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Keyword: emittance

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DANE: The Frascati -factory damping, field, luminosity, wiggler 68
  • G. Vignola
Prospects for Tunes near the Integer at the Fermilab PBAR-P Collider collider, proton, resonance, tune 90
  • D. Siergiej, C. Ankenbrandt, D. Finley, G. Goderre, R.P. Johnson, P. Zhang
Common Mode Noise on the Main Tevatron Bus and Associated Beam Emittance Growth betatron, field, proton, tune 93
  • P. Zhang, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, D. Siergiej, D. Wolff
Computation of the TEVATRON Luminosity Using Measured Machine Parameters accelerator, collider, lattice, luminosity 102
  • N.M. Gelfand
Characteristics of the Beam During the Second Fermilab Collider Run collider, lifetime, luminosity, proton 105
  • N. Gelfand
Experimental Study of the Main Ring Transition Crossing booster, damping, injection, instability 111
  • I. Kourbanis, K. Meisner, K.-Y. Ng
The Medium Energy Booster at the SSC Laboratory collider, extraction, injection, lattice 123
  • C. Manz, R. Gerig
An Optimized E-P Insertion for LEP and LHC electron, insertion, luminosity, proton 156
  • A. Verdier
Bent Single Crystals to Form High Energy Particle Beams channeling, crystal, extraction, proton 192
  • N.A. Galyaev, Y.A. Chesnokov, V.I. Kotov, S.V. Tsarik, V.N. Zapol'sky
Separation Criterion and Scaling Law for Long-Range Beam-Beam Interactions in the Tevatron collider, proton, simulation, tune 225
  • S. Saritepe
Quantum Variances for Transverse SSC Injection Dynamics betatron, collider, injection, proton 231
  • T. Garavaglia
Transverse Emittance of an Intense Electron Short Pulse Just Emitted by the Cathode of a RF-FEL Photoinjector: Influence of Electrodynamic Effects acceleration, cathode, electron, field 236
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Upgrade of the PHERMEX Accelerator cathode, field, focusing, injection 245
  • T.P. Hughes, R.L. Carlson, D.C. Moir
Experimental Studies of Emittance Growth Due to Initial Mismatch of a Space Charge Dominated Beam in a Solenoidal Focusing Channel electron, halo, simulation, space-charge 248
  • D. Kehne, M. Reiser, H. Rudd
Simulation Studies of Emittance Growth in RMS Mismatched Beams plasma, space-charge, thermal, tune 251
  • A. Cucchetti, M. Reiser, T. Wangler
The Incoherent Beam-Beam Effect in Linear-on-Ring Colliders electron, linac, positron, tune 254
  • C.D. Johnson
3d and r, z Particle Simulation of Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion: The WARP Code accelerator, field, focusing, lattice 263
  • A. Friedman, D.A. Callahan, D.P. Grote, I. Haber, A.B. Langdon
Aperture Determination by Long Term and Multiparticle Tracking acceptance, field, focusing, tune 288
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
RAMPRF: A Program for Synchronous Acceleration acceleration, booster, extraction, tune 300
  • M.A. Furman
Model Performance of the New Tevatron Collider Lattice injection, lattice, multipole, tune 318
  • S. Saritepe, S. Peggs
Space-Charge Calculation for Bunched Beams with 3-D Ellipsoidal Symmetry accelerator, field, simulation, space-charge 330
  • R.W. Garnett, T.P. Wangler
Design Characteristics of the Linac-LEB Transfer Line for the SSC field, injection, linac, quadrupole 351
  • R.K. Bhandari, S. Penner, E. Seppi
