Accelerator Technology

Title Page
Invited Paper- Induction Linear Accelerators and Their Applications 3870
  • J.E. Leiss
Invited Paper- Advances in High-Power RF Amplifiers 3877
  • P.J. Tallerico
Strong Rare Earth Cobalt Quadrupoles 3882
  • K. Halbach
Sensitivity of an Energy Doubler Dipole to Beam Induced Quenches 3885
  • B. Cox, P.O. Mazur, A. Van Ginneken
The Multiple Magnet Test Program 3888
  • P. Brindza, R. Flora, G. Kalbfleisch, K. Koepke, M. Kuchnir, P. Limon, D. Richied, C. Rode, R. Steining, S. Stoy, G. Tool
The Trirotron 3891
  • J. V. Lebacqz, A.J. Dudas, W.R. Fowkes
Recent Measurement Results of Energy Doubler Magnets 3894
  • M. Wake, D. Blatchley, D.A. Gross, M. Kumada, A.V. Tollestrup
The Design, Construction, and Operation Update of the ISABELLE Ring Magnets 3899
  • A.D. McInturff, E. Bleser, D. Brown, J. Cullen, P. Dahl, D. Gardner, D. Kassner, J. Kaugerts, K. Robins, W. Sampson, P. Schewe, W. Velia
Magnetic Field Measurements on ISABELLE Storage Ring Magnets 3903
  • E. Bleser, P. Dahl, D. Gardner, J. Kaugerts, A. McInturff, K. Robins, W. Sampson, P. Schewe
Implementation of the ORIC Magnetic Field Measurements 3907
  • T.P. Cleary
Field Processing Methods Developed for a Separated-Sector Cyclotron 3910
  • G.F. Burdzik
Experience with the LAMPF Line D Fast Kicker System 3913
  • C. Thompson
A Study of a 90 Bending Magnet for H- Beams 3916
  • J.D. Sherman, P.W. Allison
The NSLS Magnet System 3919
  • J. Galayda, R.N. Heese, H.C.H. Hsieh, H. Kapfer
Synchrotron Magnets for the SNS 3922
  • R.T. Elliott, M.R. Harold, J.A. Lidbury
Results of Field Measurements for PETRA Magnets 3925
  • U. Knopf, K.D. Nowakowski, O. Peters, S. Wolff
Stress Analysis for Warm Iron Superconducting Dipoles 3928
  • S.C. Snowdon
Construction of Energy Doubler Correction Magnets 3931
  • F. Kircher, M. Leininger
Magnet Protection using ZNR Surge Suppressors 3934
  • H. Pfeffer, D.A. Wolff
A Fast Energy Dump for Beam Line Magnets 3936
  • R.C. Trendler
Power for the Fermilab Tevatron Helium Liquefier 3938
  • J. Hoover, S. Orr, J. Ryk, A.T. Visser
How to Mass Produce Reliable Cryostats for large Particle Accelerators 3941
  • B.P. Strauss, G.H. Biallas, R.J. Powers
The Effect of Large Delays on Beam RF Phase Lock Loops 3944
  • J.E. Griffin
RF Impedance of the Accelerating Beam Gap and its Significance to the TRIUMF RF System 3947
  • R. Poirier
RF Acceleration in KEK Main Ring 3950
  • M. Kondoh, K. Ebihara, E. Ezura, T. Ieiri, K. Kudo, Y. Mizumachi, K. Muto, H. Nakanishi, S. Takeda, M. Toda
A High-Speed Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for the Fermilab Booster Low-Level RF System 3953
  • S.P. Jachim
The RF Reference Line for PEP 3956
  • H.D. Schwarz, J.N. Weaver
Common Anode Amplifier Development 3959
  • T.W. Hardek, W.E. Chyna
Design of Circuits for Coupling Power Amplifiers to Resonators 3962
  • A.H. Botha, F.S. Van der Merwe
A Review of Some Dynamic Loss Properties of Ni-Zn Accelerator RF System Ferrite 3965
  • J.E. Griffin, G. Nicholls
Electric Power and Cooling Systems for PETRA 3968
  • W. Bothe
Bench Measurements of the Loss Impedance for PEP Beam Line Components 3971
  • J.N. Weaver, J.B. Styles, P.B. Wilson
A 34 kA Rapid Cycling PFN Power Supply for Driving Injection Magnets 3974
  • K.R. Bourkland
The 10 Millisecond 150 Kiloampere Pulsed Power Supply for the Fermilab Neutrino Focussing Horn 3977
  • R.C. Trendler
The Design of an 860 KeV Pre-Accelerator for the New SIN High Current Injector Cyclotron 3980
  • M. Olivo, W. Joho, U. Schryber
New Light Link System for High Voltage Terminal 3983
  • T. Sakaue, A. Takagi
Subharmonic Ripple Reduction in SCR-Type Magnet Power Supplies 3986
  • R.J. Yarema
New Current Septum Magnet used for Beam Injection and Extraction in Ultra-High Vacuum System 3989
  • T. Kawakubo
An 800-MeV Spin Precessor for Polarized H- Beams using H- to H0 Stripping 3992
