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Keyword: tune

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Wiggler Tune Shift Compensation on the Daresbury SRS emittance, lattice, quadrupole, wiggler 208
  • M.W. Poole, J.B. Lyall, V.P. Suller
Design of High Average Power Linear Electron Accelerator Sections electron, linac, target, thermal 231
  • T. Buller
High Luminosity Operation of the Cornell Electron Storage Ring accelerator, luminosity, rf cavities, vacuum 444
  • D. Rice
SRS-2: Performance and Achievements betatron, brilliance, lattice, lifetime 467
  • V.P. Suller, J.N. Corlett, D.M. Dykes, S. Haslam, S. Hill, E.A. Hughes, M.W. Poole, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Thomson
Experience with Phase II Insertion Devices in the X-Ray Ring field, insertion, wiggler, x-ray 470
  • G. Decker, J. Galayda, S. Krinsky, L. Solomon
Operation of CESR as a Low Emittance X-Ray Source emittance, injection, quadrupole, undulator 473
  • E.B. Blum
Time-Varying Sextupole Corrections during the Tevatron Ramp collider, emittance, injection, sextupole 518
  • D.A. Herrup, B.C. Brown, R.W. Hanft, D.E. Johnson, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, M.J. Lamm, A.D. McInturff, M.J. Syphers, A.V. Tollestrup
Compensation of Time Varying Fields in the Tevatron Superconducting Magnets collider, field, injection, ion 521
  • D.E. Johnson, D.A. Herrup
Charge State Distributions for Heavy Ions in Carbon Stripper Foils acceleration, accelerator, ion, ionization 536
  • M.A. McMahan, B. Feinberg, R.F. Lebed
Observation and Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Betatron Oscillations during the Beam-Beam Collision betatron, damping, emittance, simulation 709
  • T. Ieiri, K. Hirata
A New Tevatron Collider Working Point near the Integer collider, luminosity, quadrupole, resonance 806
  • R.P. Johnson, P. Zhang
Lattice Design for the Pohang Synchrotron Light Source insertion, lattice, quadrupole, synchrotron 821
  • K. Nam, J. Choi, S. Hahn, S. Oh
Measurement and Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in the Weak/Strong Regime damping, lifetime, simulation, synchrotron 824
  • S.V. Milton, R.M. Littauer
Linear Beam-Beam Tune Shift Estimates for the Tevatron Collider emittance, injection, lattice, proton 857
  • D.E. Johnson
Tune Spectra in the Tevatron Collider antiproton, betatron, proton, synchrotron 860
  • G. Jackson
Compensation of Magnetic Imperfections in the SSC field, injection, lattice, multipole 869
  • R. Talman, L. Schachinger, T. Sun
Comparison of Analytical and Computational Estimates of Reduction in Linear Aperture in the Presence of Sextupole Field field, lattice, sextupole 897
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
Emittance Growth in a Storage Ring Due to Ground Motion damping, emittance, feedback, synchrotron 906
  • W. Chou
Observation and Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Betatron Oscillations during the Beam-Beam Collision betatron, damping, emittance, simulation 926
  • T. Ieiri, K. Hirata
Emittance Growth, Tune Shift, and the Bunched-Beam, Bunched-Beam Interaction collider, emittance, field, scattering 929
  • M.J. Rhoades-Brown, S. Tepikian
The Beam Tracking during the First Few Milliseconds of a Low Energy Booster emittance, field, sextupole, synchrotron 1061
  • S. Machida
BBU in Microtrons with Subharmonic Injection accelerator, bunching, electron, injection 1187
  • S. Penner
Stability of Beams Hollow in Longitudinal Phase Space feedback, halo, injection, synchrotron 1196
  • R. Baartman, F.W. Jones, S. Koscielniak, G.H. Mackenzie
Observation of the Tune Dependence of the Stability Threshold Current in the PSR closed-orbit, impedance, instability, proton 1199
  • T.F. Wang, E. Colton, A. Lombardi, D. Neuffer, H.A. Thiessen
Transverse Collective Instability in the PSR damping, impedance, instability, proton 1202
  • E.P. Colton, A. Lombardi, D. Neuffer, G. Swain, H.A. Thiessen, T.-S. Wang
Study of Collective Effects in a Low-Emittance PEP Lattice emittance, impedance, radiation, synchrotron 1208
  • S.L. Kramer, M. Borland, J. Galayda, A. Jackson, H. Winick, M.S. Zisman
Consequences of the Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy on the Performance of LEP 200 betatron, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 1298
  • F. Ruggiero
Precise Determination of the Amplitude Functions in Collider Insertions with an Application to LEP collider, insertion, quadrupole, radiation 1301
  • C. Bovet, C. Fischer
Beam Dynamics in Wigglers: Tracking in PEP with Damping Wigglers and Measurements at Spear damping, electron, field, wiggler 1307
  • J. Safranek
A New Design of the SSC Boosters field, injection, lattice, space-charge 1331
  • M.A. Furman, L.K. Chen
