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Keyword: booster

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Analysis of Magnetic Field Measurement Results for the AGS Booster Magnets field, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 45
  • E. Bleser, R. Thern
Construction and Early Commissioning Results of the AGS Booster field, ion, proton, vacuum 52
  • W.T. Weng, L. Ahrens, R. Damm, A.J. McNerney
The TRIUMF KAON Factory accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, factory 57
  • M.K. Craddock
The Superconducting Super Collider Low Energy Booster: A Status Report extraction, injection, lattice, tune 62
  • R.C. York, W. Funk, A. Garren, S. Machida, N.K. Mahale, J. Peterson, F. Pilat, U. Wienands, X. Wu
Experimental Study of the Main Ring Transition Crossing damping, emittance, injection, instability 111
  • I. Kourbanis, K. Meisner, K.-Y. Ng
Design Description of the SSC High Energy Booster collider, extraction, injection, lattice 120
  • D.E. Johnson
JINR Tau-Charm Factory Design Considerations damping, factory, injection, vacuum 195
  • V.S. Alexandrov, V.K. Antropov, O.V. Arkhipov, P.F. Beloshitsky, L.V. Bobyleva, D.I. Kaltchev, V.I. Kazacha, N.Y. Kazarinov, A.K. Krasnykh, V.I. Mironov, L.M. Onischenko, E.A. Perelstein, A.N. Sissakian, Y.I. Smirnov, T.D. Vylov
RAMPRF: A Program for Synchronous Acceleration acceleration, emittance, extraction, tune 300
  • M.A. Furman
Collimator Simulation for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Using DIMAD collimation, factory, proton, scattering 357
  • U. Wienands, F.W. Jones, C.P. Parfitt
Dynamic Aperture and Extraction Studies for the SSC High Energy Booster collider, extraction, injection, multipole 360
  • S.K. Dutt, A.W. Chao, D.E. Johnson, T. Sen, Y.T. Yan
Comparison of Binning and Sorting of Magnets in the SSC High Energy Booster accelerator, field, lattice, sextupole 371
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
Space Charge Effects in the SSC Low Energy Booster ion, linac, synchrotron, tune 383
  • S. Machida, G. Bourianoff, N.K. Mahale, N. Mehta, F. Pilat, R. Talman, R.C. York
Debunching and Capture in the LEB for the SSC injection, rf cavities, simulation, tune 386
  • N.K. Mahale, M.A. Furman
Tracking with Space Charge in the Fermilab Booster emittance, field, injection, tune 434
  • S. Stahl, C. Ankenbrandt
Ferrite Tuned Cavity as Possible Source of Bunched Beam Instability accelerator, ferrite, injection, proton 655
  • M. Popovic
Overview of the Superconducting Super Collider RF Systems collider, ferrite, klystron, linac 661
  • J.D. Rogers, J.H. Ferrell
The AGS Booster High Frequency RF System ferrite, impedance, injection, proton 681
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, W. Eng, M.A. Goldman, E. Jablonski, D. Kasha, J. Keane, A. McNerney, M. Meth, M. Plotkin, M. Puglisi, A. Ratti, R. Spitz
Calculation of Required Tuner Accuracy and Bandwidth With and Without Fast Feedback factory, feedback, injection, resonance 696
  • S.R. Koscielniak
Analysis of Eddy Currents in the Walls of the Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory Booster Synchrotron factory, ferrite, field, ion 699
  • I.B. Enchevich, M.J. Barnes, R.L. Poirier
Development of 5-Cell RF Cavity for SPring-8 Booster Synchrotron coupling, impedance, instability, synchrotron 707
  • H. Suzuki, T. Harami, S. Kawazu, Y. Miyahara, T. Nagafuchi, M. Nakano, T. Rizawa, S. Satoh, Y. Tanabe, K. Yoshiyuki
