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Keyword: electron

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The Commissioning and Performance Characteristics of CESR lattice, luminosity, synchrotron, tune 1984
  • B. McDaniel
The Fermilab Proton-Antiproton Collider antiproton, electron cooling, proton, target 2008
  • D.E. Young
The Slac-Linac-Collider (SLC) Project damping, emittance, linac, positron 2016
  • H. Wiedemann
HERA, A New Stage in Colliding Beam Facilities luminosity, proton, quadrupole, vacuum 2020
  • B.H. Wiik
The Status of CHEER insertion, polarization, proton, radiation 2028
  • A. Skuja, CHEER Group
KEK Accelerator Facilities and Tristan Project booster, collider, linac, proton 2052
  • T. Kamei, Y. Kimura
CW Electron Accelerators for Nuclear Physics accelerator, cw, linac, tune 2067
  • S. Penner
Design and Operation of the 100 MeV Alladin Microtron Injector field, focusing, linac, microtron 2074
  • M.A. Green, E.M. Rowe, W.S. Trzeciak, W.R. Winter
A Proposal for a High Current, High Duty Factor Electron Accelerator accelerator, emittance, extraction, linac 2080
  • R.C. York, J.S. McCarthy, B.E. Norum, J.C. Sheppard
Air Core Betatrons Reexamined betatron, coupling, field, radiation 2110
  • H.B. Knowles, R.F. Hartley
Plans for a Two Stage 450 MeV Cascade Microtron accelerator, linac, microtron, recirculation 2113
  • P. Axel, L.S. Cardman, R.A. Daniel, A.O. Hanson, R.A. Hoffswell, D. Jamnik, R.M. Laszewski, D.C. Sutton, A.M. Vetter
A Conceptual Design of a Linac-Stretcher Ring to Obtain a 2-GeV Continuous Electron Beam extraction, linac, quadrupole, resonance 2119
  • Y. Cho, R.J. Holt, H.E. Jackson, T.K. Khoe, G.S. Mavrogenes
A New Generation Control System at SLAC accelerator, damping, linac, positron 2142
  • R. Melen
Fast Beam Profile Measurement acceleration, cathode, field, synchrotron 2160
  • W. Ebeling
A Transverse Beam Profile Monitor for p- Studies in the CERN SPS acceleration, emittance, proton, vacuum 2180
  • A. Barisy, R. Bellone, R. Blanchard, J. Camas, L. Evans, G. Ferioli, R. Hopkins, P. Sievers, J.P. Zanasco
Heavy Ion Beam Studies and Imaging with a Multiplane Multiwire Proportional Chamber field, heavy-ion, ion, radiation 2198
  • W.T. Chu, J.R. Alonso, C. A. Tobias
Very Low Intensity Storage-Ring Profile Monitor emittance, ion, proton, residual gas 2219
  • T. Hardek, W. Kells, H. Lai
Measurements of Microbunch Energy Spectra on a S-Band Electron Linac accelerator, linac, neutron, target 2234
  • J.M. Salomé, R. Forni
Experiments with Beam Position Sensors accelerator, crystal, cw, proton 2328
  • K.C.D. Chan, R.T.F. Bird, M.F. Coulas, J. McKeown, Y.M. Shin
A Low Cost High Resolution DAC System for Magnet Control accelerator, quadrupole, scattering, software 2365
  • P.J.T. Bruinsma, K. Bouwknegt, J.B. Spelt
A Fast Beam Protection System emittance, gun, linac, vacuum 2367
  • A. Maaskant, P.J.T. Bruinsma
Electron Cooling Experiments at Fermilab electron cooling, equilibrium, proton, tune 2386
  • R. Forster, T. Hardek, D.E. Johnson, W. Kells, V. Kerner, H. Lai, A.J. Lennox, P. McIntyre, F. Mills, Y. Miyahara, L. Oleksiuk, R. Peters, T. Rhoades, D. Young
Approximate Physical Treatment of the Beam-Beam Effects luminosity, positron, resonance, tune 2402
  • L.C. Teng
Beam-Beam Interactions: A Summary of Experimental Evidence betatron, lifetime, luminosity, tune 2420
  • S. Tazzari
