PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: radiation

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Physics and Technology Challenges of BB Factories collider, factory, luminosity, synchrotron 1
  • M.S. Zisman
Physics and Technology Challenges of Ultra Low Emittance Synchrotron Light Sources brightness, electron, synchrotron, undulator 11
  • S. Krinsky
Issues Confronting Vacuum System Design for e+e- Storage Rings factory, ion, synchrotron, vacuum 24
  • N.B. Mistry
PEP-II: An Asymmetric B Factory Based on PEP factory, feedback, synchrotron, vacuum 84
  • A. Hutton, M.S. Zisman
Physics Issues of the Synchrotron Radiation Intercept at the Superconducting Super Collider collider, impedance, synchrotron, vacuum 126
  • W. Chou
CESR-B, Upgrading the CESR Facility to B-Factory Capability accelerator, luminosity, synchrotron, vacuum 132
  • M. Tigner
A B-Factory in the PETRA Tunnel background, damping, feedback, quadrupole 135
  • F. Willeke
Crystal Optics of High Energy Beams crystal, extraction, halo, scattering 177
  • M.D. Bavizhev, V.M. Biryukov, A.I. Drozhdin, A.R. Dziba, Y.S. Fedotov, K.P. Myznikov, A.M. Taratin, S.A. Vorobiev, I.A. Yazunin
Geometrical (Lienard-Wichert) Approach in Accelerator Physics electron, field, synchrotron, vacuum 198
  • S.G. Arutunian, M.R. Mailian
Simulation of a Storage Ring Free Electron Laser with a Mapping Algorithm for Distribution Functions electron, equilibrium, laser, simulation 201
  • V. Ziemann
Diffraction Radiation by a Charge Sheet Moving Past a Conducting Wedge field 380
  • H. Henke
Constant of Motion and Dynamic Equations for One Dimensional Autonomous System, and Radiation Damping accelerator, collider, damping, proton 392
  • G. Lopez
Electron Density Enhancement in a Quasi Isochronous Storage Ring acceptance, betatron, brightness, synchrotron 398
  • C. Pellegrini, D. Robin
Properties of the Longitudinal Equilibrium Distribution in a Storage Ring damping, electron, equilibrium, synchrotron 416
  • V. Ziemann
On the Impedance Due to Synchrotron Radiation field, impedance, ion, synchrotron 458
  • S. Heifets, A. Michailichenko
Synchrotron Radiation Perturbations in Long Transport Lines betatron, electron, emittance, synchrotron 517
  • G. Leleux, P. Nghiem, A. Tkatchenko
Developing a Clinical Proton Accelerator Facility: Consortium-Assisted Technology Transfer accelerator, maintenance, pion, proton 532
  • J.M. Slater, D.W. Miller, J.W. Slater
Overview of X-Ray Lithography at IBM Using a Compact Storage Ring alignment, electron, synchrotron, x-ray 542
  • J.R. Maldonado
Application of Carbon Fibre Composite Materials for the Collision Sections of Particle Accelerators shielding, thermal, vacuum 598
  • H. Betzold, G. Lippmann
The SSC Collider Beam Halo Scraper System halo, lattice, scattering, target 625
  • R. Soundranayagam, M.A. Maslov, N.V. Mokhov, I.A. Yazynin
A Laser Alignment System for Low Beta Quadrupoles accelerator, alignment, laser, quadrupole 631
  • C. Moore, H. Jostlein
A Second Harmonic Amplifier for Accelerator Applications bunching, feedback, field, gyroklystron 734
  • P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, W. Main, C.D. Striffler
Fast Ferrite Tuner for the BNL Synchrotron Light Source coupling, ferrite, field, synchrotron 774
