Single-Particle Beam Dynamics

Title Page
Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Experiments at the IUCF Cooler Ring 6
  • S.Y. Lee (Indiana University)
The Preservation of Low Emittance Flat Beams 11
  • T.O. Raubenheimer (SLAC)
Long-Term Stability Studies for CERN-LHC 16
  • W. Scandale (CERN)
Emittance Growth in a Low Energy Proton Beam 21
  • J.A. Palkovic (SSCL)
Proton Extraction from the CERN-SPS by a Bent Crystal 26
  • S Weisz (CERN)
Longitudinal Tracking with Phase and Amplitude Modulated RF 29
  • D.D. Caussyn, M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Budnick, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, G. East, M. Ellison, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, H. Huang, W. P. Jones, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, S. Nagaitsev, X. Pei, T. Sloan, Y. Wang (IUCF), K.Y. Ng (FNAL), M.G. Minty (SLAC), A. W. Chao, S. Dutt, M. Syphers, Y.T. Yan, P. L. Zhang (SSCL)
Measurement of Spin Motions in a Storage Ring Outside the Stable Polarization Direction 32
  • N. Akchurin, A. Bravar, J. McPherson, F. Olchowski, Y. Onel (University of Iowa), R. Rossmanith (CEBAF), A. Pisent (INFN Legnaro), M. Pusterla (INFN Padova), A. Penzo (INFN Trieste), T. Rinckel (Indiana University), L. Badano, M. Conte (U. Genova), H. Kreiser (U. Hamburg), J. Hall (University of New Mexico)
A Clean Way to Measure Nonlinear Momentum Compaction Factor 1 35
  • J. P. Shan, I. Kourbanis, D. McGinnis, K.Y. Ng, S. Peggs (FNAL)
Long-Term Tracking with Symplectic Implicit One-Turn Maps 38
  • Y.T. Yan, M. Li, M. Syphers (SSCL), P.J. Channell (LANL)
Injection Method Using the Third Order Resonance at TARN II 41
  • Y. Arakaki, K. Chida, T. Katayama, M. Tomizawa, S. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, M. Yoshizawa (INS Tokyo), A. Noda (Kyoto U.)
Effects of Tidal Force on the Beam Energy in LEP 44
  • L. Arnaudon, F. Bordry, W. Coosemans, B. Dehning, K. Henrichsen, A. Hofmann, R. Jacobsen, J.-P. Koutchouk, L. Lawson-Chroco, M. Mayoud, J. Miles, R. Olsen, M. Placidi, G. Ramseier, R. Schmidt, J. Wenninger (CERN), A. Blondel (Ecole Polytechnique Paris), R. Olivier (Lausanne U.), R. Assmann (MPI Munich), G. E. Fischer, C. Pan (SLAC)
The Appearance of Beam Lines 47
  • D.C. Carey (FNAL)
Multipole Channel Parameters for Equalization of Beam Intensity Distribution 50
  • Y.K. Batygin (MEPI)
Single Beam Effects Due to Errors in Crab Compensation 53
  • D. Sagan (Cornell University)
Lattice Design of the LANL Spallation-Source Compressor 56
  • B. Blind, A.J. Jason, F. Neri (LANL)
Optics Simulations of the 5 MeV NPBSE FOX Telescope 59
  • M. F. Reusch, D.L. Bruhwiler (Grumman Corporation)
Longitudinal Kinetic Energy Spread from Focusing in Charged Particle Beams 62
  • N. Brown, D. Kehne, M. Reiser, D.X. Wang, J.G. Wang (University of Maryland)
Numerical and Experimental Studies of Halo Formation Due to Mismatch in a Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beam 65
  • D. Kehne, M. Reiser, H. Rudd (University of Maryland)
Suppression of the Main LEP Coupling Source 68
  • J. Billan, J.-P. Gourber, J.-P. Koutchouk, V. Remondino (CERN)
Applications of Matrix Optics to Acceptance Studies in Low-Beta Ion Linacs 71
