Preinjector
TUA22 - Yoshihisa Iwashita (Institute for Chemical Research): High Power Model Fabrication of Biperiodic L-support Disk-and-Washer Structure
TUB03 - Enrique Henestroza (LBNL): The DARHT-II Electron injector
TUB04 - Craig Peters (LBNL): Design and Construction of the 3.2 MeV Cathode Assembly for DARHT II
TUB05 - Craig Peters (LBNL): Design and Construction of the 3.2-MeV Cathode Assembly for DARHT- II
TUB06 - Shmuel Eylon (LBNL): Electron Beam 3.5MV, 2ka Injector Diode Diagnostics for the DARHT Facility
TUB07 - William Waldron (LBNL): Design and Performance of the DARHT Second Axis Induction Cells and Drivers
TUB08 - Henry Rutkowski (LBNL): The DARHT Phase 2 Linac
TUB09 - Scott Nelson (LLNL): RF Cell Modeling and Experiments for Wakefield Minimization in DARHT-II
TUB10 - Arthur Paul (LLNL): Reconstruction of Initial Beam Conditions at the Exit of the DARHT II Accelerator
TUB11 - Steven Falabella (LLNL): Effect of Backscattered Electrons on Electron Beam Focus
TUB12 - James McCarrick (LLNL): The Effect of Asymmetric Plasma Plumes on the Transport of High- Current Electron Beams
TUB13 - S. Sampayan (LLNL): Beam-Target Interaction Experiments For Bremsstrahlung Converters Applications
TUB14 - Tim Houck (LLNL): Faraday Cup Measurements of Ions Backstreaming into an Electron Beam Impinging on a Plasma Plume
TUB15 - Tim Houck (LLNL): The RTA Betatron-Node Experiment: Limiting Cumulative BBU Growth In A Linear Periodic System
TUB16 - Glen Westenskow (LLNL): The Mechanical Design for the DARHT-II Downstream Beam Transport Line
TUB17 - Brian Poole (LLNL): Particle Simulation of DARHT-II Downstream Transport
TUB18 - Brian Poole (LLNL): Particle Simulations of a Long Pulse Electron Beam in a Bend
TUB19 - Yu-Jiuan Chen (LLNL): Physics Design of the ETA-II/Snowtron Double Pulse Target Experiment
TUB20 - Yu-Jiuan Chen (LLNL): Physics Design Considerations of Diagnostic X Beam Transport System
TUC01 - Jean Christophe Ribes (CEA): RBF neural net based classifier for the AIRIX accelerator fault diagnosis
TUC02 - Marc Mouillet (CEA): First results of the AIRIX induction accelerator
TUC03 - Eric Merle (CEA): Transport optimization and characterization of the 2kA AIRIX electron beam
TUC05 - Michael G. Mazarakis (Sandia National Labs): A New Linear Inductive Voltage Adder Driver for the Saturn Accelerator
TUC06 - George Caporaso (LLNL): Ion-Hose Instability in Long Pulse Induction Accelerators
TUC07 - George Caporaso (LLNL): The Effect of an Under-dense Plasma Density Gradient on the Backstreaming Ion Mechanism
TUC08 - Li-Fang Wang (LLNL): Dipole Septum Magnet in the Fast Kicker System for Multi-Axis Advanced Radiography
TUC09 - Li-Fang Wang (LLNL): Modeling of an Inductive Adder Kicker Pulser For DARHT-II
TUC10 - Edward Cook (LLNL): Inductive Adder Kicker Modulator for DARHT-II
TUC11 - Linda Hendrickson (SLAC): Beam-based Feedback Testing and Simulations for the SLC Linac
TUC12 - Curt Hovater (TJNAF): RF Control Requirements for the CEBAF Energy Upgrade Cavities
TUC13 - Sung-il Kwon (LANL): SNS Superconducting Cavity Modeling: Iterative Learning Control
TUC14 - Stanley Pasky (ANL): Automated Operation of the APS Linac Using the Procedure Execution Manager
TUC15 - Martin Pieck (LANL): Control System for the LEDA 7-MeV Proton Beam Halo Experiment
TUC16 - Yi-Ming Wang (LANL): Analysis and Synthesis of the SNS Superconducting RF Control System
TUC17 - T.S. Rohlev (LANL): Design of the SNS Normalconducting LINAC RF Control System
TUC18 - Paul Corredoura (SLAC): RF Control System for the NLC Linacs
TUC19 - T.S. Rohlev (LANL): Frequency Response Measurements of LEDA RF Control System
TUD01 - Jang-Min Han (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute): A 3.0MeV KOMAC/KTF RFQ Linac
