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Keyword: betatron

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Common Mode Noise on the Main Tevatron Bus and Associated Beam Emittance Growth emittance, field, proton, tune 93
  • P. Zhang, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, D. Siergiej, D. Wolff
A Transitionless Lattice for the Fermilab Main Injector accelerator, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 159
  • K.Y. Ng, S.Y. Lee, D. Trbojevic
Examination of the Stability of the Advanced Imaginary t Lattice field, lattice, quadrupole, tune 162
  • K.Y. Ng, S.Y. Lee, D. Trbojevic
Status of the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project coupling, field, lattice, luminosity 183
  • L.M. Barkov, S.A. Belomestnykh, V.V. Danilov, N.S. Dikansky, A.N. Filippov, B.I. Grishanov, P.M. Ivanov, I.A. Koop, O.B. Malyshev, B.L. Militsyn, S.S. Nagaitsev, I.N. Nesterenko, E.A. Perevedentsev, D.V. Pestrikov, L.M. Schegolev, I.K. Sedlyarov, Y.M. Shatunov, E.A. Simonov, A.N. Skrinsky, I.B. Vasserman, V.G. Vescherevich, P.D. Vobly, E.I. Zinin
Compensation of the Chromatic Effects in the Novosibirsk -Factory Lattice focusing, lattice, sextupole, tune 186
  • V.V. Danilov, A.N. Filippov, P.M. Ivanov, I.A. Koop, E.A. Perevedentsev
Observation and Analysis of Time-Dependent Closed Orbit Motion in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring injection, proton, space-charge, tune 228
  • R. Hutson, D. Fitzgerald, R. Macek
Quantum Variances for Transverse SSC Injection Dynamics collider, emittance, injection, proton 231
  • T. Garavaglia
Chromaticity Modelling in the Fermilab Main Ring field, octupole, sextupole, tune 294
  • J.E. Goodwin, S.M. Pruss
Application of Differential-and-Lie-Algebraic Techniques to the Orbit Dynamics of Cyclotrons acceleration, cyclotron, extraction, field 303
  • W.G. Davies, S.R. Douglas, G.E. Lee-Whiting, G.D. Pusch
Implementation of One-Turn Maps in SSCTRK Using ZLIB accelerator, collider, lattice, simulation 339
  • S.K. Kauffmann, D.M. Ritson, Y.T. Yan
Electron Density Enhancement in a Quasi Isochronous Storage Ring acceptance, brightness, radiation, synchrotron 398
  • C. Pellegrini, D. Robin
First Turn Around Strategy for RHIC injection, lattice, quadrupole, software 413
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
IONSCAN: A Program for Optimizing Charge-State Combinations and Calculating Operating Parameters for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, injection 425
  • H. Lindqvist
Collective Effects in Single Bunch Mode at the Photon Factory Storage Ring impedance, photon, synchrotron, tune 440
  • N. Nakamura, K. Haga, M. Izawa, T. Katsura, S. Sakanaka
Chromatic Correction in the CEBAF Beam Transport System accelerator, lattice, recirculation, sextupole 449
  • D.R. Douglas
Transverse Phase Space in the Presence of Dispersion collider, emittance, focusing, linac 461
  • N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Measurements of Synchro-Betatron Coupling by an RF Cavity in CESR coupling, resonance, synchrotron, tune 464
  • D. Rice, S. Greenwald, Z. Greenwald, S. Peck
Tune Modulated Beam-Beam Resonances in the Tevatron collider, proton, resonance, tune 473
  • S. Saritepe, S. Peggs
Is Beta Modulation More or Less Potent than Tune Modulation? accelerator, resonance, simulation, tune 476
  • T. Satogata, S. Peggs
Coherent Beam-Beam Interaction in DANE collider, electron, resonance, tune 482
  • K. Hirata, E. Keil
