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Keyword: tune

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Tracking Studies on the Effects of Magnet Multipoles on the Aperture of the RHIC Heavy Ion Collider acceleration, field, lattice, multipole 1620
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
Optimisation of Average Luminosity in pp and p Colliders collider, emittance, lifetime, luminosity 1632
  • K. Hübner, E. Keil
Tailoring the Performance of LEP betatron, luminosity, resonance, synchrotron 1638
  • J.M. Jowett
Pulsed Operation of the CERN SPS Collider collider, lifetime, proton, software 1653
  • R. Lauckner
Commissioning the Polarized Beam in the AGS commissioning, field, polarization, resonance 1656
  • L.G. Ratner, H. Brown, P. Cameron, I.-H. Chiang, E. Courant, D.G. Crabb, C. Gardner, A.D. Krisch, D. Lazarus, Y.Y. Lee, Y. Makdisi, R. Raymond, J.B. Roberts, S. Sidhu, J. Skelly, K.M. Terwilliger, R. Thern
Design, Installation, and Commissioning of the DØ Overpass at the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, commissioning, field, lattice 1666
  • R. Gerig, M. May, C. Moore, S. Ohnuma, S. Pruss, F. Turkot
SSC Test Lattice Designs betatron, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 1669
  • E.D. Courant, D.R. Douglas, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
The BØ Low-Beta Insertion Design for the Tevatron insertion, lattice, luminosity, quadrupole 1672
  • D.E. Johnson
The Tevatron BØ Low-Beta System acceleration, field, quadrupole, quench 1675
  • K. Koepke, E. Fisk, G. Mulholland, H. Pfeffer
Control and Initial Operation of the Fermilab BØ Low Insertion betatron, insertion, lattice, target 1678
  • D.A. Finley, R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
Lattices for the Superferric Super Collider accelerator, insertion, lattice, sextupole 1701
  • S. Heifets, D. Neuffer
Magnet Lattices for the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory extraction, lattice, quadrupole, septum 1710
  • J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock, T. Suzuki
Control of Cavities with High Beam Loading acceleration, feedback, impedance, synchrotron 1852
  • D. Boussard
Beam Diagnostics at the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, betatron, collider, injection 1862
  • R.E. Shafer
A Method for Determining the Position, Angle and Other Injection Parameters of a Short Pulsed Beam in the Brookhaven AGS diagnostics, injection, proton, sextupole 1888
  • C. Gardner, L. Ahrens
Tune Measurement and Control at the CERN-SPS betatron, collider, coupling, lifetime 1902
  • R. Bossart, A. Chapman-Hatchett, I. Gjerpe, H.K. Kuhn, T. Linnecar, G. Paillard, C. Saltmarsh, W. Scandale, R. Schmidt, I. Wilkie
Recent Developments on Schottky Beam Diagnostics at the CERN SPS Collider pick-up, proton, synchrotron, thermal 1908
  • D. Boussard, T. Linnecar, W. Scandale
The Basic Tool: The STARBURST J-11 High-Speed Front-End Processor CAMAC, booster, software, spectrum 1923
  • E.H. Worm, D.V. Klotz
Operational Results of Optics Handling and Closed Orbit Correction in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring field, injection, monitoring, optics 2065
  • S. Kamada, H. Fukuma, E. Kikutani, K. Nakajima, K. Oide, M. Tejima, K. Yokoya
On-Line Model Driven Control of the SLC Electron Damping Ring accelerator, damping, electron, lattice 2098
  • I. Almog, J. Jäger, M. Lee, M. Woodley
A Programmable High-Power Beam Damper for the Tevatron betatron, damping, impedance, spectrum 2147
  • J. Crisp, R. Gerig, R. Goodwin, M. Johnson, A. Jones, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, P. Lucas, D. Martin, H. Miller, M. Shea, J. Ziober
Transverse Instabilities due to Wall Impedances in Storage Rings betatron, impedance, instability, synchrotron 2191
