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Keyword: vacuum

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Status of TRISTAN electron, injection, positron, tune 34
  • G. Horikoshi, Y. Kimura
Fabrication and 35 GHz Testing of Key Two-Beam Accelerator Components accelerator, electron, field, septum 80
  • D.B. Hopkins, J. Haimson, G.W. Koehler, R.W. Kuenning, W. Low, D. Prosnitz, A.M. Sessler, A.L. Throop, G.R. Westenskow
Operation of CESR with Permanent Magnet Interaction Region Quadrupoles emittance, luminosity, radiation, tune 130
  • S. Herb, J. Kirchgessner
Transverse Focussing Using Plasma Wake Fields collider, ionization, luminosity, plasma 154
  • D.B. Cline, B. Cole, J. Norem, J. Rosenzweig
Brightness of an Intense Electron Beam Generated by a Pulse-Laser Irradiated Photocathode brightness, cathode, electron, emittance 286
  • P.E. Oettinger, I. Bursuc, E. Pugh, R.E. Shefer
Operation of the ORNL ECR Source electron, field, ion, plasma 319
  • F.W. Meyer, J.W. Hale
Simple Laser-Driven, Metal-Photocathodes as Cold, High-Current Electron Sources cathode, electron, field, laser 337
  • J.D. Saunders, L.A. Builta, S.W. Downey, T.J. Kauppila, D.C. Moir, T.J. Ringler
Status of the MEVAA High Current Metal Ion Source accelerator, cathode, ion, plasma 343
  • I.G. Brown, J.E. Galvin, R.A. MacGill, R.T. Wright
Inner Undulator Electron Diagnostic Stations alignment, electron, field, undulator 449
  • K.E. Robinson, T.E. DeHart
A Multi-Purpose Digital Controller for the LEP RF System acceptance, controls, klystron, software 520
  • E. Ciapala, M. Disdier
A CAMAC-Based Knob Controller for the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, feedback, software 544
  • W. Smith, E. Bjorklund
A Modular RF Control System at TRIUMF accelerator, extraction, ion, software 550
  • T. Enegren, R. Burge, D.A. Dohan
Beam Instrumentation in the LEP Pre-Injector electron, injection, instrumentation, radiation 570
  • S. Battisti, J.F. Bottollier, B. Frammery, B. Szeless, M. Van Rooy
Construction of a Synchrotron Radiation (SR) Position Monitor by Means of X-Ray Photoemission radiation, spectrum, synchrotron, x-ray 576
  • T. Mitsuhashi, K. Haga, T. Katsura
Direct Measurement of a Proton Beam Passing Through a Water Target by the Induced Change in the Water Conductivity ion, neutrino, proton, target 588
  • T. Dombeck, A. Finch, D.L. Grisham
Magnetic Beam Position Monitors for the LEP Pre-Injector ferrite, impedance, injection, pick-up 605
  • S. Battisti, M. Le Gras, J.M. Roux, B. Szeless, D.J. Williams
Measurement and Correction of the Closed Orbit in the Storage Ring Adone betatron, lattice, pick-up, quadrupole 608
  • A. Aragona, C. Biscari, S. De Simone, E. Gianfelice, S. Guiducci, V. Lollo, S. Pella, M. Preger, M. Serio
Single-Shot Longitudinal Shape Measurements of Nanosecond Particle Bunches electron, ferrite, hadron, proton 643
  • R. Cappi, G. Cyvoct, J. Durand, M. Ruette, E. Schulte
Threshold Cerenkov Radiation and Beam Diagnostics diagnostics, electron, radiation, transition radiation 655
  • J.R. Neighbours, F.R. Buskirk, X.K. Maruyama
Tuned Beam Position Detector for the Fermilab Switchyard extraction, impedance, resonance, tune 661
  • Q. Kerns, S. Childress, C. Crawford, R. Fuja, R. Janes
A 1.5 GHz Wide-Band Beam-Position and Intensity Monitor for the Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) coupling, ferrite, impedance, pick-up 664
  • G.C. Schneider
An External Monitor of Beam Loss in an H- Cyclotron cyclotron, ion, radiation, shielding 670
  • T.C. Ries, R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie, W.R. Rawnsley
Beam Trajectory Acquisition System for the Arcs of the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, focusing, monitoring, survey 673
  • J.L. Pellegrin, M.C. Ross, B.D. Scott, D.S. Wilson
