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Keyword: accelerator

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The U.S. High Energy Accelerator Projects CESR, PEP, DOUBLER-TEVATRON, and ISABELLE field, luminosity, sextupole, synchrotron 2978
  • B.D. McDaniel
High-Intensity Deuteron Linear Accelerator (FMIT) focusing, linac, neutron, quadrupole 2986
  • R.A. Jameson
Particle Accelerators in Cancer Therapy - Current Status and Overview of the Planned Program for Heavy Particle Therapy electron, neutron, photon, radiation 2992
  • J.R. Stewart
Recent Progress and Plans for Heavy Ion Fusion induction, ion, linac, target 2997
  • T.F. Godlove
The Linear Accelerator Fuel Enricher Regenerator (LAFER) and Fission Product Transmutor (APEX) ionization, radioactive beams, scattering, target 3002
  • M. Steinberg, P. Grand, H.J.C. Kouts, J.R. Powell, H. Takahashi
Commissioning of the Argonne Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS-I) Accelerator acceleration, injection, neutron, septum 3006
  • A.V. Rauchas, F.R. Brumwell, G.J. Volk
Choice of Geometry for the Alvarez Section of the FMIT Deuteron Linac deuteron, linac, quadrupole, vacuum 3012
  • G.P. Boicourt, D.A. Swenson
The FMIT Accelerator Vacuum System ion, linac, quadrupole, vacuum 3015
  • M.D. Machalek, E.A. Meyer, L.S. Price
A Proposed RF System for the Fusion Materials Irradiation Test Facility coupling, feedback, field, linac 3018
  • M.V. Fazio, T.J. Boyd, W.J. Hoffert, H.P. Johnson
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS-I) Accelerator RF System feedback, ferrite, field, impedance 3021
  • T.W. Hardek, F.E. Brandeberry
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS-I) Accelerator 500 MeV Fast Kickers ferrite, kicker, neutron, vacuum 3024
  • D.E. Suddeth, G.J. Volk
500 kV Mercury Accelerator controls, coupling, ion, vacuum 3039
  • J. Brodowski, J.T. Keane, A.W. Maschke, E. Meier, R.M. Mobley
High-Energy Beam Transport in the Hanford FMIT Linear Accelerator diagnostics, emittance, linac, quadrupole 3050
  • K.E. Melson, C. Caldwell, Jr., D.D. Chamberlin, T. Cole, J.A. Farrell, P. Giles, D.J. Liska, C. Potter, M.K. Wilson
Design of the Accelerating Structures for FMIT alignment, deuteron, linac, vacuum 3052
  • D. Liska, D. Clark, J. Frank, C. Fuller, D. Greenwood, C. Potter, R. Schamaun
Tests of the Intense Neutron Source (INS) Prototype electron, ion, target, vacuum 3055
  • D.D. Armstrong, C.R. Emigh, J.C. Hyde, E.A. Meyer, J.D. Schneider
RTNS-II Neutron Sources: Status Report acceleration, ion, neutron, target 3058
  • J.C. Davis, D.W. Heikkinen, J.L. Held, C.M. Logan, J.E. Osher
High Current DC Ion Source Development at CNRL emittance, extraction, ion, proton 3065
  • M.R. Shubaly
Computed Tomographic Reconstruction of Beam Profiles with a Multi-Wire Chamber algorithms, field, ion, monitoring 3077
  • J.R. Alonso, W.T. Chu, C.A. Tobias
Transport Calculations for Very High Current Beams emittance, focusing, quadrupole, simulation 3086
  • S. Penner, A. Galejs
Telescoping Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion emittance, injection, ion, linac 3092
  • R.J. Burke
Large Aperture Contact Ionized Cs+1 Ion Source for an Induction Linac induction, ion, ionization, linac 3095
  • S. Abbott, W. Chupp, A. Flatens, W. Herrmannsfeldt, E. Hoyer, D. Keefe, C.H. Kim, S. Rosenblum, J. Shiloh
