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Keyword: quadrupole

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Conceptual Magnet Design for an Iron-Free Colliding Beam Acelerator accelerator, collider, field, vacuum 2042
  • C. Taylor, R.B. Meuser
A Variable Transition Energy Lattice for SIS 12/18 betatron, focusing, ion, lattice 2120
  • B. Franczak, K. Blasche, K.H. Reich
Emittance Calculations for the Stanford Linear Collider Injector beamline, collider, emittance, lattice 2161
  • J.C. Sheppard, C.A. Blocker, J.E. Clendenin, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, R.H. Miller
Computer-Automated Linac Diagnostics and Data Acquisition diagnostics, electron, emittance, linac 2279
  • A. Yeremian, J. Adamski, D. Shoffstall
Automatic Tuning of the LBL Super HILAC Third Injector Transport Line emittance, ion, linac, simulation 2314
  • H. Pines
On-Line Control Models for the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, damping, lattice, linac 2320
  • J.C. Sheppard, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, M.D. Woodley
The Multiwire Secondary Emission Monitor and the Emittance Measurement of the AGS Beam emittance, injection, proton, vacuum 2331
  • W.T. Weng, I.-H. Chiang, G.A. Smith, A. Soukas
Beam Position Measurement in the Photon Factory Storage Ring crystal, insertion, monitoring, vacuum 2353
  • T. Katsura, H. Nakagawa, S. Shibata
Intermediate Energy Electron Cooling for Anitoproton Sources Using a Pelletron Accelerator cathode, electron, emittance, thermal 2370
  • D.B. Cline, J. Adney, J. Ferry, W. Kells, D.J. Larson, F.E. Mills, M. Sundquist
Note on the Courant and Snyder Invariant accelerator, betatron, emittance, skew 2412
  • K. Takayama
New Method for Inverting the Closed Orbit Distortion Problem betatron, field, focusing, proton 2415
  • J.L. Warren, P.J. Channell
Determination of the Sextupole Comonents for the Superconducting Low-v Insertion of the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings acceptance, focusing, insertion, sextupole 2424
  • A. Verdier
On Improving the Chromatic Effects of Storage Rings with Antisymmetric Insertions insertion, lattice, resonance, tune 2451
  • J. Claus, M. Cornacchia, E. Courant, F. Dell, A. Garren, G. Parzen
Errors in Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Structures coupling, emittance, field, focusing 2481
  • W.P. Lysenko
TBCI and URMEL--New Computer Codes for Wake Field and Cavity Mode Calculations accelerator, field, impedance, tune 2489
  • T. Weiland
Studies of Heavy Ion Beam Transport in a Magnetic Quadrupole Channel emittance, field, ion, residual gas 2543
  • J. Klabunde, M. Reiser, A. Schölein, P. Spädtke, J. Struckmeier
A Quadrupole Beam Transport Experiment for Heavy Ions Under Extreme Space Charge Conditions accelerator, emittance, gun, ion 2549
  • W. Chupp, A. Faltens, E.C. Hartwig, D. Keefe, C.H. Kim, L.J. Laslett, R. Nemetz, C. Pike, S.S. Rosenblum, J. Shiloh, L. Smith, M. Tiefenback, D. Vanecek
Transport in Rectangular Quadrupole Channels accelerator, alignment, vacuum 2555
  • E. Meier
Space Charge Limits in ESQ Transport Systems acceleration, brightness, ion, lattice 2558
  • A.W. Maschke, J. Brodowski, E. Meier
Collective Beam Instabilities Caused by RF Cavities in TRISTAN coupling, damping, feedback, radiation 2563
  • T. Suzuki, Y. Chin, K. Satoh, K. Takata, K. Yokoya
Design Considerations on Peak Electrical Fields and Maximum Beam Currents for Heavy Ion RFQ Linacs acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 2639
  • P. Junior, H. Deitinghoff, K.D. Halfmann, W. Neumann, N. Zoubek