Software Development in the TRISTAN Control accelerator, accumulation, radio-frequency, software 698
  • S. Kurokawa, K. Abe, T. Katoh, E. Kikutani, H. Koiso, M. Kurihara, K. Oide, M. Shinomoto
Development of the Phase Probe in the INR Cyclotron cyclotron, induction, pick-up 744
  • X. Cui, H. Chang, J. Zhang
High Rate Luminosity Monitors for CESR background, electron, luminosity, radiation 754
  • G.J. Bobbink, I.C. Brock, D.A. Dean, S.W. Herb, R.W. Kraemer, R.B. Sutton
The LEP Beam Orbit Measurement System coupling, dielectric, field, radiation 778
  • J. Borer, C. Bovet, D. Cocq, H. Kropf, A. Manarin, C. Paillard, M. Rabany, G. Vismara
Status of the DESY II Project electron, injection, linac, synchrotron 851
  • G. Hemmie
The Bevalac Upgrade Project emittance, extraction, ion, synchrotron 854
  • J.R. Alonso, R.D. Dwinell, B. Feinberg, R. Frias, R.A. Gough, D.R. Howard, D.B. Hunt, G.F. Krebs, J.T. Krupnick, S.A. Lewis, J.N. Marx, R.M. Reimers, J.W. Staples, G.D. Stover, J. T. Tanabe
The CERN PS as e+/e- Accelerator in the LEP Injector Chain: First Results, acceleration, damping, electron, injection 857
  • Y. Baconnier, J. Boillot, E. Brouzet, R. Cappi, R. Garoby, A. Poncet, J.P. Potier, J.P. Riunaud
The SuperHILAC Heavy Ion Intensity Upgrade cathode, field, ion, plasma 860
  • B. Feinberg, I.G. Brown
Vacuum Chamber for Proton-Heavy Ion Synchrotron accelerator, ion, sputter, synchrotron 876
  • L.L. Goldin, N.E. Ivanov, B.I. Kruglov, V.I. Nikolaev, K.K. Onosovsky, Ju. B. Zudinov
High Current Betatron Research at the University of New Mexico acceleration, betatron, field, focusing 914
  • S. Humphries Jr., L.K. Len
Mechanical and Magnetic Alignment Techniques for the RADLAC-II Linear Accelerator accelerator, alignment, electron, target 942
  • D.J. Armistead, D.L. Bolton, M.G. Mazarakis
Beam Pipe HEM11 Probes for Traveling Wave Linac Section accelerator, coupling, instability, spectrum 1019
  • A.M. Vetter, J.L. Adamski, W. J. Gallagher
Electron Controlled Transport of Intense Neutralized Ion Beams acceleration, electron, field, ion 1037
  • C. Burkhart, S. Humphries Jr.
The Uses of Electrostatic Bending and Focussing Elements for Auxiliary Storage Rings in Large Proton Collider Tunnels electron, field, ion, proton 1152
  • D.R. Winn
Collective Effects in the LEP Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) accumulation, coupling, impedance, tune 1234
  • S. Bartalucci, J.F. Bottollier, R. Cappi, F. Caspers, J.P. Delahaye, B. Frammery, K. Hübner, A. Krusche, A. Poncet, L. Rivkin
Computer Calculation of the Longitudinal Impedance of Cylindrically Symmetric Structures and its Application to the SPS coupling, field, impedance, tune 1237
  • L. Vos
RF Impedance Studies of a Beam Chamber and Longitudinally Slot-Coupled Vacuum Pumping Antechamber coupling, impedance, synchrotron, timing 1304
  • R.L. Kustom, J.M. Cook, T. K. Khoe, S.L. Kramer, G.L. Nicholls
Estimates of the Synchrotron Radiation Background in LEP Experiments background, electron, photon, synchrotron 1369
  • G. von Holtey, K.M. Potter
An Overview of the LEP Power Converter System acceleration, accelerator, klystron, quadrupole 1399
  • H.W. Isch, J.G. Pett, P. Proudlock
Development of the SSC Trim Coil Beam Tube Assembly accelerator, field, radiation, sextupole 1437
  • J. Skaritka, D. Bintinger, R. Coluccio, E. Kelly, L. Schieber, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Dynamic Behaviour of the LEP Power Converters acceleration, damping, feedback, timing 1440
  • J.G. Pett, A. Beuret
Mechanical Design of a Large Bore Quadrupole Triplet Magnet alignment, field, quadrupole, thermal 1466
  • S. Abbott, R. Caylor, E. Fong, J. Tanabe
Ring Magnets for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at ANL alignment, field, focusing, sextupole 1486
