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Keyword: linac

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Superconducting Accelerator Cavities on a Large Scale accelerator, electron, field, thermal 16
  • Y. Kojima
Planning and Development of Underground Facilities for the SSC acceleration, accelerator, collider, site 129
  • T.K. Lundin, D.L. Earsom, C. Laughton, M.J. Syphers
The Incoherent Beam-Beam Effect in Linear-on-Ring Colliders electron, emittance, positron, tune 254
  • C.D. Johnson
Using MOTER to Design PILAC beamline, multipole, pion, software 281
  • H.S. Butler, Z. Li, H.A. Thiessen
Design Characteristics of the Linac-LEB Transfer Line for the SSC emittance, field, injection, quadrupole 351
  • R.K. Bhandari, S. Penner, E. Seppi
Space Charge Effects in the SSC Low Energy Booster booster, ion, synchrotron, tune 383
  • S. Machida, G. Bourianoff, N.K. Mahale, N. Mehta, F. Pilat, R. Talman, R.C. York
The CEBAF Beam Transport System Lattice Design coupling, lattice, optics, recirculation 446
  • B. Bowling, D.R. Douglas, L.H. Harwood, J. Kewisch, D.V. Neuffer, J.Y. Tang, R.C. York
Transverse Phase Space in the Presence of Dispersion betatron, collider, emittance, focusing 461
  • N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Longitudinal Tune-Up of the SSC Drift-Tube and Coupled Cavity Linac Sections accelerator, acceptance, field, simulation 485
  • S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer
Transverse Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac accelerator, electron, field, positron 494
  • Y. Ogawa, A. Asami, T. Shidara, M. Takao
Longitudinal Wake Field Characteristics of the KEK Positron Generator Linac electron, field, positron, spectrum 497
  • M. Takao, A. Asami, Y. Ogawa, T. Shidara
Isochronous 180 Turns for the SLC Positron System acceleration, positron, sextupole, spectrum 500
  • R.H. Helm, J.E. Clendenin, S.D. Ecklund, A.V. Kulikov, R. Pitthan
Chromatic Correction in the SLC Bunch Length Compressors accelerator, emittance, lattice, sextupole 503
  • C.E. Adolphsen, P.J. Emma, T.H. Fieguth, W.L. Spence
Beam-Breakup Calculations for the DARHT Accelerator emittance, impedance, induction, solenoid 520
  • P. Allison, M.J. Burns, G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole
An Update on Argonne's AWA electron, gun, laser, wakefield 555
  • M. Rosing, E. Chojnacki, W. Gai, C. Ho, R. Konecny, S. Mtingwa, J. Norem, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
The IH-Structure and Its Capability to Accelerate High Current Beams focusing, ion, quadrupole, resonance 567
  • U. Ratzinger
Design of the SSC Linac accelerator, emittance, injection, ion 572
  • J. Watson, R. Bhandari, T. Bhatia, C. Chang, R. Cutler, L. Funk, R. Garnett, G. Leifete, S. Nath, G. Neuschaefer, D. Raparia, L. Young
Status of PLS 2 GeV Linac Project electron, gun, klystron, vacuum 575
  • W. Namkung, M. Cho, I.S. Ko, T.N. Lee, Y.X. Luo, C. Ryu, S. Won
Energy Compression System Design for the MIT-Bates Accelerator Center accelerator, insertion, klystron, recirculation 601
  • J.B. Flanz, P.T. Demos, K.D. Jacobs, A. Zolfaghari
The Brookhaven ATF Low-Emittance Beam Line acceleration, electron, emittance, laser 604
  • X.J. Wang, H.G. Kirk
Direct Observation of Plasma Wakefield Caused by a Train of LINAC Bunches damping, electron, plasma, wakefield 622
  • A. Ogata, T. Kobayashi, T. Kozawa, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, Y. Nishida, H. Shibata, T. Ueda, Y. Yoshida, N. Yugami