TUD02 - Akira Ueno (KEK): RF-test of a 324-MHz, 3-MeV, H- RFQ Stabilized with PISL's
TUD03 - Robin Ferdinand (CEA): Design of the ESS RFQs and Chopping Line
TUD04 - Robin Ferdinand (CEA): Status Report on the 5-MeV IPHI RFQ
TUD05 - Werner Pirkl (CERN): RFQD: A 'Decelerating' Radiofrequency Quadrupole for the CERN Antiproton Facility
TUD06 - Joseph Tooker (General Atomics): Overview of the APT Accelerator Design
TUD07 - Yoshishige Yamazaki (KEK): The Construction of the Low-Energy Front 60-MeV Linac for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project
TUD08 - Fujio Naito (KEK): Development of the 50-MeV DTL for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project
TUD09 - Motoharu Mizumoto (JAERI): Development of Superconducting linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project
TUD10 - Kazuo Yoshino (KEK): Development of a DTL Quadrupole Magnet with a New Electroformed Hollow Coil for the JAERI/KEK Joint Project
TUD11 - Boris Murin (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute): High Power Proton Linacs for Different Applications
TUD12 - Martin E. Schulze (LANL): Beam Emittance Measurements for the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator Radiofrequency Quadrupole
TUD13 - J. David Schneider (LANL): LEDA: A High-Power Test Bed of Innovation and Opportunity
TUD14 - H. Vernon Smith (LANL): Status Report on the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA)
TUD15 - Lawrence Rybarcyk (LANL): LEDA Beam Operations Milestone and Observed Beam Transmission Characteristics
TUD16 - Milorad Popovic (FNAL): High Current Proton Tests of the Fermilab LINAC
TUD17 - Richard Scrivens (CERN): Tests of the CERN Proton Linac Performance for LHC-Type Beams
TUD18 - Alessandro G Ruggiero (BNL): A Superconducting LINAC Injector for the BNL AGS
TUD19 - Alessandro G Ruggiero (BNL): A Superconducting LINAC Driver for the HFBR
TUD20 - Lawrence Donley (ANL): Reliability History and Improvements to the ANL 50 MeV H- Accelerator
TUD21 - Byung-Ho Choi (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute): Development of the Low Energy Accelerator for KOMAC
TUD22 - J. Stovall (LANL): Superconducting-Linac for the SNS
TUE01 - Chris Adolphsen (SLAC): RF Processing of X-Band Accelerator Structures at the NLCTA
TUE03 - Josef Frisch (SLAC): Acoustic Measurement of RF Breakdown in High-Gradient RF Structures
TUE04 - Norman Kroll (SLAC): Applications of Time Domain Simulation to Coupler Design for Periodic Structures
TUE05 - Perry Wilson (SLAC): A Plasma Model for RF Breakdown in Accelerator Structures
TUE06 - Won Namkung (POSTECH): Pulsed Neutron Source using 100-MeV Electron Linac at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
TUE07 - Akira Noda (Institute for Chemical Research): Stretcher Operation of the 100-MeV Disc-Load Electron LINAC at ICR, Kyoto University
TUE08 - Kenichi Yanagida (JASRI): Status of the SPring-8 LINAC
TUE09 - Kazuro Furukawa (KEK): Towards Reliable Acceleration of High-Energy and High-Intensity Electron Beams
TUE10 - Kazuro Furukawa (KEK): Beam Switching and Beam Feedback Systems at KEKB LINAC
TUE11 - Anatoli Soumbaev (SOUMBAEV, FrankLab, JINR): LINAC LUE200: First Testing Results
TUE12 - Yuri Svistunov (D.V. Efremov Institute): NPK LUTS Project of Contraband Detection System
TUE13 - Michael Vorogushin (D.V. Efremov Institute): Experiments on Material Recognition for 8 MeV Customs Inspection System for Trucks and Large-Scale Containers
TUE14 - Sergey Korenev (STERIS Isomedix Services): Critical Analysis of Industrial Electron Linacs
TUE15 - C. Piel (ACCEL Instruments GmbH): Commissioning of the 100 MeV Swiss Light Source Injector Linac
TUE16 - Masayoshi Sugimoto (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute): Concept of Staged Approach for International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility
