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Keyword: emittance

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The Status of the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, electron, linac, positron 1
  • R. Stiening
The Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility accelerator, cw, electron, linac 13
  • H.A. Grunder, J.J. Bisognano, W.I. Diamond, B.K. Hartline, C.W. Leemann, J. Mougey, R.M. Sundelin, R.C. York
The SPS Collider: Status and Outlook antiproton, lifetime, luminosity, proton 24
  • L.R. Evans
Commissioning of the SLC Injector damping, electron, gun, positron 43
  • J.C. Sheppard, P.S. Bambade, J.E. Clendenin, R.A. Gearhart, R.H. Miller, J. Sodja
Non-Plasma Based Advanced Methods of Acceleration accelerator, drive beam, electron, wakefield 59
  • R.H. Siemann
Experimental Beam Dynamics in the SLC Linac accelerator, electron, lattice, linac 73
  • J.T. Seeman, G.S. Abrams, C. Adolphsen, I.E. Campisi, W. Herrmannsfeldt, M. Lee, A. Petersen, E. Soderstrom, D. Tsang
A Very Large Interaction Region for the SSC insertion, luminosity, scattering, tune 97
  • D.E. Groom, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
Operation of CESR with Permanent Magnet Interaction Region Quadrupoles luminosity, radiation, tune, vacuum 130
  • S. Herb, J. Kirchgessner
Operation of the SPPS Separation Scheme antiproton, injection, proton, tune 133
  • K. Cornelis, L. Evans, A. Faugier, A. Hilaire, R. Schmidt
The Scaling of Linear Supercolliders Using Modified SLAC Structures field, focusing, linac, wakefield 148
  • D. Chernin, A. Mondelli
Low Emittance Optic for PETRA II electron, lattice, optics, sextupole 166
  • W. Brefeld, R. Brinkmann, J. Rossbach
Induction Linac-Based FELs accelerator, cathode, electron, wiggler 178
  • R.J. Briggs, D.L. Birx, D.S. Prono, D. Prosnitz, L.L. Reginato
RF Linac Based Free Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, focusing, wiggler 183
  • S. Penner
Analysis of Free Electron Laser Performance Utilizing the National Bureau of Standards' CW Microtron electron, field, radiation, wiggler 205
  • C.-M. Tang, X.K. Maruyama, S. Penner, P. Sprangle
High Brightness H+ and H- Sources electron, field, ion, plasma 259
  • A.J.T. Holmes
A Light Ion Four Rod RFQ Injector acceleration, field, impedance, ion 267
  • A. Schempp, M. Ferch, H. Klein
A Pulsed Electron Injector Using a Metal Photocathode Irradiated by an Excimer Laser cathode, electron, gun, laser 273
  • T.J. Kauppila, L.A. Builta, J.K. Crutcher, J.C. Elliott, D.C. Moir
AGS Preinjector Improvement acceptance, chopper, field, linac 276
  • J.G. Alessi, J.M. Brennan, J. Brodowski, H.N. Brown, R. Gough, A. Kponou, K. Prelec, J. Staples, J. Tanabe, R. Witkover, D. Yee
An Intense Ion Source for H- Cyclotrons brightness, extraction, ion, plasma 283
  • R. Baartman, K.R. Kendall, M. McDonald, P.W. Schmor, D. Yuan
Brightness of an Intense Electron Beam Generated by a Pulse-Laser Irradiated Photocathode brightness, cathode, electron, vacuum 286
  • P.E. Oettinger, I. Bursuc, E. Pugh, R.E. Shefer
H-Source and Beam Transport Experiments for a New RFQ chopper, extraction, field, plasma 304
  • J.G. Alessi, J.M. Brennan, A.H. Kponou, K. Prelec
High-Current Beam Transport in Electrostatic Accelerator Tubes accelerator, electron, field, solenoid 307
  • G. Ramian, L. Elais
Performance of the 5 MeV Injector for the NBS-Los Alamos Racetrack Microtron acceleration, accelerator, electron, linac 322
  • M.A. Wilson, R.L. Ayres, R.I. Cutler, P.H. Debenham, E.R. Lindstrom, D.L. Mohr, S. Penner, J. Rose, J. Stovall, L.M. Young
The TRIUMF Optically Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source electron, field, ion, polarization 364
  • C.D.P. Levy, W.M. Law, M. McDonald, P.W. Schmor
The Superconducting Cyclotron AGOR: Accelerator for Light and Heavy Ions acceleration, coupling, cyclotron, injection 376
  • S. Brandenburg
High Current Ion Source for RFQ Experiments extraction, field, ion, plasma 379
  • K. Langbein
New Developments with a High-Current Ion Source extraction, ion, ionization, plasma 382
  • R. Keller
