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Keyword: coupling

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Status of the ESRF brilliance, insertion, target, x-ray 8
  • J.M. Filhol (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
Performance Limitations at LEP emittance, injection, luminosity, tune 73
  • A. Hofmann (CERN)
Performance of the Advanced Light Source accelerator, betatron, emittance, undulator 107
  • A. Jackson (LBNL)
Observation of Instabilities in the ELETTRA Storage Ring commissioning, impedance, instability, spectrum 119
  • E. Karantzoulis, C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, R. Nagaoka, L. Tosi, R. P. Walker, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Survey of Proposed High Intensity Accelerators and their Applications accelerator, laser, radiation, spallation 213
  • S. Schriber (LANL)
A Cryogenic Current Comparator for Nondestructive Beam Intensity Measurements extraction, field, ion, radiation 290
  • A. Peters, V. Dürr, H. Reeg, C. Schroeder (GSI Darmstadt), H. Koch, H. Mühlig, R. Neubert, W. Vodel (FSU, Jena)
The Progress of X-Ban "Open" Cavity RF Pulse Compression Systems field, klystron, radiation, spectrum 375
  • I.V. Syrachev (Protvino)
Review of -Factories accelerator, injection, luminosity, vacuum 393
  • M. Serio, G. Vignola (INFN, Frascati)
The Influence of the Vertical Closed Orbit on Luminosity Performance in LEP emittance, resonance, synchrotron, tune 442
  • P. Collier, H. Schmickler (CERN)
Studies of Bunch Trains in LEP background, lifetime, photon, radiation 445
  • R. Bailey, G. Geschonke, E. Keil, M. Lamont, G. von Holtey (CERN)
A Vertical Mid-arc Separation System for an 8e+<\sup>x8e-<\sup>Bunch Operation of LEP2 with 90/circ/60/circ Phase Advance Optics injection, optics, radiation, synchrotron 448
  • W. Kalbreier, G. Roy, F. Ruggiero (CERN)
Status of KEKB Project ferrite, field, synchrotron, tune 473
  • S. Kurokawa (KEK)
Present Status and Future Possibilities at NSCL-MSU cyclotron, extraction, injection, ion 554
  • R. C York, T. A. Antaya, H. Blosser, D. Lawton, F. Marti, D. Morrissey, B. M. Sherrill, J. Vincent, A. F. Zeller (Michigan State University)
ELETTRA Commissioning and Operation commissioning, injection, insertion, linac 579
  • C. J. Bocchetta, D. Bulfone, G. D'Auria, F. Daclon, M. Ferianis, M. Giannini, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, A. Massarotti, R. Nagaoka, M. Plesko, R. Richter, R. Rindi, D. Tommasini, L. Tosi, R. P. Walker, F. Wei, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Towards an Increased Brilliance at the ESRF brilliance, emittance, lattice, skew 582
  • A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
Status of the S-DALINAC and Experimental Developments accelerator, electron, laser, scattering 719
  • S. Döbert, R. Eichhorn, H. Genz, H.-D. Gräf, R. Hahn, T. Hampel, J. Horn, C. Lüttge, H. Loos, K. Rühl, M. Reichenbach, A. Richter, P. Schardt, V. Schlott, G. Schrieder, E. Spamer, A. Stascheck, A. Stiller, M. Thomas, O. Titze, T. Wesp, M. Wiencken (Institut für Kernphysik, TH Darmstadt)
A Conceptual Design of One-Section Linac using RF-Energy Compression acceleration, field, linac, waveguide 772
  • A. V. Smirnov, V. N. Smirnov (Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow)
Transient Effects in the Linear Accelerator for Free Electron Laser accelerator, electron, field, injection 781
  • A. Orlov (Scientific Production Complex of Linear Accelerators and Cyclotrons), E. V. Efremov (Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, St. Petersburg)
Stability of Channel Guided Laser Propagation electron, instability, laser, plasma 790
  • G. Shvets, J. S. Wurtele (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
Instability and Dynamical Chaos in a Weak Nonlinear Interaction of Waves instability, plasma, resonance, waveguide 796
