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Keyword: damping

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DANE: The Frascati -factory emittance, field, luminosity, wiggler 68
  • G. Vignola
Experimental Study of the Main Ring Transition Crossing booster, emittance, injection, instability 111
  • I. Kourbanis, K. Meisner, K.-Y. Ng
A B-Factory in the PETRA Tunnel background, feedback, quadrupole, radiation 135
  • F. Willeke
Accelerator Design of the KEK B-Factory accelerator, field, luminosity, tune 138
  • S.-i. Kurokawa, K. Satoh, F. Takasaki
JINR Tau-Charm Factory Design Considerations booster, factory, injection, vacuum 195
  • V.S. Alexandrov, V.K. Antropov, O.V. Arkhipov, P.F. Beloshitsky, L.V. Bobyleva, D.I. Kaltchev, V.I. Kazacha, N.Y. Kazarinov, A.K. Krasnykh, V.I. Mironov, L.M. Onischenko, E.A. Perelstein, A.N. Sissakian, Y.I. Smirnov, T.D. Vylov
A Different Approach to Beam-Beam Interaction Simulation electron, lifetime, resonance, simulation 291
  • S. Milton
Compensation of RF Transients During Injection into the Collector Ring of the TRIUMF KAON Factory factory, feedback, injection, synchrotron 377
  • S.R. Koscielniak, T.-S. Wang
Constant of Motion and Dynamic Equations for One Dimensional Autonomous System, and Radiation Damping accelerator, collider, proton, radiation 392
  • G. Lopez
Properties of the Longitudinal Equilibrium Distribution in a Storage Ring electron, equilibrium, radiation, synchrotron 416
  • V. Ziemann
Simulation of Accelerating Structures with Large Staggered Tuning acceleration, accelerator, coupling, field 431
  • K.A. Thompson, J.W. Wang
Nearly Equal at CESR emittance, lattice, simulation, tune 467
  • P. Bagley, M. Billing, S. Krishnagopal, D. Rubin, R. Siemann, J. Welch
A New Approach to Potential Well Bunch Deformation accelerator, electron, impedance, injection 488
  • J. Hagel, B. Zotter
Estimation of the Longitudinal Impedance of the ATF Damping Ring field, impedance, vacuum, wiggler 506
  • M. Takao, K.L.F. Bane, T. Higo, K. Kanazawa, H. Nakayama, J. Urakawa, K. Yokoya
Incoherent Beam-Beam Effects for Round Beams in the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project betatron, coupling, resonance, synchrotron 523
  • N.S. Dikansky, P.M. Ivanov, D.V. Pestrikov, E.A. Simonov
Compensation of Coherent Tune Shift of Betatron Oscillation in Storage Rings accumulation, betatron, field, tune 529
  • V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.A. Sery, V.D. Shiltsev
Direct Observation of Plasma Wakefield Caused by a Train of LINAC Bunches electron, linac, plasma, wakefield 622
  • A. Ogata, T. Kobayashi, T. Kozawa, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, Y. Nishida, H. Shibata, T. Ueda, Y. Yoshida, N. Yugami
Proton Synchrotron RF Cavity Mode Damper Tests accelerator, field, impedance, synchrotron 643
  • W.R. Smythe, C.C. Friedrichs, L.S. Walling
Use of Ferrite-50 to Strongly Damp Higher Order Modes ferrite, field, thermal, vacuum 664
  • D. Moffat, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
Current Status of RF System for the SPring-8 impedance, insertion, klystron, synchrotron 667
  • K. Inoue, M. Hara, Y. Kawashima, T. Nakamura
A New Approach in Simulating RF Linacs Using a General, Linear Real-Time Signal Processor accelerator, coupling, field, resonance 672
  • A. Young, S.P. Jachim
Higher Order Mode Damping in a Pill Box Cavity accelerator, coupling, field, waveguide 687
  • F. Voelker, G. Lambertson, R. Rimmer
Measurements on Prototype Cavities (352 MHz) for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) accelerator, field, impedance, instability 693
  • J.F. Bridges, J.M. Cook, R.L. Kustom, J.J.H. Song
