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Keyword: ion

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Recent Progress and Plans for Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, induction, linac, target 2997
  • T.F. Godlove
Progress Report on Testing of a 100-kV, 125-mA Deuteron Injector electron, emittance, field, radiation 3009
  • D.D. Armstrong, E.A. Meyer, H.L. Rutkowski, J.D. Schneider
The FMIT Accelerator Vacuum System accelerator, linac, quadrupole, vacuum 3015
  • M.D. Machalek, E.A. Meyer, L.S. Price
Bunched Beam Neutralization bunching, electron, plasma, proton 3029
  • G.M. Gammel, A.W. Maschke, R.M. Mobley
Longitudinal Motion in High Current Ion Beams - A Self-Consistent Phase Space Distribution with an Envelope Equation bunching, emittance, field 3031
  • D. Neuffer
Operation of a High-Current Xenon Source emittance, extraction, plasma, quadrupole 3036
  • W. Chupp, D. Clark, R. Richter, J. Staples, E. Zajec
500 kV Mercury Accelerator accelerator, controls, coupling, vacuum 3039
  • J. Brodowski, J.T. Keane, A.W. Maschke, E. Meier, R.M. Mobley
Transport Experiments with Neutralized and Space Charge Dominated Denutralized 2 mA 80 keV Xe+1 Beams background, electron, field, vacuum 3042
  • M.G. Mazarakis, R.J. Burke, E.P. Colton, S. Fenster, J.S. Moenich, D.K. Nikfarjam, D.W. Price, N.Q. Sesol, J.M. Watson
A 12.5 MHz Heavy Ion Linac for Ion Beam Fusion impedance, lattice, linac, quadrupole 3045
  • A. Moretti, R.J. Burke, E.P. Colton, M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, J.S. Moenich, J.M. Watson
Tests of the Intense Neutron Source (INS) Prototype accelerator, electron, target, vacuum 3055
  • D.D. Armstrong, C.R. Emigh, J.C. Hyde, E.A. Meyer, J.D. Schneider
RTNS-II Neutron Sources: Status Report acceleration, accelerator, neutron, target 3058
  • J.C. Davis, D.W. Heikkinen, J.L. Held, C.M. Logan, J.E. Osher
High Current DC Ion Source Development at CNRL accelerator, emittance, extraction, proton 3065
  • M.R. Shubaly
The Fermilab Cancer Therapy Facility: Status Report After 2.5 Years of Operation neutron, photon, radiation, target 3068
  • M. Awschalom, L. Grumboski, A.F. Hrejsa, G.M. Lee, I. Rosenberg
The Bevalac Radiotherapy Facility field, radiation, scattering, site 3074
  • J.R. Alonso, T. Criswell, J. Howard
Computed Tomographic Reconstruction of Beam Profiles with a Multi-Wire Chamber accelerator, algorithms, field, monitoring 3077
  • J.R. Alonso, W.T. Chu, C.A. Tobias
Space Charge Limited Transport and Bunching of Non K-V Beams emittance, focusing, instability, simulation 3090
  • I. Haber
Telescoping Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, emittance, injection, linac 3092
  • R.J. Burke
Large Aperture Contact Ionized Cs+1 Ion Source for an Induction Linac accelerator, induction, ionization, linac 3095
  • S. Abbott, W. Chupp, A. Flatens, W. Herrmannsfeldt, E. Hoyer, D. Keefe, C.H. Kim, S. Rosenblum, J. Shiloh
A High Intensity 1.5 Megavolt Heavy Ion Preaccelerator for Ion Beam Fusion accelerator, emittance, field, linac 3098
  • J.M. Watson, J.M. Bogaty, R.J. Burke, R.L. Martin, M.G. Mazarakis, K.K. Menefee, E.F. Parker, R.L. Stockley
A 100-mA Low-Emittance Ion Source for Ion-Beam Fusion cathode, electron, extraction, optics 3101
  • R.P. Vahrenkamp, R.L. Seliger
Buncher Cavity Resonant at the First and Second Harmonic acceleration, impedance, linac, rf cavities 3104
  • M.H. Foss
System Design of Heavy Ion Fusion Experiment bunching, field, linac, synchrotron 3109
  • S. Kawasaki, A. Miyahara
Gabor Lenses background, electron, emittance, field 3112
  • R.M. Mobley, G. Gammel, A.W. Maschke
Progress in Space Charge Lens Development electron, field, proton, vacuum 3115
  • H.W. Lefevre, R. Booth
The Multiturn Charge Exchange Injection System for the Fermilab Booster Accelerator accelerator, booster, injection, linac 3149