  • V. A. Buts, O. V. Manuilenko, A. P. Tolstoluzhskii (Kharkov Institute)
Arrangement in Sectors of CLIC Linac Focusing betatron, emittance, linac, quadrupole 893
  • G. Parisi, G. Guignard (CERN)
Detuning due to Sextupoles betatron, resonance, sextupole, tune 896
  • J. Feikes (DESY)
Symplectic Tracking Using Point Magnets and a Reference Orbit Made of Circular Arcs and Straight Lines accelerator, field, lattice, tune 905
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Analysis of Resonant Structures of a 4D Model of a Nonlinear Magnetic Lattice through Resonant Normal Forms accelerator, hadron, lattice, resonance 914
  • E. Todesco (Univ. of Bologna and INFN, Bologna)
Transition-Energy Crossing with a t-Jump impedance, ion, lattice, simulation 973
  • J. Wei, S. Peggs (BNL)
Interaction Region Quadrupole Roll and Solenoid Misalignment in RHIC quadrupole, skew, solenoid, tune 985
  • T. Satogata, S. Peggs, S. Tepikian (BNL)
Optics and Transverse Beam Dynamics in ELETTRA commissioning, insertion, resonance, tune 1006
  • L. Tosi, C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, R. Nagaoka, M. Plesko, R. P. Walker, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Solenoidal Compensation Scheme for an Interaction Region of an Electron-Positron Collider field, focusing, quadrupole, solenoid 1036
  • M. Bassetti, C. Biscari, C. Milardi (INFN-LNF, Frascati)
Coupling Between the Transverse and Longitudinal Motion in an AVF Racetrack Microtron damping, electron, field, focusing 1039
  • J. L. Delhez, J. I. M. Botman, W. J. G. M. Kleeven, R. J. Nijboer, S. J. L. van Eijndhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Sorting the LHC Dipoles using Simulated Annealing multipole, quadrupole, sextupole, skew 1054
  • V. Ziemann (CERN)
Experimental Observation of Synchro-Betatron Resonances in LEP betatron, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1063
  • P. Collier, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann, S. Myers, H. Schmickler (CERN)
Simulation of Stability Thresholds in LEP feedback, impedance, instability, simulation 1066
  • D. Brandt, G. L. Sabbi, B. W. Zotter (CERN)
Method for Finding Bunched Beam Instability Thresholds field, impedance, instability, synchrotron 1075
  • M. D'yachkov (University of British Colombia), R. Baartman (TRIUMF)
Transverse Mode Coupling Instability with a Double RF System damping, instability, synchrotron, tune 1078
  • Y. H. Chin (LBNL)
The Transverse Mode Coupling Instability and Broadband Impedance Model of the CERN SPS impedance, injection, instability, spectrum 1093
  • T. P. R. Linnecar (CERN), E. N. Shaposhnikova (CERN and on leave from INR of RAS, Moscow)
Revised SRS Impedance Estimates impedance, injection, photon, tune 1096
  • J. A. Clarke, D. M. Dykes, S. F. Hill, E. A. Hughes, P. A. McIntosh, M. W. Poole, P. D. Quinn, S. L. Smith, V. P. Suller, L. A. Welbourne (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Preliminary Study on SRRC Storage Ring Impedance betatron, impedance, tune, vacuum 1099
  • Ch. Wang, L. H. Chang, K. T. Hsu, C. C. Kuo, W. K. Lau, G. H. Luo (SRRC, Hsinchu)
Evaluating Impedances in a Sacherer Integral Equation equilibrium, impedance, spectrum, synchrotron 1105
  • S. Y. Zhang, W. T. Weng (BNL)
Higher Order Modes Interaction with Multi-bunch Trains in Accelerating Structures acceleration, collider, field, standing wave 1132
  • M. Ferrario, F. Tazzioli (INFN-LNF, Frascati), L. Serafini (INFN, Sez. di Milano)
Head-Tail Instabilities Enhanced by the Beam-Beam Interaction betatron, focusing, impedance, tune 1150
  • K. Cornelis, M. Lamont (CERN)
Chaotic Behaviour Induced by Space Charge emittance, focusing, halo, space-charge 1177