Orbit Studies for the 100 MeV Aladdin Racetrack Microtron Injector field, ion, linac, simulation 2428
  • M.A. Green
Modes on a Short Spear Bunch as Observed with a Streak Camera cathode, laser, streak camera, synchrotron 2449
  • A.P. Sabersky, M.H.R. Donald
First Results of the University of Maryland Electron Beam Transport Experiment cathode, emittance, focusing, gun 2519
  • W. Namkung, J. D. Lawson, P. Loschialpo, M. Reiser, J. Suter
Radiation Losses due to the Interaction of Charged Particles with Conducting Bodies equilibrium, field, scattering, vacuum 2528
  • B. Jecko, A. Papiernik
Space Charge Expansion of Single Packets of Charge accelerator, field, radiation, spectrum 2552
  • W.J. Gallagher
On the Coupling Impedance of a Resonant Cavity coupling, field, impedance, resonance 2566
  • T. Suzuki
Electron Cooling for the Fermilab Source acceptance, accumulation, damping, electron cooling 2583
  • W. Kells, F. Krienen, P. McIntyre, F. Mills, L. Oleksiuk, J. Peoples
Theoretical Studies of Collective Ion Acceleration in Linear Beam-Evacuated Drift Tube Systems acceleration, cathode, field, ion 2587
  • J.M. Grossman, I. Mayergoyz, C.D. Striffler
Particle Dynamics in the Electron Linear Accelerator acceleration, field, gun, linac 2590
  • S.R. Farrell, W.J. Gallagher
Higher-Order Terms in a Perturbation Expansion for the Impedance of a Corrugated Wave Guide accelerator, impedance, light source, synchrotron 2621
  • S. Krinsky, R.L. Gluckstern
Electron Bunch Space Charge Influence upon Its Energy Spread and Sizes under the Motion in Free Space acceleration, accelerator, field, linac 2633
  • V.A. Polyakov, I.S. Shchedrin
A High Current, Short Pulse, RF Synchronized Electron Gun for the Stanford Linear Accelerator cathode, gun, laser, linac 2649
  • C.K. Sinclair, R.H. Miller
Beam, An Improved Beam Extraction and Acceleration Modeling Code emittance, extraction, ion, plasma 2655
  • M.R. Shubaly, R.W. Hamm, R.A. Judd
Transverse Phase Space Time Dependence of LAMPF's High Intensity H+ Beam emittance, ionization, tune, vacuum 2658
  • J. Hurd, A. Browman
The Cornell Electron Beam Ion Source field, gun, ion, ionization 2660
  • V.O. Kostroun, E.N. Beebe, E. Ghanbari, S.W. Janson
Performance of Intense Pulsed Ion Source extraction, induction, ion, plasma 2666
  • T.C. Christensen, Z.G.T. Guiragossian
Performance Optimization of a Cusp-Field Ion Source and High-Perveance Extractor accelerator, field, ion, neutron 2687
  • E.A. Meyer, D.D. Armstrong, J.D. Schneider
Ecrevis Construction Progress Report cyclotron, field, plasma, vacuum 2696
  • Y. Jongen, C. Pirart, G. Ryckewaert
Intense Low-Emittance Electron-Gun Development at PHERMEX accelerator, cathode, emittance, gun 2699
  • J.C. Elliott, R.J. Faehl, H.J. Fullbright, D.C. Moir, C.E. Swannack
Development and First Results with a Storage Resonator Enhancing the Shunt Impedance of an Electron Accelerating Cavity coupling, impedance, vacuum, waveguide 2707
  • P. Brown, H. Frischholz, G. Geschonke, H. Henke, I. Wilson
Pulsed RF Operation Analysis cathode, coupling, feedback, impedance 2729
  • M. Puglisi, M. Cornacchia
Gyrotrons: Using Relativistic Electronics to Produce High Power, High Efficiency, Millimeter-Wave Sources cw, cyclotron, field, waveguide 2733
  • V.L. Granatstein, L.R. Barnett, M.E. Read
Isabelle Cavity Gap Assemblies coupling, field, impedance, vacuum 2752
  • M. Plotkin