Overview of the Superconducting Super Collider RF Systems booster, collider, ferrite, klystron 661
  • J.D. Rogers, J.H. Ferrell
Bevalac Injector Final Stage RF Amplifier Upgrades accelerator, cathode, impedance, modulator 742
  • D. Howard, J. Calvert, R. Dwinell, J. Lax, A. Lindner, R. Richter, W. Ridgeway
RF Drivers for the Bevalac Injector Final Stage RF Amplifiers cathode, impedance, resonance, vacuum 745
  • D. Howard, J. Calvert, M. Hui, N. Kellogg, A. Lindner, W. Ridgeway, K. Woolfe
The Linac and Booster RF Systems for a Dedicated Injector for SPEAR booster, chopper, gun, vacuum 769
  • J.N. Weaver, S. Baird, M. Baltay, M. Borland, C. Chavis, L. Emery, R.D. Genin, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, H.-D. Nuhn, J. Safranek, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D. Wang, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
Low Power RF System for the ALS Linac accelerator, gun, klystron, timing 807
  • C.C. Lo, H. Lancaster, B. Taylor
Survey and Alignment of an MLI Model 1.2-400 Synchrotron Light Source alignment, instrumentation, quadrupole, survey 822
  • W.J. Pearce
Recent Experience with Backgrounds at the SLC background, collider, collimation, synchrotron 834
  • R. Jacobsen, H. Band, T. Barklow, A. Bazarko, K. Brown, D. Burke, D. Coupal, H. DeStaebler, D. Fujino, C. Hearty, S. Hertzbach, J. Jaros, T. Maruyama, T. Tauchi, N. Toge, J. Turk, S. Wagner, C. Zeitlin
Analysis of Uptime Efficiency of the SLC as Measured by Pulse Accounting accelerator, electron, positron, software 836
  • P. Krejcik, D. Bernstein, A. Gromme, D. Ohman, N. Spencer
First Results of Proton Injection Commissioning of the AGS Booster Synchrotron booster, commissioning, injection, proton 839
  • R.K. Reece, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, E. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, A. Luccio, J. Skelly, A. Soukas, W.T. Weng, R. Witkover, W. van Asselt
The ELETTRA Linac to Storage Ring Transfer Line booster, injection, lattice, quadrupole 887
  • D. Einfeld, R. Richter
Upgrade of LAMPF's 750-keV, H+ Transport alignment, emittance, quadrupole, tune 893
  • J.W. Hurd, A.A. Browman, M.J. Jakobson, K.W. Jones
The APS Transfer Line from Linac to Injector Synchrotron booster, positron, septum, synchrotron 902
  • R.K. Koul, E. Crosbie
The Frascati -Factory Injection System damping, electron, injection, positron 961
  • R. Boni, S. Kulinski, M. Preger, B. Spataro, M. Vescovi, G. Vignola
Design and Performance of the Traveling-Wave Beam Chopper for the SSRL Injector booster, chopper, gun, impedance 976
  • M. Borland, R. Anderson, M. Baltay, L. Emery, A.S. Fisher, P. Golceff, R. Hettel, R.H. Miller, H. Morales, J. Sebek, J.N. Weaver, H. Wiedemann, B. Youngman
The Proposed Injection System for an Asymmetric B Factory in the PEP Tunnel damping, factory, injection, positron 982
  • E. Bloom, W. Barletta, F. Bulos, G. Loew, T. Mattison, R. Miller, B. Sukiennicki
The ELETTRA Gun Trigger Module collider, gun, injection, timing 988
  • G.R. Aiello, M. Bossi
X-Band Accelerating Structure for Japan Linear Collider collider, damping, field, waveguide 1011
  • T. Higo, K. Kubo, M. Takao, K. Takata
Personnel Protection and Beam Containment Systems for the 3 GeV Injector accelerator, booster, diagnostics, radiation 1028
  • R. Yotam, E. Benson, J. Cerino, K. Crook, J. Fitch, R. Garoutte, R. Hettel, M. Horton, N. Ipe, G. Nelson, J. Sebek, H. Smith
