PAC1979 Keywords
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Keyword: sextupole

Title Other Keywords Page
The U.S. High Energy Accelerator Projects CESR, PEP, DOUBLER-TEVATRON, and ISABELLE accelerator, field, luminosity, synchrotron 2978
  • B.D. McDaniel
A Minus-I Quadrupole System for Containing Aberration-Correction Octupoles coupling, insertion, octupole, quadrupole 3034
  • S. Fenster
DORIS at 2 x 5 GeV luminosity, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3135
  • D. Degele, W. Bothe, H.C. Dehne, A. Febel, H. Gerke, D. Heins, G. Hemmie, K. Hoffmann, K. Holm, E. Jandt, R.D. Kohaupt, H. Kumpfert, G. Mulhaupt, H. Narciss, H. Nesemann, S. Patzold, A. Piwinski, R. Rossmanith, J. Susta, K. Wille, A. Wrulich
A Superconducting Storage Ring for Very Slow Neutrons field, focusing, injection, neutron 3152
  • K.J. Kügler, W. Paul, U. Trinks
A Superconducting High-Luminosity Insertion in the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) field, insertion, optics, quadrupole 3179
  • J. Billan, K.N. Henrichsen, H. Laeger, P. Lebrun, R. Perin, S. Pichler, P. Pugin, L. Resegotti, P. Rohmig, T. Tortschanoff, A. Verdier, L. Walckiers, R. Wolf
PEP Computer Control System CAMAC, accelerator, lattice, monitoring 3268
  • PEP I and C Group, PEP Theory Group
Minicomputer Assisted Function Generator for the Dynamic Control of Chromacity Correction Sextupoles accelerator, focusing, quadrupole, software 3331
  • K. Endo
A Second-Order Magnetic Optical Achromat coupling, focusing, optics, quadrupole 3490
  • K. L. Brown
The Sensitivity of the PEP Beam Transport Line to Perbutations field, injection, quadrupole, scattering 3496
  • J.M. Peterson, K.L. Brown
A Proposed Orbit and Vertical Dispersion Correction System for PEP alignment, betatron, field, quadrupole 3502
  • E. Close, M. Cornacchia, A. King, M.J. Lee
Stability of a Large Synchrotron with Closed Orbit Distortions betatron, resonance, synchrotron, tune 3544
  • T. Suzuki
Improved Chromacity Control for 100 GeV Storage at Fermilab betatron, field, lifetime, tune 3547
  • S. Ecklund, R. Gerig, J. MacLachlan, S. Pruss
The Variation of t with p/p in the CERN ISR acceleration, damping, field, radiation 3571
  • E. Ciapala, A. Hofmann, S. Myers, T. Risselada
Second Order Effects in the Sextupole-Corrected SPS Lattice lattice, simulation, timing, tune 3577
  • P. Faugeras, A. Faugier, J. Gareyte, A. Hilaire
Correction of the Closed Orbit and Vertical Dispersion and the Tuning and Field Correction System in ISABELLE field, insertion, quadrupole, skew 3595
  • G. Parzen
Chromatic Corrections for Large Storage Rings coupling, lattice, luminosity, quadrupole 3598
  • R. V. Servranckx, K. L. Brown
A Method of Transfer Maps for Linear and Nonlinear Beam Elements betatron, emittance, resonance, tune 3601
  • A.J. Dragt
Some Aspects on Linear and Non-Linear Orbit Motion in Storage Rings field, lattice, radiation, tune 3607
  • W.H. Backer, C.J.A. Corsten, H.L. Hagedoorn
Optimization of Heavy Ion Focussing Systems with Large Number of Magnets field, ion, quadrupole, target 3688
  • J. Steinhoff
Vacuum Contol System for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines booster, field, multipole, x-ray 3819
  • R.E. Melen, B. Salsburg, J. Yang
Computational Method for the Dispersion, Betatron Functions and C. O. D. in Nonlinear Lattice betatron, coupling, lattice, quadrupole 3821
  • Y. Kamiya
Recent Measurement Results of Energy Doubler Magnets field, multipole, quadrupole, quench 3894
  • M. Wake, D. Blatchley, D.A. Gross, M. Kumada, A.V. Tollestrup
Magnetic Field Measurements on ISABELLE Storage Ring Magnets accelerator, field, quadrupole, skew 3903
  • E. Bleser, P. Dahl, D. Gardner, J. Kaugerts, A. McInturff, K. Robins, W. Sampson, P. Schewe
The NSLS Magnet System booster, field, multipole, x-ray 3919
  • J. Galayda, R.N. Heese, H.C.H. Hsieh, H. Kapfer
Results of Field Measurements for PETRA Magnets field, injection, multipole 3925
  • U. Knopf, K.D. Nowakowski, O. Peters, S. Wolff
Electric Power and Cooling Systems for PETRA ion, quadrupole, vacuum 3968
  • W. Bothe
Measurements and Correction of the PEP Interaction Region Quadrupole Magnets field, insertion, octupole, quadrupole 4030
  • R.M. Main, K. Halbach, J.T. Tanabe
A High Field Superconducting Beam Transport in a BNL Primary Proton Beam field, proton, thermal, vacuum 4053
  • J. Allinger, H.N. Brown, A.S. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J.W. Glenn, J. Jackson, W. Keith, D. Lowenstein, A.G. Prodell
A Device to Measure Quadrupole Gradient-Length Product accelerator, field, octupole, quadrupole 4058
  • D. Reagan
The CESR Magnet Power Supply System feedback, lattice, modulator, quadrupole 4078
  • D.L. Hartill, D.H. Rice