TUE17 - Yukio Sato (National Institute of Radiological Sciences): Status of the HIMAC Injector
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Wednesday, 23 August 2000

Invited Talks
WE100 - Richard Briggs (SAIC): Dan Birx Memorial Session
WE101 - George Caporaso (LLNL): Progress in Induction Linacs
WE103 - Edward Cook (LLNL): Review of Solid-State Modulators
WE202 - C.M. Celata (LBNL): Overview of the Heavy Ion Fusion Program
WE203 - Sami Tantawi (SLAC): New Development in RF Pulse Compression
WE204 - Matthias Liepe (DESY): Pulsed Superconductivity Acceleration
WE205 - N. Ouchi (JAERI): Pulsed SC Proton Linac
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Thursday, 24 August 2000

Invited Talks
TH101 - J. Rosenzweig (UCLA): Highlights of AAC 2000 Workshop
TH102 - David Neuffer (FNAL): Acceleration for the Muon Storage Ring Neutrino Source
TH103 - Pedro Castro (DESY): Overview of SASE Experiments
TH201 - Wim Leemans (LBNL): All-Optical Accelerator Experiments at LBNL
TH202 - Patrick Muggli (USC): E-157: a Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment
TH203 - Gregg Penn (LBNL): Simulation of the Ionization Cooling of Muons in Linear RF Systems
TH204 - David Douglas (TJNAF): The Jefferson Lab 1 kW IR FEL
TH205 - Geoffrey Krafft (TJNAF): Measuring and Controlling the Energy Spread in CEBAF
TH206 - Roberto Corsini (CERN): Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Measurements in the CLIC Test Facility (CFT2)
TH301 - Dinh Nguyen (LANL): RAFEL
THA02 - Shu-ichi Tokumoto (KEK): High Power Testing Results of the X-Band Mixed-Mode RF Windows for Linear Colliders
THA03 - Erik Jongewaard (SLAC): The Next Linear Collider Klystron Development Program
THA04 - Takashi Naito (KEK): Development of RF Reference Line for the Linear Collider
THA05 - Josef Frisch (SLAC): The RF Phase Distribution and Timing System for the NLC
THA06 - Valery Dolgashev (SLAC): 2D Simulation of High-Efficiency Cross-Field RF Power Sources
THA07 - Fumihiko Tamura (SLAC): Development of High Power X-Band Semiconductor RF Switch for Pulse Compression Systems of Future Linear Colliders
THA08 - Christopher Nantista (SLAC): A Planar, Rectangular Waveguide Launcher and Extractor for a Dual-Moded RF Power Distribution System
THA09 - Christopher Nantista (SLAC): An Alternate Dual-Moded DLDS Utilizing the TE01 and TE02 Modes
THA11 - Masao Kuriki (KEK): Energy stabilization of 1.5 GeV S-Band linac
THA12 - Jong-Seok Oh (KEK): Development of a Smart Modulator and Efficiency Evaluation of 500 GeV e+e- C-band Linear Collider
THA13 - Richard Cassel (SLAC): Solid State Induction Modulator Replacement for the Conventional SLAC 5045 Klystrons Modulator
THA14 - Mitsuo Akemoto (KEK): Improvement of Waveform Efficiency Using a Compensation Circuit
THA15 - Anatoly Krasnykh (SLAC): Analyses of Klystron Modulator Approaches for NLC
THA16 - B. McCandless (SLAC): SLAC Parallel Tracking Code Development and Applications
THA18 - David Pritzkau (SLAC): Results of an RF Pulsed Heating Experiment at SLAC
THA19 - R. Ruth (SLAC): A New Configuration for Two-Beam Linear Colliders
THA20 - M.V. Fazio (LANL): Design for a One-Gigawatt, Annular-Beam Klystron
THB01 - Alexander Nesterovich (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute): A 'Hybrid'-Type System for an Achromatic Focusing of Ions
THB02 - Holger Zimmermann (IAP, Frankfurt): Funneling with the Two-Beam RFQ
THB03 - Michael Pabst (F-Z Juelich): High Current Beam Dynamics in an ESS Superconducting LINAC
THB04 - Stepan Yaramishev (ITEP): Study of Nonlinearities and Small Particle Losses in High Power Linac
THB05 - Juergen Pozimski (IAP, Frankfurt): Influence of space charge fluctuations on low energy beam transport of high current ion beams.