Performance Test of a 65-MW Klystron Unit Relevant to the Microwave Source Upgrade of the KEK 2.5-GeV Linac factory, klystron, modulator, positron 1043
  • T. Shidara, S. Anami, A. Asami, H. Honma, K. Nakao
RF Pulses with Flat Output Waveform Generator in RF Power Upgrade System accumulation, coupling, electron, field 1048
  • B.Y. Bogdanovich, A.P. Ignatyev, V.A. Senyukov
H- Beam Characterization Using Laser-Induced Neutralization accelerator, emittance, field, laser 1171
  • V.W. Yuan, R. Garcia, K.F. Johnson, K. Saadatmand, O.R. Sander, D. Sandoval, M. Shinas
Real Time Spectrum Analyzer electron, laser, software, spectrum 1225
  • M. Bergher, E. Jules, A. Louis-Joseph
Beam Diagnostics for the 400 MeV Fermilab Linac accelerator, diagnostics, emittance, monitoring 1249
  • E.S. McCrory, F. Harfoush, G. Jackson, G. Lee, D. McConnell
Diagnostics for the MLI Model 1.2-400 Synchrotron Light Source betatron, diagnostics, lattice, monitoring 1261
  • D.Y. Wang, R. Legg
A Faraday Cup with High Frequency Response for a 200 MeV LINAC Proton Beam impedance, proton, scattering, vacuum 1270
  • M.S. Zucker, J.W. Bittner
Alarm Handler for the Advanced Photon Source Control System EPICS, accelerator, controls, photon 1314
  • M.R. Kraimer, M.D. Anderson, B.-C.K. Cha
Feed Forward RF Control System of the Accelerator Test Facility electron, field, klystron, target 1323
  • I. Ben-Zvi, J. Xie, R. Zhang
PLS Linac Instrument and Control System accelerator, electron, klystron, timing 1368
  • C. Ryu, S.S. Chang, J.H. Kim, M.S. Kim, D.K. Liu, W. Namkung, S. Won
An Inexpensive PC-Based Ion Linac Control System accelerator, ion, plasma, software 1377
  • M.E. Hamm, J.M. Potter
The SSRL Injector Control System CAMAC, accelerator, electron, synchrotron 1383
  • C. Wermelskirchen, S. Brennan, T. Götz, W. Lavender, R. Ortiz, M. Picard, J. Yang
Energy Feedback System for the SSRL Injector Linac accelerator, booster, feedback, klystron 1413
  • L. Emery
Design of VAX Software for a Generalized Feedback System accelerator, collider, feedback, software 1416
  • F. Rouse, S. Castillo, T. Himel, B. Sass, H. Shoaee
Beam Position Monitoring in the AGS Linac to Booster Transfer Line beam position monitor, booster, commissioning, monitoring 1428
  • T.J. Shea, J. Brodowski, R. Witkover
The CEBAF Frequency Distribution System accelerator, coupling, insertion, klystron 1470
  • A. Krycuk, J. Fugitt, K. Mahoney, S. Simrock
Smart Rack Monitor for the Linac Control System accelerator, commissioning, crystal, software 1484
  • S. Shtirbu, R.W. Goodwin, E.S. McCrory, M.F. Shea
The Trajectory Control in the SLC Linac electron, feedback, field, lattice 1499
  • I.C. Hsu, C.E. Adolphsen, T.M. Himel, J.T. Seeman
Machine Protection Schemes for the SLC accelerator, controls, damping, electron 1502
  • M.C. Ross
A Programmable Beam Intensity Display System for the Fermilab Accelerators accelerator, controls, extraction, software 1505
  • S. Johnson, D. Capista
The Improvement of TRISTAN Timing System CAMAC, field, software, timing 1555
  • J. Urakawa, T. Kawamoto
Bunch Monitor for an S-Band Electron Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, pick-up 1558
  • Y. Otake, K. Nakahara
Suppression of Single Bunch Beam Breakup by Autophasing impedance, ion, wakefield 1597
  • R.L. Gluckstern, F. Neri, J.B.J. van Zeijts
Reduction of Beam Breakup Growth by Bleeding Cavities in Linear Accelerators accelerator, coupling, deflecting mode, induction 1609