Beam Dynamics of Multi-Tank DTL and CCL Designs accelerator, alignment, field, insertion 395
  • C.C. Paulson, S.L. Mendelsohn, A.M.M. Todd
Simultaneous Acceleration of H+ and H- in RFQ Linacs accelerator, acceptance, quadrupole, space-charge 401
  • K.R. Crandall
Limiting Density Distribution for Charged Particle Beams in Free Space acceleration 404
  • J.S. O'Connell
Tracking with Space Charge in the Fermilab Booster booster, field, injection, tune 434
  • S. Stahl, C. Ankenbrandt
Emittance Measurement in a Magnetic Field cyclotron, electron, field, simulation 437
  • J.K. Boyd
Transverse Phase Space in the Presence of Dispersion betatron, collider, focusing, linac 461
  • N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Nearly Equal at CESR damping, lattice, simulation, tune 467
  • P. Bagley, M. Billing, S. Krishnagopal, D. Rubin, R. Siemann, J. Welch
Root-Mean-Square Emittance Analysis of a Multiple Beam System accelerator, cathode, electron, plasma 479
  • K.A. Boulais, M.J. Rhee
Chromatic Correction in the SLC Bunch Length Compressors accelerator, lattice, linac, sextupole 503
  • C.E. Adolphsen, P.J. Emma, T.H. Fieguth, W.L. Spence
Beam Emittance and the Effects of the RF, Space Charge and Wake Fields - Application to the ATF Photoelectron Beam electron, field, gun, laser 511
  • Z. Parsa
Synchrotron Radiation Perturbations in Long Transport Lines betatron, electron, radiation, synchrotron 517
  • G. Leleux, P. Nghiem, A. Tkatchenko
Beam-Breakup Calculations for the DARHT Accelerator impedance, induction, linac, solenoid 520
  • P. Allison, M.J. Burns, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole
The BNL Accelerator Test Facility and Experimental Program electron, field, gun, laser 550
  • I. Ben-Zvi
Design of the SSC Linac accelerator, injection, ion, linac 572
  • J. Watson, R. Bhandari, T. Bhatia, C. Chang, R. Cutler, L. Funk, R. Garnett, G. Leifete, S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer, D. Raparia, L. Young
Beam-Dynamics Design and Performance of the RF Deflector in the Los Alamos Single-Beam Funnel Experiment accelerator, field, focusing, ion 578
  • F.W. Guy, K.F. Johnson, O.R. Sander
Emittance Variations in Current-Amplifying Ion Induction Linacs acceleration, accelerator, induction, ion 586
  • T.J. Fessenden
The Brookhaven ATF Low-Emittance Beam Line acceleration, electron, laser, linac 604
  • X.J. Wang, H.G. Kirk
Commissioning Results of the LLUMC Beam Switchyard and Gantry accelerator, extraction, optics, proton 610
  • M.E. Schulze
A Chopper Driven 11.4-GHz Traveling-Wave RF Generator chopper, field, induction, spectrum 646
  • G. Westenskow, J. Boyd, J. Haimson, T. Houck, B. Mecklenburg, D. Rogers, R. Ryne
Multi-Beamlet Injection to the RFQ1 Accelerator - A Comparison of ECR and Duopigatron Proton Sources extraction, injection, ion, proton 842
  • G.M. Arbique, T. Taylor, M.H. Thrasher, J.S.C. Wills
Beam Transmission and Emittance Measurements of the RFQ1 Accelerator accelerator, field, injection, proton 845
  • G.M. Arbique, B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, W.L. Michel, J.Y. Sheikh
Upgrade of LAMPF's 750-keV, H+ Transport alignment, linac, quadrupole, tune 893
  • J.W. Hurd, A.A. Browman, M.J. Jakobson, K.W. Jones
Dispersion and Betatron Matching into the Linac betatron, damping, lattice, quadrupole 905
  • F.-J. Decker, C.E. Adolphsen, W.J. Corbett, P. Emma, I. Hsu, H. Moshammer, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Theoretical Study of H- Stripping with a Wiggler Magnet field, injection, ion, wiggler 955