  • B. Zotter
Relation Between Field Energy and rms Emittance in Intense Particle Beams emittance, field, focusing, plasma 2196
  • T.P. Wangler, K.R. Crandall, R.S. Mills, M. Reiser
Superconvergent Tracking and Invariant Surfaces in Phase Space accelerator, lattice, resonance, sextupole 2206
  • R.D. Ruth, T. Raubenheimer, R.L. Warnock
Beam Separation at the CERN SPS Collider antiproton, collider, lifetime, proton 2209
  • L.R. Evans, A. Faugier, R. Schmidt
Transverse Instabilities due to Beam-Trapped Ions and Charged Matter in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator emittance, field, ion, scattering 2218
  • E. Jones, F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, E.J.N. Wilson, S. van der Meer
The Chaotic Dynamical Aperture accelerator, emittance, focusing, sextupole 2225
  • S.Y. Lee, S. Tepikian
Performance Limitations of the CERN SPS Collider antiproton, emittance, lifetime, proton 2234
  • L.R. Evans, J. Gareyte
Controls in Use at CESR for Adjusting Horizontal to Vertical Coupling accelerator, betatron, controls, coupling 2246
  • M. Billing
The Dependence of Single Particle Stability on Net Chromaticity in CESR, near Qh=9+1/3 background, resonance, sextupole, synchrotron 2249
  • S. Peggs
Classification of Half-Integer Resonance Dynamics accelerator, octupole, quadrupole, resonance 2258
  • L. Michelotti
Width of Nonlinear Difference Resonances accelerator, emittance, field, resonance 2261
  • S. Ohnuma, R.L. Gluckstern
Resonance Crossing in the Presence of Space Charge emittance, field, resonance, simulation 2264
  • I. Hofmann, K. Beckert
Hamiltonian Formulation for Synchrobetatron Resonance Driven by Dispersion in RF Cavities betatron, resonance, rf cavities, synchrotron 2273
  • T. Suzuki
Hamiltonian Formulation of Optical Perturbations in Storage Rings coupling, lattice, optics, resonance 2282
  • H. Zyngier
Effect of Long Range Beam-Beam Interaction on the Stability of Coherent Dipole Motion collider, instability, multipole, simulation 2297
  • M.A. Furman, A.W. Chao
Tracking the SSC Test Lattices field, lattice, resonance, sextupole 2300
  • B.T. Leemann, D.R. Douglas, E. Forest
Beam Tracking and Stability Analysis for the SSC accelerator, field, lattice, sextupole 2303
  • S. Heifets, K. Lau, D. Neuffer, D. Raparia
Study of Random and Systematic Multipoles in the SSC Lattice lattice, multipole, resonance, sextupole 2306
  • S. Heifets
High Transition Energy Magnet Lattices field, focusing, lattice, proton 2308
  • R.C. Gupta, J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock
Instability Studies and Double RF-System Operation at BESSY betatron, damping, impedance, synchrotron 2317
  • E. Weihreter, A. Gaupp, H.G. Hoberg, W.-D. Klotz, P. Kuske, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier
Effect of Reactive Feedback on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability Using the Few-Particles Model and Simulation betatron, feedback, simulation, wakefield 2341
  • S. Myers
The Effect of Radiation Damping and Noise on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability due to Localized Structures betatron, coupling, damping, synchrotron 2344
  • F. Ruggiero
Beam Vacuum Chamber Effects in the CERN Large Hadron Collider collider, impedance, injection, vacuum 2347
  • L. Vos
"Anomalous", Nonlinearly Current-Dependent Damping in CESR betatron, coupling, damping, impedance 2353
  • L.E. Sakazaki, R.M. Littauer, R.H. Siemann, R.M. Talman
Theoretical Prediction of Head Tail Tune Shift in PETRA betatron, impedance, optics, vacuum 2356
  • R. Klatt, R.D. Kohaupt, T. Weiland
Beam Behavior in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring betatron, impedance, instability, synchrotron 2371
