Beam Dynamics II (poster session)

Title Page
Geometrical (Lienard-Wichert) Approach in Accelerator Physics 198
  • S.G. Arutunian, M.R. Mailian
Simulation of a Storage Ring Free Electron Laser with a Mapping Algorithm for Distribution Functions 201
  • V. Ziemann
Particle Orbit Tracking on a Parallel Computer: Hypertrack 204
  • B. Cole, G. Bourianoff, F. Pilat, R. Talman
Lattice Parameters Database and Operational Simulation at FNAL and SSCL 207
  • E. Barr, L. Michelotti, S. Peggs, A. Russell, S. Saritepe, C.G. Trahern, J. Zhou
Effects of Errors on the Dynamic Aperture of the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring 210
  • H. Bizek, E. Crosbie, E. Lessner, L. Teng, J. Wirsbinski
Parasitic Crossing at an Asymmetric B Factory, Apiary 213
  • Y.H. Chin
Effect of RF Phase Noise on the SSC Beam 216
  • J.A. Ellison, B.S. Newberger, H.-J. Shih
Optimizing a Nonlinear Collimation System for Future Linear Colliders 219
  • N. Merminga, R. Helm, J. Irwin, R.D. Ruth
Simulation of High Energy Beam Focusing by a Plasma 222
  • S. Rajagopalan, P. Chen
Separation Criterion and Scaling Law for Long-Range Beam-Beam Interactions in the Tevatron 225
  • S. Saritepe
Observation and Analysis of Time-Dependent Closed Orbit Motion in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring 228
  • R. Hutson, D. Fitzgerald, R. Macek
Quantum Variances for Transverse SSC Injection Dynamics 231
  • T. Garavaglia
Relativistic Acceleration and Retardation Effects on Photoemission of Intense Electron Short Pulses, in RF-FEL Photoinjectors 233
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Transverse Emittance of an Intense Electron Short Pulse Just Emitted by the Cathode of a RF-FEL Photoinjector: Influence of Electrodynamic Effects 236
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Observation of Plasma Wakefield Effects during High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam Transport 239
  • J.D. Miller, J. Goldhar, G. Joyce, K.T. Nguyen, R.F. Schneider, H.S. Uhm, D.J. Weidman
Beam Dynamics in the Spiral Line Induction Accelerator 242
  • S. Slinker, G. Joyce, J. Krall, M. Lampe
Upgrade of the PHERMEX Accelerator 245
  • T.P. Hughes, R.L. Carlson, D.C. Moir
Experimental Studies of Emittance Growth Due to Initial Mismatch of a Space Charge Dominated Beam in a Solenoidal Focusing Channel 248
  • D. Kehne, M. Reiser, H. Rudd
Simulation Studies of Emittance Growth in RMS Mismatched Beams 251
  • A. Cucchetti, M. Reiser, T. Wangler
The Incoherent Beam-Beam Effect in Linear-on-Ring Colliders 254
  • C.D. Johnson
Nonlinear Dynamics of Electrons in Alternating-Sign Toroidal Magnetic Field 257
  • Y.L. Martirosian, M.L. Petrosian
Transport and Error Sensitivity in a Heavy-Ion Recirculator 260
  • W.M. Sharp, J.J. Barnard, S.S. Yu
3d and r, z Particle Simulation of Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion: The WARP Code 263
  • A. Friedman, D.A. Callahan, D.P. Grote, I. Haber, A.B. Langdon
Canonical Particle Tracking in Undulator Fields 266
  • G. Wüstefeld, J. Bahrdt
The Spin Motion Calculation Using Lie Method in Collider Nonlinear Magnetic Field 269
  • Y. Eidelman, V. Yakimenko
ASAP - A Symbolic Algebra Package for Accelerator Design 272
  • E. Bozoki, I. Ben-Zvi, A. Friedman
Digital Computer Simulation of Three-Dimensional Ion Beam Extraction and Transport Systems 275
  • J.E. Boers
Digital Computer Simulation of Axisymmetric Electron Beams and Guns of Any Energy 278
  • J.E. Boers
Using MOTER to Design PILAC 281
  • H.S. Butler, Z. Li, H.A. Thiessen
ELISE, a Code for Intensity Dependent Effects 284
  • M.Q. Barton
Program DIMAD: Vectorization, Links with DA, LIELIB and COSY- 287
  • R.V. Servranckx
Aperture Determination by Long Term and Multiparticle Tracking 288
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
A Different Approach to Beam-Beam Interaction Simulation 291
  • S. Milton
Chromaticity Modelling in the Fermilab Main Ring 294
  • J.E. Goodwin, S.M. Pruss
Turnplot - A Graphical Tool for Analyzing Tracking Data 297
  • V. Paxson, L. Schachinger