  • W. F. Praeg, S.H. Kim, K.M. Thompson
A Solid State DC Circuit Breaker Based on the Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) accelerator, maintenance, resonance, simulation 1492
  • W. Kernaghan, M. Ehsani
The 1.2 GeV High Brightness Photon Source at the Stanford Photon Research Laboratory brightness, field, radiation, synchrotron 1496
  • L. Emery, C. Chaves, C. Cork, N. Hower, T. Martin, R. Melen, F.T. Ning, W. Ortiz, G. Swift, J. Voss, W. Wadensweiler, P. Wang, H. Wiedemann
The Beam Line X NdFe-Steel Hybrid Wiggler for SSRL field, insertion, radiation, wiggler 1508
  • E. Hoyer, K. Halbach, D. Humphries, V.P. Karpenko, S. Kulkarni, S. Marks, D. Plate, D. Shuman, K.G. Tirsell
Power Supplies for the Ring Magnets of the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at ANL focusing, injection, sextupole, synchrotron 1526
  • W. Praeg, D. McGhee
Aluminum Allloy DC Separators Using Heat Pipes for a e+e- Collider, TRISTAN field, radiation, thermal, x-ray 1552
  • T. Momose, H. Ishimaru, K. Mori, T. Shintake, T. Suetsugu
Commissioning of the RFQI Injector emittance, extraction, ion, proton 1558
  • G.M. Arbique, L.F. Birney, A.D. Davidson, J.Y. Sheikh, T. Taylor, J.S.C. Wills
Design and Construction of LEP Collimators background, electron, radiation, synchrotron 1564
  • F. Bertinelli, R. Jung
Electrostatic Deflector High Voltage System for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, dielectric, maintenance 1567
  • C.R. Hoffmann, C.B. Bigham
IKE: An Interactive Klystron Evaluation Program for SLAC Linear Collider Klystron Performance cathode, instrumentation, klystron, maintenance 1576
  • S.D. Kleban, R. F. Koontz, A.E. Vlicks
Mixing and Matching Bevalac Programs: A Progress Report on Rapid-Switching of Ions and Other Operations Highlights accelerator, ion, septum, tune 1594
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, G. Krebs, R. Miller, R. Stevenson
Operational Characteristics of the 30 GeV Electron-Positron Collider, TRISTAN cathode, electron, quadrupole, rf cavities 1597
  • H. Ishimaru, H. Hisamatsu, G. Horikoshi, K. Kanazawa, H. Mizuno, T. Momose, K. Narushima, M. Shimamoto, Y. Suetsugu
SLAC Linear Collider Waveguide Valve accelerator, klystron, linac, waveguide 1611
  • N.R. Dean, W.R. Fowkes, M.W. Hoyt, H.D. Schwarz, E.F. Tillman
Status of the Vacuum System of the Photon Factory electron, factory, photon, radiation 1614
  • M. Kobayashi, H. Kitamura, Y. Takiyami
The Bevatron Liquid Nitrogen Circulation System acceleration, controls, field, software 1622
  • D. Hunt, G. Stover
Vacuum Chamber for an Undulator Straight Section ion, photon, positron, undulator 1625
  • S. Kim, L. Genens, R. Wehrle
Vacuum System Control for the Heavy Ion Transport Line booster, ion, monitoring, thermal 1627
  • P. Stattel, I Feigenbaum, H.C. Hseuh, T. Robinson, R. Skelton, V. Wong
Degassing of the AGS Extraction Magnets with UV Light extraction, ion, kicker, radiation 1639
  • H.C. Hseuh, C. Trabocchi, J.E. Tuozzolo
Design Aspects of LEP Experimental Vacuum Chambers accelerator, ion, radiation, sputter 1642
  • O. Gröbner, C. Hauviller
Vacuum Chamber Development for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at Argonne accelerator, ion, synchrotron, x-ray 1666
  • R. Nielsen, J. Moenich, R. Wehrle
Vacuum System for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at Argonne ion, photon, radiation, synchrotron 1669
  • R. Wehrle, S. Kim, J. Moenich, R. Nielsen
Vacuum System for UVSOR Storage Ring electron, ion, lifetime, synchrotron 1672
  • T. Kasuga, M. Hasumoto, T. Kinoshita, H. Yonehara
Superconducting Cavities for HERA damping, field, quench, radiation 1716
  • B. Dwersteg, W. Ebeling, K. Jordan, W.-D. Möller, D. Proch, D. Renken, J. Sekutowicz, J. Susta, D. Tong, H.P. Vogel