The Aladdin Frequency Accelerating System Power Amplifier: 140 kW at Considerably Less Than a Dollar a Watt brightness, cathode, radiation, synchrotron 2780
  • E.M. Rowe
A Liquid Film Stripper for High Intensity Heavy Ion Beams accelerator, ion, lifetime, vacuum 2794
  • B.T. Leemann, P. Merrill, H.K. Syversrud, R. Wada, R.B. Yourd
Status of the Los Alamos Gyrocon cathode, electron gun, gun, klystron 2797
  • P.J. Tallerico
A New Generation of High Power CW-Klystrons for Accelerator and Storage Ring Application, Practical Experience and Aspectrs for Future Developments accelerator, cw, klystron, synchrotron 2833
  • H. Musfeldt, H. Kumpfert, Dr. W. Schmidt
An Isochronous Beam Recirculation Magnet System accelerator, emittance, recirculation, sextupole 2847
  • J.B. Flanz, S. Kowalski, C.P. Sargent
Disk and Washer Structure for an Electron Storage Ring accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 2873
  • K. Takata, P. Grand, S. Inagaki, H. Ishimaru, K. Kitagawa, H. Nakanishi, Y. Yamazaki
End Magnet Design for the NBS-LASL CW Microtron emittance, field, fringe fields, microtron 2885
  • P.H. Debenham
Broad-Band Operation in a Dielectric Loaded Gyrotron coupling, dielectric, field, waveguide 2918
  • J.Y. Choe, S. Ahn, H.S. Uhm
Long Pulse Applications of Pulse-Forming Lines for High-Power Linac Applications accelerator, gun, klystron, modulator 2958
  • R.F. Hoeberling, P.J. Tallerico
RF Power Systems for the National Synchrotron Light Source booster, controls, synchrotron, x-ray 2997
  • T. Dickinson, R.H. Rheaume
Design Features and Operational Characteristics of the PEP Beam-Transport and Injection System beam-transport, injection, positron, quadrupole 3059
  • J.M. Peterson, K.L. Brown, J.B. Truher
A Novel Power Supply for High Duty Factor Kicker Magnets accelerator, kicker 3071
  • P.J.T. Bruinsma, T. Subrata, A.T. Visser
MEA Computer Controlled Personal Access System accelerator, controls, linac, radiation 3080
  • J.C. Post, J.A.M. Peperkamp
A Modular Cooling System for the MEA High Duty Factor Electron Linac accelerator, crystal, feed forward, klystron 3082
  • J.G. Noomen, N. Geuzebroek, C. Schiebaan
Laser-Triggered Switch Modification to VEBA dielectric, field, insertion, laser 3091
  • J.R. Bettis, J.K. Burton, S.H. Gold, A.H. Guenther, M. Herndon, R.H. Jackson, A.K. Kinkead, E.J. Kobiela, R.K. Parker
Measurement of Asymmetric Flux in the Gap of an Induction Accelerator Module acceleration, accelerator, field, induction 3099
  • G.G. North
Free Electron Lasers accelerator, field, laser, wiggler 3125
  • P. Morton
Synchrotron Radiation from Ends of Straight-Linear Interval field, radiation, spectrum, synchrotron 3130
  • M.M. Nikitin, A.F. Medvedev, M.B. Moiseev
Progress in the FEL Project at the C.N.E.N. Frascati Center laser, microtron, undulator, wiggler 3133
  • G. Dattoli, E. Fiorentino, T. Letardi, A. Marino, A. Renieri
Pulsed Neutron Source from the Intense Particle Beam Generator THALIE impedance, ion, neutron, target 3139
  • C. Bruno, N. Camarcat, J. Cortella, C. Patou, B. Tournier
Gain Measurement on the ACO Storage Ring Laser alignment, field, laser, undulator 3142
  • D.A.G. Deacon, C. Bazin, M. Billardon, P. Elleaume, Y. Farge, J.M.J. Madey, J.M. Ortéga, Y. Petroff, K.E. Robinson, M.F. Velghe
Status of the Aladdin Project microtron, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3145
  • E.M. Rowe, M.A. Green, J.W. Hicks, W.S. Trzeciak, W.R. Winter Jr.
