PAC1989 Keywords
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Keyword: lattice

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The COSY--Jülich Project - Feb. 1989 Status cyclotron, injection, software, vacuum 40
  • R. Maier, S. Martin, U. Pfister
A Unified Approach to Building Accelerator Simulation Software for the SSC accelerator, optics, simulation, software 82
  • V. Paxson, C. Aragon, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger
Wiggler Tune Shift Compensation on the Daresbury SRS emittance, quadrupole, tune, wiggler 208
  • M.W. Poole, J.B. Lyall, V.P. Suller
Proposals for B- and Phi-Meson Factories in Novosibirsk accelerator, electron, luminosity, positron 441
  • G.M. Tumaikin
PEP as a Synchrotron Radiation Source: Status and Review damping, emittance, radiation, synchrotron 456
  • J.M. Paterson
SRS-2: Performance and Achievements betatron, brilliance, lifetime, tune 467
  • V.P. Suller, J.N. Corlett, D.M. Dykes, S. Haslam, S. Hill, E.A. Hughes, M.W. Poole, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Thomson
Accelerator for the Production of Tritium (APT) accelerator, cw, linac, proton 761
  • M.T. Wilson, T.S. Bhatia, F.W. Guy, G.H. Neuschaefer, T.P. Wangler, L.M. Young
DELTA, a Low-Emittance Storage Ring as Free-Electron-Laser Radiation Source accelerator, optics, radiation, undulator 780
  • N. Marquardt
Intrinsic and Resonance Space Charge Limits accelerator, booster, field, simulation 818
  • G. Parzen
Lattice Design for the Pohang Synchrotron Light Source insertion, quadrupole, synchrotron, tune 821
  • K. Nam, J. Choi, S. Hahn, S. Oh
Simulation of Round Beams damping, emittance, radiation, synchrotron 836
  • S. Krishnagopal, R. Siemann
Linear Beam-Beam Tune Shift Estimates for the Tevatron Collider emittance, injection, proton, tune 857
  • D.E. Johnson
Compensation of Magnetic Imperfections in the SSC field, injection, multipole, tune 869
  • R. Talman, L. Schachinger, T. Sun
Comparison of Analytical and Computational Estimates of Reduction in Linear Aperture in the Presence of Sextupole Field field, sextupole, tune 897
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
A Lattice with No Transition and Large Dynamic Aperture betatron, hadron, optics, sextupole 915
  • G. Guignard
Beam-Based Alignment Technique for the SLC Linac accelerator, alignment, linac, quadrupole 977
  • C.E. Adolphsen, W.B. Atwood, T.M. Himel, T.L. Lavine, M.J. Lee, T.S. Mattison, R. Pitthan, J.T. Seeman, G.H. Trilling, S.H. Williams
Modeling Ferrite Electromagnetic Response in the Time-Domain damping, ferrite, field, induction 1184
  • J. Johnson, G.D. Craig, J.F. DeFord
The 2 GeV Pohang Light Source injection, insertion, linac, synchrotron 1214
  • S. Oh
Experimental Characterization of PEP Low-Emittance Lattice emittance, insertion, radiation, synchrotron 1231
  • M. Borland, M. Donald
A Compact X-Ray Lithography Lattice Using Superferric Magnets field, light source, synchrotron, x-ray 1242
  • L.K. Chen, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay, S. Ohnuma, C.A. Swenson
Lattice Comparison for the Synchrotron Light Source Bessy II emittance, field, insertion, sextupole 1265
  • G. Wüstefeld, G. Isoyama, H. Lehr, B. Simon
Release of Marylie 3.0 beamline, collider, field, resonance 1283
  • A. Dragt, F. Neri, G. Rangarajan, J. van Zeijts
Consequences of the Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy on the Performance of LEP 200 betatron, radiation, synchrotron, tune 1298
  • F. Ruggiero
Vertically Integrated Simulation Tools for Self-Consistent Tracking and Analysis accelerator, commissioning, simulation, synchrotron 1304
  • E. Forest, H. Nishimura
A Formalism and Computer Program for Couple Lattices betatron, coupling, damping, radiation 1313
  • T.O. Raubenheimer
A Damping Ring Design for Future Linear Colliders damping, emittance, insertion, wiggler 1316