  • D.G. Colombant, Y.Y. Lau
Characterization and Monitoring of Transverse Beam Tails accelerator, betatron, electron, emittance 1734
  • J.T. Seeman, F.-J. Decker, I. Hsu, C. Young
Simulation of Longitudinal Phase Space in the SLC bunch compression, damping, radiation, spectrum 1800
  • K.L.F. Bane
Beam Breakup with Finite Bunch Length deflecting mode, focusing, ion, resonance 1809
  • C.L. Bohn, J.R. Delayen
Preliminary Design for a Thermionic R.F. Gun cathode, emittance, field, injection 1978
  • G. D'Auria, J. Gonichon, T. Manfroi
Emittance Control in Linear Colliders alignment, damping, emittance, wakefield 2037
  • R.D. Ruth
Application of Superconductiong RF to Linear Colliders damping, emittance, field, luminosity 2042
  • H. Padamsee
The CERN Study of a TeV e+e- Collider CLIC alignment, coupling, drive beam, waveguide 2052
  • CLIC Study Group
Summary of the Emittance Control in the SLC Linac betatron, damping, emittance, wakefield 2064
  • J.T. Seeman, C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, F.-J. Decker, P.J. Emma, I. Hsu, T. Limberg, L. Merminga, M. Ross, W. Spence
An Active Alignment Test Facility for the CERN Linear Collider accelerator, alignment, collider, focusing 2070
  • W. Coosemans, P. Poirier, I. Wilson
Emittance Growth in TESLA alignment, emittance, instability, quadrupole 2073
  • G.A. Krafft, J.J. Bisognano, M. Fripp
High-Current CW RFQ's accelerator, cw, ion, proton 2093
  • G.E. McMichael
SLC Positron Source-Simulation and Performance accelerator, damping, positron, target 2098
  • R. Pitthan, H. Braun, J.E. Clendenin, S.D. Ecklund, R.H. Helm, A.V. Kulikov, A.C. Odian, G.X. Pei, M. Ross, M.D. Woodley
The ELETTRA Transfer Line Magnets accelerator, field, induction, quadrupole 2372
  • M. Begg, D. Einfeld, D. Tommassini
A Quadrupole Magnet for the Fermilab Linac Upgrade accelerator, field, quadrupole, sextupole 2378
  • T. Kroc
First Operation of MACSE the Saclay Pilot Superconducting Electron Linac acceleration, accelerator, electron, field 2393
  • B. Aune, C. Antoine, Phung Ngoc B., B. Bonin, P. Bosland, S. Buhler, J.M. Cavedon, S. Chel, C. Chianelli, A. Curtoni, M. Desmons, J. Fagot, M. Fouaidy, J. Gastebois, A. Godin, F. Gougnaud, G. Gourcy, J.F. Gournay, F. Guemas, X. Hanus, C. Henriot, J. Jablonka, J.M. Joly, M. Juillard, T. Junquera, E. Klein, F. Koechlin, P. Leconte, A. Mosnier, M. Prome, H. Safa, T. Tourrette, A. Veyssiere
Applied Geometric Tolerancing in Accelerator Component Design accelerator, alignment, radio-frequency, rf cavities 2453
  • R.E. Lujan, K.E. Christensen
Modern Operators' Consoles for Accelerator Control at Fermilab accelerator, controls, site, software 2523
  • P. Lucas, K. Cahill, R. Peters, J. Smedinghoff
Preliminary Design of a Dedicated Photon Therapy Linac accelerator, electron, ion, proton 2583
  • R.W. Hamm, K.R. Crandall, J.M. Potter
Heavy Ion, Recirculating Linac, Design Optimization acceleration, accelerator, induction, ion 2589
  • D.W. Hewett, T.F. Godlove
High-Power Proton Linac for Transmuting the Long-Lived Fission Products in Nuclear Waste accelerator, cw, neutron, proton 2598
  • G.P. Lawrence
Electron Accelerator for Transmutation of Fission Products and Nuclear Fuel Cycle Actinides accelerator, electron, field, travelling wave 2601
  • G.I. Batskikh, B.V. Bekhtev, V.A. Boiko, V.V. Elian, A.V. Mishchenko
Accelerated Radioactive Beams at TRIUMF accelerator, ion, radioactive beams, target 2607