  • R. Hutson
HEB to Superconducting Super Collider Transfer Lines beamline, collider, field, injection 985
  • F. Wang, R. Schailey
Magnetic Field Tolerances for Insertion Devices on Third Generation Sychrotron Light Sources field, focusing, synchrotron, undulator 1091
  • P.J. Viccaro, D.W. Carnegie, R. Savoy
Low-Emittance in SPEAR injection, lattice, photon, synchrotron 1104
  • J. Safranek, H. Wiedemann
The LEP Synchrotron Light Monitors acceptance, extraction, focusing, vacuum 1160
  • C. Bovet, G. Burtin, R.J. Colchester, B. Halvarsson, R. Jung, S. Levitt, J.M. Vouillot
H- Beam Characterization Using Laser-Induced Neutralization accelerator, field, laser, linac 1171
  • V.W. Yuan, R. Garcia, K.F. Johnson, K. Saadatmand, O.R. Sander, D. Sandoval, M. Shinas
Design and Commissioning of Flying Wires in the Fermilab Accumulator accelerator, extraction, resonance, vacuum 1180
  • X.Q. Wang, T. Groves, A.A. Hahn, G. Jackson, J. Marriner, K. Martin, J. Misek
Beam Structure and Transverse Emittance Studies of High-Energy Ion Beams accelerator, background, field, ion 1183
  • K. Saadatmand, K.F. Johnson, J.D. Schneider
Wire Scanners at LEP coupling, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 1186
  • B. Bouchet, C. Bovet, A. Burns, J. Camas, G. Ferioli, C. Fischer, R. Jung, Q. King, K.H. Kissler, J. Koopman, J. Mann, H. Michel, R. Schmidt, L. Vos
Beam Size Measurement at High Radiation Levels accelerator, betatron, field, radiation 1192
  • F.-J. Decker
Beam Emittance Measurement Technique for PLS-IM-T Linac accelerator, focusing, quadrupole, target 1195
  • Y.X. Luo, I.S. Ko, W. Namkung, C. Ryu
Wire Scanners for Beam Size and Emittance Measurements at the SLC accelerator, field, radiation, vacuum 1201
  • M.C. Ross, E. Bong, L. Hendrickson, D. McCormick, L. Sanchez-Chopitea, J.T. Seeman
Emittance Measurements of FEL Accelerators Using Optical Transition Radiation Methods accelerator, electron, field, quadrupole 1204
  • R.B. Fiorito, D.H. Dowell, A.R. Lowrey, A.H. Lumpkin, D.W. Rule, W.C. Sellyey, R.L. Tokar
Betatron Tune Measurement System for the HERA Proton Storage Ring field, kicker, proton, tune 1222
  • S. Herb
A Real-Time Longitudinal Phase-Space Measurement Technique for H-Beams accelerator, laser, photon, proton 1237
  • R.C. Connolly, D.P. Sandoval
Beam Diagnostics for the 400 MeV Fermilab Linac accelerator, diagnostics, linac, monitoring 1249
  • E.S. McCrory, F. Harfoush, G. Jackson, G. Lee, D. McConnell
Correlation Plot Facility in the SLC Control System commissioning, feedback, software, timing 1317
  • L. Hendrickson, N. Phinney, L. Sanchez-Chopitea
Beam Diagnostics at the COSY Injection Beamline beamline, cyclotron, injection, vacuum 1341
  • F. Anton
Design of 4-8 GHz Stochastic Cooling Equalizers for the Fermilab Accumulator betatron, feedback, kicker, stochastic cooling 1392
  • D. McGinnis, J. Marriner
A Longitudinal Multibunch Feedback System for PEP electron, feedback, radiation, synchrotron 1410
  • H.-D. Nuhn, P. Friedrichs, H. Schwarz, Y. Sun, H. Winick, W. Xie, R. Yotam
The Transverse Damper System for RHIC damping, injection, kicker, pick-up 1422
  • J. Xu, J. Claus, E. Raka, A.G. Ruggiero, T.J. Shea
Generalized Emittance Measurements in a Beam Transport Line accelerator, booster, injection, tune 1473