  • E. Pivit, S.M. Hanna, J. Keane
Copper Plating the Ground Test Accelerator RFQ accelerator, cathode, quadrupole 777
  • H. Mignardot, J. Uher
Gamma Ray Activation of the Fermilab Pbar Target accelerator, collider, radioactivity, target 831
  • C.M. Bhat, J. Marriner
Construction of a New Tevatron Collider Beam Abort Dump collider, extraction, thermal, vacuum 970
  • B. Hanna, C. Crawford
On the Design of Beam Absorbers for the SSC accelerator, collider, kicker, plasma 1002
  • B. Parker
Personnel Protection and Beam Containment Systems for the 3 GeV Injector accelerator, booster, diagnostics, linac 1028
  • R. Yotam, E. Benson, J. Cerino, K. Crook, J. Fitch, R. Garoutte, R. Hettel, M. Horton, N. Ipe, G. Nelson, J. Sebek, H. Smith
On Sustaining Short, Intense Bunches in Linear and Circular Accelerators coupling, impedance, instability, synchrotron 1054
  • J.J. Bisognano
New Developments on the Generation of Arbitrary Polarized Radiation from Insertion Devices electron, field, polarization, undulator 1083
  • P. Elleaume
Rapidly-Modulated Variable-Polarization Cross-Undulator Source modulator, polarization, undulator, vacuum 1088
  • M.A. Green, K.-J. Kim, W.S. Trzeciak, P.J. Viccaro
Short Wavelength FELs accelerator, electron, laser, wiggler 1110
  • R.L. Sheffield
Spectrum of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation bunching, electron, spectrum, synchrotron 1118
  • T. Nakazato, F. Arai, M. Ikezawa, K. Ishi, R. Kato, Y. Kondo, H. Mishiro, N. Niimura, S. Niwano, T. Ohsaka, M. Oyamada, Y. Shibasaki, Y. Shibata, T. (Tokohu) Takahashi, T. Tsutaya, S. Urasawa
A Beam Position Detector for SSC Collider Rings collider, impedance, thermal, vacuum 1124
  • D.J. Martin
Beam Position Measurement System for SRRC electron, feedback, monitoring, synchrotron 1157
  • G.J. Jan, K.T. Hsu
Intensity Interferometry and Its Application to Beam Diagnostics laser, photon, undulator, x-ray 1169
  • E. Gluskin
Results from a Prototype Beam Monitor in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Light field, proton, spectrum, synchrotron 1177
  • A.A. Hahn, P. Hurh
Wire Scanners at LEP coupling, emittance, synchrotron, vacuum 1186
  • B. Bouchet, C. Bovet, A. Burns, J. Camas, G. Ferioli, C. Fischer, R. Jung, Q. King, K.H. Kissler, J. Koopman, J. Mann, H. Michel, R. Schmidt, L. Vos
Beam Size Measurement at High Radiation Levels accelerator, betatron, emittance, field 1192
  • F.-J. Decker
Wire Scanners for Beam Size and Emittance Measurements at the SLC accelerator, emittance, field, vacuum 1201
  • M.C. Ross, E. Bong, L. Hendrickson, D. McCormick, L. Sanchez-Chopitea, J.T. Seeman
Beam Spot Size Measurement Using Beamstrahlung Signals at the SLC Interaction Point electron, field, photon, positron 1207
  • E. Gero, P. Chen, W. Kozanecki
The Commissioning of the LEP Polarimeter laser, photon, polarization, synchrotron 1213
  • J. Badier, A. Blondel, C. Bovet, P. Castro-Garcia, M. Crozon, J. De Vries, B. Dehning, G.P. Ferri, M. Glaser, C. Grunhagel, R. Jung, L. Knudsen, F. Lemeilleur, J. Mann, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt, K. Unser
The AGS Booster Beam Loss Monitor System accelerator, booster, injection, software 1231
  • E.R. Beadle, G.W. Bennett, R.L. Witkover
Fast Ion Chambers for SLC accelerator, electron, impedance, ion 1240