Synchrotron Radiation Perturbations in Long Transport Lines electron, emittance, radiation, synchrotron 517
  • G. Leleux, P. Nghiem, A. Tkatchenko
Incoherent Beam-Beam Effects for Round Beams in the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project coupling, damping, resonance, synchrotron 523
  • N.S. Dikansky, P.M. Ivanov, D.V. Pestrikov, E.A. Simonov
Longitudinal Beam-Beam Effects for an Ultra-High Luminosity Regime coupling, simulation, synchrotron, tune 526
  • V.V. Danilov, P.M. Ivanov, E.A. Perevedentsev, E.A. Simonov, A.N. Skrinsky
Compensation of Coherent Tune Shift of Betatron Oscillation in Storage Rings accumulation, damping, field, tune 529
  • V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.A. Sery, V.D. Shiltsev
Dispersion and Betatron Matching into the Linac damping, emittance, lattice, quadrupole 905
  • F.-J. Decker, C.E. Adolphsen, W.J. Corbett, P. Emma, I. Hsu, H. Moshammer, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Acceleration of Polarized Proton in High Energy Accelerators accelerator, proton, resonance, tune 1059
  • S.Y. Lee
Measurement of Octupole Induced Decoherence at CESR damping, octupole, sextupole, tune 1080
  • J.M. Byrd, D. Sagan
Beam Size Measurement at High Radiation Levels accelerator, emittance, field, radiation 1192
  • F.-J. Decker
Beam Diagnostic Systems in the IUCF Cooler and Cyclotron cyclotron, diagnostics, feedback, timing 1210
  • M.S. Ball, T.J.P. Ellison, B.J. Hamilton
Tune Trackers for the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, spectrum, target, tune 1252
  • J. Fitzgerald, R. Gonzalez
Diagnostics for the MLI Model 1.2-400 Synchrotron Light Source diagnostics, lattice, linac, monitoring 1261
  • D.Y. Wang, R. Legg
The Tune Meter Systems at the AGS Complex booster, ferrite, kicker, tune 1273
  • W.K. van Asselt, L.A. Ahrens, P.R. Cameron, S. Mandell, G.A. Smith, W. Zhang
Betatron Tune Measurement and Control in the PETRA Proton Ring electron, field, proton, tune 1276
  • S. Herb
Design of 4-8 GHz Stochastic Cooling Equalizers for the Fermilab Accumulator emittance, feedback, kicker, stochastic cooling 1392
  • D. McGinnis, J. Marriner
A Beam Diagnostic System for ELSA accelerator, electron, extraction, tune 1543
  • M. Schillo, K.H. Althoff, W.v. Drachenfels, T. Goetz, D. Husmann, M. Neckenig, M. Picard, W. Schauerte, F.J. Schittko, J. Wenzel
Grid Scans: A Transfer Map Diagnostic damping, emittance, extraction, focusing 1549
  • P. Emma, W. Spence
Beam Steering Using Quadrupoles as Position Monitors acceptance, alignment, quadrupole, target 1564
  • J.-Y. Hémery, T. Pettersson
The Pulsers of the Damping Injection Oscillation Systems for the UNK I-Stage accelerator, damping, injection, kicker 1582
  • I.N. Ivanov, V.V. Akimov, V.B. Ermakov, T.A. Latypov, N.A. Malachov, G.L. Mamaev, V.A. Mel'nikov, N.V. Pilyar, A.S. Shcheulin
Particle Amplitude Growth Due to Single or Repetitive Resonance Crossing octupole, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1585
  • S.R. Mane, W.T. Weng
Invariant Metrics for Hamiltonian Systems accelerator, fringe fields, lattice, sextupole 1630
  • G. Rangarajan, A.J. Dragt, F. Neri
Beam-Beam Interaction and High Order Resonances emittance, proton, resonance, tune 1639
  • S. Tepikian, S.Y. Lee
Single Beam Crab Dynamics accelerator, coupling, synchrotron, tune 1642
  • T. Chen, D. Rubin
Emittance Growth Due to Beam Motion emittance, ion, quadrupole, tune 1645
  • K.Y. Ng, J.M. Peterson
