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Keyword: betatron

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Multibunch Operation of CESR injection, lifetime, luminosity, sextupole 1610
  • R. Littauer
The RHIC Lattice collider, insertion, ion, proton 1626
  • S.Y. Lee, J. Claus, E.D. Courant, H. Hahn, G. Parzen
Tailoring the Performance of LEP luminosity, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1638
  • J.M. Jowett
SSC Test Lattice Designs insertion, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1669
  • E.D. Courant, D.R. Douglas, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
Control and Initial Operation of the Fermilab BØ Low Insertion insertion, lattice, target, tune 1678
  • D.A. Finley, R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
Beam Diagnostics at the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, collider, injection, tune 1862
  • R.E. Shafer
Beam Position Monitor System for the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, injection, monitoring, software 1868
  • A.E. Baumbaugh, K.L. Knickerbocker, A.B. Lynch, J.R. Simanton, C.R. Wegner
Tune Measurement and Control at the CERN-SPS collider, coupling, lifetime, tune 1902
  • R. Bossart, A. Chapman-Hatchett, I. Gjerpe, H.K. Kuhn, T. Linnecar, G. Paillard, C. Saltmarsh, W. Scandale, R. Schmidt, I. Wilkie
Polarization of Beams in LEP electron, laser, polarization, polarized beams 1911
  • C. Bovet, B.W. Montague, M. Placidi, R. Rossmanith
The TeV I Beam Position Monitor System accelerator, antiproton, beam position monitor, commissioning 1927
  • S.D. Holmes, J.D. McCarthy, S.A. Sommers, R.C. Webber, J.R. Zagel
Characteristics of Directional Coupler Beam Position Monitors accelerator, coupling, impedance, thermal 1933
  • R.E. Shafer
Transverse and Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurement Using Optical Techniques in TRISTAN Accumulation Ring accumulation, instability, radiation, synchrotron 1944
  • A. Ogata, T. Ieiri, Y. Mizumachi, K. Nakajima
Beam Position Monitor System for Storage Rings accelerator, beam position monitor, injection, synchrotron 1985
  • M. Nakamura, J.A. Hinkson
Performance of a Correlator Filter in Betatron Tune Measurements and Damping on the NSLS Booster booster, damping, kicker, synchrotron 2132
  • J. Galayda
A Damper for the Injection Oscillations in the PS Machine cathode, kicker, pick-up, vacuum 2135
  • E. Brouzet, R. Cappi, J-L. Gonzalez, W. Pirkl, E. Schulte, M. Thivent
A Programmable High-Power Beam Damper for the Tevatron damping, impedance, spectrum, tune 2147
  • J. Crisp, R. Gerig, R. Goodwin, M. Johnson, A. Jones, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, P. Lucas, D. Martin, H. Miller, M. Shea, J. Ziober
New Control Techniques for Extraction of Bevalac Beams controls, extraction, feedback, injection 2177
  • M. Nyman, W. Chu, B. Mehlman, W. Mirer, H. Oakley, T. Renner, G. Stover, M. Tekawa
Beam Steering in the SLC Linac electron, linac, positron, software 2180
  • J.C. Sheppard, M.J. Lee, M.C. Ross, J.T. Seeman, R.F. Stiening, M.D. Woodley
Transverse Instabilities due to Wall Impedances in Storage Rings impedance, instability, synchrotron, tune 2191
  • B. Zotter
Transverse Mode-Coupling Experiment in DCI impedance, instability, lifetime, spectrum 2215
  • M.P. Level, P.C. Marin, E.M. Sommer, B. Zotter, H. Zyngier
Theory of Non-Planar Orbits accelerator, field, focusing, solenoid 2221
  • A. Antillon, M. Month
Antiproton Losses at Large Transverse Amplitudes in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator and Corrective Measures Using Skew Quadrupoles and Sextupoles antiproton, injection, sextupole, skew 2231
  • V. Chohan, Z.Y. Guo, C.D. Johnson, E.J.N. Wilson
An Analytic Approach to the Off-Momentum Closed Orbit in Storage Rings focusing, lattice, quadrupole, sextupole 2237
  • J. Hagel
Computer Simulation of the Beam-Beam Interaction at a Crossing Angle proton, resonance, simulation, synchrotron 2240
  • A. Piwinski
A New FFAG Orbit Code accelerator, cyclotron, field, neutron 2243
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Controls in Use at CESR for Adjusting Horizontal to Vertical Coupling accelerator, controls, coupling, tune 2246
  • M. Billing
Studies of Chaotic Behaviour in HERA Caused by Transverse Magnetic Multipole Fields accelerator, field, multipole, proton 2252
  • H. Mais, F. Schmidt, A. Wrulich
Exact Calculation of Nonlinear Orbit Properties of a Synchrotron equilibrium, field, lattice, synchrotron 2267
  • B. Gottschalk
T-Change in the KEK GeV-PS acceleration, damping, injection, lattice 2270
  • A. Ando
Hamiltonian Formulation for Synchrobetatron Resonance Driven by Dispersion in RF Cavities resonance, rf cavities, synchrotron, tune 2273
  • T. Suzuki
Nu Shifts in Betatron Oscillations from Uniform Peturbations in the Presence of Non-Linear Magnetic Guide Fields equilibrium, extraction, field, target 2276
  • K.C. Crebbin
A Diagnostic for Dynamic Aperture damping, electron, kicker, modulator 2291
  • P.L. Morton, J.-L. Pellegrin, T. Raubenheimer, L. Rivkin, M. Ross, W.L. Spence
Reduction of Sextupole Distortion by Shuffling Magnets in Small Groups quadrupole, sextupole, skew, spectrum 2314
  • R.L. Gluckstern, S. Ohnuma