  • D. McCormick
Instrumentation for SSC Test Beams beamline, collider, instrumentation, muon 1281
  • H. Fenker, R. Schailey, F. Stocker
Control System at the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center accelerator, monitoring, software, synchrotron 1380
  • G.J. Jan
A Longitudinal Multibunch Feedback System for PEP electron, emittance, feedback, synchrotron 1410
  • H.-D. Nuhn, P. Friedrichs, H. Schwarz, Y. Sun, H. Winick, W. Xie, R. Yotam
Fiber Optics in the BNL Booster Radiation Environment booster, controls, instrumentation, timing 1493
  • E.R. Beadle
Beam Diagnostics Using Transition Radiation Produced by a 100 MeV Electron Beam diagnostics, electron, transition radiation, vacuum 1534
  • M. Jablonka, J.C. Derost, X. Hanus, J. Leroy, L. Wartski
Optical Fiber Cherenkov Detector for Beam Current Monitoring Cherenkov radiation, electron, monitoring, photon 1567
  • I.V. Pishchulin, O.B. Romashkin, N.G. Solov'ev
Electron Beam Pumped Semiconductor Laser for Particle Beam Diagnostics accelerator, electron, ion, laser 1570
  • O.V. Garkusha, I.V. Pishchulin, O.V. Romashkin, N.G. Solov'ev
Correlation Method of Nonperturbing Measurements of Ion Beam Energy Spectra ion, laser, photon, target 1576
  • A.S. Artiomov
Non-Linear Resonance Studies at the Synchrotron Radiation Center, Stoughton, Wisconsin damping, resonance, sextupole, simulation 1624
  • E. Crosbie, J. Bridges, Y. Cho, D. Ciarlette, R. Kustom, Y. Liu, K. Symon, L. Teng, W. Trzeciak
LEP Dynamic Aperture with Asymmetrical RF Distribution acceptance, lattice, synchrotron, tune 1666
  • F. Ruggiero
Uniform Beam Distributions Using Octupoles focusing, octupole, optics, target 1695
  • N. Tsoupas, H.A. Enge, R. Lankshear, C.L. Snead Jr., T.E. Ward, M. Zucker
Coupled-Bunch Instabilites in the APS Ring damping, impedance, synchrotron, tune 1713
  • L. Emery
Multibunch Instability Investigation on a Cavity Equipped with a Broad HOM Suppressor damping, impedance, instability, waveguide 1782
  • E. Karantzoulis
Simulation of Longitudinal Phase Space in the SLC bunch compression, damping, linac, spectrum 1800
  • K.L.F. Bane
Shielded Coherent Synchrotron Radiation and its Possible Effect in the Next Linear Collider field, impedance, shielding, vacuum 1824
  • R.L. Warnock
Simulation of Multibunch Instabilites in the Damping Ring of JLC betatron, damping, field, tune 1833
  • K. Kubo
Simulation and Stability of a Crab Cavity damping, feedback, resonance, synchrotron 1857
  • Z. Greenwald, S. Greenwald, D. Rice
Observations on Field-Emission Electrons from the Los Alamos FEL Photoinjector accelerator, background, field, laser 1967
  • A.H. Lumpkin
Channeling Crystals for Positron Production channeling, crystal, positron, target 2002
  • F.-J. Decker
New Final Focus System for the SLAC Linear Collider commissioning, electron, field, quadrupole 2152
  • N. Toge, W.W. Ash, H. Band, A.O. Bazarko, Y.-C. Chao, R. Erickson, R. Gray, S.S. Hertzbach, R.R. Kofler, D. Mansour, C.M. Spencer, J. Turk, C. Zeitlin, V. Ziemann
Mechanical Analysis of Beam Tube Assemblies for SSC Dipoles During a Quench Lorentz force, collider, field, quench 2206
  • S.A. Smith, C. Haddock, R. Jayakumar, J. Turner, J. Zbasnik
