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Keyword: proton

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Construction and Early Commissioning Results of the AGS Booster booster, field, ion, vacuum 52
  • W.T. Weng, L. Ahrens, R. Damm, A.J. McNerney
Prospects for Tunes near the Integer at the Fermilab PBAR-P Collider collider, emittance, resonance, tune 90
  • D. Siergiej, C. Ankenbrandt, D. Finley, G. Goderre, R.P. Johnson, P. Zhang
Common Mode Noise on the Main Tevatron Bus and Associated Beam Emittance Growth betatron, emittance, field, tune 93
  • P. Zhang, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, D. Siergiej, D. Wolff
Characteristics of the Beam During the Second Fermilab Collider Run collider, emittance, lifetime, luminosity 105
  • N. Gelfand
Lattice Function Perturbations Caused by the Beam-Beam Interaction collider, lattice, luminosity, tune 114
  • D.E. Johnson, N. Gelfand, R.P. Johnson, S. Saritepe
Decay Rates and Average Luminosity in a B-Factory collider, lepton, luminosity, synchrotron 141
  • H. Braun, K. Hübner, W. Joho
An Optimized E-P Insertion for LEP and LHC electron, emittance, insertion, luminosity 156
  • A. Verdier
A Preliminary Design of the PS Collider collider, ion, luminosity, scattering 165
  • Y. Mori, S. Hiramatsu, S. Ninomiya, I. Sakai, H. Sato, T. Shintomi, T. Suzuki, A. Takagi, E. Takasaki, T. Toyama, M. Yoshii
The CERN PS Complex as Part of the LHC Injector Chain acceleration, extraction, injection, tune 171
  • R. Cappi, R. Garoby, S. Hancock, M. Martini, N. Rasmussen, T. Risselada, J.P. Riunaud, H. Schönauer, K. Schindl, E.J.N. Wilson
Mixed Ion Beams near Transition Energy acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 174
  • S. Hancock
On Using Bent Single Crystals for Proton Extraction from IHEP Accelerator accelerator, channeling, crystal, extraction 189
  • A.A. Asseev, M.D. Bavizhev, Y.S. Fedotov, E.A. Ludmirsky, V.A. Maisheev, E.A. Mjae
Bent Single Crystals to Form High Energy Particle Beams channeling, crystal, emittance, extraction 192
  • N.A. Galyaev, Y.A. Chesnokov, V.I. Kotov, S.V. Tsarik, V.N. Zapol'sky
Separation Criterion and Scaling Law for Long-Range Beam-Beam Interactions in the Tevatron collider, emittance, simulation, tune 225
  • S. Saritepe
Observation and Analysis of Time-Dependent Closed Orbit Motion in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring betatron, injection, space-charge, tune 228
  • R. Hutson, D. Fitzgerald, R. Macek
Quantum Variances for Transverse SSC Injection Dynamics betatron, collider, emittance, injection 231
  • T. Garavaglia
Collimator Simulation for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Using DIMAD booster, collimation, factory, scattering 357
  • U. Wienands, F.W. Jones, C.P. Parfitt
Longitudinal Matching Between the LEB and the MEB for the SSC coupling, injection, timing, tune 389
  • N.K. Mahale, A. Maschke
Constant of Motion and Dynamic Equations for One Dimensional Autonomous System, and Radiation Damping accelerator, collider, damping, radiation 392
  • G. Lopez
Transient Beam Loading Reduction During Multi-Batch Coalescing in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, collider, impedance, rf cavities 410
  • D. Wildman
Tune Modulated Beam-Beam Resonances in the Tevatron betatron, collider, resonance, tune 473
  • S. Saritepe, S. Peggs
Developing a Clinical Proton Accelerator Facility: Consortium-Assisted Technology Transfer accelerator, maintenance, pion, radiation 532
  • J.M. Slater, D.W. Miller, J.W. Slater
Progress in Light Ion Fusion diagnostics, ion, target, x-ray 537
  • D.L. Cook
Commissioning Results of the LLUMC Beam Switchyard and Gantry accelerator, emittance, extraction, optics 610
  • M.E. Schulze
Ferrite Tuned Cavity as Possible Source of Bunched Beam Instability accelerator, booster, ferrite, injection 655
  • M. Popovic
The AGS Booster High Frequency RF System booster, ferrite, impedance, injection 681
  • R.T. Sanders, P. Cameron, W. Eng, M.A. Goldman, E. Jablonski, D. Kasha, J. Keane, A. McNerney, M. Meth, M. Plotkin, M. Puglisi, A. Ratti, R. Spitz
First Results of Proton Injection Commissioning of the AGS Booster Synchrotron booster, commissioning, injection, linac 839