  • O.B. van Dyck
An Innovative Spin Precessor for Intermediate Energy Protons 3995
  • E.W. Hoffman
Distributed Sputter-Ion Pumps for use in Low Magnetic Fields 3997
  • J.M. Laurent, O. Gröbner
Bakeable Aluminium Vacuum Chamber and Bellows with an Aluminium Flange and Metal Seal for Ultrahigh Vacuum 4000
  • H. Ishimaru, G. Horikoshi, K. Minoda
Precision Magnetic Measurements by the Floating Wire Analog Technique 4003
  • M.I. Green, C. G. Dols, T.F. Henderson, D.H. Nelson
Measurements of the Cesium Flow from a Surface-Plasma H- Ion Source 4006
  • H.V. Smith Jr., P.W. Allison
Stripping Foils for Multiturn Charge Exchange Injection into the Fermilab Booster 4009
  • C. Hovjat, M. Joy, R.C. Webber
Measurement of the Electron Loss Cross Sections for Negative Hydrogen Ions on Carbon at 200 MeV 4012
  • R.C. Webber, C. Hovjat
Computer Modeling of the Gyrocon 4015
  • P.J. Tallerico, J.E. Rankin
Travelling Wave Kicker Magnets with Sharp Rise and Less Overshoot 4018
  • G. Nassibian
A Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Magnet with Separate AC and DC Circuits 4021
  • R.J. Burke, M.H. Foss
A Transformer Septum Magnet 4024
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg, K. Thompson
Magnets in the PEP Injection Lines 4027
  • R. Reimers, R. Avery, K. Halbach, M. Kaviany, A. Lake, R. Main, R. Nissen, J. Peterson, J. Singh
Measurements and Correction of the PEP Interaction Region Quadrupole Magnets 4030
  • R.M. Main, K. Halbach, J.T. Tanabe
PEP Insertion Quadrupole Design Features 4033
  • R.T. Avery, T. Chan, K. Halbach, R. Main, J. Tanabe
ISABELLE Insertion Quadrupoles 4036
  • J. Kaugerts, P.F. Dahl, I. Polk, W. Sampson
The ISABELLE Magnet Support and Adjustment System 4039
  • V. Buchanan, D. Kassner, I. Polk
Factors Determining the Choice of the Beam Tuber Material and the Vacuum Chamber Design for a Superconducting High Energy Storage Accelerator 4042
  • J. Aggus, D. Edwards, Jr., H.J. Halama, J. Herrera
Pressure Development During Energy Doubler Quenches 4045
  • M. Kuchnir, K. Koepke
Eight-Tesla Sychrotron Dipoles - Design Alternatives 4047
  • W.S. Gilbert, G.R. Lambertson, R.B. Meuser
ESCAR, Tests of Superconducting Bending Magnets at the Accelerator Site 4050
  • W.S. Gilbert, G.R. Lambertson, R.B. Meuser, J.B. Renchen
A High Field Superconducting Beam Transport in a BNL Primary Proton Beam 4053
  • J. Allinger, H.N. Brown, A.S. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J.W. Glenn, J. Jackson, W. Keith, D. Lowenstein, A.G. Prodell
A Superconducting Dipole for the Fermilab Switchyard 4056
  • J. Walton, R. Dixon, H. Edwards, J. McCarthy
A Device to Measure Quadrupole Gradient-Length Product 4058
  • D. Reagan
A New Low Level RF System for the Fermilab Booster 4061
  • K.G. Meisner, J.E. Griffin, E.F. Higgins, S.P. Jachim
Bipolar Operation of the Main Ring Magnet Supplies 4063
  • K.R. Bourkland, J. A. Dinkel
The Supply of the 148 MW Pulsed Power to the CERN SPS and the Associated Mains Voltage Stabilization and Filtering 4066
  • O. Bayard
Twenty-Million Watt Vacuum Tube and Test Results 4069
  • D. Carter, A. Deitz, J. Eshleman, R. Gray, J. Stabley, R. Winje
Hardware Implementation and Test Results of PEP Chopper Magnet Power Supply System 4072
  • L.T. Jackson, W.S. Flood
Magnet Power Supply for ISABELLE 4075
  • R. J. Nawrocky, R.F. Frankel, M.G. Thomas
The CESR Magnet Power Supply System 4078
  • D.L. Hartill, D.H. Rice
The Doublet III Neutral Beam Source Cryopanel System 4080
  • J. Tanabe, P. Vander Arend, R. Yamamoto
The Design and Construction of Transparent Vacuum Chambers for Interaction Areas of Colliding Beam Machines 4083
  • J.C. Brunet, J.C. Godot, C. Hauviller, W. Jeker, A. Poncet, I. Wilson
Cold Bore Experiments at CERN ISR 4086
  • C. Benvenuti, N. Hilleret
Neutral Molecule Desorption from SS(304) and A1(6061) due to Particle Bombardments 4089
  • D. Edwards, Jr.
