Power Technology and Miscellaneous Subsystems

Title Page
Regulation Loops for the Ring Magnet Power Supplies in the SSC Accelerator Complex 1098
  • E.J. Tacconi, C.F. Christiansen (SSCL)
High Power CW Klystrode Amplifier for 267 MHz 1103
  • M.B. Shrader, D.H. Preist, R.N. Tornoe (Varian)
Development of Multimegawatt Klystrons for Linear Colliders 1106
  • G. Caryotakis, R. Callin, K. Eppley, K. Fant, R. Fowkes, H. Hoag, T. Lee, C. Pearson, R. Phillips, S. Tantawi, A. Vlieks, E. Wright (SLAC), G. Miram (Atherton, CA), E. Lien (Los Altos, CA)
CEBAF's New RF Separator Structure Test Results 1109
  • R. Kazimi, J. Fugitt, A. Krycuk, C.K. Sinclair, L. Turlington (CEBAF)
Frequency-Domain Analysis of Resonant-Type Ring Magnet Power Supplies 1112
  • J.M.S. Kim (U. Victoria), K.W. Reiniger (TRIUMF)
The Workshop of Microwave-Absorbing Materials for Accelerators 1115
  • I.E. Campisi (CEBAF)
Analysis and Applications of Quadrature Hybrids as RF Circulators 1118
  • S.M. Hanna, J. Keane (NSLS-BNL)
Flower-Petal Mode Converter for NLC 1121
  • H. A. Hoag, R. Callin, H. Deruyter, Z. D. Farkas, K. Ko, T. L. Lavine, A. Menegat, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks (SLAC), N. Kroll (UCSD/SLAC)
Development of an S-Band RF Window for Linear Colliders 1124
  • A. Miura (Gradate University for Advanced Studies), H. Matsumoto (KEK)
High Power Test of RF Window and Coaxial Line in Vacuum 1127
  • D. Sun, M. Champion, M. Gormley, Q. Kerns, K. Koepke, A. Moretti (FNAL)
Mode Selective Directional Coupler for NLC 1130
  • S.G. Tantawi (SLAC)
Window Design with MAFIA 1133
  • W. Bruns, H. Henke, B. Littmann, R. Lorenz (TU Berlin)
Dead-Time Tuning of a Pulsed RF Cavity 1136
  • P. Balleyguier (CEA Bruyeres le Chatel)
Frequency Control of RF Booster Cavity in TRIUMF 1139
  • K. Fong, M. Laverty (TRIUMF)
The Phase Servo Tuner Control System of the ALS 500 MHz Cavity 1142
  • C.C. Lo, B Taylor (LBNL)
The Low Level System for the ELETTRA RF Plants 1145
  • A. Massarotti, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, V. Rizzi, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik (Sincrotrone Trieste)
A Pulse Sequencer for the KAON Factory Beam Chopper 1148
  • G. Waters, M.J. Barnes, D. Bishop, G.D. Wait (TRIUMF)
A Dual Frequency Resonator 1151
  • P. Lanz, M. Lipnicky, M. Zach (TRIUMF)
The Los Alamos VXI-Based Modular RF Control System 1154
  • S.P. Jachim, T. Brooks, M. Curtin, P. Denney, L. Eaton, W.D. Gutscher, E. Hansberry, J. Hill, E.F. Natter, A.H. Regan, C. Ziomek (LANL)
General Overview of the APS Low-Level RF Control System 1157
  • J.D. Stepp, J.F. Bridges (ANL)
Operation of New RF Drivers for the Bevatron Local Injector 1160
  • J. Calvert, J. Elkins, D. Howard, M. Hui, N. Kellogg, A. Lindner, R. Richter (LBNL)
432-MHz RF Source for the JHP Proton Linac 1163