Longitudinal Phase Space Matching Between Microtrons at 185 MeV acceptance, electron, linac, microtron 2655
  • H. Takeda
An Optimzation Technique for Computing Chromatic Corrections in Heavy Ion Focussing Systems field, ion, sextupole, target 2677
  • J.S. Steinhoff
The Present Status of the Daresbury Nuclear Structure Facility accelerator, field, ion, vacuum 2680
  • R.G.P. Voss
A Design for Antiproton Collection and Beam Transport in the Fermilab Tevatron I Project antiproton, emittance, injection, target 2784
  • E. Colton, C. Hojvat
The Design of Periodic Beam Transport Systems beam-transport, emittance, focusing 2804
  • J.A. Farrell
Design of the NSCL Coupling Line acceptance, cyclotron, emittance, injection 2806
  • L.H. Harwood, H.G. Blosser, J.A. Nolen, R.F. Resmini
Mechanical Design of the High-Energy Beam-Transport Line for the FMIT 2-MeV Accelerator accelerator, beam-transport, emittance, vacuum 2824
  • D. Liska, L. Carlisle, D. Greenwood, R. Grieggs, J. McCormick, F. Sigler, J. Uher, G. Zimmerman
Prototype Sector Magnets for the GeV Electron Microtron (GEM) accelerator, electron, field, microtron 2859
  • R.B. Wehrle, J.H. Norem, W.F. Praeg, R.H. Swanstrom, K.M. Thompson
A Bipolar, High Precision, Low Ripple Power Supply accelerator, feedback, instrumentation, tune 2870
  • H. Pfeffer, R.J. Yarema
Construction of Vacuum System for TRISTAN Accumulation Ring accumulation, ion, sputter, vacuum 2906
  • H. Ishimaru, G. Horikoshi, M. Kobayashi, T. Kubo, H. Mizuno, T. Momose, K. Narushima, H. Watanabe, H. Yamaguchi
Software System for the Operation of the TRISTAN-AR Power Supply CAMAC, acceleration, software, timing 2926
  • K. Endo, H. Aoki, K. Arimoto, H. Fukuma, A. Kabe, T. Kubo, H. Yamamoto
The FMIT Accelerator accelerator, cw, linac, radio-frequency 2965
  • D.D. Armstrong
Design and Fabrication of the BNL Radio Frequency Quadrupole acceleration, alignment, thermal, vacuum 2998
  • R.B. McKenzie-Wilson
Improved Field Stability in RFQ Structures with Vane Coupling Rings alignment, coupling, field, ion 3007
  • H.R. Schneider, H. Lancaster
Permanent Magnet Storage Rings for Microlithography and FEL Sources electron, emittance, focusing, injection 3060
  • J. Le Duff, Y. Petroff
Anomalous Laser Induced Bunch Lengthening on the ACO Storage Ring Free Electron Laser coupling, electron, laser, synchrotron 3088
  • K.E. Robinson, D.A.G. Deacon, J.M.J. Madey, M.F. Velghe
Performance of the 800-MeV Injector for the BESSY Storage Ring acceleration, emittance, field, synchrotron 3103
  • G.v. Egan-Krieger, D. Einfeld, W.-D. Klotz, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier, R. Richter, E. Weihreter
A 600-MeV ETL Electron Storage Ring electron, focusing, lifetime, radiation 3133
  • T. Tomimasu, M. Chiwaki, T. Mikado, T. Noguchi, S. Sugiyama, T. Yamazaki
Transverse Beam Containment in the ANL 4-GeV Microtron betatron, electron, field, linac 3221
  • E. Colton
185-MeV Injector Design for the ANL 4-GeV Microtron Project extraction, injection, linac, microtron 3232
  • E. Colton
Permanent Multipole Magnets with Adjustable Strength field, multipole, skew, vacuum 3323
  • K. Halbach
Adjustable Strength REC Quadrupoles coupling, field 3326
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.F. Holsinger
Long Term Stability of Fermilab Energy Saver Magnets accelerator, field, multipole, quench 3330
  • W.E. Cooper, B.C. Brown, R.W. Hanft, E.E. Schmidt
Internal Trim Coils for CBA Superconducting Magnets accelerator, alignment, field, quench 3372