THB06 - Horst Deitinghoff (IAP, Frankfurt): Beam Dynamics Studies for a High Current Ion Injector
THB07 - Patrick L. Colestock (LANL): The Beam Halo Experiment at LEDA
THB08 - Walter Lysenko (LANL): Determining Phase-Space Properties of the LEDA RFQ Output Beam
THB09 - Zenei Igarashi (KEK): Beam Energy Stabilization of the KEK 40MeV Proton Linac
THB10 - Alban Mosnier (CEA): Energy Stability in a High Intensity Pulsed SC Proton Linac
THB11 - Alexander Durkin (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute): RFQ Parameter Choice by Multi-Parameter Optimization
THB12 - Leonid Kravchuk (INR, Moscow): Multipactoring Code for 3D Accelerating Structures
THB13 - Barrey Hill (G.H. Gillespie Assoc.): Using Trace 3-D in the Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab)
THB14 - Peter D. Smith (General Atomics): CCT: A Code to Automate the Design of Coupled Cavities
THB15 - Boris Bondarev (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute): New Tasks and New Codes for RFQ Beam Simulation
THB16 - Michael Borland (ANL): Design and Performance Simulations of the Bunch Compressor for the APS LEUTL FEL
THB18 - Mikhail Krassilnikov (Darmstadt University of Technology): Beam Dynamics On-Line Simulation
THB19 - Robin Ferdinand (CEA): TOUTATIS, the CEA/Saclay RFQ Code
THB20 - Pascal Balleyguier (CEA): Improvement in 3D computation of RF-losses in resonant cavities
THB21 - Valentin Paramonov (INR): The Method for the Fields Distribution Description in Periodical Structures.
THB22 - Milorad Popovic (FNAL): Observation of a H- Beam Ion Instability
THC01 - Eliane Lessner (ANL): Wakefield Effects in the Advanced Photon Source Linac
THC02 - Toshiyuki Shizuma (JAERI): The JAERI superconducting linac based FEL
THC03 - David Douglas (TJNAF): Driver Accelerator Design for the 10 kW Upgrade of the Jefferson Lab IR FEL
THC04 - Lia Merminga (TJNAF): Specifying HOM- Power Extraction Efficiency in High-Average Current, Short-Bunch Length SRF Environment
THC05 - Michael Borland (ANL): A Highly Flexible Bunch Compressor for the APS LEUTL FEL
THC06 - Milorad Popovic (FNAL): 2 GeV Superconducting Muon Linac
THC07 - Jean-Luc Rullier (CEA): The FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator Studies at CESTA
THC08 - Jean-Luc Rullier (CEA): Recent Results from the FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator Project at CESTA
THC09 - Jean-Luc Rullier (CEA): Analysis of Longitudinal Bunching in an FEL Driven Two-Beam Accelerator
THC10 - Terry Smith (ANL): RF System Upgrades to the Advanced Photon Source Linear Accelerator in Support of the FEL Operation
THC11 - Ron Akre (SLAC): SLAC Linac RF Performance for LCLS
THC13 - Johnny S.T. Ng (SLAC): Results on Plasma Focusing of High Energy Density Electron and Positron Beams
THC14 - Stanislav Vinogradov (MRTI): Collective Acceleration of Ions by Means of Plasmoids in RF Wells of Frequency-Modulated Laser Field
THC16 - Wim Mondelaers (Department of Subatomic Radiation Physics, Ghent University): A 15-MeV Linear Electron Accelerator-Based Source of Tunable Monochromatic Hard X-Rays
THC17 - Alessandra Lombardi (CERN): Phase Rotation, Cooling and Acceleration of Muon Beams: A Comparison of Different Approaches
THC18 - Al Moretti (FNLA): RF Cavities for the Muon and Neutrino Factory Collaboration Study
THC19 - G. Travish (ANL): High-Brightness Beams from a Light Source Injector: The Advanced Photon Source Low-Energy Undulator Test Line LINAC
THD03 - Michel Painchault (CEA): Main Steps for the Fabrication of IPHI RFQ
THD04 - Steve Virostek (LBNL): Analysis of Thermally Induced Frequency Shift for the Spallation Neutron Source RFQ
THD05 - Alessandro Ratti (LBNL): Fabrication and Testing of the First Module of the SNS RFQ
THD06 - Jozef Kuzminski (General Atomics): Industrial Fabrication of Medium-Beta SCRF Cavities for a High-Intensity Proton Linac
THD07 - Dale Schrage (LANL): Structural Analysis of Superconducting Accelerator Cavities
THD08 - K.W. Shepard (ANL): Superconducting Accelerating Structures for a Multibeam Driver LINAC for RIA
