Accelerator Technology II - RF, Power Supplies, Operations (poster session)

Title Page
The SISSI Project: An Intense Secondary Ion Source Using Superconducting Solenoid Lenses 594
  • A. Joubert, E. Baron, C. Grunberg, J.D. Larson, W. Mittig, F. Ripouteau
Application of Carbon Fibre Composite Materials for the Collision Sections of Particle Accelerators 598
  • H. Betzold, G. Lippmann
Energy Compression System Design for the MIT-Bates Accelerator Center 601
  • J.B. Flanz, P.T. Demos, K.D. Jacobs, A. Zolfaghari
The Brookhaven ATF Low-Emittance Beam Line 604
  • X.J. Wang, H.G. Kirk
First-, Second-, and Third-Order Achromatic Bend Systems for Free-Electron Laser Applications 607
  • D.P. Rusthoi, E.A. Wadlinger
Commissioning Results of the LLUMC Beam Switchyard and Gantry 610
  • M.E. Schulze
SLIA Beam Line Design 613
  • J.J. Petillo, D.P. Chernin, C. Kostas, A. Mondelli
Induction Accelerator Test Module for HIF 616
  • A. Faltens
Plasma Lenses for SLAC Final Focus Test Facility 619
  • D. Betz, P. Chen, D. Cline, M. Gundersen, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, J. Norem, S. Rajagopalan, J. Rosenzweig, J.J. Su, R. Williams
Direct Observation of Plasma Wakefield Caused by a Train of LINAC Bunches 622
  • A. Ogata, T. Kobayashi, T. Kozawa, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, Y. Nishida, H. Shibata, T. Ueda, Y. Yoshida, N. Yugami
The SSC Collider Beam Halo Scraper System 625
  • R. Soundranayagam, M.A. Maslov, N.V. Mokhov, I.A. Yazynin
Alignment of the SLC Final Focus System Using Beam Orbits 628
  • Y. Chao, P. Burchat, W. Kozanecki, F. LeDiberder, N. Toge
A Laser Alignment System for Low Beta Quadrupoles 631
  • C. Moore, H. Jostlein
Fiducialization of Magnets for the MIT-Bates SHR 634
  • M. Farkhondeh, S.P. Holmberg, W.W. Sapp, J.D. Zumbro
Efficiency and Frequency Stability in a High Power Microwave Gap 637
  • Y.Y. Lau, D.G. Colombant
Fields and Trajectories in the Magnicon 640
  • P. Tallerico, D. Rees
Proton Synchrotron RF Cavity Mode Damper Tests 643
  • W.R. Smythe, C.C. Friedrichs, L.S. Walling
A Chopper Driven 11.4-GHz Traveling-Wave RF Generator 646
  • G. Westenskow, J. Boyd, J. Haimson, T. Houck, B. Mecklenburg, D. Rogers, R. Ryne
High-Current Relativistic Klystron Amplifier Development for Microsecond Pulse Lengths 649
  • M.V. Fazio, B.E. Carlsten, R. Faehl, T.J. Kwan, D.G. Rickel, R.M. Stringfield, P.J. Tallerico
High-Power Radio-Frequency Binary Pulse-Compression Experiment at SLAC 652
  • T.L. Lavine, Z.D. Farkas, A. Menegat, R.H. Miller, C. Nantista, G. Spalek, P.B. Wilson
Ferrite Tuned Cavity as Possible Source of Bunched Beam Instability 655
  • M. Popovic
Amplification Studies of a Multi-Megawatt Two-Cavity X-Band Gyroklystron 658
  • W. Lawson, J. Calame, V.L. Granatstein, B. Hogan, P.E. Latham, W. Main, M.E. Read, M. Reiser, V. Specht, C.D. Striffler
Overview of the Superconducting Super Collider RF Systems 661
  • J.D. Rogers, J.H. Ferrell
Use of Ferrite-50 to Strongly Damp Higher Order Modes 664
  • D. Moffat, P. Barnes, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
Current Status of RF System for the SPring-8 667
  • K. Inoue, M. Hara, Y. Kawashima, T. Nakamura
Recycling of a LAMPF Klystron 670
  • P.J. Tallerico, R.L. Cady
A New Approach in Simulating RF Linacs Using a General, Linear Real-Time Signal Processor 672
  • A. Young, S.P. Jachim