  • J. M. Lagniel (CEA, Direction des Sciences de la Matiére, LNS, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Stochastic Cooling System in COSY kicker, proton, stochastic cooling, vacuum 1203
  • P. Brittner, H. U. Hacker, D. Prasuhn, G. Schug, H. Singer, R. Spie, R. Stassen (IKP Jülich)
Three-Dimensional Laser Cooling bunching, damping, laser, quadrupole 1205
  • H. Okamoto, A. Sessler (LBNL), D. Möhl (CERN)
Reciprocity between Pick-up and Kicker Structures including the Far-Field Zone field, pick-up, scattering, stochastic cooling 1208
  • F. Caspers, G. Dôme (CERN)
Fullwave Analysis of Planar Microwave Transmission Lines as High-Frequency Pickup and Kicker Devices for Stochastic Cooling dielectric, field, kicker, standing wave 1256
  • R. Schultheis, K. Beilenhoff, H. L. Hartnagel (Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt), B. Franzke, P. Raabe (GSI Darmstadt)
Numerical Simulation of Waveguide Input/Output Couplers for a Planar mm-wave Linac Cavity accelerator, field, simulation, waveguide 1259
  • Y. W. Kang (ANL)
The Resistively Matched Transition for Measuring the Coupling Impedance of RHIC Devices accelerator, impedance, ion, pick-up 1262
  • A. Ratti (BNL)
Trapped Modes in Waveguides with Small Discontinuities damping, impedance, resonance, waveguide 1265
  • S. S. Kurennoy (University of Maryland)
On Some RF Three-dimensional Simulations of Magnetically Coupled Cells accelerator, field, impedance, travelling wave 1268
  • M. Chanudet (LAL Orsay)
Analytical Calculation of Waves in a Muffin-Tin Structure acceleration, deflecting mode, field, impedance 1271
  • M. Filtz (Technische Universität Berlin)
Limitations on Pumping Holes in the Thermal Screen of Superconducting Colliders from Beam Stability Requirements collider, impedance, resonance, vacuum 1286
  • S. S. Kurennoy (University of Maryland)
Fabrication and Measurement of a 10x Scale Model of a Double-sided Planar mm-wave Linac Cavity Stucture accelerator, impedance, linac, simulation 1297
  • Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom, P. Matthews, A. Nassiri (ANL)
Field Stabilization and End-Cell Tuning in a 4-vane RFQ acceptance, field, quadrupole 1300
  • V. A. Andreev (ITEP, Moscow), G. Parisi (CERN)
Impedance Calculations for a Coaxial Liner field, impedance, shielding, waveguide 1333
  • M. Filtz, T. Scholz (Technische Universität Berlin)
Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Bellows and a Ceramic Gap in a Circular Beam Pipe for the Advanced Photon Source accelerator, algorithms, impedance, photon 1336
  • J. J. Song, P. J. Matthews, J. Zhou (ANL)
Beam Lifetime in ELETTRA commissioning, lifetime, scattering, vacuum 1347
  • R. P. Walker, C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, R. Nagaoka, L. Tosi, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Matrix Formulation of the Particle Motion in Crystalline Beams betatron, equilibrium, resonance, space-charge 1382
  • A. F. Haffmans, D. Maletic, A. G. Ruggiero (BNL)
Waveguide Side-Wall Coupling for RF Guns field, gun, impedance, waveguide 1471
  • L. C.-L. Lin, S. C. Chen, J. S. Wurtele (MIT)
Beam Position Monitor Developments for TESLA collider, field, impedance, waveguide 1533
  • K. Yezza, H. Henke, R. Lorenz (Technische Universität Berlin)
Test Results on a Beam Position Monitor Prototype for the TTF beam position monitor, field, insertion, thermal 1536
  • R. Lorenz, K. Yezza (Technische Universität Berlin)
Beam Position Monitor with Nanometer Resolution for Linear Collider collider, emittance, linac, nanometer 1539
  • V. Balakin, A. Bazhan, P. Lunev, N. Solyak, V. Vogel, P. Zogolev (Branch INP, Protvino)
Neural Networks and Orbit Control in Accelerators accelerator, software, synchrotron, x-ray 1589
  • E. Bozoki, A. Friedman (National Synchrotron Light Source, BNL, Upton, NY)
Multibunch Phase Detection in DESY III acceleration, crystal, feedback, synchrotron 1693