Quench Analysis of the Energy Deposition in the SSC Magnets and Radiation Shielding of the Low- IR Quadrupoles field, lifetime, quench, shielding 2212
  • G. Lopez
Quench Simulation Studies of the TAC Jelly Roll Superferric Dipole Corrector Elements for the SSC field, focusing, quench, simulation 2224
  • G. Lopez
A Design Concept for the LHC Insertion Quadrupoles field, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 2260
  • W. Scandale, T. Taylor
Vacuum Chamber for the 3 GeV SPEAR Injector Synchrotron accelerator, booster, synchrotron, vacuum 2278
  • H. Morales, U. Cummings, P. Golceff, N. Hower, W. Li, J. Safranek, J. Voss, H. Wiedemann
Modeling Photo-Desorption in High Current Storage Rings photon, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 2289
  • W.A. Barletta
Performance Estimation of Vacuum System Components including Crotch and Absorber photon, shielding, synchrotron, vacuum 2298
  • T. Nishidono, S.H. Be, H. Daibo, T. Hanasaka, Y. Hirano, S.R. In, Y. Oikawa, H.A. Sakaue, S. Takahashi, K. Watanabe, S. Yokouchi
ANL Advanced Photon Source Crotch Absorber Design electron, photon, thermal, vacuum 2301
  • M. Choi, J.D. Gonczy, J.W. Howell, R.C. Niemann
Vacuum Design for a Superconducting Mini-Collider factory, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 2307
  • W. Barletta, S. Monteiro
Design of the Vacuum System for the High Energy Ring of an Asymmetric B-Factory Based on PEP ion, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 2310
  • W. Barletta, M. Calderon, T. Jenkins, R. Wong
A Closed Cycle Cryogenic System for Testing Superconducting RF Cavities controls, software, solenoid, vacuum 2325
  • C. Reece, B. Almeida, T. Powers, J. Susta
Synchrotron Radiation Masking on Asymmetric 6.5 x 4.3-GeV B-Factory background, field, scattering, spectrum 2342
  • V.E. Blinov, V.A. Lebedev, A.V. Matveev, V.A. Tayursky, A.A. Zholents
A Radiation-Hardened Pulsed Magnet for the Tevatron-I Target Station antiproton, field, proton, target 2360
  • P. Hurh, M. Gormley, J. Hangst, J. Howell, S. O'Day
The Ring Magnets for the SSRL SPEAR Injector alignment, field, quadrupole, vacuum 2369
  • M.M. Baltay, J. Cerino, R. Hettel, J. Safranek, J. Voss, H. Wiedemann, K. Zuo
Operational Experience with the TRISTAN Superconducting RF System acceleration, field, multipacting, vacuum 2405
  • K. Akai, T. Furuya, E. Kako, K. Kubo, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido
Status of the Superconducting Cavity Program for HERA coupling, electron, field, klystron 2429
  • B. Dwersteg, G. Enderlein, W. Korber, A. Matheisen, W.-D. Moller, D. Proch, D. Renken, J. Sekutowicz
Design of Micrograting Structures for Laser Acceleration of Electrons acceleration, electron, laser, simulation 2572
  • I.S. Lehrman, M.J. Arida, R.C. Fernow, H.G. Kirk
The Ghent State University Linear Electron Accelerator Facilities: Status and Perspectives accelerator, electron, irradiation, positron 2619
  • W. Mondelaers
The ALS-A High-Brightness XUV Synchrotron Radiation Source brightness, photon, synchrotron, x-ray 2640
  • A.L. Robinson, A.S. Schlachter
Aladdin II+ betatron, lattice, quadrupole, synchrotron 2643
  • W.S. Trzeciak, D.C. Morin
The DARPA Compact Superconducting X-Ray Lithography Source Features field, linac, vacuum, x-ray 2652
  • R. Heese, S. Kalsi, E. Leung
