Accelerator Technology I

Title Page
High Precision Real Time Beam Position Measurement System 1465
  • K.J. Kleman
Beam Position Monitors for the CESR Linac 1468
  • R..E. Meller, C.R. Dunnam, D.C. Sagan
Results of Measurements on the HERA Proton Beam Position Monitors 1471
  • W. Schütte
A Beam Scraper Using a Linear Motor 1474
  • E.R. Beadle, E.S. Rodger, R.E. Thern
The Upgraded Ring Loss Radiation Monitoring System at the AGS 1477
  • G.W. Bennett, E. Beadle, V. Castillo, R.L. Witkover
Electrostatic Beam Separation System of TRISTAN Main Ring 1480
  • T. Shintake, T. Higo, K. Mori, M. Sato, Y. Suetsugu
A Schottky Receiver for Non-Perturbative Tune Monitoring in the Tevatron 1483
  • D. Martin, P. Cliff, B. Fellenz, B. Horton, G. Jackson, D. McConnell, R. Shafer, R. Siemann
A Resonant Beam Detector for Tevatron Tune Monitoring 1486
  • D. Martin, B. Fellenz, C. Hood, M. Johnson, R. Shafer, R. Siemann, J. Zurawski
Time-dependent Degradation of an Ion-Focused ATA Beam 1489
  • W.M. Fawley, J.K. Boyd, G.J. Caporaso, F.W. Chambers, Y.P. Chong, J.S. Hildum, P. Lee, T.J. Orzechowski, D.R. Rogers, K.W. Struve, J.T. Weir
The LEP Injection Monitors: Design and First Results with Beam 1492
  • G. Burtin, R. Colchester, C. Fischer, B. Halvarsson, J.Y. Hemery, R. Jung, S. Levitt, J.M. Vouillot
Optical Cerenkov Measurements of Emittance Growth in the Advanced Test Accelerator Beam under Laser Ion-Guiding 1495
  • Y.P. Chong, F.J. Deadrick, D.G. Hirzel, J.S. Kallman, P. Lee, J.F. Poulter, W.E. Rivera, P.L. Stephan, J.T. Weir
Phase Space Profile Measurement Using an X-Ray Pinhole Camera 1498
  • A. Ogata, T. Katsura, T. Kawamoto, T. Mitsuhashi, N. Yamamoto
Impedance Measurements on Button Electrodes 1501
  • A. Jacob, G.R. Lambertson
A Beam Characterization of H- Particles 1504
  • A.A. Hassan, C.L. Fink, M.G. Rosing
Advanced Light Source (ALS) Beam Position Monitor 1507
  • J. Hinkson, J. Johnston, I. Ko
A Beam-Profile Monitor for the BNL Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) 1510
  • K.T. McDonald, D.P. Russell
Single Bunch Intensity Monitoring System Using an Improved Wall Current Monitor 1513
  • C.D. Moore, J. Crisp, D. Howard, Q. Kerns, P. Martin, D. McConnell, P. Michals, J. Payne, S. Tawzer, R. Webber
Switched Detector for Beam Position Monitor 1516
  • R. Biscardi, J.W. Bittner
A Noniterative Method for Calculating Beam Position From Induced Electric Signals 1519
  • E.S. Bozoki, J.W. Bittner, J.Y. Huang
The Beam Profile Measuring System at the Bates Linac 1523
  • K.D. Jacobs, R.D. Biron, J.B. Flanz, E.E. Ihloff, J.E. Kelsey, Z. Radouch, T. Russ, A. Saab
Emittance Measurements at the Bates Linac 1526
  • K.D. Jacobs, J.B. Flanz, T. Russ
Energy Measurements from Betatron Oscillations 1529
  • T. Himel, K.A. Thompson
Long Ion Chamber Systems for the SLC 1531
  • D. McComick, R. Gearhart, R. Jacobsen, T. Jenkins, R. Nelson, D. Reagan, J. Rolfe, M. Ross
Observations of the Transverse and Longitudinal Nature of the Fermilab Linac Beam 1534
  • E. McCrory, K. Carlson, T. Owens, C. Schmidt, L. Wahl
Design of the AGS Booster Beam Position Monitor System 1536