A High Intensity 1.5 Megavolt Heavy Ion Preaccelerator for Ion Beam Fusion emittance, field, ion, linac 3098
  • J.M. Watson, J.M. Bogaty, R.J. Burke, R.L. Martin, M.G. Mazarakis, K.K. Menefee, E.F. Parker, R.L. Stockley
Design/Cost Study of an Induction Linan for Heavy Ions for Pellet-Fusion betatron, induction, linac, tune 3106
  • A. Faltens, E. Hoyer, D. Keefe, L.J. Laslett
Design of a Magnetic Linear Accelerator (MAGLAC) as Driver for Impact Fusion (IF) acceleration, field, solenoid, vacuum 3118
  • K.W. Chen, R.W. Hartung, E. Lehman, S.D. Mahanti
Invited Paper-On the Status of Accelerator Facilities and Their Progress in Japan booster, electron, linac, synchrotron 3124
  • K. Kikuchi
Operating Experience with MUSL-2 coupling, electron, linac, microtron 3143
  • P. Axel, L.S. Cardman, H.D. Graef, A.O. Hanson, R.A. Hoffswell, D. Jamnik, D.C. Sutton, R.H. Taylor, L.M. Young
The Multiturn Charge Exchange Injection System for the Fermilab Booster Accelerator booster, injection, ion, linac 3149
  • C. Hovjat, C. Ankenbrandt, B. Brown, D. Cosgrove, J. Garvey, R.P. Johnson, M. Joy, J. Lackey, K. Meisner, T. Schmitz, L. Teng, R.C. Webber
A Report on the Operational Reliability of the Fermilab Main Ring Magnets cooling water, maintenance, vacuum 3161
  • R.E. Gerig
The Stanford Superconducting Recyclotron electron, emittance, field, linac 3246
  • C.M. Lyneis, M.S. McAshan, R.E. Rand, H.A. Schwettman, T.I. Smith, J.P. Turneaure
Pulsed RF Systems for Large Storage Rings coupling, cw, impedance, klystron 3255
  • P.B. Wilson
PEP Computer Control System CAMAC, lattice, monitoring, sextupole 3268
  • PEP I and C Group, PEP Theory Group
The Improvement Project for the CPS Controls CAMAC, controls, maintenance, software 3272
  • G. Baribaud, S. Battisti, J.P. Benincasa, J. Boillot, M. Boutheon, R. Calliau, B. Carpenter, J. Cuperus, G. Daems, A. Daneels, R. Debordes, P. Heymans, I. Kamber, H. Kugler, B. Kuiper, F. Perriollat, J.P. Potier, W. Remmer, C. Serre, P. Skarek, A. Van Der Schueren
The CESR Control System controls, linac, software, synchrotron 3275
  • R. Littauer, S.E. Ball, R.G. Helmke, S.B. Peck, D.H. Rice
Suggested Principles for the Control of Future Accelerators CAMAC, commissioning, software, timing 3278
  • J. Altaber, F. Beck, M.C. Crowley-Milling, R. Rausch
An Electron Beam Spectrum Monitor using Synchrotron Light electron, radiation, spectrum, synchrotron 3297
  • D. Reagan, T.E. Hostetler
Proton Beam Diagnostics in the Fermilab Electron Cooling Experiment electron, injection, proton, vacuum 3302
  • D.B. Cline, C.D. Curtis, E.R. Gray, K. Jankowski, D.E. Johnson, W. Kells, F.E. Mills, M.F. Shea
Control System for the Holifield Heavy Ion Research Facility Beam Buncher bunching, controls, ion, monitoring 3304
  • N.F. Ziegler
Microprocessor-Based Control for Independently-Phased RF Linac Cavities ion, linac, software, tune 3310
  • J. W. Dawson
The Microprocessor-Based Control Facility of the He Refrigerator System used in the 1000 GeV Fermilab Switchyard controls, field, software, timing 3316
  • A.F. Tummillo, R.A. Andrews, J. McCarthy, E.R. Oetting
Integration of Existing Dissimilar Power Supply Controls into a Standardized Equipment-Orientated Control System algorithms, controls, maintenance, software 3319
  • E. Asseo, G. Baribaud, M. Bouthéon, I. Kamber, H. Kugler, F. Völker