  • J. D'Auria, L. Buchmann, J.S. Fraser, H. Schneider
CW 100MW Microwave Power Transfer in Space electron, induction, laser, wiggler 2625
  • K. Takayama, S. Hiramatsu, M. Shiho
Progress with ELETTRA, the Synchrotron Light Source in Trieste accelerator, insertion, undulator, vacuum 2634
  • M. Puglisi, A. Wrulich
The Advanced Light Source-Status Report booster, commissioning, injection, insertion 2637
  • A. Jackson
The DARPA Compact Superconducting X-Ray Lithography Source Features field, radiation, vacuum, x-ray 2652
  • R. Heese, S. Kalsi, E. Leung
The 3 GeV Synchrotron Injector for SPEAR acceleration, booster, electron, gun 2688
  • H. Wiedemann, S. Baird, M. Baltay, D. Baritchi, L. Baritchi, M. Borland, R. Boyce, J. Cerino, C. Chavis, L. Emery, P. Golceff, J. Haydon, R. Hettel, M. Horton, T. Hostetler, C. Jach, G. Johnson, P. Kung, W. Lavender, W. Li, J. Mello, H. Morales, D. Mostowfi, H.-D. Nuhn, R. Ortiz, J. Safranek, T. Sanchez, J. Sebek, J. Voss, D.F. Wang, J. Weaver, C. Wermelskirchen, J. Yang, R. Yotam, B. Youngman, K. Zuo
A High Energy Electron Beam Facility for Industrial Research acceleration, electron, extraction, synchrotron 2694
  • S. Okuda, S. Fujimura, K. Ikegami, H. Itagaki, M. Iwamoto, I. Kodera, A. Maruyama, T. Matsuda, T. Nakagawa, S. Nakamura, T. Nakanishi, S. Nakata, H. Tanaka, C. Tsukishima, T. Yamada, S. Yamamoto
Beam Transport to the SXLS Ring field, injection, quadrupole, septum 2703
  • E. Bozoki
FEL Design Using the CEBAF Linac accelerator, cw, electron, wiggler 2745
  • G.R. Neil, J.J. Bisognano, H.F. Dylla, G.A. Krafft, C.W. Leemann, C.K. Sinclair, B. Yunn
Injection into the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring acceptance, damping, emittance, injection 2784
  • L. Lin
The Transport Line from MAIRA to the LNLS UVX Electron Storage Ring alignment, electron, injection, lattice 2787
  • L. Lin, R.H.A. Farias, L. Jahnel, P. Tavares
Status of DELTA and Design of its Vacuum System booster, electron, impedance, vacuum 2862
  • N. Marquardt
Commissioning of the SSRL Injector acceleration, booster, chopper, injection 2865
  • S. Baird, J. Safranek
Improvement of 150 MeV Racetrack Microtron field, focusing, injection, x-ray 2877
  • T. Hori, T. Mitsumoto, Y. Sasaki, M. Sugitani
Conception of the 200 MeV/u Booster for the Nuclotron acceleration, booster, injection, ion 2886
  • I.B. Issinsky, V.A. Mikhailov
An Electron-Proton Collider in the TeV Range electron, emittance, proton, quadrupole 2910
  • M. Tigner, B. Wiik, F. Willeke
Alignment Issues of the SLC Linac Accelerating Structure accelerator, alignment, laser, quadrupole 2949
  • J.T. Seeman, C.E. Adolphsen, F.-J. Decker, G. Fischer, J. Hodgson, R. Pennacchi, C. Perkins, M. Pietryka
Status of the SLC Damping Ring Kicker Systems damping, extraction, kicker, timing 2955
  • T. Mattison, R. Cassel, A. Donaldson, D. Gough, G. Gross, A. Harvey, D. Hutchinson, M. Nguyen
A New Front-End for the LEP Injector Linac bunching, field, gun, positron 2964
  • J.-C. Godot, H. Braun, A. Pisent, L. Rinolfi
Photocathode Driven Linac at UCLA for FEL and Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiments beamline, electron, gun, laser 2967
  • S. Hartman, F. Aghamir, W. Barletta, D. Cline, J. Davis, J. Dodd, G. Hairapetian, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, J. Kolonko, N. Luhmann Jr., D. McDermott, S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig, J. Smolin, J. Terrien