The New RF System for Lepton Acceleration in the CERN SPS acceleration, damping, field, proton 1719
  • P.E. Faugeras, H. Beger, H.P. Kindermann, V. Rödel, G. Rogner, A. Warman
Estimation of the Mode Losses in Complex RF Vacuum Devices field, pick-up, proton, resonance 1722
  • M. Wendt, W. Schütte, T. Weiland
The New Directional-Coupler Pick-Up for the HERA Proton Beam Position Monitoring System monitoring, pick-up, proton, quadrupole 1725
  • W. Schütte, K.H. Me, M. Wendt
The Neutrino Horn 300 Kiloampere Pulsed Power Supply at Brookhaven National Laboratory lifetime, neutrino, thermal, timing 1743
  • J. Sandberg, A.S. Carroll, W. Leonhardt, R. Monaghan, C. Pearson, A. Pendzick, G. Ryan, W.P Sims, G.A. Smith, P. Stillman, J.C. Walker
Contamination of Nuclear Fragments in a 200 GEV per Nucleon Oxygen Ion Beam at CERN collimation, ion, optics, spectrum 1752
  • H.W. Atherton, N. Doble, G.P. Ferri, M. Glaser, P. Grafström, J.B. Jeanneret, F. Lemeilleur, M Reinharz
Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Pipe for Particle Beams dielectric, hadron, impedance, thermal 1785
  • B.L. Butler, M. Featherby
A Continuing Study of RF Conditioning and RF Voltage Limits of the Four-Rod RFQ Configuration cw, field, impedance, spectrum 1794
  • R.M. Hutcheon, G. Bolme, A. Gerhardt, M. Kurz, T.T. Ngoc, A. Schempp, S.O. Schriber
A Drift-Tube Linac Incorporating a Ramped Accelerating Field accelerator, field, linac, thermal 1797
  • D. J. Liska, L.B. Dauelsberg
Electroforming Process Development for a 33 GHz High-Gradient Accelerator accelerator, cathode, laser, waveguide 1815
  • D.B. Hopkins, W.C. Cowden, J.W. Dini, J.C. Farmer, A.D. Gardea, H.A. Johnsen, H.R. Johnson, W.K. Kelley, G.W. Koehler, H.O. Krapf, M.W. Prokosch, C.P. Steffani
Improvements in the Stability of the TRIUMF RF Resonator alignment, coupling, field, thermal 1839
  • R. Worsham, D. Dohan, G. Dutto, K. Fong, V. Pacak, G. Stanford
Mechanical Design and Fabrication of a 425-MHz H- Buncher accelerator, electron, permanent-magnet, thermal 1851
  • N.G. Wilson, D. Precechtel
Performance of the High Power RF System of the NBS-Los Alamos Racetrack Microtron klystron, linac, microtron, waveguide 1863
  • R.I. Cutler, L. Young
RF System for the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility Cooler Project acceleration, accumulation, cyclotron, ferrite 1872
  • G. Nicholls, X. Pei, R. Poirier, J. Redding
RFQ1 Fabrication and Low Power RF Tuning accelerator, coupling, field, quadrupole 1875
  • G.E. McMichael, B.G. Chidley, R.M. Hutcheon, T.T. Ngoc
Superconducting Performance of CEBAF/Cornell Prototype Cavities Fabricated by Babcock & Wilcox accelerator, electron, field, thermal 1887
  • W. Bensiek, J. Dateo, J. Hager, H. Padamsee, W. Pruitt, P. Williams
Test of Superconducting Accelerator Structures in a Closed Vacuum System accelerator, coupling, field, waveguide 1893
  • P. Kneisel
Design and Construction of a 33 GHz Brazed Accelerator Waveguide for High Gradient Operation accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 1928
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg
RF Cavity for TRISTAN Main Ring coupling, field, impedance, thermal 1945
  • T. Higo, M. Akemoto, T. Kageyama, H. Mizuno, Y. Morozumi, H. Sakai, K. Takata, Y. Yamazaki
Test Results on a CEBAF/Cornell Prototype Superconducting Cavity Fabricated by TRW coupling, electron, field, thermal 1951
  • S. Loer, J. Cirillo, E. Connor, H. Padamsee, P. Weller, W. Wong
The 870 keV High Intensity Proton Beam Transfer Line for the Injector II Cyclotron of SIN acceleration, cyclotron, optics, proton 1954
  • C. Markovits
Vacuum Characteristics of the RF Caviity for TRISTAN Main Ring cooling water, ion, spectrum, thermal 1957
  • H. Mizuno, M. Akemoto, T. Higo, Y. Morozumi, S. Sakai, K. Takata, Y. Yamazaki