  • J. Skelly, C. Gardner, A. Kponou, A. Luccio, K. Reece
Grid Scans: A Transfer Map Diagnostic betatron, damping, extraction, focusing 1549
  • P. Emma, W. Spence
Further Dynamic Aperture Studies on a Wiggler-Based Ultra-Low-Emittance Damping Ring Lattice damping, field, octupole, sextupole 1633
  • L. Emery
Beam-Beam Interaction and High Order Resonances betatron, proton, resonance, tune 1639
  • S. Tepikian, S.Y. Lee
Emittance Growth Due to Beam Motion betatron, ion, quadrupole, tune 1645
  • K.Y. Ng, J.M. Peterson
Adiabatic Invariance for Spatially Dependent Accelerating Structures electron, radio-frequency 1648
  • J.R. Cary, D.L. Bruhwiler
Comments on the Behavior of 1 in Main Injector t Jump Schemes accelerator, lattice, sextupole, simulation 1657
  • S. A. Bogacz, S. Peggs
Emittance Calculation Using Liouville's Theorem for a Diagonalized Hamiltonian field 1687
  • H. Heydari
Sensitivity Reduction against Misalignment of Quadrupole and Sextupole Magnets alignment, field, quadrupole, sextupole 1698
  • K. Tsumaki, N. Kumagai, H. Tanaka
Impact of Cross-Sectional Changes in a Beam Tube on Beam Dynamics collider, impedance, instability, proton 1710
  • W. Chou
Characterization and Monitoring of Transverse Beam Tails accelerator, betatron, electron, linac 1734
  • J.T. Seeman, F.-J. Decker, I. Hsu, C. Young
A Test of Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling in the Fermilab Tevatron Collider betatron, kicker, proton, spectrum 1758
  • G. Jackson, E. Buchanan, J. Budlong, E. Harms, G. Lee, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis, R. Pasquinelli, D. Peterson, D. Poll, D. Rohde, P. Seifrid, D. Voy
Theoretical Studies of the Ultra Slow Extraction for the Cooler Synchrotron COSY-Jülich coupling, extraction, resonance, sextupole 1767
  • K. Bongardt, D. Dinev, S. Martin, P.F. Meads Jr., H. Meuth, D. Prasuhn, H. Stockhorst, R. Wagner
Intrabeam Scattering in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator accelerator, antiproton, betatron, scattering 1773
  • C.M. Bhat, J. Marriner
Envelope Instability in the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, instability, tune 1779
  • P. Zhou, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Stahl
Modified Octupoles for Damping Coherent Instabilities betatron, field, octupole, tune 1797
  • M. Cornacchia, W.J. Corbett, K. Halbach
Microwave Instability at Transition-Stability Diagram Approach accelerator, impedance, instability, plasma 1815
  • S. A. Bogacz
Studies of Coupled-Bunch Modes in the Fermilab Booster booster, impedance, instability, synchrotron 1830
  • K.C. Harkay, V.K. Bharadwaj, P.L. Colestock
Realistic Modeling of Microwave Instability Effects on the Evolution of the Beam Energy-Phase Distribution in Proton Synchrotrons accelerator, coupling, impedance, instability 1863
  • J.A. MacLachlan
Beam Life-Time with Intrabeam Scattering and Stochastic Cooling kicker, scattering, stochastic cooling, thermal 1869
  • J. Wei, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Dynamics Design of an RFQ for the SSC Laboratory accelerator, field, injection, quadrupole 1884
  • T.S. Bhatia, J. H. Billen, A. Cucchetti, F.W. Guy, G. Neuschaefer, L. Young
An Induction Linac Injector for Scaled Experiments extraction, induction, ion, plasma 1952
  • H.L. Rutkowski, D. Brodzik, A. Faltens, D.W. Hewett, R.M. Johnson, C. Pike, D. Vanecek