  • M. Ono, S. Anami, H. Hanaki, Z. Igarashi, M. Kawamura, T. Kubo, C. Kubota, K. Kudo, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka (KEK)
Test Results of the AGS Booster Low Frequency RF System 1166
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, R. Damm, A. Dunbar, M. Goldman, D. Kasha, A. McNerney, M. Meth, A. Ratti, R. Spitz (BNL)
Design and Test Results of a 600-kW Tetrode Amplifier for the Superconducting Super Collider 1169
  • D.E. Rees, D.L. Brittain (LANL), J.M. Grippe, O. Marrufo (SSCL)
Conceptual Design of the 26.7 MHz RF System for RHIC 1172
  • J. Rose, D.P. Deng, R. McKenzie-Wilson, W. Pirkl, A. Ratti (BNL)
Operation of a High-Power CW Klystrode with the RFQ1 Facility 1175
  • J.Y. Sheikh, A.D. Davidson, G.E. McMichael, L.W. Shankland, B.H. Smith (AECL)
Design and Results of a 1.3 MW CW Klystron for LEP 1178
  • E.-G. Schweppe, R. Bachmor, E. Demmel (Philips RHW)
Interleaved Wide and Narrow Pulses for the KAON Factory 1 MHz Chopper 1181
  • G.D. Wait, M.J. Barnes, D. Bishop, G. Waters (TRIUMF)
Considerations Regarding the Efficiency of High Power RF Sources for Particle Accelerators 1184
  • G. Clerc, C. Bearzatto, M. Bres, G. Faillon, Ph. Guidee (Thomson Tubes Elect.)
Initial Commissioning of High Power, Long Pulse Klystrons for SSC Injector Linacs 1187
  • P. Collet, Ph. Guidee, J.C. Terrien (Thomson Tubes Elect.)
Simulation of Traveling-Wave Output Structures for High Power RF Tubes 1190
  • K.R. Eppley (SLAC)
Upgrade of an RF Source of the Linac for the B-Factory Project 1193
  • S. Fukuda, S. Anami, S. Michizono, K. Nakao, Y. Saito, I. Sato (KEK)
High-Power RF Pulse Compression with SLED-II at SLAC 1196
  • C. Nantista (University of California, Los Angeles), Z. D. Farkas, T. L. Lavine, A. Menegat, R.D. Ruth, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks, P.B. Wilson (SLAC), N.M. Kroll (University of California San Diego)
Rigid-Beam Model of a High-Efficiency Magnicon 1199
  • D.E. Rees, P.J. Tallerico (LANL), S.J. Humphries, Jr. (University of New Mexico)
High Power Operation Results of the X-Band SLED System 1202
  • S. Tokumoto, H. Mizuno (KEK), O. Azuma (IHI Japan)
Automated Testing of a High-Power RF Microwave Tube 1205
  • A. Young, D.E. Rees, A. Vergamini (LANL)
Two-Klystron Binary Pulse Compression at SLAC 1208
  • Z. D. Farkas, T. L. Lavine, A. Menegat, A.E. Vlieks, J.W. Wang, P.B. Wilson (SLAC)
New Compact Mode Converters for SLAC RF Pulse Power Compression System 1211
  • G. Luo (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
Performance of Litton 805 MHz, 12 MW Klystrons 1214
  • Q. Kerns, C. Kerns, A. Moretti, M.B. Popovic (FNAL)
Higher-Order Modes in the APS Storage Ring Waveguides 1217
  • S.O. Brauer, R.L. Kustom (ANL)
The Design and Production of the Higher-Order-Mode Loads for CEBAF 1220
  • I.E. Campisi, A. Betto, B.H. Branson, A.M. Johnson, L.K. Summers (CEBAF)