  • K. Joh, J.A. Nolen (ANL)
Analytical Evaluation of the Second Order Momentum Compaction Factor and Comparison with MAD Results 74
  • J. P. Shan, S. A. Bogacz, S. Peggs (FNAL)
Chromaticity Compensation Scheme for the Main Injector 77
  • S. A. Bogacz (FNAL)
Accelerator Physics Analysis with Interactive Tools 80
  • J. A. Holt, L. Michelotti (FNAL)
The 50 MeV Beam Test Facility at LBL 83
  • W. Leemans, G. Behrsing, S. Chattopadhyay, K.-J. Kim, J. Krupnick, C. Matuk, F. Selph (LBNL)
Knowledge Rule Base for the Beam Optics Program TRACE 3-D 86
  • G. H. Gillespie, B. W. Hill, P. K. Van Straagen (G. H. Gillespie Associates)
Beam Dynamics Studies of Four-Gap Low -Beta Superconducting Resonators 89
  • J.A. Nolen, K. Joh (ANL)
Third-Order Corrections to the SLC Final Focus 92
  • N. J. Walker, R. Helm, J. Irwin, M. Woodley (SLAC)
Global Tuning Knobs for the SLC Final Focus 95
  • N. J. Walker, J. Irwin, M. Woodley (SLAC)
Sigma Matrix Reconstruction in the SLC Final Focus 98
  • P. Raimondi, P. Emma, N. Toge, N. J. Walker, V. Ziemann (SLAC)
Beam Based Alignment of the SLC Final Focus Superconducting Final Triplets 100
  • P. Raimondi, P. Emma, N. Toge, N. J. Walker, V. Ziemann (SLAC)
A Design of Quasi-Isochronous Storage Ring 102
  • S.Y. Lee (Indiana University), D. Trbojevic (BNL), K.Y. Ng (FNAL)
Optimization Method for Orbit Correction in Accelerators 105
  • E. Bozoki, A. Friedman (NSLS-BNL)
A Fast Model-Calibration for Storage Rings 108
  • W.J. Corbett, M. J. Lee, V. Ziemann (SLAC)
Dynamic Accelerator Modeling 111
  • H. Nishimura (LBNL)
Procedure for Determining Quadrupole and BPM Offsett Values in Storage Rings 114
  • W.J. Corbett, V. Ziemann (SLAC)
Beam Based Alignment of the SLC Final Focus Sextupoles 116
  • P. Emma, J. Irwin, N. Phinney, P. Raimondi, N. Toge, N. J. Walker, V. Ziemann (SLAC)
Analysis of Higher Order Optical Abberations in the SLC Final Focus Using Lie Algebra Techniques 119
  • N. J. Walker, J. Irwin, M. Woodley (SLAC)
Simulation Support for Commissioning and Operating the SSC Linac 122
  • F. W. Guy, C. R. Chang, J. W. Hurd, D. Raparia, C.Y. Yao (SSCL)
The Provision of IP Crossing Angles for the SSC 125
  • Y. Nosochkov (SSCL), D. M. Ritson (SLAC)
Interactived Simulation of LEB Commissioning Procedure on a Hypercube Parallel Computer 128
  • G. Bourianoff, M. Botlo, B. Cole, S. Hunt, N. Malitsky, A. Romero (SSCL)
Localized Chromaticity Correction of Low-Beta Insertions in Storage Rings 131
  • M. Donald, R. Helm, J. Irwin, H. Moshammer, M. Sullivan (SLAC), E. Forest, D. Robin, A. Zholents (LBNL)
Amplitude Function Mismatch 134
  • M. Syphers, T. Sen (SSCL), D. A. Edwards (DESY)
SSC Collider Arc Lattice 137
  • M. Syphers, E. D. Courant, A. A. Garren, S.K. Kauffmann, T. Sen (SSCL)
Second Order Chromaticity of the Interaction Regions in the Collider 140
  • T. Sen, M. Syphers (SSCL)
Chromaticity Correction for the SSC Collider Rings 143
  • T. Sen, Y. Nosochkov, F. Pilat, R. Stiening (SSCL), D. M. Ritson (SLAC)
Effect of Power Supply Ripple on Emittance Growth in the Collider 146
  • T. Sen, M. Syphers (SSCL)
The QBA Optics for the 3.2 GeV Synchrotron Light Source ROSY II 149