Future Development for Synchrotron Radiation Sources at Stanford brightness, photon, radiation, wiggler 395
  • H. Wiedemann
Design Study for the Trieste Synchrotron Light Source injection, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 414
  • S. Tazzari
Overview of the European Synchrotron Light Source insertion, lattice, radiation, synchrotron 417
  • J.L. Laclare
BESSY II A Synchrotron Light Source of the Third Generation damping, lattice, lifetime, tune 422
  • R. Maier, W.D. Klotz, B. Simon, G. Wüstefeld, E. Weihreter
Calculation of Collective Effects and Beam Lifetimes for the LBL 1-2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source impedance, lifetime, single-bunch, synchrotron 425
  • S. Chattopadhyay, M.S. Zisman
Canted-Pole Transverse Gradients in Planar Undulators electron, field, focusing, undulator 428
  • K.E. Robinson, D.C. Quimby
Improvement of the Dynamic Aperture in Chasman Green Lattice Design Light Source Storage Rings electron, lattice, sextupole, tune 443
  • E.A. Crosbie
Lattice Design for 8 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source injection, lattice, sextupole, tune 452
  • M. Katoh, I Honjo, Y. Kamiya
Low Emittance Optics of Photon Factory Storage Ring at KEK factory, insertion, optics, photon 455
  • Y. Kamiya, A. Araki, I Honjo, M. Katoh, M. Kihara
Operation of PEP in a Low Emittance Mode ion, optics, photon, radiation 461
  • G. Brown, M. Berndt, R. Brown, J. Cerino, J. Christensen, M. Donald, B. Graham, R. Gray, E. Guerra, C. Harris, A. Hofmann, C. Hollosi, T. Jones, J. Jowett, R. Liu, P. Morton, J.M. Paterson, R. Pennacchi, L. Rivkin, T. Taylor, T. Troxel, F. Turner, J. Turner, P. Wang, H. Wiedemann, H. Winick
The Magnet Lattice of the LBL 1-2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source lattice, radiation, synchrotron, tune 476
  • A. Jackson
Calculation of the Touschek Lifetime in Electron Storage Rings acceptance, electron, lifetime, scattering 491
  • R.P. Walker
General Design Principles for Compact Low Emittance Synchrotron Radiation Sources damping, field, lattice, quadrupole 494
  • R.P. Walker, M.W. Poole, V.P. Suller, S.L. Thomson
Performance of Wire Scanner Beam Profile Monitors to Determine the Emittance and Position of High Power CW Electron Beams of the NBS-Los Alamos Racetrack Microtron cw, electron, microtron, scattering 625
  • R.I. Cutler, J. Owen, J. Whittaker
Some Applications of AI to the Problems of Accelerator Physics accelerator, betatron, monitoring, software 701
  • T. Higo, H. Shoaee, J.E. Spencer
Automated Emittance Measurements in the SLC background, collider, quadrupole, software 725
  • M.C. Ross, N. Phinney, G. Quickfall, J.C. Sheppard, H. Shoaee
The Micron Wire Scanner at the SPS antiproton, collider, proton, scattering 783
  • J. Bosser, J. Camas, L. Evans, G. Ferioli, J. Mann, O. Olsen, R. Schmidt
Transverse Beam Dampers for the FNAL Antiproton Rings accumulation, antiproton, betatron, kicker 791
  • J. Petter, J. Marriner, J. McCarthy
The Bevalac Upgrade Project extraction, ion, synchrotron, vacuum 854
  • J.R. Alonso, R.D. Dwinell, B. Feinberg, R. Frias, R.A. Gough, D.R. Howard, D.B. Hunt, G.F. Krebs, J.T. Krupnick, S.A. Lewis, J.N. Marx, R.M. Reimers, J.W. Staples, G.D. Stover, J. T. Tanabe
Injection and Accumulation Schemes for the AGS Booster booster, injection, linac, proton 870
  • Y.Y. Lee
The LBL Multiple Beam Experiments acceleration, accelerator, induction, ion 898
  • T.J. Fessenden, D. Keefe, C. Kim, H. Meuth, A. Warwick
An Experimental Program to Investigate the Strong Focussed, Spiral Line Recirculating Induction Accelerator accelerator, field, impedance, induction 920
  • V. Bailey, D. Chernin, A. Mondelli, J. Petello, S. Putnam, L. Schlitt, M. Tiefenback
Experimental Results of Beam Brightness Improvements at the Advanced Test Accelerator (ATA) accelerator, brightness, field, ion 934
  • J.T. Weir, J.K. Boyd, G.J. Caporaso, T.J. Orzechowski
Laser-Guiding of Relativistic Electron Beams with Applications to Flash X-Radiography accelerator, electron, equilibrium, laser 939
  • R.L. Carlson
Theoretical and Computational Analysis of IFR Beam Transport on Curved Channels electron, field, focusing, ion 960