The High Level RF System for Transition Crossing Without RF Focusing in the Main Ring at Fermilab 1223
  • J. Dey, C.M. Bhat, A. Crawford, D. Wildman (FNAL)
RF System of the CW Race-Track Microtron-Recuperator for FELs 1226
  • V. Arbuzov, S. Belomestnykh, A. Bushuyev, M. Fomin, N. Gavrilov, E. Gorniker, A. Kondakov, I. Kuptsov, G. Kurkin, I. Sedlyarov, V. Veshcherevich (BINR Russia), V. Petrov (BINP)
Three Years of Operational Experience with the LEP RF System 1229
  • S. Hansen (CERN)
Measured Performance of the GTA RF Systems 1232
  • P.M. Denney, S.P. Jachim (LANL)
Improved RF System for Aladdin 1235
  • K.J. Kleman (Synchrotron Radiation Center, Univeristy of Wisconsin)
The ALS Storage Ring RF System 1238
  • B Taylor, K. Baptiste, J. Guigli, J. Julian, C.C. Lo (LBNL)
The Upgrade Project for the RF System for the Brookhaven AGS 1241
  • J.M. Brennan, D.J. Ciardullo, T. Hayes, A.J. McNerney, M. Meth, A. Otis, W. Pirkl, R. Sanders, R. Spitz, F. Toldo, A. Zaltsman (BNL)
Acceptance Test Performance of the Rocketdyne Radio Frequency Power System 1244
  • M. Curtin, J. Hall, P. Metty (Rocketdyne), E. Gower, J. Manca, K. Whitham (Titan Beta)
The LEP II RF Power Generation System 1247
  • H. Frischholz (CERN)
Overview and Status of RF Systems for the SSC Linac 1250
  • J. Mynk, R.I. Cutler, J. Grippe, R. Rodriguez (SSCL)
Possibilities and Limitations for a Fully Digital RF Signal Synthesis and Control 1253
  • H. Meuth, H. Halling, A. Schnase (Forschungszentrum Juelich)
RF System Analyses for the SSC Collider Rings 1256
  • J.D. Rogers, P.D. Coleman, G. Schaffer, J.D. Wallace, X.Q. Wang, Y. Zhao (SSCL)
PEP-II Prototype Klystron 1259
  • W.R. Fowkes, G. Caryotakis, T.G. Lee, C. Pearson, E.L. Wright (SLAC)
Low Cost Concepts to Reduce the Voltage Ripple of the DC Power Supply 1262
  • Y. Cheng, K. Liu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
Magnet Power Supply System for the ALS Storage Ring and Booster 1265
  • L.T. Jackson, K. Luchini, I. Lutz (LBNL)
Design and Development of Bipolar Power Supply for APS Storage Ring Correctors 1268
  • Y.G. Kang (ANL)
Circuit Description of Unipolar DC-to-DC Converters for APS Storage Ring Quadrupoles and Sextupoles 1271
  • D.G. McGhee (ANL)
PLL Subsystem for NSLS Booster Ring Power Supplies 1274
  • J. Murray (Stony Brook), J. Dabrowski, R. Olsen (NSLS-BNL)
Control and Performance of the AGS and AGS Booster Main Magnet Power Supplies 1277
  • R.K. Reece, R. Casella, B. Culwick, J. Geller, I. Marneris, J. Sandberg, A. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang (BNL)
Hierarchical Modelling of Line Commutated Power Systems Used in Particle Accelerators Using Saber 1280
  • J.A. Reimund (SSCL)
Independent Resonant System Tracking Considerations 1283
  • K.W. Reiniger (TRIUMF)
Electrical Characteristics of the SSC Low-Energy Booster Magnet System 1285
  • A. Young, B.E. Shafer (LANL)
