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Keyword: betatron

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The Beam Slow Extraction from a Magnetic Ring of Moscow Meson Facility emittance, extraction, proton, target 270
  • N.D. Malítsky, M.I. Grachev, V.M. Lobashev, P.N. Ostroumov, Yu.P. Severgin, I.A. Shukeilo, V.A. Titov
Injection and Transport of Beams of Positrons into and through an Octant of LEP commissioning, injection, optics, vacuum 447
  • The LEP Commissioning Team
SRS-2: Performance and Achievements brilliance, lattice, lifetime, tune 467
  • V.P. Suller, J.N. Corlett, D.M. Dykes, S. Haslam, S. Hill, E.A. Hughes, M.W. Poole, P.D. Quinn, S.L. Thomson
Optical Design of the CEBAF Beam Transport System accelerator, linac, optics, quadrupole 557
  • D.R. Douglas, J. Kewisch, R.C. York
Determination of the Beam Width in a Stellatron Accelerator electron, field, target, x-ray 615
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, R. Prohaska, N. Rostoker
New 4-8 GHz Core Cooling Pickups and Kickers for the Fermilab Accumulator accelerator, impedance, kicker, vacuum 648
  • J. Petter, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis, J. Misek
Coulomb Scattering Cross Sections for Accelerator Design accelerator, acceptance, proton, scattering 654
  • M.N. Butler, F. Jones, S. Koscielniak, G.H. Mackenzie
Elementary Analysis of Phase Space Painting accelerator, emittance, injection, proton 660
  • Y. Kamiya
Optical Correlator Notch Filters for Fermilab Debuncher Betatron Stochastic Cooling accelerator, antiproton, stochastic cooling, thermal 694
  • R.J. Pasquinelli, W. Kells, J. Marriner, D. Peterson
Observation and Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Betatron Oscillations during the Beam-Beam Collision damping, emittance, simulation, tune 709
  • T. Ieiri, K. Hirata
Transverse and Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instabilities in Trains of Closely Spaced Bunches collider, damping, field, synchrotron 792
  • K.A. Thompson, R.D. Ruth
Understanding and Improving the High Field Orbit in the Fermilab Booster booster, extraction, field, survey 815
  • Y. Chao, L. Ketcham, C. Moore
Comparison between Smooth and AG Focusing for the CLIC Main Linac damping, emittance, focusing, quadrupole 848
  • H. Henke, J. Tückmantel
Tune Spectra in the Tevatron Collider antiproton, proton, synchrotron, tune 860
  • G. Jackson
A Lattice with No Transition and Large Dynamic Aperture hadron, lattice, optics, sextupole 915
  • G. Guignard
Observation and Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Betatron Oscillations during the Beam-Beam Collision damping, emittance, simulation, tune 926
  • T. Ieiri, K. Hirata
Electron Beam Injection, Deflection, and Transport in the UNM Betatron diagnostics, electron, field, focusing 1020
  • E. Schamiloglu, S. Humphries Jr., D.M. Siergiej
A Simple Estimate of Bunch Rotation emittance, hadron, impedance, proton 1058
  • Y. Kamiya
Effect of Energy Spread on the Dipole Beam Break-Up Instability cyclotron, field, focusing, solenoid 1166
  • D. Chernin, A. Mondelli
Coherent Beatron Instability Driven by Electrostatic Separators - Stability Analysis of the Tevatron coupling, impedance, instability, spectrum 1172
  • F.A. Harfoush, S. A. Bogacz
Effects of Frequency Spreads on Beam Breakup Instabilities in Linear Accelerators coupling, damping, field, focusing 1193
  • D.G. Colombant, Y.Y. Lau
Consequences of the Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy on the Performance of LEP 200 lattice, radiation, synchrotron, tune 1298
  • F. Ruggiero
Beam Dynamics with the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation accelerator, ion, radiation, synchrotron 1310
  • W.E. Gabella, R.D. Ruth, R.L. Warnock
A Formalism and Computer Program for Couple Lattices coupling, damping, lattice, radiation 1313
  • T.O. Raubenheimer