The AGS Booster Low Frequency RF System acceleration, accelerator, ferrite, vacuum 739
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, W. Eng, M. Goldman, D. Kasha, A.J. McNerney, M. Meth, A. Ratti, R. Spitz
New Design Concepts for Ferrite-Tuned Low-Energy-Booster Cavities acceleration, dielectric, ferrite, field 748
  • G. Schaffer
The Linac and Booster RF Systems for a Dedicated Injector for SPEAR chopper, gun, linac, vacuum 769
  • J.N. Weaver, S. Baird, M. Baltay, M. Borland, C. Chavis, L. Emery, R.D. Genin, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D. Wang, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
Sliding Mode Controller for RF Cavity Tuning Loop accelerator, accumulation, feedback, simulation 783
  • L.K. Mestha, K.S. Yeung
Switchable 10 Hz/1 Hz LEB Magnet Power Supply System feedback, field, impedance, quadrupole 816
  • C. Jach
First Results of Proton Injection Commissioning of the AGS Booster Synchrotron commissioning, injection, linac, proton 839
  • R.K. Reece, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, E. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, A. Luccio, J. Skelly, A. Soukas, W.T. Weng, R. Witkover, W. van Asselt
Accelerator Energy Conservation at Fermilab accelerator, antiproton, site, target 851
  • J.P. Morgan
Stripping Foil Losses and Space Charge Blowup in the FNAL Booster closed-orbit, injection, scattering, space-charge 860
  • C. Johnstone, D. Bogert, J. Lackey, R. Tomlin
Fast Kicker Requirements for the SSC's Low and Medium Energy Boosters field, impedance, injection, kicker 863
  • M. Wilson, D. Anderson, C. Pappas, L. Schneider
The ELETTRA Linac to Storage Ring Transfer Line injection, lattice, linac, quadrupole 887
  • D. Einfeld, R. Richter
User Control of the Proton Beam Injection Trajectories into the AGS Booster injection, proton, quadrupole, synchrotron 896
  • T. D'Ottavio, J.G. Alessi, A. Kponou, A. Luccio, R.K. Reece, J. Skelly
The APS Transfer Line from Linac to Injector Synchrotron linac, positron, septum, synchrotron 902
  • R.K. Koul, E. Crosbie
Power Supply System for the TRIUMF KAON Factory accelerator, factory, resonance, synchrotron 920
  • K.W. Reiniger
The 10 Hz Resonant Magnet Power Supply for the SSRL 3 GeV Injector injection, quadrupole, synchrotron, timing 926
  • R. Hettel, R. Averill, M. Baltay, S. Brennan, C. Harris, M. Horton, C. Jach, J. Sebek, J. Voss
Transient Analysis of the AGS-Booster Ring Dipole and Qudrupole Magnet System damping, impedance, quadrupole, simulation 940
  • W. Zhang, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
The SSRL Injector Kickers ferrite, injection, kicker, synchrotron 973
  • H.-D. Nuhn, R. Boyce, J. Cerino, T. Hostetler
Design and Performance of the Traveling-Wave Beam Chopper for the SSRL Injector chopper, gun, impedance, linac 976
  • M. Borland, R. Anderson, M. Baltay, L. Emery, A.S. Fisher, P. Golceff, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, J. Sebek, J.N. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
The Booster-to-AGS Beam Transfer Fast Kicker Modulators extraction, injection, kicker, proton 999
  • W. Zhang, J. Bunicci, W.W. Frey, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
Thyristor Converter Simulation and Analysis Matlab, feedback, simulation 1005
  • S.Y. Zhang
Design of an Accelerating Cavity for the Superconducting Super Collider Low-Energy Booster acceleration, damping, ferrite, field 1020