Status of the LISA Superconducting Linac Project accelerator, electron, emittance, gun 2970
  • F. Tazzioli, A. Aragona, R. Boni, M. Castellano, L. Catani, N. Cavallo, F. Cevenini, G. Di Pirro, S. Faini, M. Ferrario, A. Gallo, S. Kulinski, C. Marchetti, M. Minestrini, P. Patteri, C. Sanelli, M. Serio, A. Stecchi, S. Tazzari, L. Trasatti, M. Vescovi
Preliminary Conceptual Design for a 510 MeV Electron/Positron Injector for a UCLA Factory factory, gun, klystron, positron 2976
  • G. Dahlbacka, W. Barletta, R. Hartline, C. Pellegrini
Operating Experience with the ALS Linac acceleration, booster, gun, vacuum 2978
  • F. Selph, D. Massoletti
Commissioning of the New Heavy Ion Injector at GSI accelerator, acceptance, field, ion 2981
  • N. Angert, L. Dahl, H. Deitinghoff, J. Friedrich, J. Glatz, J. Klabunde, H. Klein, U. Ratzinger, A. Schempp, H. Schulte, B. Wolf
Development of a Radioactive Nuclides Accelerator at the Moscow Meson Factory acceleration, accelerator, cw, focusing 2984
  • V.A. Andreev, V.A. Bomko, S.K. Esin, D.V. Gorelov, A.S. Iljinov, J.D. Ivanov, A.A. Kolomiets, V.A. Moiseev, B.P. Murin, P.N. Ostroumov, G.N. Vjalov, A.N. Zelenskiki
Status of the Uranium Upgrade of ATLAS accelerator, bunching, heavy-ion, ion 2987
  • L.M. Bollinger, P.J. Billquist, J.M. Bogaty, B.E. Clifft, P. Markovich, F.H. Munson, R.C. Pardo, K.W. Shepard, G.P. Zinkann
45 MeV Linac for the 800 MeV Synchrotron Radiation Light Source quadrupole, radiation, synchrotron, x-ray 2990
  • N. Kaneko, O. Azuma, Y. Hoshi, H. Iwata, T. Nakashizu, M.Y. Yamamoto
Tuning of the First 805 MHz Side-Coupled Cavity Module for the Fermilab Upgrade accelerator, coupling, field, vacuum 2996
  • Z. Qian, M. Champion, T.G. Jurgens, H.W. Miller, A. Moretti, R. Padilla
A New Electron Linac Injector Design up to 200 MeV bunching, electron, field, focusing 3008
  • D. Tronc
Quadrupole Effects in On-Axis Coupled Linacs coupling, electron, focusing, quadrupole 3011
  • F.P. Adams, R.J. Burton, J. Ungrin
Cavity Shape and Beam Dynamics Design for a Linac for Pions acceptance, coupling, field, pion 3014
  • G. Swain
Characterization of a Ramped Gradient DTL: Experiment and Theory accelerator, emittance, field, x-ray 3017
  • K.F. Johnson, G.P. Boicourt, G.O. Bolme, C.M. Fortgang, J.D. Gilpatrick, J. Merson, O.R. Sander, D.P. Sandoval, E.A. Wadlinger, V. Yuan
Measurements on Iris-Structures with Rectangular Holes coupling, electron, field, luminosity 3023
  • M. Kurz, P. Hulsmann, H. Klein, A. Schempp
RF Tests of a Band Overlap Free DAW Accelerating Structure accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 3026
  • R. Parodi, P. Fernandes, A. Stella
Acceleration Tests of the INS 25.5-MHz Split Coaxial RFQ acceleration, emittance, field, ion 3035
  • S. Arai, A. Imanishi, T. Morimoto, S. Shibuya, E. Tojyo, N. Tokuda
Development of a Variable Energy RFQ for Cluster Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, emittance, ion 3053
  • A. Schempp, J. Dehen, H. Deitinghoff, J. Friedrich, M.J. Gaillard, R. Genre, G. Hadinger, A. Kipper, J. Madlung, J. Martin, H.O. Moser
Least-Squares Fitting Procedure for Setting RF Phase and Amplitude in Drift-Tube-Linac Tanks accelerator, focusing, instability, permanent-magnet 3056
  • F.W. Guy, T.P. Wangler
Production of Tightly Focused E-Beams with High-Current Accelerators accelerator, cathode, electron, target 3059
  • J.W. Poukey, C.A. Frost, M.G. Mazarakis, J.J. Ramirez