Trace Impurity Analyzer 4091
  • W.J. Schneider, D. Edwards, Jr.
Helium Refrigeration System and Cryogenic System for Superconducting Switchyard Magnets at Fermilab 4093
  • R.A. Andrews, J.A. Appel, R.L. Dixon, R.D. Kephart, J. King, R.J. Kolar, S.L. Lackey, J.D. McCarthy, R.D. Oberholtzer, E.R. Oetting, A.F. Tummillo
Cyrogenic Supply and Boil-Off Removal for a LHe Cyropump in a 4 bar SF6 Insulated 1 MV Accelerator 4096
  • H.D. Falter, W. Obert
Process Control System for the Tevatron Liquefier 4099
  • R.S. Ahlman, H.R. Barton Jr., J.E. Harder, G.A. Hodge, J.A. Hoover, M.E. Price, R.K. Rihel, V.T. Sauter, R.J. Walker, D.M. Wilslef
Energy Doubler Refrigeration System 4102
  • P.D. Brindza, D.E. Richied, C.H. Rode
Central Liquefier for the Fermilab Tevatron 4105
  • R.S. Ahlman, H.R. Barton Jr., J.E. Harder, G.A. Hodge, J.A. Hoover, M.E. Price, R.K. Rihel, V.T. Sauter, R.J. Walker, D.M. Wilslef
Operational Experiences with Coupled-Cavity Structures in a High Duty Factor Accelerator 4108
  • G.E. McMichael, J. McKeown
30-53 MHz Super Cavities for 10-GeV Acceleration in the Fermilab Booster Ring 4111
  • Q.A. Kerns, M.P. May, H.W. Miller, J.S. Reid
Measurements of Superconducting Niobium Cavities at 700 MHz 4114
  • K. Yoshida, J. Halbritter, M. Yoshioka
GANIL RF Systems 4117
  • C. Bieth, J.M. Baze, G. Dugay, A. Joubert, C. Pagani
A 50-mA Negative Hydrogen-Ion Source 4120
  • C.W. Schmidt, C.D. Curtis
Polarized 3He Ion Source for a CN van de Graaff 4123
  • R.J. Slobodrian, R. Pigeon, C. Rioux
The Insulating Stack for the NSF Tandem Accelerator 4126
  • J.M. Leese
One Nanosecond Pulsed Electron Gun Systems 4129
  • R.F. Koontz
The CERN ISR Collimator System 4131
  • T. Risselada, R. Jung, D. Neet, H. O'Hanlon, L. Vos
The New ISR Absorber Blocks for High Intensity Beams 4134
  • C. Hauviller
LAMPF Primary Beam Line Protection Systems 4137
  • R.J. Macek, E.W. Hoffman, O.B. van Dyck
The PEP Laser Surveying System 4140
  • T. Lauritzen, R.C. Sah
Graphite Targets for use in High Intensity Beams at LAMPF 4143
  • L. Agnew, T.S. Baldwin, D.L. Grisham, R.C. Holmberg, J.E. Lambert, L.O. Lindquist, R.D. Reiswig, L.L. Thorn
An Inexpensive Positron Converter of High Reliability and High Yield 4146
  • G. Stange
A CAMAC Based High-Resolution Repetitive Waveform Generator 4149
  • R.J. Ducar, T.M. Tomasko, L.A. Winterowd
High Resolution Digital Time Base 4152
  • R.E. Meller