  • K. Satoh, H. Fukuma, T. Ieiri, S. Kamada, K. Nakajima, A. Ogata, K. Oide
Instabilities in the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory Synchrotrons damping, impedance, instability, resistive wall 2395
  • R. Baartman, H. Schönauer, T. Suzuki
Slow Extraction at the SSC extraction, septum, sextupole, synchrotron 2442
  • E.P. Colton
Simulations of Half and Third Interger Resonant Extraction from a One-GeV Pulse Stretcher Ring emittance, extraction, injection, synchrotron 2444
  • J.B. Flanz, C.P. Sargent
High Current Beam Transport Experiments at GSI emittance, ion, quadrupole, simulation 2462
  • J. Klabunde, A. Schölein, P. Spädtke
Beam Dynamics in a High Current Proton Linac emittance, field, linac, proton 2468
  • H. Lustfeld, J.E. Mülller
Nonlinear Field Effects and Longitudinal Emittance Growth of High Intensity Bunched Beams acceptance, emittance, linac, proton 2471
  • M. Pabst, K. Bongardt, U. Funk
Macrofilament Simulation of High Current Beam Transport emittance, field, simulation, solenoid 2519
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson
Current Tolerances for LEP Magnet Power Converters field, injection, quadrupole, sextupole 2538
  • G. Guignard, G. von Holtey
A Computer Simulation Study of e+e- Storage Ring Performance as a Function of Sextupole Distribution algorithms, luminosity, sextupole, simulation 2541
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann
Beam Properties of UVSOR Storage Ring coupling, ion, lifetime, resonance 2550
  • T. Kasuga, M. Hasumoto, T. Kinoshita, H. Yonehara
Longitudinal Tune Control in Synchrotrons acceleration, bunching, space-charge, synchrotron 2570
  • E.P. Colton
Scaling Laws for RFQ Design Procedures accelerator, brightness, field, space-charge 2596
  • E.A. Wadlinger
The Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher accelerator, extraction, injection, vacuum 2706
  • R. Maas, P.J.T. Bruinsma, F.B. Kroes, G. Luijckx, J.G. Noomen, A.G.C. Vogel, C. de Vries
NSLS RF System Improvements field, injection, vacuum, x-ray 2784
  • J. Keane, H. Ackerman, R. Biscardi, R. D'Alsace, H. Langenbach, R. McKenzie-Wilson, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas
Tuning System for Capacitively Loaded \4 Accelerating Cavity acceleration, cooling water, vacuum, x-ray 2786
  • R. McKenzie-Wilson
Development of Flat-Topped RF Voltage for TRIUMF acceptance, cw, extraction, resonance 2936
  • T. Enegren, L. Durieu, D. Michelson, R.E. Worsham
Simultaneous Slow Resonant Extractions from the SPS with Horizontal Tune-Split acceleration, extraction, proton, septum 2997
  • M. Gyr, K.H. Kissler, S. Péraire, J.D. Pahud
Increased Intensity Performance of the Brookhaven AGS acceleration, emittance, injection, linac 3110
  • E. Raka, L. Ahrens, W. Frey, E. Gill, J.W. Glenn, R. Sanders, W. Weng
Operation of the Tevatron Extraction System accelerator, extraction, feedback, quadrupole 3116
  • L. Chapman, D.A. Finley, M. Harrison, W. Merz, H. Pfeffer
A Lattice and Bypass Design for a Coherent XUV Facility electron, extraction, lattice, quadrupole 3418
  • A. Jackson, A.A. Garren, G. Vignola
Accelerator Physics Studies for the SSC accelerator, field, lattice, multipole 3442
  • A.W. Chao
An Air Core Quadrupole System for Fast Tune Control in CESR betatron, feedback, field, vacuum 3619
  • D.A. Dean, D.L. Rubin
Measurement and Resulting First and Second Order Approximations for a 9 Bending Magnet in LAMPF's 750 keV Transport accelerator, acceptance, field, proton 3637
  • J.W. Hurd
Design of a Three Channel Septum Magnet field, septum, shielding, thermal 3646
  • J. Milburn, R. Caylor, J. Porter, R. Reimers, J. Tanabe
The Tevatron Extraction Pulser accelerator, extraction, quadrupole, resonance 3766
  • H. Pfeffer