  • D. Einfeld (Res. Ctr. Rossendorf), M. Plesko (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Dynamic Aperture of the 2.5 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source LISA 152
  • D. Einfeld (Fachhochschule Ostfriesland), M. Plesko (Sincrotrone Trieste), D. Husmann (University of Bonn)
Four-Cell Third Order Achromats and their Application to Multi-Pass Time-of-Flight Spectrometers 155
  • W. Wan, M. Berz (MSU-NSCL)
An Automatic Finder of Field Defects in a Large A.G. Machine 158
  • A. Verdier, J. Chappelier (CERN)
Automatic and Expert Systems for Orbit Analysis 161
  • A. Verdier, J. Chappelier (CERN)
Symplectic Scaling, a DA Based Tool 164
  • M. Berz, G.H. Hoffstätter (MSU-NSCL)
New Features in DIMAD 167
  • R. V. Servranckx (TRIUMF)
A First Order Matched Transition Jump at RHIC 168
  • S. Peggs, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojevic (BNL)
Comparison of Aperture Determinations on RHIC for Single Particles Tracked 106 Turns and 100 Particles, Having Randomly Generated Initial Coordinates, Tracked for 1000 Turns 171
  • G. F. Dell (BNL)
Status of the Variable Momentum Compaction Storage Ring Experiment in SPEAR 173
  • P. Tran, A. Amiry, C. Pellegrini (University of California, Los Angeles), A. Hofmann (CERN), D. Robin (LBNL), J. Corbett, M. Cornacchia, M. Lee, H.-D. Nuhn, H. Winick, D. Wu (SLAC)
SSC High Energy Booster Resonance Corrector and Dynamic Tune Scanning Simulation 176
  • P. L. Zhang, S. Machida (SSCL)
Transport Properties of the CEBAF Cavity 179
  • Z. Li (College of William & Mary/CEBAF), J. J. Bisognano, B.C. Yunn (CEBAF)
Global Coupling and Decoupling of the APS Storage Ring 182
  • Y.-C. Chae, J. Liu, L.C. Teng (ANL)
Conventional Collimation and Linac Protection 185
  • J. Irwin, R. Helm, W.R. Nelson, D. Walz (SLAC)
Measurement of Beta-Function and Phase Using the Response Matrix 188
  • Y. Chung, G. Decker, K. Evans Jr. (ANL)
MATCH 1.0: The Program for Analytical Matching of Insertion 191
  • I.P. Yudin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)
The Application Package DeCA for Calculating Cyclic Accelerators 194
  • P. I. Gladkikh, M. A. Strelkov, A.Yu. Zelinsky (Kharkov Institute)
Echo Effect in Accelerators 197
  • G. V. Stupakov, S.K. Kauffmann (SSCL)
Tune Shift Effect Due to the Sextupole Longitudinal Periodic Structure in the Superconducting Dipole Magnets 200
  • G. López, S. Chen (SSCL)
Decoupling Schemes for the SSC Collider 203
  • Y. Cai, G. Bourianoff, B. Cole, R. Meinke, J. Peterson, F. Pilat, S. Stampke, M. Syphers, R. Talman (SSCL)
Matrix Nonlinear Beam Dynamics in Curvilinear Space-Time 206
  • A. Dymnikov (University of St. Petersburg), R. Hellborg (University of Lund)
A Numerical Check of the Thermal Wave-Model for Particle-Beam Dynamics 209
  • R. Fedele, G. Miele (University of Napoli), F. Galluccio (INFN Napoli)
Longitudnial Dynamics for Electrons in the Thermal Wave Model for Charged Particle Beams 212
  • R. Fedele, G. Miele (University of Napoli), L. Palumbo (University of Roma)
Experimental Measurement of Dynamic Aperture at the Photon Factory Storage Ring 215
  • Y. Kobayashi, T. Mitsuhashi, A. Ueda (KEK), T. Yamakawa (Tohoku U.)