  • T.O. Raubenheimer, W.E. Gabella, M.J. Lee, P.L. Morton, L.Z. Rivkin, R.D. Ruth
Construction of Symplectic Full-Turn Maps by Application of an Arbitrary Tracking Code accelerator, betatron, damping, synchrotron 1322
  • R.L. Warnock
Construction and Fourier Analysis of Invariant Surfaces from Tracking Data accelerator, damping, emittance, resonance 1325
  • R.L. Warnock, K. Ecklund, R.D. Ruth
Dynamic Aperture of the ALS Booster Synchrotron booster, quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 1328
  • C.H. Kim, H. Nishimura
A New Design of the SSC Boosters field, injection, space-charge, tune 1331
  • M.A. Furman, L.K. Chen
Controlling the Crossing Angle in the SSC acceleration, beamline, injection, optics 1334
  • A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
XMAP: A Differential Algebra Tool Generating Accelerator Maps accelerator, field, multipole, software 1337
  • S. Peggs, J. Irwin
Prediction of Long-Term Beam Stability Using High Order Torroidal Invariants cyclotron, injection, multipole, tune 1340
  • J. Irwin, Y.T. Yan
Racetrack Lattices for the TRIUMF KAON Factory booster, extraction, injection, tune 1355
  • R.V. Servranckx, M.K. Craddock, G. H. Rees, U. Wienands
Lattice Comparison for the 8 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source emittance, quadrupole, radiation, sextupole 1358
  • K. Tsumaki, M. Hara, R. Nagaoka, H. Tanaka, K. Yoshida
1.8 TeV Tevatron Upgrade Lattices accelerator, collider, field, target 1364
  • A.A. Garren, M.J. Syphers
AGS-Booster Orbit and Resonance Correction quadrupole, resonance, sextupole, skew 1367
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero, S. Tepikian, W.T. Weng
Closed Orbit Analysis for the RHIC field, insertion, quadrupole, tune 1370
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Comparison of Accelerator Codes for a RHIC Lattice accelerator, betatron, optics, tune 1373
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Optical Flexibility of the COSY-Jülich Storage Ring acceleration, field, quadrupole, target 1379
  • K. Bongardt, S. Martin, P.F.M. Meads, D. Prasuhn, H. Stockhorst, R. Wagner
Application of Collins' Distortion Functions emittance, sextupole, skew, tune 1382
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Studies on Magnet Shuffling for RHIC insertion, multipole, quadrupole, skew 1388
  • G.F. Dell
Orbital Dynamics in the Tevatron Double Helix emittance, field, proton, tune 1391
  • L. Michelotti, S. Saritepe
Measurements of in the TEVATRON and Comparisons with Calculations injection, quadrupole, target, tune 1427
  • N.M. Gelfand, R. Johnson, P. Zhang
Energy Measurements from Betatron Oscillations accelerator, betatron, feedback, linac 1529
  • T. Himel, K.A. Thompson
Online Monitoring of Dispersion Functions and Transfer Matrices at the SLC accelerator, betatron, linac, monitoring 1599
  • P. Emma, P.R. Burchat, T.H. Fieguth, T. Lohse, R.S. Panvini
Reverse Bending Magnets in Combined-Function Lattice for the CLIC Damping Ring damping, emittance, equilibrium, optics 1611
  • J.P. Delayahe, J.P. Potier
Relational Databases for SSC Design and Control field, multipole, optics, quench 1666
  • E. Barr, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh
Design for a Second-Generation Proton Storage Ring at LAMPF betatron, emittance, injection, proton 1701
  • E.P. Colton
The Effects of Insertion Devices on Beam Dynamics in the ALS acceptance, insertion, tune, undulator 1752
  • A. Jackson, E. Forest, H. Nishimura, M.S. Zisman
A 1.5 TeV Superconducting Synchrotron Design for the Fermilab Tunnel antiproton, field, injection, proton 1821
  • M.J. Syphers, D.A. Edwards
Luminosity Lifetime in the Tevatron Collider emittance, injection, lifetime, luminosity 1824
  • D.A. Herrup, D. Finley, G. Jackson
CESR Plus damping, impedance, luminosity, tune 1837
  • D.L. Rubin