Undulator Based Synchrotron Radiation Source in the 5-30 eV Spectral Region electron, lifetime, photon, undulator 2676
  • X. Zhang, S. Krinsky, J.B. Murphy
Magnets with Full Apertures for Extracting Synchrotron Radiation at the Photon Factory Ring field, photon, quadrupole, sextupole 2709
  • Y. Kobayashi, A. Araki, Y. Kamiya
Status of Development of the Insertion Devices for ELETTRA field, insertion, undulator, wiggler 2712
  • C. Poloni, R. Bracco, B. Diviacco, R.P. Walker, D. Zangrando
A Wedged Pole Hybrid Type Undulator as a Synchrotron Radiation Source electron, field, photon, undulator 2715
  • S. Sasaki, N. Matsuki, H. Ohno, S. Sasaki, T. Takada
Design Considerations for a Fast Modulator in a 'Crossed Undulator' electron, field, modulator, wiggler 2718
  • R. Savoy, K. Halbach
The U5.0 Undulator for the ALS field, insertion, undulator, vacuum 2721
  • E. Hoyer, J. Chin, K. Halbach, W.V. Hassenzahl, D. Humphries, B. Kincaid, H. Lancaster, D. Plate
Incorporation of a 5 T Superconducting Wiggler in an MLI Synchrotron Light Source field, lattice, synchrotron, wiggler 2727
  • D.Y. Wang, H. Wiedemann, F.C. Younger
Coherent X-Rays from PEP damping, emittance, field, undulator 2748
  • S. Baird, A.S. Fisher, J.C. Gallardo, H.-D. Nuhn, C. Pellegrini, R. Tatchyn, H. Winick
SATURNUS: The UCLA Infrared Free-Electron Laser Project electron, emittance, field, undulator 2751
  • J.W. Dodd, W.A. Barletta, D.B. Cline, J.G. Davis, G. Hairapetian, S.C. Hartman, S.N. Ivanchenkov, C.J. Joshi, A.S. Khlebnikov, J. Kolonko, Y.Y. Lachin, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., S. Park, C. Pellegrini, J.B. Rosenzweig, J.A. Smolin, A.A. Varfolomeev
Reduction of Undulator Radiation and FEL Small Gain due to Wiggler Errors electron, field, undulator, wiggler 2766
  • A. Friedman
A New Possibility of Coherent Microwave Radiation by Relativistic Particles electron, field, instability, undulator 2775
  • A. N. Didenko
A Bypass for Synchrotron Radiation Experiments at the Storage Ring PETRA II booster, electron, synchrotron, undulator 2793
  • W. Brefeld, P. Gurtler
A Combined Symmetric and Asymmetric B-Factory with Monochromatization factory, focusing, luminosity, synchrotron 2835
  • A.N. Dubrovin, A.A. Zholents
Apiary B-Factory Separation Scheme lattice, quadrupole, septum, synchrotron 2844
  • A. Garren, M. Sullivan
An Isochronous Lattice for PEP electron, factory, lattice, synchrotron 2868
  • W.J. Corbett, M.H.R. Donald, A.A. Garren
45 MeV Linac for the 800 MeV Synchrotron Radiation Light Source linac, quadrupole, synchrotron, x-ray 2990
  • N. Kaneko, O. Azuma, Y. Hoshi, H. Iwata, T. Nakashizu, M.Y. Yamamoto
Modeling of Switch Cores for Induction Accelerators accelerator, field, impedance, induction 3088
  • H.D. Shay, G.D. Craig, J.F. DeFord
High Power Microwave Generation in Virtual Cathode Systems cathode, electron, ion, plasma 3111
  • A. N. Didenko, V.I. Rashchikov
High-Intensity Flash X-Ray Source for HERMES III accelerator, cathode, electron, target 3135
  • T.W.L. Sanford, J.A. Halbleib, W.H. McAtee, R.C. Mock
Fermilab Linac Upgrade Side Coupled Cavity Temperature Control System accelerator, klystron, linac, thermal 3189
  • J. Crisp, J. Satti
A Traveling Wave Accelerator with HOM Outcouplers for FEL's accelerator, electron, emittance, gun 3276
  • R. Miller, M. Lampel