  • W. Kriens (DESY)
Bunch Current Density Measurements in the VUV Light Source electron, impedance, spectrum, synchrotron 1696
  • S. L. Kramer (BNL), B. Burnham, V. N. Litvinenko, C. B. McKee, Y. Wu (Duke FEL Lab., Durham, NC)
A Scintillator - Photodiode - Beam Intensity Monitor cathode, ion, radiation, synchrotron 1725
  • P. Heeg, O. Keller (GSI Darmstadt)
Fast Q-Measurement for the PS by FFT Analysis betatron, instability, software, spectrum 1734
  • J. Gonzalez, S. Johnston, E. Schulte (CERN)
The CERN-PS Controls System Operational Aspects accelerator, background, controls, extraction 1782
  • J. Boillot, B. Frammery, E. Wildner (CERN)
A Flexible Control System for the SRS RF Cavity Test Facility ion, residual gas, software, vacuum 1836
  • S. F. Hill, M. J. Pugh (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
RF System Developments for High Current Accumulation in the ESRF Storage Ring impedance, instability, klystron, vacuum 1859
  • J. Jacob, P. Barbier, D. Boilot, C. David, N. Michel, J. -L. Revol, J. -M. Rigal, M. Skoric, D. Vial (ESRF Grenoble)
Status on the SPring-8 Storage Ring RF System ferrite, field, insertion, klystron 1865
  • H. Ego, M. Hara, Y. Kawashima, Y. Ohashi, T. Ohshima, H. Suzuki, I. Takeshita, N. Tani, H. Yonehara (JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team, Hyogo)
The RF System for the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source booster, cw, klystron, synchrotron 1868
  • D. Wisnivesky (LNLS, Campinas, Brazil and also at Inst. de Física "Gleb Wataghin", Unicam), O. R. Bagnato, H. Kuniyoshi, M. A. Remy (LNLS, Campinas)
An RF System for the Proposed DIAMOND 3 GeV Light Source impedance, multipole, radiation, x-ray 1880
  • D. M. Dykes (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Study on RF System and Cavity for CESS-Upgrade damping, feedback, radiation, waveguide 1885
  • S. H. Kim, K. H. Chung (Seoul National University), J. K. Chung (Jung Ang Univ.), J. G. Han (Sung Kyun Kwan Univ.), S. K. Ko (Ulsan Univ.)
Performance of the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring 2856 MHz CW RF Cavity System accelerator, commissioning, cw, feedback 1888
  • M. S. de Jong, S. T. Craig (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, Ontario), B. Binns, P.T. Demos, D. Wang (MIT-Bates)
First Operational Experience with the RF System of the LNS Superconducting Cyclotron acceleration, cyclotron, field, injection 1894
  • C. Pagani, M. Bonezzi, A. Bosotti, D. Corti, G. Varisco (INFN-LASA), A. Caruso, M. Di Giacomo, A. Spartá, J. Sura, E. Zappalá (LNS-INFN)
Accelerating Station Alternative for MEB SSC Parameters accelerator, ferrite, field, vacuum 1903
  • G. I. Batskikh, V. M Belugin, Yu. D. Ivanov, V. A. Konovalov, B. P. Murin, N. I. Uksusov (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
Characteristics and Limiting Parameters of Powerful RF Regotron-type Generator for Linear Accelerator with High Mean Current accelerator, electron, klystron, linac 1930
  • B. P. Murin, V. M. Belugin, B. I. Bondarev, A. P. Durkin, I. V. Shumakov (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
RF Feedback Analysis for 4 Cavitites per Klystron in PEP-II feedback, impedance, insertion, klystron 1960
  • P. Corredoura, R. Tighe (SLAC)
Study of the UNK Accelerating Structure under Beam Loading with Tuning and Coupling Mismatch acceleration, accelerator, impedance, proton 1992
  • V. Katalev (IHEP, Protvino)
An Operative Measurment of RF Parameters for Slow-Wave Systems electron, field, focusing, impedance 1995
  • A. V. Smirnov, V. N. Smirnov, K. E. Sokolov (RRC 'Kurchatov Institute', Moscow)
Some Aspects of RF Sources Stability for a Sled Operation field, impedance, linac 2001