Control of Beam Line Magnets by the CAMAC Serial Highway CAMAC, factory, target, thermal 3325
  • S. Kurokawa, H. Hirabayashi, N. Kurihara, M. Nakamura, M. Takasaki, A. Yamamoto, K. Yamanaka
Closed Orbit Control System for Main Ring of KEK-PS equilibrium, injection, quadrupole, timing 3328
  • K. Endo, A. Ando
Minicomputer Assisted Function Generator for the Dynamic Control of Chromacity Correction Sextupoles focusing, quadrupole, sextupole, software 3331
  • K. Endo
Modifications to the Fermilab Booster-Main Ring Beam Transfer Phase Lock Circuit booster, feedback, injection, synchrotron 3337
  • J.F. Bridges
Test of SEC Stability in High Flux Proton Beams electron, extraction, proton, vacuum 3355
  • V. Agoritsas, R.L. Witkover
Beam Size Measurement of 12 GeV Accelarator by Fast Rotary Scraper ionization, proton, synchrotron, target 3358
  • H. Ishimaru, Z. Igarashi, H. Nishimura, S. Shibata
First Experience with the PETRA Control System feedback, injection, software, vacuum 3379
  • H. Frese, U. Gloer, H. Haller, G. Hochweller, K. Holm, J. Kewisch, W. Krehlok, J. Maass, J.F. Peters, R. Schmitz, R. Stadtmueller, H. Wagner
Tools for Man Machine Communication in the PETRA Control System background, instrumentation, maintenance, timing 3382
  • G. Hochweller, H. Frese
The Serial Data Acquisition System at PETRA ion, luminosity, radiation, sputter 3385
  • H. Frese, G. Hochweller
Distributed Control System for the National Synchrotron Light Source acceptance, monitoring, software, synchrotron 3387
  • K. Batchelor, B.B. Culwick, J. Goldstick, J. Sheehan, J. Smith
The Computer-Control-System of the Heidelberg Postaccelerator CAMAC, acceleration, injection, software 3398
  • R. Repnow, H. Ingwersen, E. Jaeschke, H. Kandler, T. Walcher
Operating Experience with the VICKSI Computer Control System CAMAC, ion, monitoring, software 3401
  • W. Busse, H. Kluge
Tests of a New Seconday Emission Chamber at the AGS ion, proton, target, vacuum 3415
  • P. Yamin, L. Repeta
Recent Improvements in Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation emittance, linac, shielding, tune 3417
  • O.R. Sandler, R.A. Jameson, R.D. Patton
Beam Position Monitor using a Single Cavity beam position monitor, electron, field, vacuum 3423
  • J. McKeown
Beam Detector Assembly for the Fermilab Energy Doubler coupling, impedance, proton, quadrupole 3426
  • E.F. Higgins, T.H. Nicol
Secondary Beam Line Phase Space Measurement and Modeling at LAMPF chopper, muon, software, timing 3430
  • R. Floyd, J. Harrison, R. Macek, G. Sanders
Current to Frequency Converter for Digitization of Millisecond Beam Signals impedance, ion, neutrino, timing 3439
  • A.R. Donaldson
A Microprocessor Based Beam Intensity and Efficiency Display System for the Fermilab Accelerator booster, controls, software, timing 3448
  • R. Biwer
Doubler-Tevatron P Quench Protection System coupling, injection, quench, synchrotron 3451
  • R.H. Flora, G.S. Tool
Invited Paper-The Linear Accelerator Structures with Space-Uniform Quadrupole Focusing acceleration, field, focusing, quadrupole 3462
  • I.M. Kapchinskij, N.V. Lazarev
RF Quadrupole Beam Dynamics acceleration, field, focusing, quadrupole 3469
  • R.H. Stokes, K.R. Crandall, J.E. Stovall, D.A. Swenson
Measurement of Momentum Cooling Rates with Electron Cooling at NAP-M damping, electron, electron cooling, proton 3487
  • V.V. Parchomchuk, D.V. Pestrikov, A.C. Ruggiero