  • J.M. Brennan, E. Beadle, D. Ciardullo, J. Savino, V. Stanziani, R. Thomas, W. Van Zwienen, R.L. Witkover
Beam-Loss Monitors in the SLC Final Focus 1539
  • R.G. Jacobsen, T. Mattison
Beamstrahlung as an Optics Tuning Tool at the SLC IP 1542
  • E. Gero, G. Bonvicini, C. Field, W. Koska
Precision Synchrotron Radiation Detectors 1544
  • J. Butler, J.J. Gomez, C.K. Jung, J. Kent, M. King, M. Lateur, M. Levi, J. Nash, F. Rouse, J. Tinsman, C. Von Zanthier, S. Watson, G. Wormser
Precision Measurements of the SLC Reference Magnets 1547
  • S. Watson, M. Levi, J. Nash
Precision Measurements of the SLC Beam Energy 1550
  • J. Nash, P. Bambade, R. Erickson, C.K. Jung, J. Kent, M. King, M. Levi, F. Rouse, C. Von Zanthier, S. Watson, G. Wormser
Compact Emittance Scanners for MeV Particle Beams 1553
  • P.G. O'Shea, L.D. Hansborough, T.J. Zaugg
Fail-Safe Ion Chamber Errant Beam Detector Tailored for Personnel Protection 1556
  • M.A. Plum, A.A. Browman, D. Brown, D.M. Lee, C.W. McCabe
Pulse-Power-Induced Oscillations on the REX Electron Beam 1559
  • L.A. Builta, R.L. Carlson, T.P. Hughes, T.J. Kauppila, D.C. Moir, R.N. Ridlon
Beam Position Monitor Upgrade for the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring 1562
  • H.A. Thiessen, R. Macek, G. Mackenzie, W. Rawnsley, R.E. Shafer, G. Swain
General Analysis of Beam Position Monitors 1565
  • G. DiMassa, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Characterization with Video Imaging Systems at the ANL 50-MeV H- Beamline 1571
  • T.J. Yule, F.O. Bellinger, T.A. Coleman, M.M. Faber, C.L. Fink, C.T. Roche
Beam Diagnostic for COSY-Jülich 1574
  • R. Maier, U. Hacker
Timing and RF Synchronization for Filling PEP/SPEAR with the SLC Damping Rings 1577
  • M.T. Ronan, D.R. Bernstein, P. Corredoura, R.K. Jobe, D.J. Lambert, K.L. Lee, M.C. Ross, B. Roster, J. Vancraeynest, G. Zapalac
Wire Scanner News in the CERN-SPS 1580
  • J. Camas, A. Burns, E. D'Amico, G. Ferioli, Q. King, K.H. Kissler, K.H. Mann, R. Schmidt
A Dedicated Multi-process Controller for a LEP RF Unit 1583
  • E. Ciapala, P. Collier
The Measurement of the Twiss Parameters by Using Segmented Faraday Cups 1586
  • C. Hummer, M. Rosing, R. Zolecki
HESYRL 200 MeV Linac Single Bunch Energy Spectrum Measurement 1589
  • Y. Yin, D. Wang
RF Phase Measurement at Phermex Using Time-To-Digital Converters 1591
  • S.A. Watson, G.R. Jennings, D.C. Moir
Fitting Measured Emittance Data 1593
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
A Technique for Improving the Accuracy and Dynamic Range of Beam Position-Detection Equipment 1595
  • F.D. Wells, S.P. Jachim
Monitoring the Conditions of Beam Injection into the IHEP Accelerator from the Booster 1597
  • V.L. Brook, N.G. Mamuchashvili, I.G. Morozov, S.V. Shekhvatov, I.N. Tereschenko, V.G. Tishin
Online Monitoring of Dispersion Functions and Transfer Matrices at the SLC 1599
  • P. Emma, P.R. Burchat, T.H. Fieguth, T. Lohse, R.S. Panvini
A Beam Position Monitor for Low Current DC Beams 1602
  • P. Adderley, W. Barry, J. Heefner, S. Jachim, P. Kloeppel, R. Rossmanith, M. Wise