Modeling of a 1700-MHz Cluster Cavity of Planar Triodes 675
  • D.E. Rees, C. Friedrichs
Prototype 500 MHz Planar RF Input Window for a B-Factory Accelerating Cavity 678
  • J. Kirchgessner, P. Barnes, R. Gerlack, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, Q.S. Shu
The AGS Booster High Frequency RF System 681
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, W. Eng, M.A. Goldman, E. Jablonski, D. Kasha, J. Keane, A. McNerney, M. Meth, M. Plotkin, M. Puglisi, A. Ratti, R. Spitz
A Fast Amplitude and Phase Modulated RF Source for AmPS 684
  • F.B. Kroes, E. Heine, T.G.B.W. Sluijk
Higher Order Mode Damping in a Pill Box Cavity 687
  • F. Voelker, G. Lambertson, R. Rimmer
RF Impedance Measurements of the Various Vacuum Chambers for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) 690
  • J.J. Song, J.F. Bridges, J.W. Howell, R.L. Kustom
Measurements on Prototype Cavities (352 MHz) for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) 693
  • J.F. Bridges, J.M. Cook, R.L. Kustom, J.J.H. Song
Calculation of Required Tuner Accuracy and Bandwidth With and Without Fast Feedback 696
  • S.R. Koscielniak
Analysis of Eddy Currents in the Walls of the Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF Kaon Factory Booster Synchrotron 699
  • I.B. Enchevich, M.J. Barnes, R.L. Poirier
Power-Combining and Injection-Locking Magnetrons for Accelerator Applications 702
  • T.A. Treado, T.A. Hansen, D.J. Jenkins
Performance Characteristics of the CEBAF Klystron Amplifier 705
  • E.W. McCune, R.A. Fickett
Development of 5-Cell RF Cavity for SPring-8 Booster Synchrotron 707
  • H. Suzuki, T. Harami, S. Kawazu, Y. Miyahara, T. Nagafuchi, M. Nakano, T. Rizawa, S. Satoh, Y. Tanabe, K. Yoshiyuki
Status Report on the ELETTRA R.F. System 710
  • A. Massarotti, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik
Component Development for X-Band above 100 MW 713
  • W.R. Fowkes, R.S. Callin, M. Studzinski
Comparison of SW and TW Non-Synchronous Accelerating Cavities as Used in Electron Beam Storage Rings 716
  • A. Zolfaghari, P.T. Demos, J.B. Flanz, K. Jacobs
A High Power Cross-Field Amplifier at X-Band 719
  • K. Eppley, J. Feinstein, K. Ko, N. Kroll, T. Lee, E. Nelson
A 2D Field Solver for Periodic Structures with Special Corner Elements 722
  • E. Nelson
Gated Field-Emission Cathodes for Microwave Devices 725
  • P.M. McIntyre, H.P. Demroff, S.M. Elliott, B. Lee, J.D. Legg, Y. Pang, D.L. Parker, M. Popovic, M.D. Stewart, M.H. Weichold, W. Yu, W.K. Yue
High Power X-Band Coaxial Amplifier Experiments 728
  • T.J. Davis, J.A. Nation
Studies of an X-Band Three-Cavity Gyroklystron with Penultimate Cavity Tuning 731
  • S. Tantawi, V.L. Granatstein, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, W. Main, H. Matthews, C.D. Striffler
A Second Harmonic Amplifier for Accelerator Applications 734
  • P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, W. Main, C.D. Striffler
RF Breakdown Test of SiO2 Coated Copper Electrodes 736
  • D. Sun, P. Datte, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay
The AGS Booster Low Frequency RF System 739
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, W. Eng, M. Goldman, D. Kasha, A.J. McNerney, M. Meth, A. Ratti, R. Spitz
Bevalac Injector Final Stage RF Amplifier Upgrades 742
  • D. Howard, J. Calvert, R. Dwinell, J. Lax, A. Lindner, R. Richter, W. Ridgeway
RF Drivers for the Bevalac Injector Final Stage RF Amplifiers 745