  • C. Hovjat, C. Ankenbrandt, B. Brown, D. Cosgrove, J. Garvey, R.P. Johnson, M. Joy, J. Lackey, K. Meisner, T. Schmitz, L. Teng, R.C. Webber
High Energy Polarized Deuterons at the Argonne National Laboratory Zero Gradient Synchrotron deuteron, field, polarization, resonance 3200
  • E.F. Parker, F.E. Brandeberry, E.A. Crosbie, M.J. Knott, C.W. Potts, L.G. Ratner, P.F. Schultz, D.E. Suddeth
The Possibility of Acceleration of Polarized Protons in the Broookhaven AGS acceleration, injection, polarization, resonance 3203
  • D.G. Crabb, B. Cork, E.D. Courant, A. Feltman, A.D. Krisch, E.F. Parker, L.G. Ratner, R.D. Ruth, K.M. Terwilliger
Injection, Magnet, and Vacuum Systems for the Fermilab Antiproton Cooling Ring field, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 3241
  • J.C. Gannon, E.R. Gray, J. Klen, F.E. Mills, C.D. Moore, T. Rhoades, S. Snowdon, D.E. Young
Time-Resolved Energy Measurements at LAMPF laser, photon, proton, resonance 3291
  • D.A. Clark, H.C. Bryant, J.B. Donahue, C.A. Frost, M.E. Hamm, R.W. Hamm, D.W. Hudgings, M.W. McNaughton, J.C. Pratt, M.A. Yates-Williams
Control System for the Holifield Heavy Ion Research Facility Beam Buncher accelerator, bunching, controls, monitoring 3304
  • N.F. Ziegler
Microprocessor-Based Control for Independently-Phased RF Linac Cavities accelerator, linac, software, tune 3310
  • J. W. Dawson
Microprocessor Based Beam Loss Monitor System for the AGS accumulation, impedance, linac, radiation 3313
  • R.L. Witkover
A Noninteractive Beam Position and Size Monitor for Heavy Ions background, electron, field, ionization 3349
  • J.M. Bogaty
The Serial Data Acquisition System at PETRA accelerator, luminosity, radiation, sputter 3385
  • H. Frese, G. Hochweller
Operating Experience with the VICKSI Computer Control System CAMAC, accelerator, monitoring, software 3401
  • W. Busse, H. Kluge
Secondary Emission Monitors at the Bevatron-Bevalac background, injection, monitoring, vacuum 3412
  • J.J. Barale, K.C. Crebbin, J.W. Lax, R.M. Richter, E. Zajec
Tests of a New Seconday Emission Chamber at the AGS accelerator, proton, target, vacuum 3415
  • P. Yamin, L. Repeta
Subnanosecond Chopper-Buncher System for Heavy Ions acceleration, bunching, chopper, pick-up 3436
  • I. Ben-Zvi, D. Bernstein, M. Birk, H. Feldman, Y. Gal, J.S. Sokolowski
Current to Frequency Converter for Digitization of Millisecond Beam Signals accelerator, impedance, neutrino, timing 3439
  • A.R. Donaldson
A Single-Crate Stand-Alone CAMAC Control System for a Negative Ion Source Test Facility CAMAC, maintenance, software 3442
  • R.C. Juras, N.F. Ziegler
Stable Particle Motion in a Linear Accelerator with Solenoid Focusing accelerator, field, focusing, solenoid 3511
  • E.A. Wadlinger
Neutral Beam Injection for a Proton Storage Ring field, injection, neutron, proton 3556
  • D.W. Hudgings
Invited Paper- Prospects for High Energy Heavy Ion Accelerators brightness, linac, luminosity, synchrotron 3638
  • C. Leemann
Invited Paper- Recent Advances in Design for Low- and Medium-Energy Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, cyclotron, electron, field 3645
  • J.A. Martin
Invited Paper- Progress Report on the 500 MeV Superconducting Cyclotron cyclotron, field, injection, vacuum 3653
  • H. Blosser, F. Resmini
The First Year of Operation at the Heidelberg Heavy-Ion Postaccelerator acceleration, accelerator, booster, cw 3667
  • E. Jaeschke, B. Huck, H. Ingwersen, B. Kolb, R. Repnow, T. Walcher
Present Status and Further Developments of the VICKSI Heavy Ion Facility accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, injection 3671
  • W. Busse
An ECR-Type Light Ion Source for the Karlsruhe Isochronous Cyclotron electron, field, plasma, vacuum 3680