  • G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, Z. Lenardic, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi, M. Svandrlik, A. Variola (Sincrotrone Trieste), A. Massarotti (Sincrotrone Trieste and Dipart. di Fisica,Univ. di Trieste)
Thermal Tests of HOM Couplers for Superconducting Cavities cw, field, quench, thermal 2007
  • S. Chel, A. Mosnier (CEA DSM/DAPNIA/SEA, Gif-sur-Yvette), M. Fouaidy, T. Junquera (IPN (CNRS-IN2P3), Orsay)
Analytical Calculation of a Coupler for the Linear Collider Accelerating Section accelerator, collider, field, travelling wave 2022
  • A. N. Parfenov, N. P. Sobenin, B. V. Zverev (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI))
DESY Linear Collider Accelerating Section Coupler collider, impedance, resonance, waveguide 2025
  • S. V. Ivanov, V. E. Kaluzhny, O. S. Milovanov, N. N. Nechaev, A. N. Parfenov, N. P. Sobenin, S. N. Yarigin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI)), N. Holtkamp (DESY), L. V. Kravchuk, G. V. Romanov (INR, Moscow)
Study of Linear Collider Coupler Parameters and Accelerating Section Impedance Characteristics collider, field, impedance, resonance 2028
  • V. E. Kalyuzhny, O. S. Milovanov, A. N. Parfenov, N. P. Sobenin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI))
Matching of Couplers to DLWG Structure at 36.5 GHz accelerator, resonance, vacuum 2031
  • V. A. Dvornikov, I. A. Kuzmin (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI))
Thermal Instabilities in Superconducting RF Cavities field, instability, rf cavities, thermal 2080
  • V. G. Kurakin (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow)
The 500 MHz Cavity for the MAX II Synchrotron Light Source field, radiation, resonance, synchrotron 2083
  • Å. Andersson, M. Eriksson, L.-J. Lindgren (Max-Lab, Lund University)
An Economical Solution for a High Quality 500 MHz RF Cavity for the SRS Booster Synchrotron booster, field, impedance, vacuum 2086
  • D. M. Dykes, D. J. Bradshaw (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington), J. N. Corlett (LBNL)
Design Study for the Accelerating Cavity of the Racetrack Microtron Eindhoven accelerator, microtron, resonance, simulation 2092
  • R. W. de Leeuw, J. I. M. Botman, J. E. Coppens, W. J. G. M. Kleeven, C. J. Timmermans (Eindhoven University of Technology)
The Accelerating Cavity of the TEUFEL Racetrack Microtron cyclotron, field, impedance, microtron 2095
  • W. J. G. M. Kleeven, J. I. M. Botman, J. E. Coppens, J. L. Delhez, H. L. Hagedoorn, M. H. M. Knoben, C. J. Timmermans, R. W. de Leeuw, J. A. van der Heide (Eindhoven University of Technology), A. F. M. Bouman, J. W. J. Verschuur (Univ. Twente Dept. Applied Physics, Enschede)
Error Sensitivity of a Double Side Coupled Muffin-Tin accelerator, impedance, resonance, standing wave 2107
  • W. Bruns (Technische Universität Berlin)
Upgrading the RF Cavity for U-70 Accelerator booster, ferrite, field, impedance 2110
  • O.P. Lebedev, V.A. Chubrik (IHEP, Protvino)
The Second Life of Ferrite Dominated Cavities booster, ferrite, impedance, induction 2113
  • O.P. Lebedev (IHEP, Protvino)
Computer-Aided Studies of the Three-Cavity System for Heavily Beam-Loaded Accelerators damping, field, instability, radiation 2131
  • K. Akai, Y. Yamazaki (KEK)
Investigation of the Higher Order Modes in the ELETTRA Cavities betatron, damping, resonance, synchrotron 2134
  • M. Svandrlik, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, E. Karantzoulis, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi (Sincrotrone Trieste), A Massarotti (Sincrotrone Trieste and Dip. di Fisica Univ. di Trieste)
Coupling Network Simulation for the PEP-II RF Cavityfff damping, field, simulation, waveguide 2140
  • C.-K. Ng, K. Ko, N. Kroll (SLAC), R. Rimmer (LBNL)
Calculations of HOMs and Coupled Bunch Instabilities due to the RHIC RF Cavities damping, injection, instability, synchrotron 2143
  • J. Rose (BNL)