  • D. Howard, J. Calvert, M. Hui, N. Kellogg, A. Lindner, W. Ridgeway, K. Woolfe
New Design Concepts for Ferrite-Tuned Low-Energy-Booster Cavities 748
  • G. Schaffer
Injection Locking of a Long-Pulse Relativistic Magnetron 751
  • S.C. Chen, G. Bekefi, R.J. Temkin
Cyclotron Autoresonance Maser (CARM) Amplifiers for RF Accelerator Drivers 754
  • W.L. Menninger, D.L. Birx, C. Chen, B.G. Danly, D.L. Goodman, K.D. Pendergast, R.J. Temkin
Analysis and Optimisation of RF Power-Klystrons by FCI-Code 757
  • E.-G. Schweppe, E. Demmel, S. Isagawa, H. Seifert, T. Shintake, M. Yoshida
Numerical Simulation of the SLAC X-100 Klystron Using RKTW2D 760
  • R.D. Ryne, A.E. Vlieks
250 GHz Cold Tests for the LLNL CARM Experiment 763
  • B. Kulke, M. Caplan, R. Stever
Test Results from the LLNL 250 GHz CARM Experiment 766
  • B. Kulke, D. Bubp, M. Caplan, T. Houck, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., D.B. McDermott, D. Rogers, D. Trimble, R. VanMaren, G. Westenskow
The Linac and Booster RF Systems for a Dedicated Injector for SPEAR 769
  • J.N. Weaver, S. Baird, M. Baltay, M. Borland, C. Chavis, L. Emery, R.D. Genin, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D. Wang, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
A High-Power Free-Electron Maser for RF Acceleration 772
  • F. Hartemann, M. Bres, T.S. Chu, B.G. Danly, G. Faillon, G. Mourier, P. Papavaritis, R.J. Temkin, T. Trémeau
Fast Ferrite Tuner for the BNL Synchrotron Light Source 774
  • E. Pivit, S.M. Hanna, J. Keane
Copper Plating the Ground Test Accelerator RFQ 777
  • H. Mignardot, J. Uher
Idle Superconducting RF Cavities for Bunch Focusing 780
  • P. Marchand, L. Rivkin
Sliding Mode Controller for RF Cavity Tuning Loop 783
  • L.K. Mestha, K.S. Yeung
Accelerating Cavity Development for the Cornell B-Factory, CESR-B 786
  • H. Padamsee, P. Barnes, C. Chen, W. Hartung, M. Hiller, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, R. Ringrose, D. Rubin, Y. Samed, D. Saraniti, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu, M. Tigner
Beam Impedance Measurements - Coaxial Wire Method 789
  • G. DiMassa, M.R. Masullo
A Simple Analytical Estimate of the Loss Parameter of a Large Tapered Chamber 792
  • J.J. Welch
Measurements of High-Temperature RF and Microwave Properties of Selected Aluminas and Ferrites Used in Accelerators 795
  • R.M. Hutcheon, F.P. Adams, P. Lucuta, J.E. McGregor, B.H. Smith, M.S. de Jong
100 MW Klystron Development at SLAC 798
  • A.E. Vlieks, R.S. Callin, G. Caryotakis, K.S. Fant, W.R. Fowkes, T.G. Lee, E.L. Wright
Computer Determination of HOM Damping for a Prototype JLC Accelerator Cavity and a Prototype B Factory Cavity 801
  • N.M. Kroll, R. Rimmer
SXLS RF Cavity and System 804
  • M. Thomas, R. Biscardi, R. D'Alsace, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, J. Rose
Low Power RF System for the ALS Linac 807
  • C.C. Lo, H. Lancaster, B. Taylor
Initial Operating Experience with the Auxiliary Accelerating Cavity for the TRIUMF Cyclotron 810
  • R.E. Laxdal, K. Fong, G.H. Mackenzie, V. Pacak, J.B. Pearson, L. Root, M. Zach
CONDOR Simulation of an 11.4GHz Traveling Wave Output Cavity 813
  • Y. Goren, D. Yu
Switchable 10 Hz/1 Hz LEB Magnet Power Supply System 816
  • C. Jach
An RF Cavity for the B-Factory 819
  • R. Rimmer, M. Allen, J. Hodgeson, K. Ko, N. Kroll, G. Lambertson, R. Pendleton, H. Schwarz, F. Voelker