Prescription for a Gain-Enhanced Free Electron Laser with an Electromagnetic Pump Field field, laser, pion, proton 3147
  • H.R. Hiddleston, S.B. Segall
An Experiment on FEL Efficiency Enhancement with a Variable Wiggler field, laser, radiation, wiggler 3156
  • H. Boehmer, M.Z. Caponi, J. Edighoffer, S. Fornaca, J. Munch, G. Neil, B. Saur, C. Shih
Free Electron Laser Experiment at the NSLS 700 MeV Electron Storage Ring laser, radiation, synchrotron, undulator 3166
  • J.P. Blewett, L. Blumberg, A.J. Campillo, R.P. DiNardo, H.C. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, C. Pellegrini, J. Schuchman, P.Z. Takacs, A. Van Steenbergen
Free Electron Lasers based on High Current Electron Beam field, radiation, scattering, undulator 3169
  • A.N. Didenko, A.R. Borisov, G.R. Fomenko, A.V. Kozevnikov, G.V. Melnikov, Yu.G. Stein, A.G. Zerlitsin
Free Electron Laser Instability for a Relativistic Electron Beam in a Helical Wiggler Field field, instability, laser, wiggler 3187
  • H.S. Uhm, R.C. Davidson
Beam Quality Limitations to the Single Pass FEL Devices emittance, field, laser, wiggler 3194
  • G. Dattoli, A. Marino, A. Renieri
Diagnostics for Superconducting r.f. Cavities acceleration, field, ion, x-ray 3217
  • H. Lengeler
Superconducting Structures for a 130 MeV Recyclotron field, multipacting, shielding, vacuum 3222
  • U. Klein, T. Grundey, D. Proch
First Results on a 500 MHz Superconducting Test Cavity for TRISTAN acceleration, accelerator, field, x-ray 3225
  • T. Furuya, S. Hiramatsu, T. Kato, P. Kneisel, Y. Kojima, T. Nakazato, T. Takagi
Development of Superconducting Resonators for the Argonne Heavy-Ion Linac field, heavy-ion, linac, thermal 3248
  • K.W. Shepard
Measurements on a Superconducting Accelerating Cavity for DORIS coupling, field, multipacting, x-ray 3272
  • W. Bauer, A. Brandelik, A. Citron, F. Graf, H. Halbritter, W. Herz, R. Lehm, W. Lehmann, S. Noguchi, L. Szecsi
Design of a 6 Tesla Wiggler for the National Synchrotron Light Source field, radiation, synchrotron, wiggler 3292
  • H. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, A. van Steenbergen
Performance of a Superconducting 65-Cell-Structure in X-Band accelerator, field, gun, x-ray 3314
  • R. Mayer, N. Minatti
Distributed Pumping by Non-Evaporable Getters in Particle Accelerators accelerator, equilibrium, thermal, vacuum 3333
  • B. Ferrario, L. Rosai, P. della Porta
High Current Betatron acceleration, betatron, field, injection 3340
  • G. Barak, A. Fisher, H. Ishizuka, N. Rostoker
Beam Transport Issues in High Current Linear Accelerators accelerator, field, induction, instability 3343
  • R.B. Miller, R.J. Adler, B.G. Epstein, M. Franz, T.C. Genoni, B.B. Godfrey, A. Mondelli, J.W. Poukey, S.L. Shope
Laser Beat Wave Electron Accelerator acceleration, field, radiation, wiggler 3346
  • P. Sprangle, C.-M. Tang
The IFA-2 Collective Accelerator acceleration, ion, ionization, laser 3349
  • C.L. Olson, C.A. Frost, R.A. Gerber, J.R. Woodworth
Application of Slow Space Chare Waves on an IREB to Collective Ion Acceleration accelerator, dielectric, ion, proton 3352
  • G. Providakes, J. Ivers, J.A. Nation
Recent Advances in Collective Ion Accelerators acceleration, accelerator, ion, vacuum 3355
  • M. Reiser
Particle Beam Fusion Accelerator I (PBFA-I) accelerator, ion, timing, vacuum 3365
  • T.H. Martin, G.W. Barr, S.A. Goldstein, J.F. Seamen, J.P. VanDevender, R.A. White
Laser Driven Electron Accelerators acceleration, accelerator, field, plasma 3370
  • R.B. Palmer
Recirculation Acceleration of High Current Relativistic Electron Beams- A Feasibility Study accelerator, focusing, recirculation, vacuum 3375
  • M.A.D. Wilson
Studies of an Unneutral Electron Cloud in the CFIA electron cloud, field, injection, ion 3383
  • A. Fisher, P. Gilad, F. Goldin, N. Rostoker
Transmission-Line Cavity Linear-Induction Accelerators accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 3386
  • D. Eccleshall, C.E. Hollandsworth
Infrared Measurement of the Temperature Distribution of a Repetitively Pulsed Electron Beam Extraction Foil as a Beam Uniformity Diagnostic extraction, field, impedance, thermal 3392