Lattice and Dynamic Aperture of the Duke FEL Storage Ring 218
  • Y. Wu, V.N. Litvinenko, J.M.J. Madey (Duke U.)
Synchrobetatron Coupling Effects in Alternating Phase Focusing 221
  • W. Cheng, R.L. Gluckstern, H. Okamoto (University of Maryland)
Experimental Determination of a Betatron Difference Resonance 224
  • M. Ellison, M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Budnick, D.D. Caussyn, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, G. East, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, H. Huang, W. P. Jones, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, S. Nagaitsev, T. Sloan, Y. Wang (IUCF), L. Teng (ANL), X. Pei (BNL), K.Y. Ng (FNAL), M. Minty (SLAC), A. W. Chao, S. Dutt, M. Syphers, Y.T. Yan, P. L. Zhang (SSCL)
Experimental Results of the Betatron Sum Resonance 227
  • Y. Wang, M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Budnick, D.D. Caussyn, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, G. East, M. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, H. Huang, W. P. Jones, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, S. Nagaitsev, T. Sloan (IUCF), L. Teng (ANL), X. Pei (BNL), K.Y. Ng (FNAL), M. Minty (SLAC), A. W. Chao, S. Dutt, M. Syphers, Y.T. Yan, P. L. Zhang (SSCL)
Chromaticity Compensation and Dynamic Aperature Limitation of SIBERIA-2 230
  • V. Korchuganov, E. Levichev, V. Sajaev (BINP)
RF Voltage Modulation at Discrete Frequencies, for Application to Proton Extraction Using Crysal Channeling 233
  • W. E. Gabella, J. Rosenzweig (University of California, Los Angeles), S. Peggs (BNL), R. Kick (IMSA)
Modification of the Short Straight Sections of the High Energy Booster of the SSC 236
  • M. Li, D. Johnson, P. Kocur, R. Schailey, R. Servranckx, R. Talman, Y. Yan, V. Yarba, R. York (SSCL)
Dynamic Aperture of the Chromatically Corrected Collider Lattice 239
  • F. Pilat, Y. Nosochkov, T. Sen, R. Stiening (SSCL)
An Optimized Formulation for Deprit-Type Lie Transformations of Taylor Maps for Symplectic Systems 242
  • J. Shi (University of Houston), Y.T. Yan (SSCL)
Symmetric Integrable-Polynomial Factorization for Symplectic One-Turn-Map Tracking 243
  • J. Shi (University of Houston), Y.T. Yan (SSCL)
Recent Results from the Dynamic Aperture Experiment at the SPS 246
  • W. Fischer, J. Gareyte, M. Giovannozzi, T. Risselada, W. Scandale, F. Schmidt (CERN)
Higher Order Tune Derivitives Due to Low- Insertions 249
  • A. Verdier (CERN)
A Quasi-Isochronous Operation Mode for the LNLS UVX Storage Ring 252
  • L. Lin (Unicamp/LNLS Brazil), C.E.T. Gonçalves da Silva (LNLS Brazil)
Tracking Studies and Machine Performance Simulation of the SSC Low Energy Booster 255
  • X. Wu, J. F. Knox-Seith, S. Machida, R. Servranckx, U. Wienands, R. York (SSCL)
Magnetic Correction of RHIC Triplets 258
  • J. Wei, R. Gupta, S. Peggs (BNL)
Beam-Beam Modulational Diffusion in 2 1/2 Dimensions 261
  • T. Satogata, S. Peggs (BNL)
Preparation of an Experiment to Investigate Nonlinear Beam Dynamics at the Storage Ring DELTA 264
  • M. Schürmann (University of Dortmund)
Statistics of the Half-Integer Stopband 267
  • S. Dutt, F. Chautard, R. Gerig, S. Kauffmann (SSCL)
Stochastic Dynamics for Accelerators 270
  • A. Pauluhn (DESY)
Diffusion Phenomena in Simple Hamiltonian Systems: Some Analytical and Numerical Results 273
  • A. Bazzani, S. Rambaldi, G. Turchetti (University of Bologna), M. Giovannozzi (CERN)