Linac Particle Tracing Simulations acceleration, emittance, equilibrium, space-charge 3508
  • W.P. Lysenko
Stable Particle Motion in a Linear Accelerator with Solenoid Focusing field, focusing, ion, solenoid 3511
  • E.A. Wadlinger
Energy Losses of an Electron Bunch Moving Along the Axis of a Circular Waveguide with Periodically Perturbed Wall electron, field, radiation, waveguide 3523
  • M. Chatard-Moulin, A. Papiernik
High Current Beam Stability in Linear Accelerators bunching, equilibrium, field, klystron 3610
  • J.G. Siambis
Weak-Strong Instability as a Diffusion Process betatron, damping, instability, tune 3615
  • S.A. Kheifets
The Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of Step Discontinuities in a Circular Beam Tube coupling, field, impedance, vacuum 3626
  • H. Hahn, S. Zatz
Invited Paper- Recent Advances in Design for Low- and Medium-Energy Heavy Ion Accelerators cyclotron, electron, field, ion 3645
  • J.A. Martin
Invited Paper- Initial Operation of the Argonne Superconducting Heavy-Ion Linac field, heavy-ion, linac, vacuum 3659
  • K.W. Shepard
Status of the Stony Brook Superconducting Heavy-Ion Linac booster, field, heavy-ion, linac 3664
  • J.R. Delayen, G.J. Dick, J.E. Mercereau, J.W. Noe, P. Paul, G.D. Sprouse
The First Year of Operation at the Heidelberg Heavy-Ion Postaccelerator acceleration, booster, cw, ion 3667
  • E. Jaeschke, B. Huck, H. Ingwersen, B. Kolb, R. Repnow, T. Walcher
Present Status and Further Developments of the VICKSI Heavy Ion Facility cyclotron, extraction, injection, ion 3671
  • W. Busse
A Gas Foil Stripper System for a Heavy Ion Van de Graaff Van de Graaff, field, ion, vacuum 3683
  • D.J. Bradshaw, B.S. Halliday
Design Study of the Intermediate Energy Particle Accelerator Complex acceleration, cyclotron, field, injection 3692
  • I. Miura, K. Hosono, M. Inoue, T. Itahashi, M. Kondo, T. Saito, A. Shimizu, S. Yamabe, T. Yamazaki
Calculations Pertaining to the Design of a Prebuncher for a 150-MeV Electron Linear Accelerator: II Radial Motion cathode, electron, electron gun, field 3695
  • R.G. Alsmiller, Jr., F.S. Alsmiller, J. Barish
Possible Lower Limit to Linac Emittance emittance, focusing, injection, linac 3698
  • J.W. Staples, R.A. Jameson
Computer Calculations of Travelling-Wave Periodic Structure Properties acceleration, field, ion, linac 3701
  • G.A. Loew, K.L. Bane, R.A. Early, R.H. Miller
Flourocarbon Stripping of Low Beta Heavy Ions acceleration, equilibrium, ion, lifetime 3718
  • J.R. Alonso, B.T. Leemann
NUMATRON Project injection, ion, linac, vacuum 3736
  • Y. Hirao
A Wideröe-Based Heavy Ion Preaccelerator for the SuperHILAC coupling, cw, ion, linac 3739
  • J.W. Staples, H.D. Lancaster, R.B. Yourd
Low Beta Accelerating System for Heavy Ions acceleration, linac, quadrupole, vacuum 3742
  • A. Bertsche, J. Brodowski, J. Keane, A.W. Maschke, R. Sanders
Radio Frequency Quadrupole Accelerating Structure Research at Los Alamos acceleration, field, focusing, quadrupole 3745
  • J.M. Potter, F.J. Humphry, G.W. Rodenz, S.W. Williams
Progress in Electronic Frequency Control of Superconducting Helix Resonators damping, feedback, field, proton 3748
  • D. Schulze, A. Hornung, P. Schlick
Performance of the Karlsruhe Superconducting Proton Linear Testaccelerator acceleration, field, linac, proton 3751