Testing of a High Current DC ESQ Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, ion, quadrupole 1955
  • J.W. Kwan, G.D. Ackerman, O.A. Anderson, C.F. Chan, W.S. Cooper, W.B. Kunkel, L. Soroka, W.F. Steele, R.P. Wells, G.J. deVries
Transport Properties of a Discrete Helical Electrostatic Quadrupole accelerator, field, ion, quadrupole 1958
  • C.R. Meitzler, K. Antes, P. Datte, F.R. Huson, L. Xiu
Low Energy H- Beam Transport Using an Electrostatic Quadrupole Focusing System alignment, focusing, ion, quadrupole 1961
  • S.K. Guharay, C.K. Allen, M. Reiser, V. Yun
Scaling Study of Pseudospark Produced Electron Beam cathode, electron, plasma, vacuum 1972
  • K.K. Jain, B.N. Ding, M.J. Rhee
Low-Emittance Uniform-Density Cs+ Sources for Heavy Ion Fusion Accelerator Studies cathode, field, ion, quadrupole 1975
  • S. Eylon, W. Chupp, T. Garvey, E. Henestroza, R. Johnson
Preliminary Design for a Thermionic R.F. Gun cathode, field, injection, linac 1978
  • G. D'Auria, J. Gonichon, T. Manfroi
Flat-Beam RF Photocathode Sources for Linear Collider Applications cathode, collider, electron, space-charge 1987
  • J.B. Rosenzweig
Electron Beam Generation from a Superemissive Cathode cathode, electron, field, plasma 1990
  • T.-Y. Hsu, M.A. Gundersen, G. Kirkman-Amemiya, R.-L. Liou
Measures to Alleviate the Back Bombardment Effect of Thermionic RF Electron Gun cathode, electron, field, laser 2017
  • Y. Huang, J. Xie
Characteristics of the H-/D- Beam Extracted from an RF-Driven Volume Source brightness, extraction, field, ion 2023
  • G. Gammel, T. Debiak, K. Leung, D. McDonald, J. Sredniawski
Emittance Control in Linear Colliders alignment, damping, linac, wakefield 2037
  • R.D. Ruth
Application of Superconductiong RF to Linear Colliders damping, field, linac, luminosity 2042
  • H. Padamsee
Summary of the Emittance Control in the SLC Linac betatron, damping, linac, wakefield 2064
  • J.T. Seeman, C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, F.-J. Decker, P.J. Emma, I. Hsu, T. Limberg, L. Merminga, M. Ross, W. Spence
Chromaticity Corrections in the SLC Final Focus System accelerator, field, quadrupole, sextupole 2067
  • N. Toge, K.A. Brown, D. Burke, R. Jacobsen, P. Krejcik, V. Ziemann
Emittance Growth in TESLA alignment, instability, linac, quadrupole 2073
  • G.A. Krafft, J.J. Bisognano, M. Fripp
State of H- Source Development accelerator, extraction, ion, plasma 2076
  • K.N. Leung
Time-Resolved Emittance Measurements of an Excimer-Laser-Driven Metal Photocathode cathode, electron, laser, plasma 2107
  • T. Kauppila, R. Carlson, D. Moir, R. Ridlon
Modification of LAMPF's Magnet-Mapping Code for Offsets of Center Coordinates accelerator, beam-transport, field, quadrupole 2137
  • J.W. Hurd, S. Gomulka, F. Merrill, B.L. Weintraub
Revised Cross Section for RHIC Dipole Magnets field, ion, quench, survey 2245
  • P.A. Thompson, R.C. Gupta, H. Hahn, S.A. Kahn, G.H. Morgan, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
A Design for a Beam Halo Scraper System for the Tevatron Collider background, collider, halo, lattice 2340
  • S.M. Pruss
Design Considerations and Prototype Performance of the Fermilab Main Injector Dipole extraction, field, injection, sextupole 2477
  • D.J. Harding, M.E. Bleadon, B.C. Brown, E. Desavouret, J.D. Garvey, H.D. Glass, F. Harfoush, S.D. Holmes, J.C. Humbert, J.M. Jagger, G.R. Kobliska, A. Lipski, P.S. Martin, P.O. Mazur, F.E. Mills, D.F. Orris, J.-F. Ostiguy, J.E. Pachnik, S.G. Peggs, E.E. Schmidt, J.W. Sim, S.C. Snowdon, D.G. Walbridge