A Comparison of Transition Jump Schemes for the Main Injector field, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1660
  • S. Peggs, A. Bogacz, F. Harfoush
High-Luminosity Insertion for a B-Meson Factory insertion, quadrupole, synchrotron, tune 1675
  • B. Autin
Diffusive Transport Enhancement by Isolated Resonances and Distribution Tails Growth in Hadronic Beams damping, multipole, resonance, tune 1678
  • A. Gerasimov
Evaluation of the Synchrotron Close Orbit acceleration, ion, lattice, synchrotron 1681
  • Yu.A. Bashmakov, V.A. Karpov
Method for Calculating Strong Synchrotron Tune Modulation of Depolarizing Resonances in Storage Rings polarization, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1690
  • S.R. Mane
Characterization and Monitoring of Transverse Beam Tails accelerator, electron, emittance, linac 1734
  • J.T. Seeman, F.-J. Decker, I. Hsu, C. Young
Measurement of the Resistive Wall Instability in the Fermilab Main Ring damping, feedback, injection, instability 1755
  • G. Jackson
A Test of Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling in the Fermilab Tevatron Collider emittance, kicker, proton, spectrum 1758
  • G. Jackson, E. Buchanan, J. Budlong, E. Harms, G. Lee, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis, R. Pasquinelli, D. Peterson, D. Poll, D. Rohde, P. Seifrid, D. Voy
Intrabeam Scattering in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator accelerator, antiproton, emittance, scattering 1773
  • C.M. Bhat, J. Marriner
Instability Calculations for the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring impedance, instability, simulation, target 1791
  • K.D. Jacobs, K. Balewski, P.T. Demos, J.B. Flanz, J. Wurtele, X.T. Yu, A. Zolfaghari
Diagnosis and Cure of a Transverse Instability in the NSLS VUV Ring damping, field, instability, tune 1794
  • J. Rose, R. Biscardi, W. Broome, R. D'Alsace, J. Keane, J.M. Wang
Modified Octupoles for Damping Coherent Instabilities emittance, field, octupole, tune 1797
  • M. Cornacchia, W.J. Corbett, K. Halbach
Simulation of Multibunch Instabilites in the Damping Ring of JLC damping, field, radiation, tune 1833
  • K. Kubo
Construction of an RF Quadrupole Magnet for Suppressing Transverse Coupled-Bunch Instabilities field, instability, quadrupole, tune 1836
  • S. Sakanaka, T. Mitsuhashi
Low Loss Parameter for New CESR Electrostatic Separators field, impedance, luminosity, vacuum 1851
  • J. Welch, Z.X. Xu
Effects of Quadrupole Wake Field on RF Focusing in Linear Colliders field, focusing, quadrupole, wakefield 1860
  • A. N. Didenko, V.N. Gusarov, G.A. Kuzmenko
Dynamic Aperture Effects Due to Linear Coupling coupling, field, focusing, quadrupole 1875
  • G. Parzen
Resonance Seeding of Stability Boundaries in Two and Four Dimensions accelerator, resonance, sextupole, tune 1881
  • L. Michelotti
Modelling of Space Charge Effects in the CERN Proton Synchrotron coupling, injection, synchrotron, tune 1890
  • M. Martini, O. Ponomarev
Observation of Space-Charge Effects in the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring accelerator, proton, space-charge, tune 1893
  • D. Neuffer, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Hutson, R. Macek, M. Plum, H. Thiessen, T.-S. Wang
Nonlinear Dynamics in the Booster of the Moscow Kaon Factory booster, field, lattice, multipole 1899
  • N.I. Golubeva, A.I. Iliev, Yu.V. Senichev
Racetrack Lattices for Low-Medium-Energy Synchrotrons accelerator, booster, lattice, tune 1904
  • A.I. Iliev, Yu.V. Senichev
