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Keyword: synchrotron

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Operating Results of the Electron Ring of Saskatchewan (EROS) extraction, injection, kicker, resonance 22
  • L.O. Dallin
Status Report on the GSI Synchrotron Facility and First Beam Results accelerator, acceptance, injection, ion 27
  • K. Blasche, D. Böhne
Orbit Stability and Feedback Control in Synchrotron Radiation Rings electron, feedback, ion, radiation 54
  • L.H. Yu
Bunch Lengthening Control Using the Fourth Harmonic Cavity in the VUV Ring coupling, field, resonance, thermal 138
  • J. Keane, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, A. Fauchet, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas, G. Vignola, J. Wachtel
RF System for the STA SR Ring coupling, field, impedance, radiation 180
  • T. Kusaka, M. Hara, A. Miura, T. Yoshiyuki
Status Report on the Radio Frequency Accelerating Systems of the APS at Argonne feedback, field, impedance, linac 217
  • G. Nicholls, J. Bridges, J. Cook, R. Kustom
Ferrite Loaded Untuned RF Cavity for Synchrotron acceleration, ferrite, impedance, proton 234
  • K. Muto, S. Fukumoto
125 MHz Cavity for NAR acceleration, electron, field, injection 240
  • A. Shibayama
Performance Improvement of the KEK PS-Booster Synchrotron accelerator, booster, injection, linac 301
  • I. Yamane, S. Hiramatsu, M. Kihara, N. Kumagai, E. Takasaki
Magnetic Measurements of Permanent Magnet Insertion Devices at the BNL-NSLS electron, field, insertion, undulator 387
  • L. Solomon, G. Decker, J. Galayda, M. Kitamura
Prototype Magnet Designs and Loss Measurements for the Dual Frequency Booster Synchrotron for TRIUMF's KAON Factory booster, field, injection, quadrupole 390
  • A.J. Otter, C. Haddock, P. Reeve, P. Schwandt
Stripping Injection of H2+ and H- into COSY injection, proton, scattering, target 417
  • M. Rogge, D. Blasczyk, P. Kohl, T. Ludwig, H. Neuburger, W. Polster, D. Prasuhn, D. Protic, J. Reich, G. Riepe, P.v. Rossen
PEP as a Synchrotron Radiation Source: Status and Review damping, emittance, lattice, radiation 456
  • J.M. Paterson
Storage Ring Design for STA SR Project electron, insertion, quadrupole, radiation 476
  • M. Hara, S.H. Be, H. Kamitsubo, R. Nagaoka, S. Sasaki, T. Wada
Vacuum System for the LBL Advanced Light Source (ALS) electron, ion, photon, vacuum 560
  • K. Kennedy, T. Henderson, J. Meneghetti
Differences in Synchrotron Radiation Induced Gas Desorption from Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloy electron, photon, radiation, vacuum 563
  • M. Andritschky, O. Gröbner, A.G. Mathewson, R. Souchet, P. Strubin, B. Trickett
X-Ray Lithography Source (SXLS) Vacuum System electron, ion, photon, vacuum 569
  • J.C. Schuchman, J. Aloia, H. Hsieh, T. Kim, S. Pjerov
Vacuum System Development Status for the APS Storage Ring photon, radiation, thermal, vacuum 583
  • R. Wehrle, S. Kim, R. Nielsen
Vacuum Chamber Thermal Protection for the APS photon, thermal, undulator, vacuum 586
  • S.L. Kramer, E.A. Crosbie, S. Kim, R. Wehrle, M. Yoon
Design of a Synchrotron for Proton Therapy acceleration, accelerator, injection, proton 700
  • S. Fukumoto, K. Endo, T. Inada, T. Kitagawa, A. Maruhashi, K. Muto, Y. Takada, H. Tsujii
Loma Linda Medical Accelerator Project accelerator, extraction, proton, radiation 737
  • F.T. Cole, P.V. Livdahl, F.E. Mills, L.C. Teng
Transverse and Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instabilities in Trains of Closely Spaced Bunches betatron, collider, damping, field 792
  • K.A. Thompson, R.D. Ruth
Lattice Design for the Pohang Synchrotron Light Source insertion, lattice, quadrupole, tune 821
  • K. Nam, J. Choi, S. Hahn, S. Oh
Measurement and Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in the Weak/Strong Regime damping, lifetime, simulation, tune 824
  • S.V. Milton, R.M. Littauer
Simulation of Round Beams damping, emittance, lattice, radiation 836
  • S. Krishnagopal, R. Siemann
Tune Spectra in the Tevatron Collider antiproton, betatron, proton, tune 860
  • G. Jackson
Stimulated Longitudinal Emittance Growth in the Main Ring acceleration, emittance, proton, target 863
  • G. Jackson, T. Ieiri
Measurement of Chromaticity-Energy Spread Product by Transversely Kicking the Beam accelerator, electron, kicker, radiation 883
  • I. Hsu, W. Trzeciak