Status Report on the ELETTRA R.F. System coupling, light source, synchrotron, waveguide 710
  • A. Massarotti, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik
Idle Superconducting RF Cavities for Bunch Focusing coupling, focusing, impedance, rf cavities 780
  • P. Marchand, L. Rivkin
Accelerating Cavity Development for the Cornell B-Factory, CESR-B coupling, extraction, impedance, waveguide 786
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, C. Chen, W. Hartung, M. Hiller, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, R. Ringrose, D. Rubin, Y. Samed, D. Saraniti, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu, M. Tigner
Computer Determination of HOM Damping for a Prototype JLC Accelerator Cavity and a Prototype B Factory Cavity accelerator, factory, resonance, waveguide 801
  • N.M. Kroll, R. Rimmer
SXLS RF Cavity and System ferrite, field, vacuum, waveguide 804
  • M. Thomas, R. Biscardi, R. D'Alsace, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, J. Rose
An RF Cavity for the B-Factory accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 819
  • R. Rimmer, M. Allen, J. Hodgeson, K. Ko, N. Kroll, G. Lambertson, R. Pendleton, H. Schwarz, F. Voelker
Dispersion and Betatron Matching into the Linac betatron, emittance, lattice, quadrupole 905
  • F.-J. Decker, C.E. Adolphsen, W.J. Corbett, P. Emma, I. Hsu, H. Moshammer, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Problems with Tap-Changing Power Supplies acceleration, accelerator, coupling, cyclotron 923
  • J. Budnick, R. Forgas
Active Filter for the DESY III Dipole Circuit feedback, injection, simulation, synchrotron 932
  • W. Bothe
Transient Analysis of the AGS-Booster Ring Dipole and Qudrupole Magnet System booster, impedance, quadrupole, simulation 940
  • W. Zhang, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
The Frascati -Factory Injection System electron, injection, linac, positron 961
  • R. Boni, S. Kulinski, M. Preger, B. Spataro, M. Vescovi, G. Vignola
The Proposed Injection System for an Asymmetric B Factory in the PEP Tunnel factory, injection, linac, positron 982
  • E. Bloom, W. Barletta, F. Bulos, G. Loew, T. Mattison, R. Miller, B. Sukiennicki
SLC Kicker Magnet Limitations ferrite, field, impedance, kicker 996
  • R. Cassel, G. Bowden, F. Bulos, A. Donaldson, D. Fiander, T. Mattison, J. Weaver
X-Band Accelerating Structure for Japan Linear Collider collider, field, linac, waveguide 1011
  • T. Higo, K. Kubo, M. Takao, K. Takata
Design of an Accelerating Cavity for the Superconducting Super Collider Low-Energy Booster acceleration, booster, ferrite, field 1020
  • C.C. Friedrichs, B.M. Campbell, L. Walling
The Coherent Beam-Beam Interaction feedback, field, resonance, simulation 1071
  • S. Krishnagopal, R. Siemann
Measurement of Octupole Induced Decoherence at CESR betatron, octupole, sextupole, tune 1080
  • J.M. Byrd, D. Sagan
Orbit Monitoring in the SLC accelerator, background, monitoring, software 1284
  • L. Sanchez-Chopitea, P. Emma, D. Van Olst
Longitudinal Damping System for the Fermilab Booster booster, instability, software, synchrotron 1386
  • I. Haberman, I. Rypshtein
General, Database-Driven Fast-Feedback System for the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, controls, feedback, software 1419
  • F. Rouse, S. Allison, S. Castillo, T. Gromme, B. Hall, L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, K. Krauter, B. Sass, H. Shoaee
The Transverse Damper System for RHIC emittance, injection, kicker, pick-up 1422
  • J. Xu, J. Claus, E. Raka, A.G. Ruggiero, T.J. Shea
Machine Protection Schemes for the SLC accelerator, controls, electron, linac 1502