Construction of Symplectic Full-Turn Maps by Application of an Arbitrary Tracking Code accelerator, damping, lattice, synchrotron 1322
  • R.L. Warnock
The Driven Pendulum, and E778 Tune Modulation accelerator, proton, resonance, tune 1343
  • T. Chen, S. Peggs
Correction of Horizontal-Vertical Coupling in the SSC coupling, optics, quadrupole, skew 1346
  • J. Peterson, W. Scandale, L. Schachinger
Phasefix-Correcting the Tunes of the SLC Arcs accelerator, coupling, emittance, tune 1352
  • J. Haïssinski, P. Bambade, K.L. Brown, D.L. Burke, T.H. Fieguth, A. Hutton, T. Mattison, J.J. Murray, N. Phinney, M. Placidi, M. Sands, J.C. Sheppard, N. Toge, A. Weinstein
Comparison of Accelerator Codes for a RHIC Lattice accelerator, lattice, optics, tune 1373
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Dynamic Aperture and Long Term Particle Stability in the Presence of Strong Sextupoles in the CERN SPS hadron, resonance, simulation, tune 1376
  • J. Gareyte, A. Hilaire, F. Schmidt
Amplitude Growth due to Random, Correlated Kicks emittance, ion, scattering, spectrum 1394
  • L. Michelotti, F. Mills
High Current Beam Dynamics Simulation in the Proton Storage Ring emittance, extraction, injection, simulation 1406
  • V.A. Moiseev, P.N. Ostroumov
A Schottky Receiver for Non-Perturbative Tune Monitoring in the Tevatron antiproton, crystal, proton, tune 1483
  • D. Martin, P. Cliff, B. Fellenz, B. Horton, G. Jackson, D. McConnell, R. Shafer, R. Siemann
A Resonant Beam Detector for Tevatron Tune Monitoring accelerator, impedance, tune, vacuum 1486
  • D. Martin, B. Fellenz, C. Hood, M. Johnson, R. Shafer, R. Siemann, J. Zurawski
Energy Measurements from Betatron Oscillations accelerator, feedback, lattice, linac 1529
  • T. Himel, K.A. Thompson
Beam Position Monitor Upgrade for the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring closed-orbit, diagnostics, extraction, proton 1562
  • H.A. Thiessen, R. Macek, G. Mackenzie, W. Rawnsley, R.E. Shafer, G. Swain
Monitoring the Conditions of Beam Injection into the IHEP Accelerator from the Booster booster, injection, quadrupole, synchrotron 1597
  • V.L. Brook, N.G. Mamuchashvili, I.G. Morozov, S.V. Shekhvatov, I.N. Tereschenko, V.G. Tishin
Online Monitoring of Dispersion Functions and Transfer Matrices at the SLC accelerator, lattice, linac, monitoring 1599
  • P. Emma, P.R. Burchat, T.H. Fieguth, T. Lohse, R.S. Panvini
Design for a Second-Generation Proton Storage Ring at LAMPF emittance, injection, lattice, proton 1701
  • E.P. Colton
Beam Dynamics Issues in Linear Colliders accelerator, damping, emittance, spectrum 1736
  • J.T. Seeman
Asymptotic Growth of Cumulative and Regenerative Beam Break-up Instabilities in Linear Accelerators coupling, electron, field, focusing 1761
  • Y.Y. Lau
Real Time Closed Orbit Correction System electron, feedback, field, tune 1792
  • L.H. Yu, R. Biscardi, J. Bittner, E. Bozoki, J. Galayda, S. Krinsky, R. Nawrocky, O. Singh, G. Vignola
Radiative Polarization in High-Energy Storage Rings accelerator, polarization, polarized beams, resonance 1798
  • S.R. Mane
Studies and Calculations of Transverse Emittance Growth in High-Energy Proton Storage Rings emittance, proton, quadrupole, radiation 1801
  • S.R. Mane, G. Jackson
More Bunches in LEP field, injection, luminosity, rf cavities 1806
  • J.M. Jowett
Stratonovich Expansion and Beam-Beam Interaction damping, electron, luminosity, radiation 1809
  • K. Hirata
Design and Commissioning of the D0 Vertical Nondispersive Overpass in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, antiproton, extraction, synchrotron 1831
  • D. Trbojevic, R. Gerig
Recent Commissioning Experience on the SLC Arcs alignment, electron, field, linac 1844
  • N. Toge, P. Bambade, T. Barklow, K.L. Brown, F. Bulos, D.L. Burke, T.H. Fieguth, J. Haïssinski, A. Hutton, C. Jung, S. Kheifets, S. Komamiya, Y. Mattison, J.J. Murray, N. Phinney, M. Placidi, D. Ritson, M. Sands, J.C. Sheppard, A. Weinstein