RAMPRF: A Program for Synchronous Acceleration 300
  • M.A. Furman
Application of Differential-and-Lie-Algebraic Techniques to the Orbit Dynamics of Cyclotrons 303
  • W.G. Davies, S.R. Douglas, G.E. Lee-Whiting, G.D. Pusch
Recovering Phase Density Distribution from Line Density 306
  • J.M. Kats
DIMAD Based Interactive Simulation of the CEBAF Accelerator 309
  • M.H. Bickley, D.R. Douglas, R.V. Servranckx
A High-Order Moment Simulation Model 312
  • K.T. Tsang, D.P. Chernin, C. Kostas, A. Mondelli, J.J. Petillo
LEBT Modeling with ARGUS 315
  • J.J. Petillo, A. Mondelli
Model Performance of the New Tevatron Collider Lattice 318
  • S. Saritepe, S. Peggs
Conformal FDTD Modeling of 3-D Wake Fields 321
  • T.G. Jurgens, F.A. Harfoush
First Polarization Calculations in MAD 324
  • H. Grote
Improvements in MAD in View of LHC Design 327
  • F.C. Iselin
Space-Charge Calculation for Bunched Beams with 3-D Ellipsoidal Symmetry 330
  • R.W. Garnett, T.P. Wangler
ZLIB: A Numerical Library for Differential Algebra and Lie Algebraic Treatment of Beam Dynamics 333
  • Y.T. Yan
Applications of ZMAP to the SSC 336
  • A.W. Chao, E. Forest, T. Sen, Y.T. Yan
Implementation of One-Turn Maps in SSCTRK Using ZLIB 339
  • S.K. Kauffmann, D.M. Ritson, Y.T. Yan
LIEMAP: A Program for Extracting a One-Turn Single Exponent Lie Generator Map 342
  • T. Sen, J. Irwin, Y.T. Yan
Effect of Tune Modulation on the Dynamic Aperture of the SSC Lattice 345
  • T. Sen, A.W. Chao, Y.T. Yan
Closed Orbit Correction in the SSC 348
  • G. Bourianoff, B. Cole, H. Ferede, F. Pilat
Design Characteristics of the Linac-LEB Transfer Line for the SSC 351
  • R.K. Bhandari, S. Penner, E. Seppi
  • M. Berz
Collimator Simulation for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Using DIMAD 357
  • U. Wienands, F.W. Jones, C.P. Parfitt
Dynamic Aperture and Extraction Studies for the SSC High Energy Booster 360
  • S.K. Dutt, A.W. Chao, D.E. Johnson, T. Sen, Y.T. Yan
Dynamic Aperture and Performance of the SSC Low Energy Booster Lattice 363
  • F. Pilat, G. Bourianoff, B. Cole, R. Talman, R. York
The Extension of the OSCAR2D Code to Compute Azimuthally Dependent Modes of Axially Symmetric Cavities 366
  • P. Fernandes, R. Parodi, G. Sabbi
The HIF Transport Code FOCI 369
  • D.W. Hewett, R.O. Bangerter
Comparison of Binning and Sorting of Magnets in the SSC High Energy Booster 371
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
The Beam Dynamics Study in a Compact Synchrotron 374
  • Y. Huang, S. Ohnuma
Compensation of RF Transients During Injection into the Collector Ring of the TRIUMF KAON Factory 377
  • S.R. Koscielniak, T.-S. Wang
Diffraction Radiation by a Charge Sheet Moving Past a Conducting Wedge 380
  • H. Henke
Space Charge Effects in the SSC Low Energy Booster 383
  • S. Machida, G. Bourianoff, N.K. Mahale, N. Mehta, F. Pilat, R. Talman, R.C. York
Debunching and Capture in the LEB for the SSC 386
  • N.K. Mahale, M.A. Furman
Longitudinal Matching Between the LEB and the MEB for the SSC 389
  • N.K. Mahale, A. Maschke
Constant of Motion and Dynamic Equations for One Dimensional Autonomous System, and Radiation Damping 392
  • G. Lopez
Beam Dynamics of Multi-Tank DTL and CCL Designs 395
  • C.C. Paulson, S.L. Mendelsohn, A.M.M. Todd
Electron Density Enhancement in a Quasi Isochronous Storage Ring 398
  • C. Pellegrini, D. Robin
Simultaneous Acceleration of H+ and H- in RFQ Linacs 401
  • K.R. Crandall
Limiting Density Distribution for Charged Particle Beams in Free Space 404
  • J.S. O'Connell
Phase Space Distribution of Particles Near an Isolated Difference Resonance 407
  • J. Shi, Y. Huang, S. Ohnuma
Transient Beam Loading Reduction During Multi-Batch Coalescing in the Fermilab Main Ring 410
  • D. Wildman
First Turn Around Strategy for RHIC 413
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Properties of the Longitudinal Equilibrium Distribution in a Storage Ring 416
  • V. Ziemann
A Study of Misalignment Effects of the ANL-APS Electron Linac Focusing System 419
  • A. Nassiri, G. Mavrogenes