Survey and Alignment of an MLI Model 1.2-400 Synchrotron Light Source 822
  • W.J. Pearce
Correlation of Beam Loss to Residual Activation in the AGS 825
  • K.A. Brown
The Condition of -Ray Emission by Electrons Interacting with the Wall in Medium Energy Electron Storage Rings 828
  • Y. Gomei, M. Kawai
Gamma Ray Activation of the Fermilab Pbar Target 831
  • C.M. Bhat, J. Marriner
Recent Experience with Backgrounds at the SLC 834
  • R. Jacobsen, H. Band, T. Barklow, A. Bazarko, K. Brown, D. Burke, D. Coupal, H. DeStaebler, D. Fujino, C. Hearty, S. Hertzbach, J. Jaros, T. Maruyama, T. Tauchi, N. Toge, J. Turk, S. Wagner, C. Zeitlin
Analysis of Uptime Efficiency of the SLC as Measured by Pulse Accounting 836
  • P. Krejcik, D. Bernstein, A. Gromme, D. Ohman, N. Spencer
First Results of Proton Injection Commissioning of the AGS Booster Synchrotron 839
  • R.K. Reece, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, E. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, A. Luccio, J. Skelly, A. Soukas, W.T. Weng, R. Witkover, W. van Asselt
Multi-Beamlet Injection to the RFQ1 Accelerator - A Comparison of ECR and Duopigatron Proton Sources 842
  • G.M. Arbique, T. Taylor, M.H. Thrasher, J.S.C. Wills
Beam Transmission and Emittance Measurements of the RFQ1 Accelerator 845
  • G.M. Arbique, B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, W.L. Michel, J.Y. Sheikh
First Two Years Operational Experience with LEP 848
  • R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, B. Desforges, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, H. Laeger, J. Miles, J. Poole, H. Schmickler, D. Vandeplassche, G. de Rijk
Accelerator Energy Conservation at Fermilab 851
  • J.P. Morgan
Designing High Energy Accelerators Under DOE's "New Culture" for Environment and Safety: An Example, the Fermilab 150 GeV Main Injector Proton Synchrotron 854
  • W.B. Fowler
Installation of the Superconducting Magnets in the HERA Tunnel 857
  • I. Borchardt, D. Brauer, S. Chermenin, D. Degèle, K. Escherich, H.J. Fiebig, H. Grabe, J. Holz, D. Hubert, R. Kus, M. Leenen, H. Maywald, O. Peters, B. Petersen, K. Pieczora, U. Riemer, Z. Sanok, P. Schmüser, S. Schollmeier, W. Schwarz, G. Tödten, D. Trines, S. Wolff
Stripping Foil Losses and Space Charge Blowup in the FNAL Booster 860
  • C. Johnstone, D. Bogert, J. Lackey, R. Tomlin
Fast Kicker Requirements for the SSC's Low and Medium Energy Boosters 863
  • M. Wilson, D. Anderson, C. Pappas, L. Schneider
A Pinger System for the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring 866
  • T.W. Hardek, H.A. Thiessen
Electrical Performance of the Injection System Kickers at the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory 869
  • C. Figley
PSR Switchyard Kicker System Improvements 872
  • T.W. Hardek
Slow Beam Extraction Experiments at TARN II 875
  • M. Yoshizawa, A. Ando, K. Chida, T. Hattori, M. Kanazawa, A. Mizobuchi, H. Muto, A. Noda, K. Noda, M. Tomizawa, J. Yoshizawa
A Triple-Isotope Injector for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry 878
  • R.J. Schneider, K.H. Purser, K.F. von Reden
Beam Induced Heating of Ferrite Magnets 881
  • W.K. van Asselt, Y.Y. Lee
On-Line Correction of Aberrations in Particle Spectrographs 884
  • M. Berz, K. Joh, J.A. Nolen, B.M. Sherrill, A.F. Zeller
The ELETTRA Linac to Storage Ring Transfer Line 887
  • D. Einfeld, R. Richter