A Power Protoype Design of an Accelerating Cavity with Broadband H. O. M. Suppressor damping, synchrotron, vacuum, waveguide 2146
  • M. Svandrlik, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, C. Pasotti, P. Pittana, C. Rossi (Sincrotrone Trieste), A. Massarotti (Sincrotrone Trieste and Dipart. di Fisica,Univ. di Trieste)
HOM Damping with Coaxial Dampers in the Storage Ring Cavities of the Advanced Photon Source damping, instability, vacuum, waveguide 2149
  • Y. W. Kang, R. L. Kustom (ANL)
Mode Propagation in a Iris Type Accelerator Section Loaded with Single Heavily HOM-Damped Cells accelerator, damping, field, linac 2155
  • H. Klein, H.-W. Glock, P. Hülsmann, M. Kurz, W. F. O. Müller, C. Peschke (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
A New Concept of a Higher-Order-Mode Damper for the KAON Booster Cavity accelerator, booster, ferrite, impedance 2158
  • A. K. Mitra (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC)
Stuudies of the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Cavity HOM Damper booster, damping, factory, simulation 2161
  • E. N. Zaplatin (HMI, Berlin)
LINAC Accelerating Structures acceleration, electron, field, linac 2164
  • D. Tronc (EUROMeV, Versailles and General Electric Medical Systems-Europe, Buc)
Progress with the CLIC Transfer Structures (CTS) acceleration, alignment, linac, waveguide 2167
  • G. Carron, L. Thorndahl (CERN)
Standing Wave Electron LINAC Accelerating Structure for Technology Purposes electron, field, injection, waveguide 2173
  • A. A. Zavadtsev, Yu. D. Petrov (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of RAS), N. P. Sobenin (Moscow Physical Engineering Institute)
Biperiodic U-structures for Particle Accelerators acceleration, electron, field, radiation 2176
  • A. Zavadtsev (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of RAS)
Selective Method of Maximum Current Increasing in Electron LINACS ferrite, field, induction, resonance 2179
  • A. Zavadtsev (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of RAS)
Analytic Study of Transverse Shunt Resistance and Even-Odd Mode Coupling of a Rod Type RFQ accelerator, field, impedance, resonance 2188
  • S. Koscielniak (TRIUMF)
Quality Factor Measurements in Cavities with Mode Overlap accelerator, damping, field, resonance 2209
  • P. Hülsmann, H.-W. Glock, H. Klein, M. Kurz, W. F. O. Müller, C. Peschke (Institut für Angewandte Physik de JWG-Universität Frankfurt)
A Simple Magnet Multipole Measurement System field, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 2244
  • T. C. Fan, C. S. Hwang, P. K. Tseng (SRRC, Hsinchu)
Fabrication of 10 Meters Superconducting Twin Dipole Prototype Magnets, for the LHC Project, at Ansaldo collider, dielectric, extraction, thermal 2292
  • R. Marabotto, A. Martini (Ansaldo GIE, Genova)
Thermal Modelling of the LHC Dipoles Functioning in Superfluid Helium collider, field, proton, thermal 2295
  • L. Burnod, D. Leroy, B. Szeless (CERN), B. Baudouy, Ch. Meuris (CEA, DAPNIA/STCM, CE-Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette)
The Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Iron-core Current Compensated Magnetic Channel for Cyclotron Extraction cyclotron, extraction, field, simulation 2382
  • R. E. Laxdal, K. Fong, H. Houtman, K. Lukas, G. H. Mackenzie, L. Root, G. Stanford, M. Zach (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC), A. Papash (INR, Kiev), M. Olivo (PSI, Villigen)
High Voltage, High Power Solid State Switch for Modulator Applications kicker, klystron, modulator, vacuum 2535
  • A. H. Saab (SLAC)
Comparison of Field Quality in Lumped Inductance versus Transmission Line Kicker Magnets factory, field, impedance, kicker 2547
  • M. J. Barnes, G. D. Wait (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC), I. M. Wilson (MicroSim Corporation, Irvine, CA)