Analysis and Design of a High-Current, High-Voltage Accurate Power Supply for the APS Storage Ring 1288
  • M. Fathizadeh (ANL)
Design of the HIMAC Synchrotron Power Supply 1291
  • M. Kumada, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, M. Kanazawa, A. Kitagawa, T. Kohno, T. Murakami, K. Noda, H. Ogawa, K. Sato, Y. Sato, M. Sudou, E. Takada, S. Yamada, T. Yamada, J. Yoshizawa (NIRS), S. Matsumoto (Dokkyo U.), S. Koseki, H. Kubo (Hitachi Ltd.), T. Tanabe, S. Watanabe (INS Tokyo), K. Endo, T. Kato, H. Sato, T. Sueno (KEK), A. Noda (Kyoto U.), K. Utino (Tsukuba Tech.), Y. Takada (U. Tsukuba)
A 2-Megawatt Load for Testing High Voltage DC Power Supplies 1294
  • D. Horan, M. Ferguson, R. Kustom, K. Primdahl (ANL)
Energy Storage Inductor for the Low Energy Booster Resonant Power Supply System 1297
  • C. Jach (SSCL), A. Medvedko, S. Petrov (INP Moscow), Y. Fishler, V. Vinnik (UETM Russia)
A High Power Water Cooled Resistor for the High Voltage Power Supply in the TRIUMF RF System 1300
  • K. Jensen, G. Blaker, R. Kuramoto (TRIUMF)
Filament Power Supply Improvement of the TRIUMF RF System 1303
  • A.K. Mitra, J.J. Lu (TRIUMF)
Advances in the Development of the Nested High Voltage Generator 1306
  • R.J. Adler, R.J. Richter-Sand (North Star Res. Corp.)
High-Power Klystron Modulator Using a Pulse-Forming Line and Magnetic Switch 1309
  • M. Akemoto, S. Takeda (KEK)
A Compact Modulator for RF Source Development 1312
  • J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, J.A. Nation, L. Schachter (Cornell University)
High Power Pulse Modulator for PLS Linac 1315
  • S.H. Nam, M.H. (POSTECH) Cho, W. Namkung, J. S. Oh, S. S. Park (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Pulse Modulator Developments in Support of Klystron Testing at SLAC 1318
  • R.F. Koontz, R. Cassel, D. Ficklin, S. Gold, K. Harris, J. de Lamare (SLAC)
A Blumlein Type Modulator for 100-MW Class X-Band Klystron 1321
  • H. Mizuno (KEK), Y. Kobayashi, T. Majima, S. Sakamoto (IHI Japan)
Noise Reduction Techniques Used on the High Power Klystron Modulators at Argonne National Laboratory 1324
  • T.J. Russell (ANL)
Novel Gigawatt Power Modulator for RF Sources 1327
  • I. Yampolsky, J. Hur, B. Jiang, G. Kirkman, N. Reinhardt (Integrated App. Physics Inc.)
Optimization of Speed-Up Network Component Values for the 30 Resistively Terminated Prototype Kicker Magnet 1330
  • M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait (TRIUMF)
Test Results of the 8.35 kA, 15 kV, 10 pps Pulser for the Elettra Kickers 1333
  • R. Fabris, P. Tosolini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Preliminary Testing of the LEB to MEB Transfer Kicker Modulator Prototype 1336
  • G.C. Pappas, D.R. Askew (SSCL)
A Novel Technique for Pulsing Magnet Strings with a Single Switch 1339
  • R.J. Sachtschale, C. Dickey, P. Morcombe (Duke U.)