Test and Calibration Beams at the Superconducting Super Collider 890
  • F. Stocker, H. Fenker, R. Schailey
Upgrade of LAMPF's 750-keV, H+ Transport 893
  • J.W. Hurd, A.A. Browman, M.J. Jakobson, K.W. Jones
User Control of the Proton Beam Injection Trajectories into the AGS Booster 896
  • T. D'Ottavio, J.G. Alessi, A. Kponou, A. Luccio, R.K. Reece, J. Skelly
Zero-Degree Injection Line for PILAC, the Proposed Los Alamos Pion Linac 899
  • B. Blind
The APS Transfer Line from Linac to Injector Synchrotron 902
  • R.K. Koul, E. Crosbie
Dispersion and Betatron Matching into the Linac 905
  • F.-J. Decker, C.E. Adolphsen, W.J. Corbett, P. Emma, I. Hsu, H. Moshammer, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Upgrade of the Main Ring Magnet Power Supply for the KEK 12 GeV Proton Synchrotron 908
  • H. Sato, S. Matsumoto, M. Mikawa, T. Sueno, T. Toda, T. Toyama
Correction Magnet Power Supplies for APS Machine 911
  • Y.G. Kang
Circuit Description of the Power Systems for Pulsed Septum Magnets at APS 914
  • D.G. McGhee
Design and Simulation of High Accuracy Power Supplies for Injector Synchrotron Dipole Magnets 917
  • M. Fathizadeh
Power Supply System for the TRIUMF KAON Factory 920
  • K.W. Reiniger
Problems with Tap-Changing Power Supplies 923
  • J. Budnick, R. Forgas
The 10 Hz Resonant Magnet Power Supply for the SSRL 3 GeV Injector 926
  • R. Hettel, R. Averill, M. Baltay, S. Brennan, C. Harris, M. Horton, C. Jach, J. Sebek, J. Voss
Magnet Power Supply as a Network Object 929
  • S. Cohen, R. Stuewe
Active Filter for the DESY III Dipole Circuit 932
  • W. Bothe
Precision Power Supply Control Module 935
  • N. Dobeck, B. Lamora, J. Larkin, M. O'Sullivan, C. Sharp
Measurements of Crowbar Performace of the 20 kV 130 A DC Power Supply of the TRIUMF RF System 938
  • A.K. Mitra
Transient Analysis of the AGS-Booster Ring Dipole and Qudrupole Magnet System 940
  • W. Zhang, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
Operational Results of an Improved Regulator and Trigger System for the "Fast" Raster Scanning Power Supply System Constructed at the Bevalac Biomedical Facility 943
  • G. Stover, J. Halliwell, B. Ludewigt, M. Nyman, R. Stradtner
Precision Current Regulation of Multipole Magnets Using Commercial SMPS 946
  • C. Sibley, O. Calvo, T. Russ
Principles and Theory of Resonance Power Supplies 949
  • A. Sreenivas, G.G. Karady
Control Theory: A Practical Approach 952
  • M. Anderson, T. Bertuccio
Theoretical Study of H- Stripping with a Wiggler Magnet 955
  • R. Hutson
The AGS New Fast Extraction System for the g-2 Experiment and RHIC Injection 958
  • M. Tanaka, Y.Y. Lee
The Frascati -Factory Injection System 961
  • R. Boni, S. Kulinski, M. Preger, B. Spataro, M. Vescovi, G. Vignola
Prototype Studies of a 1 MHz Chopper for the KAON Factory 964
  • G.D. Wait, M.J. Barnes, D. Bishop, C.B. Figley, G. Waters
Results of Calculations on the Beam Deflection Due to the 1 MHz Chopper for the Kaon Factory 967
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait
Construction of a New Tevatron Collider Beam Abort Dump 970
  • B. Hanna, C. Crawford
The SSRL Injector Kickers 973
  • H.-D. Nuhn, R. Boyce, J. Cerino, T. Hostetler
Design and Performance of the Traveling-Wave Beam Chopper for the SSRL Injector 976
  • M. Borland, R. Anderson, M. Baltay, L. Emery, A.S. Fisher, P. Golceff, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, J. Sebek, J.N. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