Emittance Growth in a Storage Ring Due to Ground Motion damping, emittance, feedback, tune 906
  • W. Chou
Suppression of Longitudinal Coupled-Bunch Instability in UVSOR acceleration, damping, feedback, instability 918
  • T. Kasuga, H. Yonehara
Double RF System for Landau Damping and Robinson Instability damping, feedback, instability, radiation 921
  • Y. Miyahara
Beam Quality in Single Bunch Mode of UVSOR Ring accelerator, coupling, electron, photon 924
  • H. Yonehara, T. Kasuga
Dynamics in an Adiabatic Free Electron Laser electron, field, recirculation, wiggler 932
  • D.L. Bruhwiler, J.R. Carey
The Beam Tracking during the First Few Milliseconds of a Low Energy Booster emittance, field, sextupole, tune 1061
  • S. Machida
High-Speed, High-Accuracy Magnet Power Supply Using FET Chopper for Synchrotron Facility acceleration, accelerator, chopper, modulator 1145
  • T. Kitayama, N. Kawakami, Y. Sato, A. Shibayama, Y. Uno, Y. Watanabe
A Faster Chopper for Programmed Population of the Longitudinal Phase Space of the AGS bunching, chopper, injection, linac 1154
  • J.M. Brennan, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, J. Brodowski, J. Kats, W. van Asselt
Robinson Instability and Longitudinal Mode Coupling accelerator, coupling, equilibrium, focusing 1160
  • T.-S.F. Wang
Effect of the Induced Voltage on the Bunch Motion at the Transition Energy acceleration, field, impedance, instability 1169
  • S.Y. Lee, J. Wei
Stability of Beams Hollow in Longitudinal Phase Space feedback, halo, injection, tune 1196
  • R. Baartman, F.W. Jones, S. Koscielniak, G.H. Mackenzie
Study of Collective Effects in a Low-Emittance PEP Lattice emittance, impedance, radiation, tune 1208
  • S.L. Kramer, M. Borland, J. Galayda, A. Jackson, H. Winick, M.S. Zisman
The 2 GeV Pohang Light Source injection, insertion, lattice, linac 1214
  • S. Oh
A 5 GeV Injector for PEP booster, injection, ion, radiation 1217
  • H.-D. Nuhn, R. Boyce, R. Gould, H. Winick, R. Yotam, B. Youngman
Experimental Characterization of PEP Low-Emittance Lattice emittance, insertion, lattice, radiation 1231
  • M. Borland, M. Donald
Effect of Tapering on Optical Guiding and Sideband Growth in a Finite-Pulse Free-Electron Laser electron, field, focusing, resonance 1234
  • B Hafizi, P. Sprangle, C.M. Tang, A. Ting
A Compact X-Ray Lithography Lattice Using Superferric Magnets field, lattice, light source, x-ray 1242
  • L.K. Chen, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay, S. Ohnuma, C.A. Swenson
Injection System for the 8 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Japan acceleration, injection, linac, positron 1245
  • H. Yokomizo, K. Ashida, S. Harada, T. Harami, H. Hashimoto, M. Iizuka, T. Ishida, M. Kabasawa, H. Kamitsubo, H. Konishi, K. Mashiko, K. Nakayama, S. Sasaki, Y. Suzuki, K. Yamada, K. Yanagida
LNLS: The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory accelerator, injection, light source, linac 1248
  • C.E.T. Gonçalves da Silva, A.R. Rodrigues, D. Wisnivesky
The MAD Program accelerator, alignment, coupling, radiation 1292
  • H. Grote, F.C. Iselin, E. Keil, J. Niederer
Consequences of the Discontinuous Replacement of Radiated Energy on the Performance of LEP 200 betatron, lattice, radiation, tune 1298
  • F. Ruggiero
Vertically Integrated Simulation Tools for Self-Consistent Tracking and Analysis accelerator, commissioning, lattice, simulation 1304
  • E. Forest, H. Nishimura
Beam Dynamics with the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation accelerator, betatron, ion, radiation 1310
  • W.E. Gabella, R.D. Ruth, R.L. Warnock
Construction of Symplectic Full-Turn Maps by Application of an Arbitrary Tracking Code accelerator, betatron, damping, lattice 1322
  • R.L. Warnock
Multipole Correction in Synchrotrons accelerator, multipole, sextupole, tune 1432
  • D. Neuffer
High Precision Real Time Beam Position Measurement System alignment, coupling, feedback, radiation 1465
  • K.J. Kleman
Phase Space Profile Measurement Using an X-Ray Pinhole Camera coupling, optics, radiation, x-ray 1498
  • A. Ogata, T. Katsura, T. Kawamoto, T. Mitsuhashi, N. Yamamoto
Switched Detector for Beam Position Monitor electron, insertion, vacuum, x-ray 1516
  • R. Biscardi, J.W. Bittner
Beamstrahlung as an Optics Tuning Tool at the SLC IP luminosity, monitoring, radiation, target 1542
  • E. Gero, G. Bonvicini, C. Field, W. Koska