  • M.C. Ross
Grid Scans: A Transfer Map Diagnostic betatron, emittance, extraction, focusing 1549
  • P. Emma, W. Spence
The Pulsers of the Damping Injection Oscillation Systems for the UNK I-Stage accelerator, betatron, injection, kicker 1582
  • I.N. Ivanov, V.V. Akimov, V.B. Ermakov, T.A. Latypov, N.A. Malachov, G.L. Mamaev, V.A. Mel'nikov, N.V. Pilyar, A.S. Shcheulin
Kick Factorization of Symplectic Maps accelerator 1621
  • A.J. Dragt, I.M. Gjaja, G. Rangarajan
Non-Linear Resonance Studies at the Synchrotron Radiation Center, Stoughton, Wisconsin radiation, resonance, sextupole, simulation 1624
  • E. Crosbie, J. Bridges, Y. Cho, D. Ciarlette, R. Kustom, Y. Liu, K. Symon, L. Teng, W. Trzeciak
Further Dynamic Aperture Studies on a Wiggler-Based Ultra-Low-Emittance Damping Ring Lattice emittance, field, octupole, sextupole 1633
  • L. Emery
Diffusive Transport Enhancement by Isolated Resonances and Distribution Tails Growth in Hadronic Beams betatron, multipole, resonance, tune 1678
  • A. Gerasimov
Coupled-Bunch Instabilites in the APS Ring impedance, radiation, synchrotron, tune 1713
  • L. Emery
Damping of Higher-Order Modes in a Threefold Symmetry Accelerating Structure accelerator, field, resonance, waveguide 1716
  • D. Yu, N. Kroll
Wakefield Suppression Using Beatwave Structures accelerator, electron, instability, wakefield 1719
  • D. Yu, J.S. Kim
Measurement of the Resistive Wall Instability in the Fermilab Main Ring betatron, feedback, injection, instability 1755
  • G. Jackson
Multibunch Instability Investigation on a Cavity Equipped with a Broad HOM Suppressor impedance, instability, radiation, waveguide 1782
  • E. Karantzoulis
Diagnosis and Cure of a Transverse Instability in the NSLS VUV Ring betatron, field, instability, tune 1794
  • J. Rose, R. Biscardi, W. Broome, R. D'Alsace, J. Keane, J.M. Wang
Simulation of Longitudinal Phase Space in the SLC bunch compression, linac, radiation, spectrum 1800
  • K.L.F. Bane
A Feedback for Longitudinal Instabilities in the SLC Damping Rings coupling, feedback, instability, tune 1806
  • Y. Chao, P. Corredoura, T. Limberg, H. Schwarz, P. Wilson
Simulation of Multibunch Instabilites in the Damping Ring of JLC betatron, field, radiation, tune 1833
  • K. Kubo
Longitudinal Beam Response Measurements at CESR accelerator, equilibrium, impedance, synchrotron 1842
  • J.M. Byrd
Coupled Bunch Motion in Large Size Rings accelerator, coupling, feedback, field 1854
  • P.L. Morton, R.D. Ruth, K.A. Thompson
Simulation and Stability of a Crab Cavity feedback, radiation, resonance, synchrotron 1857
  • Z. Greenwald, S. Greenwald, D. Rice
Emittance Control in Linear Colliders alignment, emittance, linac, wakefield 2037
  • R.D. Ruth
Application of Superconductiong RF to Linear Colliders emittance, field, linac, luminosity 2042
  • H. Padamsee
Accelerator Test Facility for the JLC Project accelerator, electron, klystron, x-band 2047
  • S. Takeda
Summary of the Emittance Control in the SLC Linac betatron, emittance, linac, wakefield 2064
  • J.T. Seeman, C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, F.-J. Decker, P.J. Emma, I. Hsu, T. Limberg, L. Merminga, M. Ross, W. Spence
SLC Positron Source-Simulation and Performance accelerator, linac, positron, target 2098
  • R. Pitthan, H. Braun, J.E. Clendenin, S.D. Ecklund, R.H. Helm, A.V. Kulikov, A.C. Odian, G.X. Pei, M. Ross, M.D. Woodley
Operational Experience with SLC Damping Ring Kicker Magnets ferrite, field, kicker, thermal 2331
  • T. Mattison, R. Cassel, A. Donaldson, G. Gross, A. Harvey
Control of Coupled-Bunch Instabilities in High-Current Storage Rings electron, feedback, impedance, kicker 2537