Hourglass Effects for Asymmetric Colliders 422
  • M.A. Furman
IONSCAN: A Program for Optimizing Charge-State Combinations and Calculating Operating Parameters for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron 425
  • H. Lindqvist
A Study for Lattice Comparison for PLS 2 GeV Storage Ring 428
  • M. Yoon
Simulation of Accelerating Structures with Large Staggered Tuning 431
  • K.A. Thompson, J.W. Wang
Tracking with Space Charge in the Fermilab Booster 434
  • S. Stahl, C. Ankenbrandt
Emittance Measurement in a Magnetic Field 437
  • J.K. Boyd
Collective Effects in Single Bunch Mode at the Photon Factory Storage Ring 440
  • N. Nakamura, K. Haga, M. Izawa, T. Katsura, S. Sakanaka
Error Analyses and Modeling for CEBAF Beam Optical Systems: Beam Line Element Specifications and Alignment Error Tolerances 443
  • D.R. Douglas, J.Y. Tang, R.C. York
The CEBAF Beam Transport System Lattice Design 446
  • B. Bowling, D.R. Douglas, L.H. Harwood, J. Kewisch, D.V. Neuffer, J.Y. Tang, R.C. York
Chromatic Correction in the CEBAF Beam Transport System 449
  • D.R. Douglas
Impedance for a Multi-Cell, Multi-Block Structure 452
  • I. Gjaja, R.L. Gluckstern, R. Li
Theory of Relativistic Electron Beam Bunching By the Wakefield Effects of a Background Plasma 455
  • H.S. Uhm
On the Impedance Due to Synchrotron Radiation 458
  • S. Heifets, A. Michailichenko
Transverse Phase Space in the Presence of Dispersion 461
  • N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Measurements of Synchro-Betatron Coupling by an RF Cavity in CESR 464
  • D. Rice, S. Greenwald, Z. Greenwald, S. Peck
Nearly Equal at CESR 467
  • P. Bagley, M. Billing, S. Krishnagopal, D. Rubin, R. Siemann, J. Welch
Beam-Beam Performance as a Function of at CESR 470
  • L.A. Schick, D.L. Rubin
Tune Modulated Beam-Beam Resonances in the Tevatron 473
  • S. Saritepe, S. Peggs
Is Beta Modulation More or Less Potent than Tune Modulation? 476
  • T. Satogata, S. Peggs
Root-Mean-Square Emittance Analysis of a Multiple Beam System 479
  • K.A. Boulais, M.J. Rhee
Coherent Beam-Beam Interaction in DANE 482
  • K. Hirata, E. Keil
Longitudinal Tune-Up of the SSC Drift-Tube and Coupled Cavity Linac Sections 485
  • S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer
A New Approach to Potential Well Bunch Deformation 488
  • J. Hagel, B. Zotter
A New Wake-Potential Calculation Method Using Orthogonal Polynomials 491
  • T.-S.F. Wang, B. Zotter
Transverse Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac 494
  • Y. Ogawa, A. Asami, T. Shidara, M. Takao
Longitudinal Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac 497
  • M. Takao, A. Asami, Y. Ogawa, T. Shidara
Isochronous 180 Turns for the SLC Positron System 500
  • R.H. Helm, J.E. Clendenin, S.D. Ecklund, A.V. Kulikov, R. Pitthan
Chromatic Correction in the SLC Bunch Length Compressors 503
  • C.E. Adolphsen, P.J. Emma, T.H. Fieguth, W.L. Spence
Estimation of the Longitudinal Impedance of the ATF Damping Ring 506
  • M. Takao, K.L.F. Bane, T. Higo, K. Kanazawa, H. Nakayama, J. Urakawa, K. Yokoya
Beam Pulse Shorting Phenomena in a RF Electron Gun 509
  • Y. Huang
Beam Emittance and the Effects of the RF, Space Charge and Wake Fields - Application to the ATF Photoelectron Beam 511
  • Z. Parsa
On the Low-Beta Optics for Round and Flat Beams in Colliders 514
  • D. Mohl
Synchrotron Radiation Perturbations in Long Transport Lines 517
  • G. Leleux, P. Nghiem, A. Tkatchenko
Beam-Breakup Calculations for the DARHT Accelerator 520
  • P. Allison, M.J. Burns, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole
Incoherent Beam-Beam Effects for Round Beams in the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project 523
  • N.S. Dikansky, P.M. Ivanov, D.V. Pestrikov, E.A. Simonov
Longitudinal Beam-Beam Effects for an Ultra-High Luminosity Regime 526
  • V.V. Danilov, P.M. Ivanov, E.A. Perevedentsev, E.A. Simonov, A.N. Skrinsky
Compensation of Coherent Tune Shift of Betatron Oscillation in Storage Rings 529
  • V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.A. Sery, V.D. Shiltsev