  • A. Citron, A. Brandelik, W. Herz, R. Hietschold, A. Hornung, W. Küne, M. Kuntze, D. Schulze, K.W. Zieher
Performance of a Superconducting Accelerator Structure with a Modified Geometry electron, field, multipacting, simulation 3755
  • C.M. Lyneis, J. Sayag, H.A. Schwettman, J.P. Turneaure
Dependence of Multi-Pass Beam Breakup on Accelerator Parameters acceleration, electron, injection, recirculation 3757
  • A.M. Vetter, C.M. Lyneis, H.A. Schwettman
Experimental and Calculated RF Properties of the Disk-and-Washer Structure coupling, electron, field, proton 3763
  • J.M. Potter, F.J. Humphry, S.O. Schriber
Initial Performance of the PIGMI Prototype field, linac, pion, quadrupole 3767
  • J.E. Stovall
Mechanical Technologies for PIGMI field, quadrupole, solenoid, vacuum 3770
  • L. Hansborough, E. Bush, Jr., V. Hart
Design and Status of an Experimental Superconducting Linear Accelerator for Electrons electron, field, impedance, multipacting 3775
  • G. Arnolds, H. Heinrichs, R. Mayer, N. Minatti, H. Piel, W. Weingarten
Modeling of Horizontal Wiggler in an Electron Storage Ring electron, field, synchrotron, wiggler 3824
  • R.H. Helm
Invited Paper- Induction Linear Accelerators and Their Applications electron, impedance, induction, ion 3870
  • J.E. Leiss
Invited Paper- Advances in High-Power RF Amplifiers bunching, cw, electron, klystron 3877
  • P.J. Tallerico
Sensitivity of an Energy Doubler Dipole to Beam Induced Quenches booster, proton, quench, thermal 3885
  • B. Cox, P.O. Mazur, A. Van Ginneken
The Multiple Magnet Test Program instrumentation, quadrupole, quench, vacuum 3888
  • P. Brindza, R. Flora, G. Kalbfleisch, K. Koepke, M. Kuchnir, P. Limon, D. Richied, C. Rode, R. Steining, S. Stoy, G. Tool
Magnetic Field Measurements on ISABELLE Storage Ring Magnets field, quadrupole, sextupole, skew 3903
  • E. Bleser, P. Dahl, D. Gardner, J. Kaugerts, A. McInturff, K. Robins, W. Sampson, P. Schewe
Implementation of the ORIC Magnetic Field Measurements acceleration, cyclotron, field, ion 3907
  • T.P. Cleary
Field Processing Methods Developed for a Separated-Sector Cyclotron cyclotron, equilibrium, field, focusing 3910
  • G.F. Burdzik
Magnet Protection using ZNR Surge Suppressors impedance, ion, lifetime, thermal 3934
  • H. Pfeffer, D.A. Wolff
A Fast Energy Dump for Beam Line Magnets neutrino 3936
  • R.C. Trendler
Power for the Fermilab Tevatron Helium Liquefier acceleration, controls, field, impedance 3938
  • J. Hoover, S. Orr, J. Ryk, A.T. Visser
How to Mass Produce Reliable Cryostats for large Particle Accelerators field, survey, thermal, vacuum 3941
  • B.P. Strauss, G.H. Biallas, R.J. Powers
The Effect of Large Delays on Beam RF Phase Lock Loops acceleration, feedback, ion, proton 3944
  • J.E. Griffin
A High-Speed Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for the Fermilab Booster Low-Level RF System booster, feedback, impedance, spectrum 3953
  • S.P. Jachim
The RF Reference Line for PEP cw, feedback, synchrotron, thermal 3956
  • H.D. Schwarz, J.N. Weaver
Common Anode Amplifier Development cathode, feedback, impedance, resonance 3959
  • T.W. Hardek, W.E. Chyna
Design of Circuits for Coupling Power Amplifiers to Resonators coupling, cyclotron, impedance, resonance 3962
  • A.H. Botha, F.S. Van der Merwe
A Review of Some Dynamic Loss Properties of Ni-Zn Accelerator RF System Ferrite booster, ferrite, field, resonance 3965