Emittance Growth in Mismatched Charged Particle Beams betatron, focusing, plasma, simulation 2497
  • M. Reiser
A New Method of Correcting the Trajectory In Linacs accelerator, focusing, quadrupole, wakefield 2503
  • T.O. Raubenheimer, R.D. Ruth
Measurement of Longitudinal Emittance Growth Using a Laser-Induced Neautralization Method accelerator, background, energy-spread, laser 2529
  • V.W. Yuan, R. Garcia, K.F. Johnson, K. Saadatmand, O.R. Sander, D. Sandoval, M. Shinas
Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling collider, lifetime, luminosity, stochastic cooling 2532
  • G. Jackson
Physics Issues in the Design of a Recirculating Induction Accelerator for Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, background, induction, ion 2592
  • J.J. Barnard, M.A. Newton, L.L. Reginato, W.M. Sharp, H.D. Shay, S.S. Yu
Status of Compact Synchrotron Light Source Work at TAC field, lattice, simulation, synchrotron 2649
  • C.A. Swenson, Y. Huang, F.R. Huson, R. Rocha
Beam Dynamics of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring field, lifetime, quadrupole, synchrotron 2667
  • C.C. Kuo, H.P. Chang, C.S. Hsue, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
Lattice Design of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring betatron, field, lattice, tune 2670
  • C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
Theoretical Minimum Emittance Lattice for an Electron Storage Ring betatron, electron, lattice, synchrotron 2679
  • S.Y. Lee, L. Teng
Coherent X-Rays from PEP damping, field, radiation, undulator 2748
  • S. Baird, A.S. Fisher, J.C. Gallardo, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Pellegrini, R. Tatchyn, H. Winick
SATURNUS: The UCLA Infrared Free-Electron Laser Project electron, field, radiation, undulator 2751
  • J.W. Dodd, W.A. Barletta, D.B. Cline, J.G. Davis, G. Hairapetian, S.C. Hartman, S.N. Ivanchenkov, C.J. Joshi, A.S. Khlebnikov, J. Kolonko, Y.Y. Lachin, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, J.A. Smolin, A.A. Varfolomeev
Performance of the Photoinjector Accelerator for the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser accelerator, electron, laser, photoinjector 2754
  • P.G. O'Shea, S.C. Bender, B.E. Carlsten, J.W. Early, D.W. Feldman, R.B. Feldman, W.J.D. Johnson, A.H. Lumpkin, R.L. Sheffield, R.W. Springer, W.E. Stein, L.M. Young
Injection into the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring acceptance, damping, injection, linac 2784
  • L. Lin
Recent Improvements and New Possibilities of the GANIL Facility accelerator, channeling, injection, ion 2799
  • M. Bajard
Application of a New Scheme for Passing through Transition Energy to the Fermilab Main Ring and Main Injector acceleration, coupling, ferrite, focusing 2826
  • J.A. MacLachlan, J.E. Griffin
B-Factory Optics and Beam-Beam Interaction for Millimeter and Locally Shortened Bunches lattice, luminosity, optics, vacuum 2838
  • Y.F. Orlov, C.M. O'Neill, R.H. Siemann, J.J. Welch
DANE Storage Rings insertion, lattice, quadrupole, spectrum 2850
  • S. Bartalucci, M. Bassetti, M.E. Biagini, C. Biscari, R. Boni, A. Gallo, S. Guiducci, M.R. Masullo, L. Palumbo, M. Serio, B. Spataro, G. Vignola
DELTA Optics focusing, optics, quadrupole, wiggler 2859
  • D. Schirmer, K. Wille
Lattice Studies for a Small Storage Ring brightness, insertion, lattice, scattering 2871