THD09 - Sang-ho Kim (ORNL): Efficient Design Scheme of Superconducting Cavity
THD10 - Ralf Eichhorn (GSI): Superconducting H-mode Structures for Medium Energy Beams
THD11 - Alberto Facco (INFN): A Superconductive, Low Beta Single Gap Cavity for a High Intensity Proton Linac
THD12 - Sergey Kurennoy (LANL): Meander-Line Current Structure Development for SNS Fast Chopper
THD13 - Donald A. Swenson (Linac Systems): Status of the RFD LINAC Structure Development
THD14 - Kai Uwe Kuhnel (IAP, Frankfurt): Development of Rebunching Cavities at IAP
THD15 - Amiya Mitra (TRIUMF): Design of 11.8 MHz Buncher for ISAC at TRIUMF
THD16 - K. C. Dominic Chan (LANL): High-Power Testing of the APT Power Coupler
THD17 - K. C. Dominic Chan (LANL): Status of Superconducting RF Linac Development for APT
THD18 - George Spalek (General Atomics): Studies of Coupled Cavity Linac (CCL) Accelerating Structures with 3-D Codes
THD19 - George Spalek (General Atomics): Bridge Coupler for APT
THD20 - Robert Valdiviez (LANL): The Use of Dispersion-Strengthened Copper in Accelerator Designs
THD21 - Andrea Pisent (INFN- Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro): Applications of Superconducting RFQ linear accelerators
THD22 - Alwin Schempp (IAP, Frankfurt): The IH-7-Gap resonators of the Munich Accelerator for Fission Fragments (MAFF) LINAC
THE01 - Michael Lynch (LANL): The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Linac RF System
THE02 - Shigeki Fukuda (KEK): The RF source of the 60-MeV Linac for the KEK/JAERI Joint Project
THE03 - Zhigao Fang (KEK): Simulation of Returning Electrons from a Klystron Collector
THE04 - Karen Cummings (LANL): Lifetime Testing 700 MHz RF Windows for the Accelerator Production of Tritium Program
THE05 - Gerald Hutter (GSI): The RF-System of the new GSI High Current Linac HSI
THE06 - William Roybal (LANL): High-power Circulator Test Results at 350 MHz and 700 MHz
THE07 - Arthur Grelick (ANL): Testing and Implementation Progress on the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator (Linac) High-Power S-band Switching System
THE08 - Thomas Schultheiss (Advanced Energy Systems): RF, Thermal, and Structural Analysis of a High-Power CW RF Window
THE09 - Michael Cole (Advanced Energy Systems): Development of High Power CW RF Windows
THE10 - Pascal Balleyguier (CEA): 3D Design of the IPHI RFQ Cavity
THE11 - William Reass (LANL): Progress on the 140-kV 10-Megawatt Peak, 1-Megawatt Average Polyphase Quasiresonant Bridge, Boost Converter/Modulator for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Klystron Power System
THE12 - Daniel Rees (LANL): Collector Failures on 350-MHz, 1.2-MW CW Klystrons at the Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA)
THE13 - Stefan Setzer (Darmstadt University of Technology): A Chopped Electron Beam Driver for H- Type Cavities
THE15 - Elliott McCrory (FNAL): Continued Monitoring of the Conditioning of the Fermilab LINAC 805- MHz Cavities
THE17 - Yoon Kang (ANL): A Compact Waveguide-Type Cavity Input Coupler for Shielding a Ceramic Window and Balanced Aperture Fields
THE18 - Yoon Kang (ANL): Investigation of Twisted Waveguides as Slow Wave Structures
THE19 - Yoon Kang (ANL): Fast RF Ferrite Phase Shifter for High-Power Applications
THE20 - Hiroshi Ino (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.): Advanced Copper Lining for Accelerator Components
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Friday, 25 August 2000

Invited Talks
FR101 - Peter Ostroumov (ANL): Multiple-Charge Beam Dynamics in an Ion Linac
FR102 - Roger Poirier (TRIUMF): CW Performance of the TRIUMF 8 Meter Long RFQ for Exotic Ions
FR103 - Jean-Michel Lagniel (CEA): Linac Architecture for High Power Proton Sources
FR201 - Winfried Barth (GSI): Commissioning of the 1.4 MeV/u High Current Heavy Ion Linac at GSI
FR202 - Waclaw Gudowski (Technical University Sweden): Why Accelerator-Driven Transmutation of Wastes Enables Future Nuclear Power?
FR203 - Thomas Mason (ONL): The Spallation Neutron Source: A Powerful Tool for Materials Research
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