Particle Acceleration in Extremely Strong Electromagnetic Wave Fields 276
  • K. O. Thielheim (University of Kiel)
Laser Powered Beam Conditioner for Free Electron Lasers and Synchrotrons 279
  • H. Liu, G. Neil (CEBAF)
Tracking Studies of Insertion Device Effects on Dynamic Aperture in the APS Storage Ring 282
  • Y. Chae (University of Houston), E. A. Crosbie (ANL)
Particle Diffusion from Resonance Islands in Aladdin at SRC 285
  • J. Liu, M. Borland, J. Bridges, D. Ciarlette, E. Crosbie, R. Kustom, F. Mills, L. Teng, D. Voss (ANL), W. Trzeciak (Synchrotron Radiation Center, Univeristy of Wisconsin), K. Symon (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Alternating-Phase Focusing with Amplitude Modulation 288
  • L. Sagalovsky, J.R. Delayen (ANL)
Full-Turn Symplectic Map from a Generator in a Fourier-Spline Basis 291
  • J.S. Berg, R.D. Ruth, R. L. Warnock (SLAC), E. Forest (LBNL)
Syncrobetatron Resonances Due to Crab Cavities 294
  • S. Kurokawa, D. Pestrikov (KEK)
Third-Order Bending Magnet Optics for Cartesian Coordinates 297
  • V.V. Andreev, I.P. Yudin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)
Effects of Plane Undulator (Wiggler) Fields on Beam Dynamics at Large Orbit Distortion 300
  • S. Efimov, E. Bulyak (Kharkov Institute)
Bunching Property of High Current Injector with Subharmonic Prebuncher in Linac 303
  • Z. Zhang, Y. Chen (CIAE China)
Beam Transport Line of CIAE Medical Cyclotron and Its Magnetic Elements Design Studies 306
  • T. Zhang, C. Chu, M. Fan (CIAE China)
Resonant Beam Extraction with Constant Separatrix 309
  • K. Hiramoto, J. Hirota, M. Nishi, M. Tadokoro (Hitachi Ltd.)
The On-Line Control Software for BEPC Beam Transport Lines 312
  • X. Zhang, K. Wei, C. Zhang (IHEP Beijing)
About Extraction of 70-GeV Protons by a Bent Crystal from the IHEP Accelerator to the Proza Setup 315
  • A.A. Asseev, Yu.S. Fedotov, E. A. Ludmirsky, V. A. Maisheev, S. B. Nurushev, A. N. Vasil'ev (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
Increase a Bent Crystal Extraction Efficiency by Means of Thin Internal Target 318
  • A.A. Asseev, Yu.S. Fedotov, E. A. Myae, S. V. Sokolov (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
Influence of Thin Internal Target on the Bent Crystal Extraction Efficiency 320
  • A.A. Asseev, S. V. Sokolov (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
Extraction of 50 GeV Protons from IHEP Accelerator by Bent Crystal 322
  • A.A. Asseev, V. A. Maisheev, E. A. Myae (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
On Using the Thin Target at Extraction of Protons from the Accelerators by Bent Crystal 324
  • A.A. Asseev (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
A Digital Computer Program for the Simulation of Positive or Negative Particle Beam on a PC 327
  • J.E. Boers (Thunderbird Simulations)
Antiproton Extraction in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator 330
  • M. Church, S. O'Day (FNAL)
Beam Optics of LEB-MEB Transfer Line for Superconducting Super Collider 333
  • N. Mao, K. L. Brown, R.E. Gerig, J. A. McGill (SSCL)
Acceleration and Bunching by a Gap 336
  • S. Kulinski (INFN-LNF)
The New Slow Extraction System of the CERN PS 339
  • Ch. Steinbach, H. Stucki, M. Thivent (CERN)
Simulation of Slow Extraction in the Main Injector 342
  • C.S. Mishra, F. A. Harfoush, J. Johnstone (FNAL)