Precision Synchrotron Radiation Detectors accelerator, electron, radiation, target 1544
  • J. Butler, J.J. Gomez, C.K. Jung, J. Kent, M. King, M. Lateur, M. Levi, J. Nash, F. Rouse, J. Tinsman, C. Von Zanthier, S. Watson, G. Wormser
Precision Measurements of the SLC Beam Energy electron, extraction, positron, radiation 1550
  • J. Nash, P. Bambade, R. Erickson, C.K. Jung, J. Kent, M. King, M. Levi, F. Rouse, C. Von Zanthier, S. Watson, G. Wormser
Monitoring the Conditions of Beam Injection into the IHEP Accelerator from the Booster betatron, booster, injection, quadrupole 1597
  • V.L. Brook, N.G. Mamuchashvili, I.G. Morozov, S.V. Shekhvatov, I.N. Tereschenko, V.G. Tishin
Upgrading the CERN PS Booster to 1 GeV for Improved Antiproton Production acceleration, antiproton, injection, proton 1614
  • R. Cappi, N. Garoby, N. Rasmussen, J.P. Riunaud, H. Schönauer, K. Schindl
LNLS Control System Conceptual Design accelerator, booster, software, target 1651
  • J.G.R.S. Franco, S. Furquim, O. Monteiro, A.R. Rodrigues, C. Scorzato
Optics of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher (AmPS) accelerator, extraction, injection, sextupole 1698
  • R. Maas, Y.Y. Wu
The Positron Accumulator Ring for the APS injection, linac, positron, septum 1707
  • E.A. Crosbie
VME-Computer Network (MAP) for KEK the Proton Synchrotron accelerator, booster, proton, software 1710
  • T. Katoh, A. Akiyama, S. Hirano, K. Ishii, E. Kadokura, H. Nakagawa, M. Nakamura, K. Nigorikawa
ITEP Proton Synchrotron Reconstruction acceleration, field, ion, proton 1728
  • N.N. Alexeev, A.E. Bolshakov, L.L. Goldin, V.I. Nikolaev, K.K. Onosovsky, V.P. Piskunov, A.S. Rjabtsev, M.A. Veselov, V.P. Zavodov
Analysis of RF Modes in the ANL APS Vacuum Chamber Using Computer Simulation, Electron Beam Excitation and Perturbation Techniques coupling, electron, field, vacuum 1755
  • R. Kustom, J. Bridges, W. Chou, J. Cook, G. Mavrogenes, G. Nicholls
Polarized Proton Acceleration at the KEK PS acceleration, booster, polarization, resonance 1758
  • H. Sato, D. Arakawa, S. Hiramatsu, J. Holt, K. Ikegami, Y. Mori, C. Ohmori, A. Takagi, T. Toyama, A. Ueno
Space-Charge Effects in the Fermilab Main Ring at 8-GeV accelerator, resonance, space-charge, tune 1804
  • S.R. Mane
Design and Commissioning of the D0 Vertical Nondispersive Overpass in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, antiproton, betatron, extraction 1831
  • D. Trbojevic, R. Gerig
Detuning of the NSLS UV RF Cavity to Compensate for 1 Ampere of Stored Beam coupling, ion, radiation, vacuum 1859
  • M. Thomas, H. Ackerman, J. Aspenleiter, W. Broome, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, A. Fauchet, J. Keane, P. Mortazavi, G. Ramirez, G. Vignola
An Active Feedback System to Control Synchrotron Oscillations in the SLC Damping Rings damping, electron, feedback, klystron 1879
  • P.L. Corredoura, J.L. Pellegrin, H.D. Schwarz, J.C. Sheppard
Longitudinal Damping in the Tevatron Collider antiproton, collider, feedback, proton 1882
  • Q. A. Kerns, G. Jackson, C.R. Kerns, H. Miller, J. Reid, R. Siemann, D. Wildman
Numerically Controlled Oscillator for the Fermilab Booster CAMAC, accelerator, booster, field 1888
  • J.L. Crisp, R.J. Ducar
Operational Experience and Techniques for Controlled Longitudinal Phase Space Dilution in the AGS Using a High Harmonic Cavity acceleration, booster, controls, field 1934
  • R.K. Reece, A. Abola, L. Ahrens, J.M. Brennan, P. Cameron, D. Ciardullo, A. Dunbar, W. Frey, M.A. Goldman, D. Kasha, J. Kats, A. McNerney, A. Otis, E. Raka, R. Sanders, P. Stein, A. Zaltsman, W. van Asselt
Design, Fabrication, and Calibration of Curved Integral Coils for Measuring Transfer Function, Uniformity and Effective Length of LBL ALS Booster Dipole Magnets booster, field, induction, radiation 1972
  • M.I. Green, B. Gee, S. Marks, J. Meneghetti, D. Nelson, W. Wong
Air Pollution Monitor for TRISTAN accelerator, ion, monitoring, radiation 1996
  • K. Hanaoka, K. Kudo, S. Takeda
Synchrotron Radiation Damage on Insulating Materials of TRISTAN Magnet accelerator, electron, radiation, vacuum 2015
  • K. Endo, T. Chugun, M. Hirano, T. Kubo, R. Kumazawa, H. Mitsui, Y. Ohsawa, T. Ozaki, K. Takayama
Long Term Ground Movement of TRISTAN Synchrotron accelerator, alignment, quadrupole, survey 2018
  • K. Endo, M. Miyahara, Y. Ohsawa