Instability Studies and Double RF-System Operation at BESSY damping, impedance, synchrotron, tune 2317
  • E. Weihreter, A. Gaupp, H.G. Hoberg, W.-D. Klotz, P. Kuske, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier
Strong Intrabeam Scattering in Heavy Ion and Proton Beams accelerator, emittance, lattice, scattering 2326
  • G. Parzen
Effect of Reactive Feedback on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability Using the Few-Particles Model and Simulation feedback, simulation, tune, wakefield 2341
  • S. Myers
The Effect of Radiation Damping and Noise on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability due to Localized Structures coupling, damping, synchrotron, tune 2344
  • F. Ruggiero
"Anomalous", Nonlinearly Current-Dependent Damping in CESR coupling, damping, impedance, tune 2353
  • L.E. Sakazaki, R.M. Littauer, R.H. Siemann, R.M. Talman
Theoretical Prediction of Head Tail Tune Shift in PETRA impedance, optics, tune, vacuum 2356
  • R. Klatt, R.D. Kohaupt, T. Weiland
Statistics of Dipole Steering in the Tevatron accelerator, field, quadrupole, synchrotron 2362
  • M.J. Syphers
Beam Behavior in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring impedance, instability, synchrotron, tune 2371
  • K. Satoh, H. Fukuma, T. Ieiri, S. Kamada, K. Nakajima, A. Ogata, K. Oide
Influence of Electromagnetic Effects on Stability Properties of a High-Current Beatron Accelerator electron, equilibrium, field, instability 2383
  • H.S. Uhm, R.C. Davidson
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance for a Beam Pipe with a Cavity coupling, field, impedance, proton 2403
  • R.L. Gluckstern, F. Neri
Longitudinal Equilibrium Distributions of Ion Beams in Storage Rings with Internal Targets and Electron Cooling electron, equilibrium, ion, target 2418
  • T. Ellison
The Effect of Induced Charge at Boundaries on Transverse Dynamics of a Space-Charge-Dominated Beam emittance, field, focusing, simulation 2480
  • C.M. Celata, I. Haber, L.J. Laslett, L. Smith, M.G. Tiefenback
Measurements of Stability Limits for a Space-Charge-Dominated Ion Beam in a Long A.G. Transport Channel emittance, injection, lattice, space-charge 2483
  • M.G. Tiefenback, D. Keefe
The Negative Mass Instability in High Current Modified Betatrons at Low Energies electron, field, instability, simulation 2495
  • B.B. Godfrey, T.P. Hughes
Equilibrium and Stability Properties of the Solenoidal Lens Betatron equilibrium, field, focusing, simulation 2498
  • T.P. Hughes, B.B. Godfrey
Self-Consistent Treatment of Equilibrium Space Charge Effects in the l=2 Stellatron electron, field, focusing, quadrupole 2504
  • D. Chernin
Calculation of Space Charge Effects in Isochronous Cyclotrons acceleration, cyclotron, instability, simulation 2507
  • S. Adam
Moments in Particle-in-Cell Simulations focusing, ion, simulation, space-charge 2559
  • M.M. Berz, W.P. Lysenko
Permanent-Magnet Quadrupoles in RFQ Linacs accelerator, emittance, focusing, permanent-magnet 2582
  • W.P. Lysenko, T.F. Wang
Proposed Use of the Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Structure to Funnel High-Current Ion Beams accelerator, brightness, focusing, funneling 2593
  • R.H. Stokes, G.N. Minerbo
Depolarizing "Beat" Resonances in the Brookhaven AGS field, polarization, proton, resonance 2635
  • K.M. Terwilliger, E.D. Courant, A.D. Krisch, L.G. Ratner
Use of the "MURA" Transformation to Generate the Fields and Calculate the Motion of Protons in the Designed Argonne Mini-ASPUN FFAG Spiral Sector Accelerator accelerator, equilibrium, field, synchrotron 2675
  • E.A. Crosbie
Ion Pulse Compressor and Stretcher Ring for Linear Meson Factory emittance, injection, ion, target 2709
  • Yu.P. Severgin, I.A. Shukeilo
The Superconducting Separated Orbit Cyclotron Tritron acceleration, field, focusing, injection 2721
  • U. Trinks, W. Assmann, L. Dietl, G. Hinderer, H.J. Körner, A. Platzer, B. Rehm, K. Rieger, C. Riess, R. Savoy, M. Wandinger, W. Wiedemann
Injection and Capture of Electrons in the UCI Stellatron cathode, electron, field, plasma 2727
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, G. Leslie, B. Mandelbaum, N. Rostoker
Internal Injection into the NRL Modified Betatron cathode, field, injection, target 3027
  • F. Mako, L. Floyd, J. Golden, C.A. Kapetanakos, K. McDonald, T. Smith
Frequency Scaling of RF Linacs accelerator, electron, linac, wakefield 3157
  • A.A. Mondelli, D.P. Chernin, A.T. Drobot, V. Granatstein, M. Reiser
Recent Rebatron Studies acceleration, accelerator, electron, field 3265
  • A. Prakash, C. Agritellis, D. Dialetis, C.A. Kapetanakos, S.J. Marsh, P. Sprangle
Quadrupole Betatron Accelerator for High Current Ion Beams field, ion, proton, quadrupole 3518
  • H.S. Uhm, W. Namkung, K.T. Nguyen
An Air Core Quadrupole System for Fast Tune Control in CESR feedback, field, tune, vacuum 3619
  • D.A. Dean, D.L. Rubin
Random Errors in the Magnetic Field Coefficients of Superconducting Magnets emittance, field, multipole, skew 3689
  • J. Herrera, R. Hogue, A. Prodell, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Investigation of the Touschek Effect in VUV Electron Storage Ring electron, field, lifetime, skew 3821
  • Y. Miyahara, H. Nishimura