  • P.A. Thompson, S. Aronson, J.G. Cottingham, M. Garber, H. Hahn, W.B. Sampson
End Fields of CBA Superconducting Magnets field, multipole, proton, sextupole 3375
  • H.G. Kirk, J. Herrera, E. Willen
Cryogenic Correction Coil Testing accelerator, field, quench, vacuum 3378
  • A. McInturff, M. Kuchnir, P. Mantsch
Magnetic Field Properties of Fermilab Energy Saver Dipoles accelerator, acceptance, field, injection 3381
  • R. Hanft, B.C. Brown, W.E. Cooper, D.A. Gross, L. Michelotti, E.E. Schmidt, F. Turkot
Magnetic Field Data on Fermilab Energy Saver Quadrupoles field, multipole, sextupole, skew 3384
  • E.E. Schmidt, B.C. Brown, W.E. Cooper, H.E. Fisk, D.A. Gross, R. Hanft, S. Ohnuma, F. Turkot
Maximum Field Capability of Energy Saver Superconducting Magnets accelerator, field, quench 3387
  • F. Turkot, W.E. Cooper, R. Hanft, A. McInturff
High Field Accelerator Magnet Design (10T, 2T/cm), Material and Model Development Lorentz force, accelerator, field, quench 3393
  • A.D. McInturff, W.E. Fowler, K. Ishibashi, M. Kuchnir, R.A. Lundy, A.V. Tollestrup
Superconducting Combined Function Magnets field, insertion, lattice, tune 3402
  • H. Hahn, R.C. Fernow
RFQ Linac Structure Developments at CRNL accelerator, coupling, field, proton 3521
  • R.M. Hutcheon, L.D. Hansborough, K.J. Hohban, S.O. Schriber
An Equivalent Circuit Model of the General 3-Dimensional RFQ accelerator, alignment, field, waveguide 3524
  • R.M. Hutcheon
The Fermilab RFQ Project accelerator, coupling, field, ion 3527
  • D. Neuffer, C.D. Curtis, F.R. Huson, Q.A. Kerns, A. Martinez, C.W. Owen, C.W. Schmidt, E. Treadwell, G.J. Villa
A Spiral-Resonator Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator Structure accelerator, focusing, impedance, ion 3530
  • R.H. Stokes, F.J. Humphry, J.M. Potter, P.L. Roybal
Beam Dynamics and Vane Geometry in the LBL Heavy Ion RFQ accelerator, betatron, coupling, field 3533
  • J. Staples
Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Vane-Tip Geometries accelerator, field, multipole, radio-frequency 3554
  • K.R. Crandall, R.S. Mills, T.P. Wangler
Design of RFQ Vane Tip to Minimize Sparking Problems accelerator, betatron, field, multipole 3560
  • B.G. Chidley, G.E. Lee-Whiting, G.E. McMichael
Operating Characteristics of a 2.0-MeV RFQ accelerator, coupling, field, ion 3582
  • F.O. Purser, K.R. Crandall, J.M. Potter, O.R. Sander, E.A. Wadlinger
Mechanical Features of the ATS RFQ Linear Accelerator accelerator, alignment, coupling, vacuum 3585
  • N.G. Wilson, T.D. Hayward, G.W. Lind
Higher Modes in the Coupling Cells of Coaxial and Annular-Ring Coupled Linac Structures accelerator, coupling, linac, spectrum 3588
  • R.A. Hoffswell, R.M. Laszewski
The LBL Magnetic Measurements Data Acquisition System CAMAC, instrumentation, magnetic measurements, software 3596
  • M.I. Green, D.H. Nelson
Report on the Production Magnet Measurement System for the Fermilab Energy Saver Superconducting Dipoles and Quadrupoles field, quench, resonance, skew 3608
  • B.C. Brown, W.E. Cooper, J.D. Garvey, D.A. Gross, R. Hanft, K.P. Kaczar, J.E. Pachnik, C.W. Schmidt, E.E. Schmidt, F. Turkot
REC Quadrupoles and Dipoles with Circular and Elliptical Cross Sections field, multipole, spectrum 3623
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.F. Holsinger
Design of a Versatile ESQ Transport System accelerator, alignment, vacuum 3666
  • J. Brodowski
Performance Results of a Low Current, High Gradient Superconducting Quadrupole Magnet accelerator, field, proton, quench 3672
  • R.P. Smith, P.H. Garbincius, J.D. Gonczy, P.O. Mazur, R.P. Stanek, D.C. Underwood