Longitudinal Emittance Measurement of the 100 MeV Proton Beam emittance, factory, field, spectrum 3062
  • Y.V. Bylinsky, A.V. Feschenko, P.N. Ostroumov
The Delta-T Tuneup Procedure for the Fermilab Linac Upgrade accelerator, acceptance, field, tune 3064
  • T.L. Owens, E.S. McCrory
Proton Beam Acceleration up to 160 MeV at the Moscow Meson Factory Linac factory, field, quadrupole, spectrum 3067
  • G.I. Batskich, Y.V. Bylinsky, S.K. Esin, A.P. Fedotov, A.V. Feschenko, Y.D. Ivanov, O.S. Korolev, L.V. Kravchuk, A.I. Kvasha, V.A. Matveev, V.N. Michailov, A.N. Mirzojan, N.P. Murin, P.N. Ostroumov, S.A. Petronevich, B.A. Rubtsov, I.A. Sagin, S.I. Scharamentov, V.L. Serov, N.I. Uksusov, S.Z. Zyarylkapov
Transverse Emittance Studies of an Induction Accelerator of Heavy Ions acceleration, emittance, induction, injection 3073
  • T. Garvey, S. Eylon, T.J. Fessenden, K. Hahn, E. Henestroza
Measurements of Reduced Corkscrew Motion on the ETA-II Linear Induction Accelerator accelerator, alignment, electron, induction 3094
  • S.L. Allen, H.R. Brand, F.W. Chambers, Y.-J. Chen, F.E. Coffield, F.J. Deadrick, L.V. Griffith, D.L. Lager, W.J. Mauer, W.E. Nexsen, A.C. Paul, S. Sampayan, W.C. Turner
Development of RFQ Accelerator for the MMF Linac acceleration, accelerator, emittance, injection 3109
  • V.A. Andreev, S.K. Esin, I.M. Kapchinskij, D.A. Kashinskij, A.A. Kolomiets, A.M. Kozodaev, P.N. Ostroumov, A.M. Raskopin, N.V. Schachrai, R.M. Vengrov
Fast Power Supplies for Kicker and Thin Septum Magnets in a 1.2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source electron, injection, kicker, septum 3171
  • B.E. Strickland, D. Meaney, B. Ng, G.L. Schofield, B.L. Thomas, W.P. White
The ELETTRA 1.5 GeV Electron Injector chopper, electron, field, klystron 3180
  • D. Tronc, C. Bourat, P. Girault, P. Letellier, A. Massarotti, G. Meyrand, S. Sierra, D.T. Tran
Microwave and Beam Optics Design Features of a Preinjector Linac for a Synchrotron Radiation Source accelerator, chopper, injection, waveguide 3183
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg
Fermilab Linac Upgrade Side Coupled Cavity Temperature Control System accelerator, klystron, radiation, thermal 3189
  • J. Crisp, J. Satti
PILAC: A Pion Linac Facility for 1-GeV Pion Physics at LAMPF acceptance, injection, kicker, pion 3198
  • H.A. Thiessen
LELIA: An Induction Linac Developed for FEL Application ferrite, impedance, induction, vacuum 3204
  • P. Eyharts, P. Anthouard, J. Bardy, P. Eyl, M. Thevenot
Effect of Wakefields on First Order Transport in the SLC Linac acceleration, betatron, simulation, wakefield 3207
  • C.E. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, J.T. Seeman
Multibunch Energy and Spectrum Control in the SLC High Energy Linac damping, extraction, klystron, spectrum 3210
  • J.T. Seeman, F.-J. Decker, I. Hsu, R.K. Jobe
Wakefield Measurements of SLAC Linac Structures at the Argonne AATF accelerator, damping, wakefield, x-band 3219
  • J.W. Wang, E. Chojnacki, W. Gai, R. Konecny, G. A. Loew, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Optimizing Energy Spread in the CLIC Main Linac acceptance, damping, field, luminosity 3231
  • G. Guignard, C. Fischer
Investigations on Beam Damping Simulations and the Associated Model of CLIC damping, field, focusing, quadrupole 3234
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard, A. Millich
Design Calculations of the CLIC Transfer Structure coupling, drive beam, field, waveguide 3240
  • E. Jensen