  • M.T. Buttram, J.W. Glenn, G.S. Phipps
Em Wave Electron Acceleration acceleration, field, laser, plasma 3395
  • D.J. Sullivan, B.B. Godfrey
Method of Active Charge and Current Neutralizatiion of Intense Ion Beams for ICF accelerator, focusing, ion, plasma 3398
  • Z.G.T. Guiragossian, D.S. Lemons, J.L. Orthel, L.E. Thode
The Experimental Test Accelerator (ETA) II accelerator, cathode, gun, plasma 3401
  • T.J. Fessenden, W.L. Atchison, D.L. Birx, J.C. Clark, E.G. Cook, R.E. Hester, L.L. Reginato, D. Rogers Jr., R.E. Spoerlein, K.W. Struve, T.T. Yokota
Collective Acceleration of Light and Heavy Ions acceleration, field, ion, laser 3404
  • W.W. Destler, J.T. Cremer, L.E. Floyd, C.R. Parsons, M. Reiser, J.W. Rudmin
High Intensity Ion Accelerators for Inertial Fusion accelerator, ion, plasma, target 3410
  • S. Humphries Jr., J.R. Freeman, T.R. Lockner
Laser Beat Accelerator accelerator, laser, photon, plasma 3416
  • T. Tajima, J.M. Dawson
Self-Consistent Analysis of the Self-Resonant Electron-Cyclotron Linear Accelerator acceleration, field, laser, radiation 3418
  • J.L. Vomvoridis
Precision Intense Particle Beam Accelerators Using In-Situ Tuning Techniques impedance, ion, plasma, simulation 3424
  • D.A. Phelps, S. Somerstein
Stability of Bounded Electron Beams Neutralized by Co-Moving Ions field, instability, ion, plasma 3427
  • D.A. Phelps, D.B. Chang
Beam Optics in the FXR 1.5 MeV, 4 kA Injector accelerator, cathode, emittance, field 3430
  • R.D. Scarpetti, R.W. Kuenning, K.C. Wong
The Racetrack Induction Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, field, induction 3433
  • C.W. Roberson
Generation of High Power Ion Beams in Ballistic Focusing Diodes cathode, field, focusing, ion 3436
  • A.N. Didenko, V.M. Bistritsky, Ya.E. Krasik, V.M. Matvienko, V.G. Tolmacheva, A.M. Tolopa
Accelerator Structure Development for Room-Temperature Linacs coupling, cw, field, linac 3440
  • S.O. Schriber
Unique Beam Properties of the Stanford 300 MeV Superconducting Recyclotron accelerator, field, linac, recirculation 3445
  • T.I. Smith, C.M. Lyneis, M.S. McAshan, R.E. Rand, H.A. Schwettman, J.P. Turneaure
A High Current Injector for the Proposed SLAC Linear Collider accelerator, emittance, field, gun 3461
  • M.B. James, R.H. Miller
The Harwell 136 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator accelerator, cathode, gun, radiation 3470
  • P.J. Cracknell, C.J. Burt
Upgrading the Energy of the Saclay Electron Linac accelerator, field, focusing, klystron 3491
  • B. Aune, M. Juillard, P. Letonturier, A. Mosnier
Beam Induced Losses in the Electron Linac accelerator, field, impedance, waveguide 3513
  • W.J. Gallagher
A 500 MeV Low Operating Cost Electron Linac accelerator, klystron, linac, radiation 3523
  • T. Tomimasu
Research on Electron Linear Accelerators with Traveling Wave Resonators accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 3526
  • Y. Wang
Accelerating Particles with Transverse Cavity Modes acceleration, accelerator, field, resonance 3529
  • N.R. Pereira, R.O. Hunter, Jr.
Electron Acceleration in a Homogenious Disc Loaded Guide with Beam Loading Effect acceleration, field, linac, radiation 3532
  • I.S. Shchedrin
Comparison of Characteristics of the Beams, Accelerated in Electron Linacs bunching, cathode, field, linac 3536
  • V.A. Polyakov, I.S. Shchedrin
The Physics Frontier in Elementary Particles and Future Accelerators coupling, field, photon, proton 3542
  • C. Rubbia
Accelerator R/D in the U.S. High Energy Physics Program - Past, Present and Future accelerator, field, laser, proton 3549
  • M. Tigner
Relevance of Accelerator/Storage Ring Technological Developments to U.S.A. Science and Technology - Past, Present and Future accelerator, ion, radiation, synchrotron 3553
  • J.E. Leiss
Comparison of Neutron and 2 MeV Electron Damage in N-Type Silicon by Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy irradiation, lifetime, neutron, radiation 3564
  • Y. Tokuda, A. Usami