  • R.K. Reece, L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, E. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, A. Luccio, J. Skelly, A. Soukas, W.T. Weng, R. Witkover, W. van Asselt
Multi-Beamlet Injection to the RFQ1 Accelerator - A Comparison of ECR and Duopigatron Proton Sources emittance, extraction, injection, ion 842
  • G.M. Arbique, T. Taylor, M.H. Thrasher, J.S.C. Wills
Beam Transmission and Emittance Measurements of the RFQ1 Accelerator accelerator, emittance, field, injection 845
  • G.M. Arbique, B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, W.L. Michel, J.Y. Sheikh
Installation of the Superconducting Magnets in the HERA Tunnel collider, electron, quench, vacuum 857
  • I. Borchardt, D. Brauer, S. Chermenin, D. Degèle, K. Escherich, H.J. Fiebig, H. Grabe, J. Holz, D. Hubert, R. Kus, M. Leenen, H. Maywald, O. Peters, B. Petersen, K. Pieczora, U. Riemer, Z. Sanok, P. Schmüser, S. Schollmeier, W. Schwarz, G. Tödten, D. Trines, S. Wolff
A Pinger System for the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring extraction, field, kicker, tune 866
  • T.W. Hardek, H.A. Thiessen
User Control of the Proton Beam Injection Trajectories into the AGS Booster booster, injection, quadrupole, synchrotron 896
  • T. D'Ottavio, J.G. Alessi, A. Kponou, A. Luccio, R.K. Reece, J. Skelly
The Booster-to-AGS Beam Transfer Fast Kicker Modulators booster, extraction, injection, kicker 999
  • W. Zhang, J. Bunicci, W.W. Frey, A.V. Soukas, S.Y. Zhang
Acceleration of Polarized Proton in High Energy Accelerators accelerator, betatron, resonance, tune 1059
  • S.Y. Lee
Calculations of the Conditions for Bunched-Beam e-p Instability in the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) electron, injection, instability, simulation 1077
  • D.V. Neuffer
High-Sensitive Remote Diagnostics of the Accelerated Particles' Beam Cross Section diagnostics, field, monitoring, residual gas 1166
  • P.Y. Komissarov, L.I. Judin, V.G. Mikhailov, V.A. Rezvov, A.A. Roschin, V.I. Sclyarenko
Results from a Prototype Beam Monitor in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Light field, radiation, spectrum, synchrotron 1177
  • A.A. Hahn, P. Hurh
AGS Booster Tune Meter Kickers booster, ion, modulator, tune 1216
  • W. Zhang, J. Bunicci, P.R. Cameron, A.V. Soukas, W. van Asselt
Mechanical Design of the Beam Current Transformers for the HERA Proton Ring accelerator, shielding, thermal, vacuum 1219
  • W. Schütte
Betatron Tune Measurement System for the HERA Proton Storage Ring emittance, field, kicker, tune 1222
  • S. Herb
A Real-Time Longitudinal Phase-Space Measurement Technique for H-Beams accelerator, emittance, laser, photon 1237
  • R.C. Connolly, D.P. Sandoval
Beam Current Monitoring in the AGS Booster and Its Transfer Lines booster, injection, instrumentation, ion 1267
  • R.L. Witkover, V. Castillo, E. Zitvogel
A Faraday Cup with High Frequency Response for a 200 MeV LINAC Proton Beam impedance, linac, scattering, vacuum 1270
  • M.S. Zucker, J.W. Bittner
Betatron Tune Measurement and Control in the PETRA Proton Ring betatron, electron, field, tune 1276
  • S. Herb
Indirect Phase Locking of RF Clock to the Beam for BNL Booster BPM System acceleration, booster, monitoring, pick-up 1320
  • T. Hayes, A. Zaltsman
Construction of High Order Maps for Large Proton Accelerators accelerator, fringe fields, lattice, tune 1588
  • J. Irwin
Observation of Magnetized Cooling in the IUCF Cooler cathode, electron, electron cooling, equilibrium 1612
  • T.J.P. Ellison
The WKB Approximation and the Travelling-Wave Acceleration Cavity acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 1618
  • D.C. Carey
Beam-Beam Interaction and High Order Resonances betatron, emittance, resonance, tune 1639
  • S. Tepikian, S.Y. Lee
Impact of Cross-Sectional Changes in a Beam Tube on Beam Dynamics collider, emittance, impedance, instability 1710
  • W. Chou
A Test of Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling in the Fermilab Tevatron Collider betatron, emittance, kicker, spectrum 1758