Electrostatic Deflector Development - At the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron 979
  • W.T. Diamond, J. Almeida, G.R. Mitchel, H. Schmeing
The Proposed Injection System for an Asymmetric B Factory in the PEP Tunnel 982
  • E. Bloom, W. Barletta, F. Bulos, G. Loew, T. Mattison, R. Miller, B. Sukiennicki
HEB to Superconducting Super Collider Transfer Lines 985
  • F. Wang, R. Schailey
The ELETTRA Gun Trigger Module 988
  • G.R. Aiello, M. Bossi
POISSON Study of Electrostatic Septa for the MIT-Bates SHR 990
  • M. Farkhondeh
The Ultra-Fast Injection Kicker for SXLS 993
  • T.J. Romano, R. Heese
SLC Kicker Magnet Limitations 996
  • R. Cassel, G. Bowden, F. Bulos, A. Donaldson, D. Fiander, T. Mattison, J. Weaver
The Booster-to-AGS Beam Transfer Fast Kicker Modulators 999
  • W. Zhang, J. Bunicci, W.W. Frey, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
On the Design of Beam Absorbers for the SSC 1002
  • B. Parker
Thyristor Converter Simulation and Analysis 1005
  • S.Y. Zhang
Applications of the Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) for High Gradient Accelerator Structure 1008
  • H. Matsumoto, M. Akemoto, H. Hayano, A. Miura, T. Naito, S. Takeda
X-Band Accelerating Structure for Japan Linear Collider 1011
  • T. Higo, K. Kubo, M. Takao, K. Takata
Method of Longitudinal Impedance Measurement for Accelerator Elements in Wide Frequency Region Using Double Fourier Transform 1014
  • P. Reinhardt-Nikulin, S. Bragin, N. Ilinsky
Prototype of the Accelerating Resonator for the Superconducting Sector Deuteron Cyclotron 1017
  • N.V. Vasiliev, A.A. Glazov, V.A. Kochkin, D.L. Novikov, E.N. Zaplatin
Design of an Accelerating Cavity for the Superconducting Super Collider Low-Energy Booster 1020
  • C.C. Friedrichs, B.M. Campbell, L. Walling
Superconducting Niobium Sputter-Coated Copper Cavity Modules for the LEP Energy Upgrade 1023
  • C. Benvenuti, P. Bernard, D. Bloess, G. Cavallari, E. Chiaveri, E. Haebel, N. Hilleret, J. Tückmantel, W. Weingarten
A New Main Control Room for the AGS Complex 1026
  • P.F. Ingrassia, O.H. Dyling, R.M. Zaharatos
Personnel Protection and Beam Containment Systems for the 3 GeV Injector 1028
  • R. Yotam, E. Benson, J. Cerino, K. Crook, J. Fitch, R. Garoutte, R. Hettel, M. Horton, N. Ipe, G. Nelson, J. Sebek, H. Smith
A Cooling-Water System for the Accelerator Test Facility 1031
  • M. Akemoto, Y. Nishinomiya, A. Suyama
Blumlein-Type X-Band Klystron Modulator for Japan Linear Collider 1034
  • T. Shidara, M. Akemoto, I. Ohshima, K. Takata, S. Takeda, T. Teranishi, M. Yoshida
High-Power Input Coupler with a Cylindrical Alumina Window 1037
  • M. Akemoto
X-Band Klystron Modulator for the Accelerator Test Facility 1040
  • M. Akemoto, T. Shidara, S. Takeda, J. Urakawa
Performance Test of a 65-MW Klystron Unit Relevant to the Microwave Source Upgrade of the KEK 2.5-GeV Linac 1043
  • T. Shidara, S. Anami, A. Asami, H. Honma, K. Nakao
Superconducting Cavity Development at Los Alamos National Laboratory 1046
  • B. Rusnak, E.R. Gray, R.G. Maggs, D.L. Schrage, A.H. Shapiro, G. Spalek, P. Wright
RF Pulses with Flat Output Waveform Generator in RF Power Upgrade System 1048
  • B.Y. Bogdanovich, A.P. Ignatyev, V.A. Senyukov
Tuning and Coupling Mismatch Tolerance in Cavities Driven by a Quadrature Hybrid 1051
  • A.M. Vetter