  • C.C. Friedrichs, B.M. Campbell, L. Walling
Personnel Protection and Beam Containment Systems for the 3 GeV Injector accelerator, diagnostics, linac, radiation 1028
  • R. Yotam, E. Benson, J. Cerino, K. Crook, J. Fitch, R. Garoutte, R. Hettel, M. Horton, N. Ipe, G. Nelson, J. Sebek, H. Smith
The SSRL Injector Beam Position Monitoring Systems CAMAC, electron, field, injection 1151
  • W. Lavender, S. Baird, M. Borland, S. Brennan, R. Hettel, H.-D. Nuhn, R. Ortiz, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang
Design of the AGS Booster Ionization Profile Monitor field, ion, ionization, vacuum 1189
  • A.N. Stillman, R.E. Thern, W.H. Van Zwienen, R.L. Witkover
AGS Booster Tune Meter Kickers ion, modulator, proton, tune 1216
  • W. Zhang, J. Bunicci, P.R. Cameron, A.V. Soukas, W. van Asselt
A Frequency Tracking Synthesizer for Beam Diagnostic Systems acceleration, accelerator, antiproton, spectrum 1228
  • D. Peterson, J. Marriner
The AGS Booster Beam Loss Monitor System accelerator, injection, radiation, software 1231
  • E.R. Beadle, G.W. Bennett, R.L. Witkover
Diagnostic Instrumentation for the SSRL 3 GeV Injector accelerator, commissioning, electron, vacuum 1243
  • J. Sebek, M. Baltay, M. Borland, J. Cerino, L. Emery, R. Hettel, H. Morales, D. Mostowfi, J.-L. Pellegrin, M. Rowen, J. Safranek, V. Smith, J. Voss, J.N. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, Y. Yin, B. Youngman
Coupled Bunch Dipole Mode Measurements of Accelerating Beam in the Fermilab Booster acceleration, accelerator, spectrum, synchrotron 1255
  • D. McGinnis, V.K. Bharadwaj, J. Marriner
Beam Transfer Function Measurements of Accelerating Beam in the Fermilab Booster acceleration, accelerator, multipole, synchrotron 1258
  • D. McGinnis, V.K. Bharadwaj, J. Marriner
The Design and Packaging of the Instrumentation Electronics for the AGS Booster, A Generic Approach acceleration, accelerator, instrumentation, shielding 1264
  • G.A. Smith, E. Beadle, V. Castillo, W. Sims, A. Stillman, T. Tallerico, R.L. Witkover, E. Zitvogel
Beam Current Monitoring in the AGS Booster and Its Transfer Lines injection, instrumentation, ion, proton 1267
  • R.L. Witkover, V. Castillo, E. Zitvogel
The Tune Meter Systems at the AGS Complex betatron, ferrite, kicker, tune 1273
  • W.K. van Asselt, L.A. Ahrens, P.R. Cameron, S. Mandell, G.A. Smith, W. Zhang
Indirect Phase Locking of RF Clock to the Beam for BNL Booster BPM System acceleration, monitoring, pick-up, proton 1320
  • T. Hayes, A. Zaltsman
Sychronization of a Variable Frequency Source with a Fixed Frequency Source Using a Sliding-Mode Controller acceleration, extraction, feedback, field 1332
  • L.K. Mestha, K.S. Yeung
Design and Testing of the AGS Booster BPM Detector accelerator, pick-up, thermal, vacuum 1344
  • R. Thomas, D.J. Ciardullo, W. Van Zwienen
The AGS Booster Beam Position Monitor System quadrupole, software, thermal, timing 1347
  • D.J. Ciardullo, A. Abola, E.R. Beadle, G.A. Smith, R. Thomas, W. Van Zwienen, R. Warkentien, R.L. Witkover
Longitudinal Damping System for the Fermilab Booster damping, instability, software, synchrotron 1386
  • I. Haberman, I. Rypshtein
Energy Feedback System for the SSRL Injector Linac accelerator, feedback, klystron, linac 1413
  • L. Emery
Beam Position Monitoring in the AGS Linac to Booster Transfer Line beam position monitor, commissioning, linac, monitoring 1428
  • T.J. Shea, J. Brodowski, R. Witkover