  • G. Jackson, E. Buchanan, J. Budlong, E. Harms, G. Lee, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis, R. Pasquinelli, D. Peterson, D. Poll, D. Rohde, P. Seifrid, D. Voy
Beam Property Measurements in the IUCF Cooler Ring electron, electron cooling, space-charge, tune 1770
  • M. Ball, D.D. Caussyn, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, D. DuPlantis, G. East, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, B. Jones, S.Y. Lee, M.G. Minty, T. Sloan
On Dynamic Aperture accelerator, collider, quadrupole, tune 1887
  • Z. Parsa
Observation of Space-Charge Effects in the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring accelerator, betatron, space-charge, tune 1893
  • D. Neuffer, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Hutson, R. Macek, M. Plum, H. Thiessen, T.-S. Wang
Observations of the PSR Transverse Instability background, injection, instability, space-charge 1896
  • E. Colton, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Macek, D. Neuffer, M. Plum, H. Thiessen, T. Wang
Operational Experience with the TRIUMF Optically Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source cyclotron, ion, laser, polarization 1925
  • P.W. Schmor, L. Buchmann, K. Jayamanna, C.D.P. Levy, M. McDonald, R. Ruegg
An Antiproton Target Design for Increased Beam Intensity antiproton, beamline, target, thermal 1946
  • K. Anderson, C.M. Bhat, J. Marriner, Z. Tang
Recent Developments in Intense Polarized Hydrogen and Deuterium Ion Sources electron, ion, laser, polarization 2083
  • T.B. Clegg
High-Current CW RFQ's accelerator, cw, ion, linac 2093
  • G.E. McMichael
The Cryogenic Operation of the Superconducting Magnet System in the HERA Proton Storage Ring: Cool Down, Steady State Operation, Quench Recovery Processes electron, quench, superconducting magnet, thermal 2319
  • G. Horlitz, M. Clausen, H. Herzog, R. Lange, H. Lierl
A Radiation-Hardened Pulsed Magnet for the Tevatron-I Target Station antiproton, field, radiation, target 2360
  • P. Hurh, M. Gormley, J. Hangst, J. Howell, S. O'Day
Development of Non-Ferrous Superconducting Magnets field, focusing, lattice, muon 2474
  • F. Krienen, D. Loomba, W. Meng
The Impact of Persistent Current Field Errors on the Stability of the Proton Beam in the HERA Proton Ring field, injection, sextupole, tune 2483
  • F. Willeke, F. Zimmerman
Energy Change of a Depolarizing Resonance Due to a Type-3 Siberian Snake Siberian snake, polarization, resonance, tune 2506
  • M.G. Minty, R. Baiod, E.D. Courant, Y.S. Derbenev, T. Ellison, J.E. Goodwin, A.D. Krisch, S.Y. Lee, P.V. Pancella, R.A. Phelps, L.G. Ratner, T. Rinckel, T. Roser, M.A. Ross, F. Sperisen, E.J. Stephenson, B. Vuaridel, B.S. van Guilder, B. von Przewski
Preliminary Design of a Dedicated Photon Therapy Linac accelerator, electron, ion, linac 2583
  • R.W. Hamm, K.R. Crandall, J.M. Potter
High-Power Proton Linac for Transmuting the Long-Lived Fission Products in Nuclear Waste accelerator, cw, linac, neutron 2598
  • G.P. Lawrence
Linear Resonant Accelerators for Industrial Applications accelerator, field, focusing, ion 2613
  • O.A. Waldner, V.D. Danilov, V.G. Gass, A.A. Glaskov, A.A. Il'in, A.D. Koljaskin, A.I. Krivonosov, V.N. Leonov, N.R. Lobanov, O.S. Milovanov, A.A. Mishukov, A.N. Pronin, A.A. Revkov, P.B. Shurupov, N.P. Sobenin, Y.I. Tlekhas, B.V. Zverev
Performance of the CERN Plasma Lens in Laboratory and Beam Tests at the Antiproton Source antiproton, field, focusing, plasma 2631
  • R. Kowalewicz, E. Boggasch, J. Christiansen, K. Frank, M. Lubrano di Scampamorte, S. Milner, F. Pedersen, H. Riege, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz
Achieving High Luminosity in the Fermilab Tevatron antiproton, booster, collider, luminosity 2896
  • S.D. Holmes
The Status of HERA accelerator, commissioning, electron, injection 2905
  • B.H. Wiik
An Electron-Proton Collider in the TeV Range electron, emittance, linac, quadrupole 2910
  • M. Tigner, B. Wiik, F. Willeke
Operational History of the SPS Collider 1981-1990 antiproton, collider, injection, luminosity 2952
  • V. Hatton
PSR Extraction Kicker System Improvements extraction, kicker, modulator, vacuum 3150
  • T.W. Hardek
CERN Plans for the Future antiproton, coupling, lifetime, luminosity 3279
  • C. Rubbia