Summary of the Emittance Control in the SLC Linac damping, emittance, linac, wakefield 2064
  • J.T. Seeman, C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, F.-J. Decker, P.J. Emma, I. Hsu, T. Limberg, L. Merminga, M. Ross, W. Spence
Determination of the Particle Momentum in LEP from Precise Magnet Measurements accelerator, field, induction, injection 2122
  • J. Billan, J.P. Gourber, K.N. Henrichsen
The Physical Way of Standardizing Magnets accelerator, field, quadrupole, software 2143
  • F.-J. Decker
Crab Cavity Development for the Cornell B-Factory, CESR-B accelerator, field, multipacting, polarization 2423
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, C. Chen, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, D. Rubin, Y. Samed, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu, M. Tigner, D. Zu
Emittance Growth in Mismatched Charged Particle Beams emittance, focusing, plasma, simulation 2497
  • M. Reiser
Correction of the First Order Beam Transport of the SLC Arcs commissioning, coupling, lattice, optics 2500
  • N. Walker, T. Barklow, P. Emma, P. Krejcik
Real Time Global Orbit Feedback System for NSLS X-Ray Ring accelerator, brightness, feedback, x-ray 2542
  • L.H. Yu, R. Biscardi, J. Bittner, A.M. Fauchet, S. Krinsky, R.J. Nawrocky, J. Rothman, O.V. Singh, K.M. Yang
Beam Dynamics and RF Evolution in a Multistage Klystron-Like Free-Electron Laser damping, injection, ion, simulation 2551
  • K. Takayama
Aladdin II+ lattice, quadrupole, radiation, synchrotron 2643
  • W.S. Trzeciak, D.C. Morin
Lattice Design of the SRRC 1.3 GeV Storage Ring emittance, field, lattice, tune 2670
  • C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo, J.C. Lee, M.H. Wang
Theoretical Minimum Emittance Lattice for an Electron Storage Ring electron, emittance, lattice, synchrotron 2679
  • S.Y. Lee, L. Teng
A Low Vertical Mode for the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring insertion, lattice, lifetime, tune 2781
  • L. Lin, P. Tavares
The ADRIA Project acceleration, electron, ion, target 2820
  • A. Dainelli, A. Lombardi, A. Ratti, A.G. Ruggiero
Low Momentrum Compaction Lattice Study for the SSC Low Energy Booster booster, extraction, lattice, tune 2829
  • E.D. Courant, A. Garren, U. Wienands
Feasibility of a Factory in KEK damping, factory, injection, luminosity 2847
  • K. Hirata, K. Ohmi
High Frequency Betatrons acceleration, field, induction, injection 2874
  • D.R. Winn
Measurement and Tuning of Beam Parameters in the Heavy Ion Storage Ring ESR coupling, electron, field, ion 2880
  • F. Nolden, S. Baumann, K. Beckert, H. Eickhoff, B. Franczak, B. Franzke, O. Klepper, W. Konig, U. Schaaf, H. Schulte, P. Spadtke, M. Steck, J. Struckmeier
Performance of LEP and Future Plans coupling, luminosity, optics, polarization 2891
  • J.-P. Koutchouk
Magnet Design for SLIA Proof-of-Concept Experiment accelerator, alignment, field, quadrupole 3123
  • V. Bailey, R. Curry, J. Lidestri, M. Tiefenback, D. Wake
Fast Risetime Magnetic Field Coil for Electron Beam Propagation Studies electron, emittance, field, focusing 3141
  • D.J. Weidman, W.C. Freeman, J.D. Miller, K.T. Nguyen, M.J. Rhee, R.F. Schneider, R.A. Stark
Effect of Wakefields on First Order Transport in the SLC Linac acceleration, linac, simulation, wakefield 3207
  • C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, J.T. Seeman
Transverse Equilibria in Linear Collider Beam-Beam Collisons emittance, equilibrium, luminosity, simulation 3225
  • J.B. Rosenzweig, P. Chen