Linac Pulsed Quad Power Supply 1342
  • L. Bartelson (FNAL)
The AGS New Fast Extracted Beam System Orbit Bump Pulser 1345
  • J.S. Chang, A.V. Soukas (BNL)
Experimental Investigation of High Voltage Nanosecond Generators of Injection System for SIBERIA-2 Storage Ring 1348
  • A. Kadnikov (Kurchatov Institute, Moscow), Yu. Matveev (BINP)
Design and Preliminary Results for a Fast Bipolar Resonant Discharge Pulser Using SCR Swithes for Driving the Injection Bump Magnets at the ALS 1351
  • G. Stover, L. Reginato (LBNL)
Design and Preliminary Testing of the LEB Extraction Kicker Magnet at the SSC 1354
  • D.E. Anderson, L.X. Schneider (SSCL)
Development of a High Quality Kicker Magnet System 1357
  • J. Dinkel, B. Hanna, C. Jensen, D. Qunell, R. Reilly (FNAL)
Consequences of Kicker Failure During HEB to Collider Injection and Possible Mitigation 1360
  • R. Soundranayagam, A.I. Drozhdin, N.V. Mokhov, B. Parker, R. Schailey, F. Wang (SSCL)
High Efficiency Beam Deflection by Planar Channeling in Bent Silicon Crystals 1363
  • K. Elsener, M. Clément, N. Doble, L. Gatignon, P. Grafström (CERN), S.P. Møller, E. Uggerhøj, T. Worm (ISA-Aarhus), M. Hage-Ali, P. Siffert (Strasbourg)
Extraction from the Fermilab Tevatron Using Channeling with a Bent Crystal 1366
  • G. Jackson (FNAL)
2 TeV HEB Beam Abort at the SSCL 1369
  • R. Schailey, J. Bull, T. Clayton, P. Kocur, N.V. Mokhov (SSCL)
Electrostatic Septa Design and Performance for Injection and Extraction to and from the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring (SHR) 1372
  • S. Sobczynski, R. Averill, M. Farkhondeh, W. Sapp, C. Sibley (MIT-Bates)
Injection into the Elettra Storage Ring 1375
  • D. Tommasini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
The Septum Magnets System of Elettra 1378
  • R. Fabris, F. Daclon, M. Giannini, D. Tommasini, P. Tosolini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
High Voltage Vacuum Insulation in Crossed Magnetic and Electric Fields 1381
  • W.T. Diamond (AECL)
Injection System for the SIBERIA-2 Storage Ring 1384
  • G. Erg, A. Evstigneev, V. Korchuganov, G. Kulipanov, E. Levichev, Yu. Matveev, A. Philipchenko, L. Schegolev, V. Ushakov (BINP)
Fixed Target to Collider Changeover at A0 1387
  • K.J. Weber (FNAL)
Surface Resistivity Tailoring of Ceramic Accelerator Components 1390
  • S. Anders, A. Anders, I. Brown (LBNL)
Compensation of Field Shaking Due to the Magnetic Vibration 1393
  • Y. Cheng, C. Hwang (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
Superconducting Cavity Tuner Performance of CEBAF 1396
  • J. Marshall, J. Preble, W. Schneider (CEBAF)
Test Results and Design Considerations for a 500 MHz, 500 kW Vacuum Window for CESR-B 1399
  • D. Metzger, P. Barnes, A. Helser, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee (Cornell University)
An Experiemental and Analytical Study of a Buoyancy Driven Cooling System for a Particle Accelerator 1402
  • B. Campbell, R. Ranganathan (SSCL)
Collider Bypass Diode Thermal Simulations and Measurements for the SSCL 1405
  • C. Rostamzadeh, G. Tool (SSCL)
Frequency-Feedback Tuning for Single-Cell Cavity Under RF Heating 1408
  • J.D. Stepp, J.F. Bridges (ANL)
A Device of Amplitude and Phase Stabilization for the FEL Injector in the L-Band 1411
  • Q. Zhang, S. Bu, G. Su, Y. Sun, X. Wang, M. Zhang (CIAE China)
A Jet Neutralizer Concept 1413
  • T.E. Horton (U. Mississippi)
Modulator Upgrade of the KEK 2.5-GeV Linac 1416
  • T. Shidara, S. Anami, H. Honma, I. Sato (KEK)
NSLS X-Ray Ring RF System Upgrade 1419
  • M.G. Thomas, R. Biscardi, W. Broome, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, S. Hanna, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, G. Ramirez, J.M. Wang (NSLS-BNL)
A Wide Tuning Range Rf Cavity with External Ferrite Biasing 1421
  • X. Pei (BNL), S. Anderson, D. Jenner, D. McCammon, T. Sloan (IUCF)
Longitudinal RF Matching during AGS-RHIC Beam Transfer 1424
  • X. Pei (BNL)