  • W.W. Rienstra
ZAP and Its Application to the Optimization of Synchrotron Light Source Parameters injection, radiation, scattering, synchrotron 991
  • M.S. Zisman
The Effect of Nonlinear Forces on Coherently Oscillating Space-Charge-Dominated Beams betatron, focusing, lattice, simulation 996
  • C.M. Celata
Kiloamp High-Brightness Beams brightness, electron, field, space-charge 1001
  • G.J. Caporaso
Emittance Growth in Intense Beams accelerator, bunching, field, simulation 1006
  • T.P. Wangler, K.R. Crandall, R.S. Mills
Bunch Coalescing in the Fermilab Main Ring antiproton, booster, proton, synchrotron 1028
  • D. Wildman, P. Martin, K. Meisner, H.W. Miller
Correction of Persistent Current Effects on Dynamic Behavior of SCC Lattices lattice, multipole, sextupole, tune 1031
  • B.T. Leemann
Effect of the Space-Charge Force on Tracking at Low Energy lattice, space-charge, synchrotron, tune 1034
  • M.A. Furman
Emittance Growth in Intense Mismatched Beams halo, ion, simulation, space-charge 1043
  • O.A. Anderson, L. Soroka
Experimental Measurement of Emittance Growth in Mismatched Space-Charge-Dominated Beams accelerator, betatron, injection, ion 1046
  • M.G. Tiefenback
AB Initio Calculation of Nonlinear Transient Beam Dynamics for Ion Linacs and Injectors accelerator, field, ion, space-charge 1057
  • J.H. Whealton, M.A. Bell, B.D. Murphy, R.J. Raridon, K.E. Rothe, P.M. Ryan
Limits on the Transverse Phase Space Density in the Fermilab Booster booster, injection, space-charge, tune 1066
  • C. Ankenbrandt, S.D. Holmes
Performance of Tevatron I Core Stochastic Cooling Systems accumulation, kicker, proton, spectrum 1090
  • W. Kells, J. Marriner, S. Mtingwa, R. Pasquinelli
Simulation of a Programmed Frequency Shift Near Extraction from the Fermilab Booster booster, extraction, field, simulation 1108
  • P. Lucas, Q. Kerns
Simulation of Space Charge Effects and Transition Crossing in the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, impedance, simulation 1114
  • P. Lucas, J. MacLachlan
Simulation Studies of Emittance Growth from Image-Charge and Focusing-Field Nonlinearities in a Periodic Solenoidal Channel field, focusing, ion, simulation 1120
  • H. Rudd, I. Haber, M. Reiser
Study of Misalignment Effects in Electron Beam Transport Through a Periodic Solenoid Channel alignment, electron, field, gun 1135
  • M. Reiser, D. Kehne, K. Low, J. McAdoo, T. Shea
Study of the Dynamics of an Intense Beam Through an Achromatic Bend field, ion, quadrupole, simulation 1138
  • S.C. Chiu, E.L. Hubbard, D.E. Newman
Systematic Study of the Dependence of Lattice Dynamics on Cell Structure Parameters lattice, multipole, sextupole 1143
  • B.T. Leemann, É. Forest
The Influence of Density Distribution on the Stability of Beams focusing, instability, ion, thermal 1149
  • F.W. Guy, P. M. Lapostolle, T.P. Wangler
Three-Dimensional Corrections to the Longtiudinal Dynamics of a Long Beam in Periodically Focused Transport System betatron, field, focusing, simulation 1158
  • I. Haber
Transverse Combining of Nonrelativistic Beams in a Multiple Beam Induction Linac field, focusing, ion, lattice 1167
  • C.M. Celata, A. Faltens, D.L. Judd, L. Smith, M.G. Tiefenback
Beam Aperture and Emittance Growth in the AGS-Booster booster, coupling, resonance, tune 1170
  • Z. Parsa
Second Order Perturbation in the AGS-Booster accelerator, booster, resonance, tune 1179
  • Z. Parsa
Space Charge Limits in the AGS Booster accelerator, betatron, field, focusing 1182
  • G. Parzen
Aperture Studies on RHIC for 30 and 100 GeV/Nucleon Operation with Random and Systematic Magnet Errors betatron, ion, multipole, tune 1224
  • G.F. Dell, H. Hahn
The Beam Optics of the Argonne Positive-Ion Injector acceleration, focusing, ion, linac 1228
  • R.C. Pardo, M. Karls, K.W. Shepard
Beam-Beam Simulation for Colliding Bunchlets in CLIC luminosity, quadrupole, radiation, simulation 1231
  • S. Myers
Effects of Highly Charged, Solid Microparticles Captured in Negatively Charged Circulating Beams electron, field, radiation, scattering 1246
  • F. Pedersen