  • J.E. Griffin, G. Nicholls
A 34 kA Rapid Cycling PFN Power Supply for Driving Injection Magnets booster, impedance, injection, timing 3974
  • K.R. Bourkland
The 10 Millisecond 150 Kiloampere Pulsed Power Supply for the Fermilab Neutrino Focussing Horn impedance, neutrino, radiation, target 3977
  • R.C. Trendler
Subharmonic Ripple Reduction in SCR-Type Magnet Power Supplies booster, feedback, field, spectrum 3986
  • R.J. Yarema
Measurement of the Electron Loss Cross Sections for Negative Hydrogen Ions on Carbon at 200 MeV booster, electron, field, injection 4012
  • R.C. Webber, C. Hovjat
A Transformer Septum Magnet field, radiation, septum, vacuum 4024
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg, K. Thompson
Factors Determining the Choice of the Beam Tuber Material and the Vacuum Chamber Design for a Superconducting High Energy Storage Accelerator bunching, electron, thermal, vacuum 4042
  • J. Aggus, D. Edwards, Jr., H.J. Halama, J. Herrera
Pressure Development During Energy Doubler Quenches capillary, extraction, impedance, quench 4045
  • M. Kuchnir, K. Koepke
Eight-Tesla Sychrotron Dipoles - Design Alternatives cryogenics, field, induction, thermal 4047
  • W.S. Gilbert, G.R. Lambertson, R.B. Meuser
ESCAR, Tests of Superconducting Bending Magnets at the Accelerator Site extraction, field, quench, vacuum 4050
  • W.S. Gilbert, G.R. Lambertson, R.B. Meuser, J.B. Renchen
A Superconducting Dipole for the Fermilab Switchyard field, instrumentation, vacuum 4056
  • J. Walton, R. Dixon, H. Edwards, J. McCarthy
A Device to Measure Quadrupole Gradient-Length Product field, octupole, quadrupole, sextupole 4058
  • D. Reagan
A New Low Level RF System for the Fermilab Booster CAMAC, booster, feedback, software 4061
  • K.G. Meisner, J.E. Griffin, E.F. Higgins, S.P. Jachim
Bipolar Operation of the Main Ring Magnet Supplies cooling water, field, impedance, thermal 4063
  • K.R. Bourkland, J. A. Dinkel
The Supply of the 148 MW Pulsed Power to the CERN SPS and the Associated Mains Voltage Stabilization and Filtering coupling, damping, impedance, instability 4066
  • O. Bayard
Hardware Implementation and Test Results of PEP Chopper Magnet Power Supply System CAMAC, chopper, coupling, injection 4072
  • L.T. Jackson, W.S. Flood
Trace Impurity Analyzer field, focusing, monitoring, proton 4091
  • W.J. Schneider, D. Edwards, Jr.
Helium Refrigeration System and Cryogenic System for Superconducting Switchyard Magnets at Fermilab controls, halo, quench, thermal 4093
  • R.A. Andrews, J.A. Appel, R.L. Dixon, R.D. Kephart, J. King, R.J. Kolar, S.L. Lackey, J.D. McCarthy, R.D. Oberholtzer, E.R. Oetting, A.F. Tummillo
Cyrogenic Supply and Boil-Off Removal for a LHe Cyropump in a 4 bar SF6 Insulated 1 MV Accelerator acceleration, ion, plasma, vacuum 4096
  • H.D. Falter, W. Obert
Process Control System for the Tevatron Liquefier field, monitoring, quench, spectrum 4099
  • R.S. Ahlman, H.R. Barton Jr., J.E. Harder, G.A. Hodge, J.A. Hoover, M.E. Price, R.K. Rihel, V.T. Sauter, R.J. Walker, D.M. Wilslef
Energy Doubler Refrigeration System instrumentation, quench, thermal, vacuum 4102
  • P.D. Brindza, D.E. Richied, C.H. Rode
Central Liquefier for the Fermilab Tevatron monitoring 4105
  • R.S. Ahlman, H.R. Barton Jr., J.E. Harder, G.A. Hodge, J.A. Hoover, M.E. Price, R.K. Rihel, V.T. Sauter, R.J. Walker, D.M. Wilslef