Design of the AGS Booster Beam Position Monitor Electronics beam position monitor, commissioning, feedback, timing 1431
  • D.J. Ciardullo, E.R. Beadle, G.A. Smith
Modeling in Control of the Advanced Light Source accelerator, insertion, lattice, tune 1434
  • J. Bengtsson, E. Forest, H. Nishimura, L. Schachinger
A Database for Modeling the Brookhaven AGS Booster accelerator, collider, field, lattice 1454
  • E.H. Auerbach
Proposed Data Acquisition System for the Fermilab Booster acceleration, accelerator, injection, software 1458
  • V. Bharadwaj, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, G. Wu
Generalized Emittance Measurements in a Beam Transport Line accelerator, emittance, injection, tune 1473
  • J. Skelly, C. Gardner, A. Kponou, A. Luccio, K. Reece
The Control and Operation of the Programmable Wave Form Generator for the SSRL Injector field, quadrupole, sextupole, synchrotron 1476
  • S. Brennan, S. Baird, W. Lavender, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang
Triggers and Timing System for the SSRL 3 GeV Injector chopper, injection, kicker, timing 1478
  • R. Hettel, D. Mostowfi, R. Ortiz, J. Sebek
Main Cycle Controls for the AGS Booster Synchrotron controls, field, synchrotron, timing 1481
  • B.B. Culwick, S. Yen
Fiber Optics in the BNL Booster Radiation Environment controls, instrumentation, radiation, timing 1493
  • E.R. Beadle
A New Data Acquisition and Control System for the Power Amplifier Test Station cathode, instrumentation, monitoring, software 1511
  • M.S. Champion
Automatic Local Beam Steering Systems for NSLS X-Ray Storage Ring - Design and Implementation accelerator, commissioning, feedback, x-ray 1528
  • O.V. Singh, J. Flannigan, R. Nawrocky
Bunched Beam Longitudinal Stability impedance, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1606
  • R. Baartman
Measurement of Longitudinal Impedance for a KAON Test Pipe Model with TSD-Calibration Method coupling, factory, impedance, vacuum 1722
  • Y. Yin, N. Ilinsky, C. Oram, P. Reinhardt-Nikulin
Calculation of Seed Values for Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Dipole Instability Due to Uneven Bucket Population accelerator, factory, impedance, synchrotron 1725
  • S.R. Koscielniak
A Critical Survey of Stretched-Wire Impedance Measurements at Fermilab accelerator, beamline, impedance, simulation 1743
  • P.L. Colestock, P.J. Chou, B. Fellenz, M. Foley, F. Harfoush, K. Harkay, G. Jackson, Q. Kerns, D. McConnell, K.Y. Ng
Envelope Instability in the Fermilab Booster accelerator, emittance, instability, tune 1779
  • P. Zhou, J.B. Rosenzweig, S. Stahl
Bench Measurements of Coupling Impedance of AGS Booster Components coupling, ferrite, impedance, kicker 1803
  • A. Ratti, T.J. Shea
Studies of Coupled-Bunch Modes in the Fermilab Booster emittance, impedance, instability, synchrotron 1830
  • K.C. Harkay, V.K. Bharadwaj, P.L. Colestock
Nonlinear Dynamics in the Booster of the Moscow Kaon Factory betatron, field, lattice, multipole 1899
  • N.I. Golubeva, A.I. Iliev, Yu.V. Senichev
Racetrack Lattices for Low-Medium-Energy Synchrotrons accelerator, betatron, lattice, tune 1904
  • A.I. Iliev, Yu.V. Senichev
Magnetic Data Analysis for the ALS Lattice Magnets field, focusing, multipole, sextupole 2113
  • R. Keller
Instrumentation and Control of the AGS Booster Vacuum System acceleration, instrumentation, ion, vacuum 2266
  • J. Gabusi, J. Geller, H.C. Hseuh, P. Rosas, J. Sandburg, B. Shen, P. Stattel, R. Zapasek