  • G. Lambertson
Beam Dynamics and RF Evolution in a Multistage Klystron-Like Free-Electron Laser betatron, injection, ion, simulation 2551
  • K. Takayama
Modelling of the Transverse Mode Suppressor for Dielectric Wake-Field Accelerator accelerator, dielectric, field, wakefield 2554
  • W. Gai, C.-H. Ho
Orbits, Tunes and Chromaticities for the BNL SXLS Storage Ring lattice, sextupole, synchrotron, tune 2661
  • L.N. Blumberg, J.B. Murphy, S. Sharma
Design and Simulation of Fast Pulsed Kicker/Bumper Units for the Positron Accumulator Ring at APS ferrite, field, impedance, simulation 2706
  • J. Wang, G.J. Volk
Coherent X-Rays from PEP emittance, field, radiation, undulator 2748
  • S. Baird, A.S. Fisher, J.C. Gallardo, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Pellegrini, R. Tatchyn, H. Winick
Injection into the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring acceptance, emittance, injection, linac 2784
  • L. Lin
Apiary B Factory Lattice Design injection, lattice, optics, wiggler 2841
  • M.H.R. Donald, A.A. Garren
Feasibility of a Factory in KEK betatron, factory, injection, luminosity 2847
  • K. Hirata, K. Ohmi
Conceptual Design of a High Luminosity 510 MeV Collider collider, field, lattice, luminosity 2853
  • C. Pellegrini, M. Cornacchia, D. Robin
Status of the SLC Damping Ring Kicker Systems extraction, kicker, linac, timing 2955
  • T. Mattison, R. Cassel, A. Donaldson, D. Gough, G. Gross, A. Harvey, D. Hutchinson, M. Nguyen
Experimental Observations of Beam Transport in Twisted Quadrupole Fields electron, field, quadrupole, solenoid 3120
  • J.P. Lidestri, V.L. Bailey, Jr., J.A. Edighoffer, S.D. Putnam, M.G. Tiefenback, D. Wake
Kicker Pulser Charger accelerator, impedance, kicker, resonance 3147
  • R. Cassel, M. Nguyen
Pulse Shape Adjustment for the SLC Damping Ring Kickers ferrite, field, impedance, kicker 3156
  • T. Mattison, R. Cassel, A. Donaldson, H. Fischer, D. Gough
High Voltage Pulse Cable and Connector Experience in the Kicker Systems at SLAC accelerator, antiproton, extraction, kicker 3159
  • K. Harris, M. Artusy, A. Donaldson, T. Mattison
Kicker Prepulse Canceler accelerator, electron, extraction, kicker 3162
  • R. Cassel, T. Mattison
Kicker Thyatron Experience from SLC cathode, instability, kicker, lifetime 3165
  • A.R. Donaldson, R.L. Cassel, T.S. Mattison, L.L. Reginato
The Timing and Diagnostic Systems of the Kicker Magnet Pulsers for the Stanford Linear Collider CAMAC, kicker, monitoring, timing 3168
  • D.E. Gough, R.L. Cassel, A.R. Donaldson, D.P. Hutchinson, T.S. Mattison
Matching and Transport of Beams in a Continuously Twisted Quadrupole Channel emittance, field, quadrupole, solenoid 3195
  • M.G. Tiefenback, V.L. Bailey, Jr., J.P. Lidestri, S.D. Putnam
Multibunch Energy and Spectrum Control in the SLC High Energy Linac extraction, klystron, linac, spectrum 3210
  • J.T. Seeman, F.-J. Decker, I. Hsu, R.K. Jobe
Wakefield Measurements of SLAC Linac Structures at the Argonne AATF accelerator, linac, wakefield, x-band 3219
  • J.W. Wang, E. Chojnacki, W. Gai, R. Konecny, G. A. Loew, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Optimizing Energy Spread in the CLIC Main Linac acceptance, field, linac, luminosity 3231
  • G. Guignard, C. Fischer
Investigations on Beam Damping Simulations and the Associated Model of CLIC field, focusing, linac, quadrupole 3234
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard, A. Millich
Microwave Quadrupole Structures for the CERN Linear Collider collider, field, focusing, quadrupole 3237
  • W. Schnell, I. Wilson
Linear e+e- Colliders above 1 TeV (CM) accelerator, collider, field, luminosity 3261
  • A.A. Mondelli