  • V. Bechtold, H.P. Ehret, L. Friedrich, J. Mollenbeck, H. Schweickert
A Gas Foil Stripper System for a Heavy Ion Van de Graaff Van de Graaff, accelerator, field, vacuum 3683
  • D.J. Bradshaw, B.S. Halliday
Charge Changing Cross Sections for Heavy Ions at Energies to 8.5 MeV/amu background, electron, residual gas, vacuum 3686
  • J. Alonso, D. Dietrich, H. Gould
Optimization of Heavy Ion Focussing Systems with Large Number of Magnets field, quadrupole, sextupole, target 3688
  • J. Steinhoff
Computer Calculations of Travelling-Wave Periodic Structure Properties acceleration, accelerator, field, linac 3701
  • G.A. Loew, K.L. Bane, R.A. Early, R.H. Miller
A Universal Negative or Positive Ion Source cathode, ionization, plasma, sputter 3708
  • G.D. Alton
CRYEBIS, a Multi-Purpose EBIS for the Synchrotron Saturne II electron, ionization, solenoid, synchrotron 3713
  • J. Arianer, A. Cabrespine, G. Deschamps, C. Goldstein
Flourocarbon Stripping of Low Beta Heavy Ions acceleration, accelerator, equilibrium, lifetime 3718
  • J.R. Alonso, B.T. Leemann
The Munich Heavy Ion Postaccelerator booster, field, impedance, resonance 3724
  • E. Nolte, K. Berdermann, G. Geschonke, M. Kress, H. Morinaga, W. Schollmeier, Y. Shida
The Holifield Heavy Ion Research Facility - Phase II bunching, cyclotron, field, injection 3727
  • J.B. Ball, E.D. Hudson, J. W. Johnson, R.S. Lord, J.A. Martin, G.S. McNeilly, W.T. Milner, S.W. Mosko, R.L. Robinson, R.O. Sayer
NUMATRON Project accelerator, injection, linac, vacuum 3736
  • Y. Hirao
A Wideröe-Based Heavy Ion Preaccelerator for the SuperHILAC accelerator, coupling, cw, linac 3739
  • J.W. Staples, H.D. Lancaster, R.B. Yourd
The SRA: Progress Report on the Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Source at Daresbury; and Operation of a 600 MeV Booster booster, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 3803
  • D.J. Thompson
Invited Paper- Induction Linear Accelerators and Their Applications accelerator, electron, impedance, induction 3870
  • J.E. Leiss
Implementation of the ORIC Magnetic Field Measurements acceleration, accelerator, cyclotron, field 3907
  • T.P. Cleary
A Study of a 90 Bending Magnet for H- Beams coupling, extraction, field, optics 3916
  • J.D. Sherman, P.W. Allison
Magnet Protection using ZNR Surge Suppressors accelerator, impedance, lifetime, thermal 3934
  • H. Pfeffer, D.A. Wolff
The Effect of Large Delays on Beam RF Phase Lock Loops acceleration, accelerator, feedback, proton 3944
  • J.E. Griffin
Electric Power and Cooling Systems for PETRA quadrupole, sextupole, vacuum 3968
  • W. Bothe
The Design of an 860 KeV Pre-Accelerator for the New SIN High Current Injector Cyclotron acceleration, chopper, cyclotron, proton 3980
  • M. Olivo, W. Joho, U. Schryber
New Light Link System for High Voltage Terminal booster, cathode, timing, x-ray 3983
  • T. Sakaue, A. Takagi
An Innovative Spin Precessor for Intermediate Energy Protons field, polarization, proton, solenoid 3995
  • E.W. Hoffman
Distributed Sputter-Ion Pumps for use in Low Magnetic Fields electron, field, injection, vacuum 3997
  • J.M. Laurent, O. Gröbner
Measurements of the Cesium Flow from a Surface-Plasma H- Ion Source background, cathode, extraction, ionization 4006
  • H.V. Smith Jr., P.W. Allison
Twenty-Million Watt Vacuum Tube and Test Results electron, plasma, plasma physics, vacuum 4069
  • D. Carter, A. Deitz, J. Eshleman, R. Gray, J. Stabley, R. Winje
The Doublet III Neutral Beam Source Cryopanel System cyclotron, injection, thermal, vacuum 4080
  • J. Tanabe, P. Vander Arend, R. Yamamoto
Cold Bore Experiments at CERN ISR injection, proton, thermal, vacuum 4086
  • C. Benvenuti, N. Hilleret
Neutral Molecule Desorption from SS(304) and A1(6061) due to Particle Bombardments electron, proton, sputter, vacuum 4089
  • D. Edwards, Jr.