Limitation of Linear Colliders from Transverse RF Deflections betatron, lattice, linac, wakefield 1267
  • J.T. Seeman
Particle Longitudinal Diffusion Produced by High Frequency Cavity modulator, proton, resonance, synchrotron 1281
  • J.M. Kats
Perturbation Effects in the CEBAF Beam Transport Systems betatron, linac, quadrupole, recirculation 1295
  • D.R. Douglas, R.C. York
Progress in Space-Charge Limited Machines: Four Times the Design Intensity in the CERN Proton Synchrotron Booster feedback, injection, resonance, space-charge 1298
  • G. Gelato, L. Magnani, N. Rasmussen, H. Schönauer, K. Schindl
RF Steering in the CEBAF CW Superconducting Linac electron, field, linac, quadrupole 1307
  • R.C. York, C. Reece
Sextupole Correction for a Ring with Large Chromaticity and the Influence of Magnetic Errors on its Parameters lattice, resonance, sextupole, tune 1310
  • Y. Kamiya, I Honjo, M. Katoh
Slow Extraction from the KAON Factory Extender Ring extraction, resonance, septum, tune 1316
  • U. Wienands
Space-Charge-Induced Emittance Growth in the Transport of High-Brightness Electron Beams accelerator, electron, field, laser 1319
  • M.E. Jones, B.E. Carlsten
The Completed Design of the SLC Final Focus System field, luminosity, quadrupole, sextupole 1331
  • J.J. Murray, K.L. Brown, T. Fieguth
Transverse Damping in a 30 GHZ Very High Energy Linac alignment, field, linac, quadrupole 1346
  • H. Henke
Tune Space Manipulations in Jumping Depolarizing Resonances acceleration, equilibrium, resonance, tune 1353
  • L.G. Ratner, L.A. Ahrens
Emittance Growth in Rippled Solenoidal Magnetic Fields electron, field, focusing, induction 1359
  • R.J. Adler
Analysis of Orbit Perturbations of the SLC Arcs accelerator, collider, commissioning, damping 1361
  • W.T. Weng, A. Chao, J. Murray
The Injection Chicane of the NBS-Los Alamos Racetrack Microtron field, injection, linac, microtron 1452
  • P.H. Debenham, S.S. Bruce, S. Penner, M.A.D. Wilson
ACOL Stochastic Cooling Systems accumulation, antiproton, kicker, pick-up 1549
  • B. Autin, G. Carron, F. Caspers, S. Milner, L. Thorndahl, S. van der Meer
Commissioning of the RFQI Injector extraction, ion, proton, vacuum 1558
  • G.M. Arbique, L.F. Birney, A.D. Davidson, J.Y. Sheikh, T. Taylor, J.S.C. Wills
Photocathodes in Accelerator Applicatiions accelerator, electron, gun, laser 1705
  • J.S. Fraser, P.M. Giles, E.R. Gray, V.A. Loebs, R.L. Sheffield, R.W. Springer
Emittance Growth Caused by Bends in the Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser Energy Recovery Experiment beamline, field, laser, quadrupole 1755
  • B.E. Carlsten
Internal Targets in Storage Rings electron, lifetime, luminosity, target 1758
  • J.E. Spencer
Design of Achromatic Bending Systems in the Presence of Space Charge accelerator, beamline, coupling, space-charge 1767
  • A.J. Jason, B. Blind, E.A. Heighway, E.M. Svaton
The New FNAL Booster-to-Main Ring Beam Transport System accelerator, booster, injection, quadrupole 1770
  • M.J. Syphers
Survey and Alignment of Photon Factory Storage Ring at KEK factory, optics, photon, simulation 1777
  • A. Araki, I Honjo, Y. Kamiya, M. Katoh, M. Kihara
Experimental Investigation of Low Frequency Modes of a Single Cell RF Cavity accelerator, coupling, field, waveguide 1818
  • S. Fornaca, H. Boehmer, J.A. Edighoffer, C.E. Hess, A. Maschke, G.R. Neil, J.L. Orthel, M. Rhodes, H. A. Schwettman, T. I. Smith
Magnetic Channel Design Concepts for the Extraction of H- Ions from the TRIUMF Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, septum 1848
  • J.B. Pearson, E. DeVita, R. Laxdal, R. Lee, G.H. Mackenzie, T.C. Ries, R. Trellé, M. Zach
The Injector for the CEBAF CW Superconducting Linac accelerator, electron, electron gun, gun 1907
  • W. Diamond
Tilted Field RFQ's-An Alternative Design Approach accelerator, cw, field, ion 1913
  • B.G. Chidley, R.M. Hutcheon, G.E. McMichael
Accelerator Requirements for Strategic Defense accelerator, brightness, electron, ion 1960
  • R.L. Gullickson
Dynamics of Heavy Ion Beams During Longitudinal Compression accelerator, focusing, ion, space-charge 1994
  • D.D.M. Ho, R.O. Bangertere, S. Brandon, E.P. Lee, J.W.K. Mark