Operational Experiences with Coupled-Cavity Structures in a High Duty Factor Accelerator electron, field, resonance, software 4108
  • G.E. McMichael, J. McKeown
30-53 MHz Super Cavities for 10-GeV Acceleration in the Fermilab Booster Ring acceleration, booster, dielectric, ferrite 4111
  • Q.A. Kerns, M.P. May, H.W. Miller, J.S. Reid
A 50-mA Negative Hydrogen-Ion Source cathode, extraction, injection, ion 4120
  • C.W. Schmidt, C.D. Curtis
The Insulating Stack for the NSF Tandem Accelerator Van de Graaff, commissioning, survey, vacuum 4126
  • J.M. Leese
One Nanosecond Pulsed Electron Gun Systems cathode, electron, gun, injection 4129
  • R.F. Koontz
The PEP Laser Surveying System alignment, laser, survey, target 4140
  • T. Lauritzen, R.C. Sah
An Inexpensive Positron Converter of High Reliability and High Yield field, positron, target, vacuum 4146
  • G. Stange
A CAMAC Based High-Resolution Repetitive Waveform Generator CAMAC, booster, diagnostics, software 4149
  • R.J. Ducar, T.M. Tomasko, L.A. Winterowd
High Resolution Digital Time Base electron, synchrotron, timing, tune 4152
  • R.E. Meller
Invited Paper- Current Status of Collective Accelerators acceleration, electron, field, ion 4156
  • N. Rostoker
The Experimental Test Accelerator (ETA) cathode, electron, gun, induction 4180
  • R.E. Hester, D.G. Bubp, A.W. Chesterman, J.C. Clark, E.G. Cook, W.L. Dexter, A.A. Faltens, T.J. Fessenden, L.L. Reginato, T.T. Yokota
High Flux Ion, and Odd Multi-Half-Wave Length Resonant Transformer Accelerators in the Space and Time Domains electron, field, instability, ion 4214
  • K. Denno
Lasers and Accelerators cyclotron, electron, field, laser 4217
  • J. D. Lawson
Collective Ion Acceleration with an Intense REB in a Periodic Waveguide acceleration, electron, field, ion 4229
  • C.W. Roberson, P. Sprangle, C.M. Tang
Charged, Internally Switched Transmission Line Configurations for Electron Acceleration acceleration, dielectric, field, impedance 4245
  • D. Eccleshall, C.E. Hollandsworth, J.K. Temperley
The Multipactor Effect electron, field, proton, scattering 4280
  • W.J. Gallagher
Reutilization Potential of Accelerator Components: A Decommisioning Perspective electron, linac, proton, synchrotron 4286
  • J.H. Opelka, G.J. Marmer, R.L. Mundis, J.M. Peterson, B. Siskind
A Compact Standing-Wave Electron Linac with RF Drive System using 3 dB Hybrid Junction coupling, electron, field, linac 4292
  • V.F. Vikulov, V.E. Kalyuzhny, V.I. Kaminsky, N.N. Nechaev, V.V. Ruzin, N.P. Sobenin, V.V. Stepov, A.A. Zavadtsev, B.V. Zverev
Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility injection, ion, quadrupole, vacuum 4294
  • A.M. Baldwin, V.G. Antonenko, G.I. Batskich, V.P. Belov, Yu. D. Beznogikh, B.I. Bondarev, V.I. Chernikov, E.V. Chernykh, Yu.N. Denisov, V.V. Elyan, P.A. Fedotov, V.D. Fyodorov, V.M. Galitsky, V.M. Galkin, V.A. Glukhikh, E.P. Goryunov, O.A. Gusev, B. M. Gutner, I.B. Issinsky, V.I. Kamensky, V.N. Kapalin, A.D. Kirillov, I.F. Kolpakov, E.M. Kulakova, V.V. Kushkin, A.A. Kuzmin, A.L. Lebedev, L.G. Makarov, V.A. Mikahilov, A.I. Mikhailov, N.A. Monoszon, B.P. Murin, A.A. Ogloblin, V.M. Pirozhenko, A.I. Prokopiev, G.L. Saksagansky, I.N. Semenyushkin, I.A. Shelaev, I.A. Shukeilo, M. Sowinski, V.A. Tarabanko, V.A. Titov, V.I. Tsovbun, I.G. Umansky, A.A. Vasiliev, B.V. Vasilishin, N.I. Venikov, V.E. Yarosh, L.I. Yudin, V.B. Zalmanzon