Stability of Beam in the Fermilab Main Injector 345
  • C.S. Mishra, F. A. Harfoush (FNAL)
Correction Schemes to Improve the Dynamical Aperture of the Main Injector 348
  • C.S. Mishra, F. A. Harfoush (FNAL)
Defining the Systematic and Random Multipole Errors for Main Injector Tracking 351
  • F. A. Harfoush, B.C. Brown, H.D. Glass, C.S. Mishra, S. Peggs (FNAL)
Experience with the New Reverse Injection Scheme in the Tevatron 354
  • S. Saritepe, G. Annala, A. Braun, G. Goderre, B. Hanna (FNAL)
Injection and Extraction - Performance at the SIS/ESR - Facility 357
  • H. Eickhoff, K. Blasche, U. Blell, B. Franzke, J. Pinkow (GSI Darmstadt)
The AGS-Booster Complex for the g-2 Experiment and RHIC Injection 360
  • M. Tanaka, Y.Y. Lee (BNL)
First-Turn Losses in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring (PSR) 363
  • R. Hutson, R. Macek (LANL)
Stripper-Foil Scan Studies of the First-Turn Beam Loss Mechanism in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring (PSR) 366
  • R. Hutson, D. Fitzgerald, S. Frankle, R. Macek, M. Plum, C. Wilkinson (LANL)
Measurement of H0 Excited States Produced by Foil Stripping of 800-MeV H- Ions 369
  • J. Donahue, D. Clark, S. Cohen, D. Fitzgerald, S. Frankle, R. Hutson, R. Macek, E. Mackerrow, C. Wilkinson, O. van Dyck (LANL), H. Bryant, M. Gulley, M. Halka, P. Keating, W. Miller (University of New Mexico)
Reducing Phase-Dependent Emittance Growth with Local Flattopping 372
  • R.E. Laxdal, T. Kuo, G.H. Mackenzie, L. Root (TRIUMF), A. Papash (Institute of Nuclear Research Kiev)
An Ion-Source Model for First-Order Beam Dynamic Codes 375
  • C. L. Fink, B. P. Curry (ANL)
Lattice Design and Injection Issues for the 2 TeV SSCL High Energy Booster to Collider Injection Lines 378
  • F. Wang, D. Johnson, J. McGill, R. Schailey (SSCL), K. L. Brown (SLAC)
Detailed Studies on the Beam Transfer Line from Linac to Low Energy Booster Synchrotron for the SSC 381
  • R. Bhandari, J. McGill, S. Penner, F. Wang (SSCL)
200 GeV Beam Transfer Lines at the SSC 384
  • F. G. Mariam, J. McGill (SSCL), K. Brown (SLAC)
Effect of Betatron Motion on the Septum Flux in Superslow Extraction at the SSC 387
  • B. S. Newberger (University of Texas Austin), H.-J. Shih (SSCL), J. A. Ellison (University of New Mexico)
Study of Energy Ramping Process Applied to the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source (Brazil) 390
  • L. Jahnel (Unicamp/LNLS Brazil), C.E.T. Gonçalves da Silva (LNLS Brazil)
Extraction System Design for the SSC Low Energy Booster 393
  • X. Wu, T. Hunter, S. Sheynin, U. Wienands, R. York (SSCL)
Tests and Analysis for SLC Damping Ring Data 396
  • J.E. Spencer (SLAC)
Results from Beam Diffusion and Collimation Measurements in Preparation for Fermilab Tevatron Crystal Extraction 399
  • E.S. Lessner, Y. Cho (ANL)
RF Capture Studies for Injection into a Synchrotron 402
  • G. Jackson (FNAL)
Operational Experience from Third Harmonic RF Cavity for Improved Beam Acceleration Through Transition in the Fermilab Main Ring 405
  • C.M. Bhat, J. Dey, J. Griffin, I. Kourbanis, J. MacLachlan, M. Martens, K. Meisner, K.Y. Ng, J. Shan, D. Wildman (FNAL)
New Method for Control of Longitudinal Emittance During Transition in Proton Synchrotrons 408
  • J.E. Griffin (FNAL)
Remarks on the Differential Luminosity in the Weak Disruption and the Transition Region 411