  • P. Kiefer, W. Vernon
The Project of the Heavy Ion Storage Rings Complex of the JINR at Dubna cyclotron, electron, injection, ion 2888
  • O.N. Malyshev, I.N. Meshkov, R.T. Oganessian, Y.T. Oganessian, V.V. Parkhomchuk, P. Pokorny, A.A. Sery, S.V. Stepantsov, Y.A. Syresin, G.M. Ter-Akopian, V.A. Timakov
An Electron-Proton Collider in the TeV Range electron, linac, proton, quadrupole 2910
  • M. Tigner, B. Wiik, F. Willeke
Status of the LISA Superconducting Linac Project accelerator, electron, gun, linac 2970
  • F. Tazzioli, A. Aragona, R. Boni, M. Castellano, L. Catani, N. Cavallo, F. Cevenini, G. Di Pirro, S. Faini, M. Ferrario, A. Gallo, S. Kulinski, C. Marchetti, M. Minestrini, P. Patteri, C. Sanelli, M. Serio, A. Stecchi, S. Tazzari, L. Trasatti, M. Vescovi
Status of the ARES R&D Program field, gun, injection, laser 2973
  • R. Boni, M. Castellano, P. Fabbricatore, M. Ferrario, A. Gallo, P. Michelato, M. Minestrini, F. Musenich, C. Pagani, R. Parodi, P. Patteri, L. Serafini, S. Tazzari, F. Tazzioli
Design Studies of SSC Coupled Cavity Linac coupling, field, quadrupole, simulation 2993
  • C.R. Chang, R. Bhandari, W. Funk, D. Raparia, J. Watson
Characterization of a Ramped Gradient DTL: Experiment and Theory accelerator, field, linac, x-ray 3017
  • K.F. Johnson, G.P. Boicourt, G.O. Bolme, C.M. Fortgang, J.D. Gilpatrick, J. Merson, O.R. Sander, D.P. Sandoval, E.A. Wadlinger, V. Yuan
Three-Dimensional Space Charge and Image Charge Effects in Radio-Frequency-Quadrupole Accelerators accelerator, brightness, simulation, space-charge 3032
  • F.W. Guy
Acceleration Tests of the INS 25.5-MHz Split Coaxial RFQ acceleration, field, ion, linac 3035
  • S. Arai, A. Imanishi, T. Morimoto, S. Shibuya, E. Tojyo, N. Tokuda
Deceleration of Antiprotons with a RFQ acceptance, deceleration, field, ion 3041
  • A. Schempp, F. Botlo-Pilat, H. Deitinghoff, A. Firjahn-Andersch, J.-Y. Hémery, C. Thibault, H. Vormann, M. de Saint Simon
Properties of the GSI HLI-RFQ Structure acceleration, field, ion, synchrotron 3044
  • J. Friedrich, N. Angert, U. Bessler, H. Deitinghoff, J. Klabunde, H. Klein, A. Schempp, R. Veith
Development of a Variable Energy RFQ for Cluster Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, ion, linac 3053
  • A. Schempp, J. Dehen, H. Deitinghoff, J. Friedrich, M.J. Gaillard, R. Genre, G. Hadinger, A. Kipper, J. Madlung, J. Martin, H.O. Moser
Longitudinal Emittance Measurement of the 100 MeV Proton Beam factory, field, linac, spectrum 3062
  • Y.V. Bylinsky, A.V. Feschenko, P.N. Ostroumov
Drift Compression Experiments on MBE-4 and Related Emittance Growth Phenomena accelerator, focusing, ion, simulation 3070
  • S. Eylon, A. Faltens, W. Fawley, T. Garvey, K. Hahn, E. Henestroza, L. Smith
Transverse Emittance Studies of an Induction Accelerator of Heavy Ions acceleration, induction, injection, linac 3073
  • T. Garvey, S. Eylon, T.J. Fessenden, K. Hahn, E. Henestroza
Funneling Study with a Low Energy Proton Beam brightness, field, funneling, ion 3076
  • W. Barth, A. Schempp
ETA-II Beam Brightness Measurement accelerator, brightness, field, induction 3106
  • A.C. Paul, S.L. Allen, F.W. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, F.J. Deadrick, W.C. Turner
Development of RFQ Accelerator for the MMF Linac acceleration, accelerator, injection, linac 3109
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