Prediction of Long-Term Beam Stability Using High Order Torroidal Invariants cyclotron, injection, lattice, multipole 1340
  • J. Irwin, Y.T. Yan
The Driven Pendulum, and E778 Tune Modulation accelerator, betatron, proton, resonance 1343
  • T. Chen, S. Peggs
Phasefix-Correcting the Tunes of the SLC Arcs accelerator, betatron, coupling, emittance 1352
  • J. Haïssinski, P. Bambade, K.L. Brown, D.L. Burke, T.H. Fieguth, A. Hutton, T. Mattison, J.J. Murray, N. Phinney, M. Placidi, M. Sands, J.C. Sheppard, N. Toge, A. Weinstein
Racetrack Lattices for the TRIUMF KAON Factory booster, extraction, injection, lattice 1355
  • R.V. Servranckx, M.K. Craddock, G. H. Rees, U. Wienands
Effect of Insertion Devices on Beam Dynamics of the 8 GeV Light Source Storage Ring field, insertion, optics, undulator 1361
  • R. Nagaoka, M. Hara, H. Tanaka, K. Tsumaki, K. Yoshida
Closed Orbit Analysis for the RHIC field, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 1370
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Comparison of Accelerator Codes for a RHIC Lattice accelerator, betatron, lattice, optics 1373
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Dynamic Aperture and Long Term Particle Stability in the Presence of Strong Sextupoles in the CERN SPS betatron, hadron, resonance, simulation 1376
  • J. Gareyte, A. Hilaire, F. Schmidt
Application of Collins' Distortion Functions emittance, lattice, sextupole, skew 1382
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Orbital Dynamics in the Tevatron Double Helix emittance, field, lattice, proton 1391
  • L. Michelotti, S. Saritepe
Beam-Beam Effects in the Strong-Strong Regime at the CERN-SPS acceleration, antiproton, background, proton 1403
  • L. Evans, J. Gareyte, M. Meddahi, R. Schmidt
Review of Beam Dynamics Experiments and Issues in Large Colliders emittance, injection, lifetime, resonance 1414
  • D.A. Edwards, M.J. Syphers
Differential Algebra, A New Tool accelerator, damping, field, ion 1419
  • M. Berz
Measurements of in the TEVATRON and Comparisons with Calculations injection, lattice, quadrupole, target 1427
  • N.M. Gelfand, R. Johnson, P. Zhang
Nonlinear Dynamics Experiment in the Tevatron extraction, injection, resonance, sextupole 1429
  • N. Merminga, A. Chao, T. Chen, D. Edwards, F. Finley, N. Gelfand, R. Gerig, M. Harrison, D. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Meller, P. Morton, S. Peggs, J. Peterson, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger, R. Siemann, M. Syphers, R. Talman
Multipole Correction in Synchrotrons accelerator, multipole, sextupole, synchrotron 1432
  • D. Neuffer
A Schottky Receiver for Non-Perturbative Tune Monitoring in the Tevatron antiproton, betatron, crystal, proton 1483
  • D. Martin, P. Cliff, B. Fellenz, B. Horton, G. Jackson, D. McConnell, R. Shafer, R. Siemann
A Resonant Beam Detector for Tevatron Tune Monitoring accelerator, betatron, impedance, vacuum 1486
  • D. Martin, B. Fellenz, C. Hood, M. Johnson, R. Shafer, R. Siemann, J. Zurawski
A Beam Characterization of H- Particles accelerator, emittance, linac, quadrupole 1504
  • A.A. Hassan, C.L. Fink, M.G. Rosing
The Measurement of the Twiss Parameters by Using Segmented Faraday Cups background, emittance, optics, timing 1586
  • C. Hummer, M. Rosing, R. Zolecki
Progress in Commissioning the IUCF Cooler acceleration, electron, injection, quadrupole 1608
  • T.J. Ellison, J.C. Collins, D.L. Friesel, W.P. Jones, P. Schwandt, W.T. Sloan
Beam-Beam Effects in Electron and Proton Colliders electron, emittance, luminosity, proton 1731
  • E. Keil
The Effects of Insertion Devices on Beam Dynamics in the ALS acceptance, insertion, lattice, undulator 1752
  • A. Jackson, E. Forest, H. Nishimura, M.S. Zisman
Real Time Closed Orbit Correction System betatron, electron, feedback, field 1792
  • L.H. Yu, R. Biscardi, J. Bittner, E. Bozoki, J. Galayda, S. Krinsky, R. Nawrocky, O. Singh, G. Vignola
Mini- Insertion and Luminosity for the RHIC Lattice insertion, ion, luminosity, proton 1795
  • S.Y. Lee, G.F. Dell, H. Hahn, G. Parzen, A.G. Ruggiero
Space-Charge Effects in the Fermilab Main Ring at 8-GeV accelerator, resonance, space-charge, synchrotron 1804
  • S.R. Mane
Helical Orbit Studies in the Tevatron antiproton, proton, quadrupole, skew 1818
  • G.P. Goderre, E. Malamud
CESR Plus damping, impedance, lattice, luminosity 1837
  • D.L. Rubin
An Asymmetric B-Meson Factory at PEP electron, luminosity, radiation, vacuum 1847
  • A. Garren, S. Chattopadhyay, Y. Chin, M. Donald, G. Feldman, P. Oddone, J.M. Paterson, J. Rees, M.S. Zisman
Bevalac Versatility: Operations Achievements in the Multitasking Mode accelerator, field, ion, target 1937
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, R. Miller, M. Tekawa