  • H. Heydari (TU Berlin)
Flat Beam Line Studies in the SLC Linac 414
  • C. Adolphsen, F.-J. Decker, J.T. Seeman (SLAC)
Method to Evaluate Steering and Alignment Algorithms for Controlling Emittance Growth 417
  • C. Adolphsen, T. Raubenheimer (SLAC)
Experimental Simulation of Ground Motion Effects 420
  • M. Syphers, A. W. Chao, S. Dutt, Y.T. Yan, P. L. Zhang (SSCL), L. Teng (ANL), S. Tepikian (BNL), W. Gabella, K.Y. Ng (FNAL), M. Ball, B. Brabson, J. Budnick, D.D. Caussyn, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, G. East, M. Ellison, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, H. Huang, W. P. Jones, S.Y. Lee, D. Li, S. Nagaitsev, X. Pei, G. Rondeau, T. Sloan, Y. Wang (IUCF), M.G. Minty (SLAC)
Bunch Coalescing Studies for the SSC 423
  • N. Mahale, J. Ellison, Y.T. Yan (SSCL)
Compensation of RF-Induced Energy Spread in the CEBAF Injector Chopping System 426
  • M. G. Tiefenback, G. A. Krafft (CEBAF)
The North Arc of the SLC as a Spin Rotator 429
  • T. Limberg, P. Emma (SLAC), R. Rossmanith (CEBAF)
The Evolution of Tensor Polarization 432
  • H. Huang, S.Y. Lee (IUCF), L. Ratner (BNL)
Even Order Snake Resonances 435
  • S.Y. Lee (Indiana University)
Wiggler as Spin Rotators for RHC 438
  • A. Luccio (BNL), M. Conte (U. Genova)
Taylor Map and Calculation of Equilibrium Polarization Direction for Proton Storge Rings 441
  • V. Balandin, N. Golubeva (INR Moscow)
Investigation of Spin Resonance Crossing in Proton Circular Accelerators 444
  • V. Balandin, N. Golubeva (INR Moscow)
Electron Beam Depolarization in a Damping Ring 447
  • M. Minty (SLAC)
SPINLIE: New Computer Code for Polarization Calculation 450
  • Yu. Eidelman, V. Yakimenko (BINP)
IHEP Polarized Proton Beam 454
  • V. N. Zapolsky, Yu.A. Chesnokov, A.S. Dyshkant, N. A. Galyaev, V.I. Kotov, V. I. Kryshkin, R. A. Rzaev, R. M. Sulyaev, S. V. Tsarik, V.G. Zarucheisky (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino)
Measurement of Longitudinal Beam Polarization by Synchrotron Radiation 457
  • I. P. Karabekov, R. Rossmanith (CEBAF)
The Status of Polarization Studies at HERA 460
  • M. Böge (DESY)
Computer Assisted Accelerator Tuning 463
  • J. K. Boyd (LLNL)
Pulse-to-Pulse Simulation of Orbit Feedback for JLC Final Focus System 466
  • N. Yamamoto, K. Hirata, K. Oide (KEK)
Multi-Dimensional Beam Emittance and -Functions 469
  • J. Buon (LAL Orsay)
Observation of the Coalescing of Beam into an Asymmetric RF Bucket by Stochastic Cooling 472
  • A. M. Halling, X. P. Lu (FNAL)
Effects of Transverse Coupling on Transverse Beam Size, Simulation and Measurments 474
  • A. M. Halling (FNAL)
One of Methods to Extract Truncated Taylor Map for Orbital and Spin Motion in Proton Storage Rings 477
  • V. Balandin (INR Moscow)
Skew Quadrupole Effects in the IBM Compact Synchrotron 480
  • C. N. Archie (IBM Semiconductor R&D Ctr.)
A Simulation Study of Linear Coupling Effects and Their Correction in RHIC 483
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Eigenfunctions of the Transfer Matrix in the Presence of Linear Coupling 486
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Emmittance and Beam Size Distortion Due to Linear Coupling 489
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Use of Regularization Method in the Determining of Ring Parameters and Orbit Correction 492
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