Vacuum Chamber for the 3 GeV SPEAR Injector Synchrotron accelerator, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 2278
  • H. Morales, U. Cummings, P. Golceff, N. Hower, W. Li, J. Safranek, J. Voss, H. Wiedemann
Processing and Evaluation of the AGS Booster Ultra-High Vacuum System ferrite, ion, residual gas, vacuum 2292
  • H.C. Hseuh, M. Mapes, P. Schnitzenbaumer, B. Shen, R. Sikora, P. Stattel
Extraction Septum Magnet for the SSRL SPEAR Injector extraction, field, septum, vacuum 2328
  • J. Cerino, M. Baltay, R. Boyce, S. Harris, R. Hettel, M. Horton, K. Zuo
Magnets for TRIUMF's KAON Factory accelerator, factory, field, quadrupole 2363
  • A.J. Otter, P.A. Reeve
The Advanced Light Source-Status Report commissioning, injection, insertion, linac 2637
  • A. Jackson
The 3 GeV Synchrotron Injector for SPEAR acceleration, electron, gun, linac 2688
  • H. Wiedemann, S. Baird, M. Baltay, D. Baritchi, L. Baritchi, M. Borland, R. Boyce, J. Cerino, C. Chavis, L. Emery, P. Golceff, J. Haydon, R. Hettel, M. Horton, T. Hostetler, C. Jach, G. Johnson, P. Kung, W. Lavender, W. Li, J. Mello, H. Morales, D. Mostowfi, H.-D. Nuhn, R. Ortiz, J. Safranek, T. Sanchez, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D.F. Wang, J. Weaver, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang, R. Yotam, B. Youngman, K. Zuo
Commissioning Experiences of the ALS Booster Synchrotron accelerator, injection, kicker, synchrotron 2691
  • C.H. Kim
The Booster to Storage Ring Transport Line for SRRC extraction, field, injection, septum 2697
  • M.H. Wang, C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo
A Bypass for Synchrotron Radiation Experiments at the Storage Ring PETRA II electron, radiation, synchrotron, undulator 2793
  • W. Brefeld, P. Gurtler
Superconducting Booster Cyclotron Studies at GANIL cyclotron, field, injection, septum 2802
  • A. Chabert, C. Bieth, P. Bricault, M. Duval, J. Ferme, A. Joubert, M.H. Moscatello, F. Ripouteau, Q.V. Truong
The Proposal of the Accelerator Complex of the Moscow Kaon Factory factory, field, injection, vacuum 2823
  • V.V. Balandin, G.I. Batskikh, V.P. Belov, A.G. Chursin, G.A. Dubinsky, S.K. Esin, V.A. Glukhikh, N.I. Golubeva, A.I. Iliev, Y.D. Ivanov, Y.S. Ivanov, V.A. Konovalov, L.V. Kravchuk, N.D. Malitskiy, A.V. Matveev, R.A. Meshcherov, B.P. Murin, V. Paramonov, A.S. Pashenkov, Y.F. Semunkin, Yu.V. Senichev, Y.P. Severgin, E.N. Shaposhnikova, I.A. Shukeilo, M.N. Tarovik, S.P. Volin
Low Momentrum Compaction Lattice Study for the SSC Low Energy Booster betatron, extraction, lattice, tune 2829
  • E.D. Courant, A. Garren, U. Wienands
Status of DELTA and Design of its Vacuum System electron, impedance, linac, vacuum 2862
  • N. Marquardt
Commissioning of the SSRL Injector acceleration, chopper, injection, linac 2865
  • S. Baird, J. Safranek
Conception of the 200 MeV/u Booster for the Nuclotron acceleration, injection, ion, linac 2886
  • I.B. Issinsky, V.A. Mikhailov
Achieving High Luminosity in the Fermilab Tevatron antiproton, collider, luminosity, proton 2896
  • S.D. Holmes
RHIC Project accelerator, collider, ion, luminosity 2901
  • S. Ozaki
AC Bias Operation of the Perpendicular Biased Ferrite Tuned Cavity for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Synchrotron cw, ferrite, field, spectrum 2943
  • R.L. Poirier, I.B. Enchevich, T.A. Enegren
Operating Experience with the ALS Linac acceleration, gun, linac, vacuum 2978
  • F. Selph, D. Massoletti