Cyrogenic Supply and Boil-Off Removal for a LHe Cyropump in a 4 bar SF6 Insulated 1 MV Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, plasma, vacuum 4096
  • H.D. Falter, W. Obert
A 50-mA Negative Hydrogen-Ion Source accelerator, cathode, extraction, injection 4120
  • C.W. Schmidt, C.D. Curtis
Polarized 3He Ion Source for a CN van de Graaff extraction, field, photon, spectrum 4123
  • R.J. Slobodrian, R. Pigeon, C. Rioux
Invited Paper- Current Status of Collective Accelerators acceleration, accelerator, electron, field 4156
  • N. Rostoker
Invited Paper- Intense Particle Beams electron, field, plasma, target 4160
  • G. Yonas
Invited Paper- Multimegawatt Neutral Beams for Tokamaks electron, injection, plasma, target 4166
  • W.B. Kunkel
Experimental Studies of Heavy Ion Collective Acceleration at the University of Maryland acceleration, electron, plasma, target 4177
  • W.W. Destler, L. Floyd, M. Reiser
Unidirectional Ion Generation and Geometric Focussing of Ions in a Reflex Triode cathode, dielectric, plasma, proton 4190
  • A. Bromborsky, H.E. Brandt, R.A. Kehs
Acceleration Mechanisms in Single and Multiple Stage Collective Vacuum Diodes acceleration, electron, plasma, proton 4196
  • J.L. Adamski, J.R. Beymer, R.L. Copeland
Collective Ion Acceleration Controlled by a Gas Gradient acceleration, cathode, electron, plasma 4199
  • F. Mako, A. Fisher, C.W. Roberson, N. Rostoker, D. Tzach
High Flux Ion, and Odd Multi-Half-Wave Length Resonant Transformer Accelerators in the Space and Time Domains accelerator, electron, field, instability 4214
  • K. Denno
High Current Linear Ion Accelerators Utilizing Electron Neutralization acceleration, electron, field, plasma 4220
  • S. Humphries Jr., G.W. Kuswa, C.W. Mendel, J.W. Poukey
Proton Injection into a Large Amplitude Space Charge Wave acceleration, electron, injection, proton 4223
  • R.J. Adler, G. Gammel, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, G. Providakes, V. Serlin
A Phase Modulated Collective Ion Accelerator acceleration, cyclotron, field, simulation 4226
  • R.J. Faehl, B.B. Godfrey, W.R. Shanahan
Collective Ion Acceleration with an Intense REB in a Periodic Waveguide acceleration, accelerator, electron, field 4229
  • C.W. Roberson, P. Sprangle, C.M. Tang
IFA Proof of Principle Experiments acceleration, injection, laser, timing 4231
  • C.L. Olson
Collective Ion Acceleration in the Vacuum System with Insulated Anode acceleration, cathode, electron, neutron 4248
  • V.M. Bistritsky, A.N. Didenko, Ya.E. Krasik, V.S. Lopatin, V.I. Podkatov
Variable Charge Heavy Ion Synchrotron Theory acceleration, injection, spectrum, synchrotron 4289
  • I.A. Shukeilo
Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility accelerator, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 4294
  • A.M. Baldwin, V.G. Antonenko, G.I. Batskich, V.P. Belov, Yu. D. Beznogikh, B.I. Bondarev, V.I. Chernikov, E.V. Chernykh, Yu.N. Denisov, V.V. Elyan, P.A. Fedotov, V.D. Fyodorov, V.M. Galitsky, V.M. Galkin, V.A. Glukhikh, E.P. Goryunov, O.A. Gusev, B. M. Gutner, I.B. Issinsky, V.I. Kamensky, V.N. Kapalin, A.D. Kirillov, I.F. Kolpakov, E.M. Kulakova, V.V. Kushkin, A.A. Kuzmin, A.L. Lebedev, L.G. Makarov, V.A. Mikahilov, A.I. Mikhailov, N.A. Monoszon, B.P. Murin, A.A. Ogloblin, V.M. Pirozhenko, A.I. Prokopiev, G.L. Saksagansky, I.N. Semenyushkin, I.A. Shelaev, I.A. Shukeilo, M. Sowinski, V.A. Tarabanko, V.A. Titov, V.I. Tsovbun, I.G. Umansky, A.A. Vasiliev, B.V. Vasilishin, N.I. Venikov, V.E. Yarosh, L.I. Yudin, V.B. Zalmanzon