PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: sextupole

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Studies of Anomalous Dispersion in the SLC Second Order Achromat alignment, field, focusing, quadrupole 77
  • T. Fieguth, S. Kheifets, J.J. Murray
Time Dependent Chromaticity Changes in the Tevatron antiproton, collider, proton, tune 151
  • D.A. Finley, D.A. Edwards, R.W. Hanft, R. Johnson, A.D. McInturff, J. Strait
Low Emittance Optic for PETRA II electron, emittance, lattice, optics 166
  • W. Brefeld, R. Brinkmann, J. Rossbach
Status of ECR Source Technology cyclotron, field, ion, plasma 254
  • C.M. Lyneis
Lattice Design of HISTRAP: Heavy Ion Storage Ring for Atomic Physics electron, ion, lattice, quadrupole 310
  • I.Y. Lee, J. A. Martin, J.B. McGrory, W.T. Milner, D.K. Olsen, G.R. Young
Improvement of the Dynamic Aperture in Chasman Green Lattice Design Light Source Storage Rings electron, emittance, lattice, tune 443
  • E.A. Crosbie
Lattice Design for 8 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source emittance, injection, lattice, tune 452
  • M. Katoh, I Honjo, Y. Kamiya
Particle Tracking in a Small Electron Storage Ring betatron, electron, field, x-ray 467
  • K. Tsumaki
Beam Dynamics in the SLC Final Focus System betatron, coupling, luminosity, skew 981
  • P.S. Bambade
Comparison Between the Simulated and Measured Luminosity Performance of CESR coupling, luminosity, simulation, tune 1011
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann
Correction of Persistent Current Effects on Dynamic Behavior of SCC Lattices emittance, lattice, multipole, tune 1031
  • B.T. Leemann
Simulation of Beam Loss in the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring proton, scattering, septum, simulation 1111
  • C.T. Mottershead, P.J. Channell, G.P. Lawrence, L.B. Schweitzer
Simulations of the Fermilab Main Ring field, injection, resonance, tune 1123
  • R. Gerig, S. Pruss, F. Turkot
Successive Linearization Method-Comparison with an Exact Result accelerator 1141
  • H. Lustfeld
Systematic Study of the Dependence of Lattice Dynamics on Cell Structure Parameters emittance, lattice, multipole 1143
  • B.T. Leemann, É. Forest
Possible Benefits from Shuffling Dipoles in the RHIC betatron, quadrupole, skew, tune 1176
  • S. Ohnuma
The Model of the Bending Magnets Used in the 600 MeV e+-e- Accumulator of LEP damping, field, lattice, quadrupole 1190
  • M. Bell, J.P. Delahaye, H. Kugler
Effects of Multipoles and Orbit Distortions on the Dynamic Aperture of the LHC collider, field, hadron, multipole 1249
  • D. Brandt
Invariants of Betatron Motion and Dynamic Aperture betatron, focusing, instability, resonance 1264
  • J. Hagel
Measurement of Betatron Function at the Photon Factory betatron, field, quadrupole, tune 1272
  • I Honjo, A. Araki, Y. Kamiya, M. Katoh, M. Kihara
Optimizatiion of the LHC Lattice and Chromaticity betatron, field, lattice, multipole 1284
  • J.P. Koutchouk, M. Bassetti, W. Scandale, A. Verdier
Sextupole Correction for a Ring with Large Chromaticity and the Influence of Magnetic Errors on its Parameters emittance, lattice, resonance, tune 1310
  • Y. Kamiya, I Honjo, M. Katoh
The Chromatic Correction in the RHIC betatron, collider, ion, tune 1328
  • S.Y. Lee, F.G. Dell, H. Hahn, G. Parzen
The Completed Design of the SLC Final Focus System emittance, field, luminosity, quadrupole 1331
  • J.J. Murray, K.L. Brown, T. Fieguth
Resonance Topology betatron, field, resonance, tune 1372
  • L. Michelotti
Field Measuring Probe for SSC Magnets accelerator, field, multipole, quadrupole 1393
  • G. Ganetis, J. Herrera, R. Hogue, J. Skaritka, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
A Comparison of Calculations and Measurements of the Magnetic Characteristics of the SSC Design D Dipole field, finite element, superconductivity 1405
  • R.C. Gupta, G.H. Morgan, P. Wanderer
A Single Layer Coil Superconducting Magnet for SSC accelerator, field, quench, superconducting magnet 1413
  • R.C. Gupta, G.H. Morgan, P.A. Thompson
AGS Booster Prototype Magnets booster, field, injection, quadrupole 1422
  • G. Danby, J. Brodowski, E. Jablonski, J. Jackson, G., Keohane, Y.Y. Lee, B. McDowell, R. Phillips, E. Rodger
Comparison of SmCo and NdFeB in PM Mulitpoles damping, field, multipole, polarization 1431
  • M. Baltay, P. Hamann, W. Sattler, J. Spencer
Development of the SSC Trim Coil Beam Tube Assembly accelerator, field, radiation, vacuum 1437
  • J. Skaritka, D. Bintinger, R. Coluccio, E. Kelly, L. Schieber, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Fabrication and Magnetic Field Measurements of the IUCF Cooler Ring Dipole Magnets accelerator, alignment, antiproton, field 1443
  • T. Sloan, O. Dermois, M. Yurko
Orbit Reversing Magnets for the NBS-Los Alamos Racetrack Microtron electron, field, linac, quadrupole 1469
  • M.A. Wilson, S.S. Bruce, P.H. Debenham, S. Penner
Performance of R&D Sextupole Trim Coils for SSC Dipoles field, multipole, quadrupole, quench 1472
  • P. Wanderer, J. Herrera, P. Thompson, E. Willen
Ring Magnets for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at ANL alignment, field, focusing, vacuum 1486
  • W. F. Praeg, S.H. Kim, K.M. Thompson
Systematic Multipoles and the Linear Aperture for the SSC betatron, multipole, skew, tune 1502
  • D.V. Neuffer, J.M. Peterson
Ultraprecise Magnet Design and Shimming field, multipole, muon, quadrupole 1517
  • G.T. Danby, J. W. Jackson
Power Supplies for the Ring Magnets of the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at ANL focusing, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 1526
  • W. Praeg, D. McGhee
Combining Multipole Data field, multipole, quadrupole 1645
  • L. Michelotti
Correction Magnets for the Superconducting Supercollider accelerator, field, quadrupole, quench 1675
  • M. Fan, F.R. Huson, W.W. MacKay, T. Mann, S. Pissanetzky, R. Rocha, W. Schmidt, G. Shotzman, R. Stegman, J. Zeigler