PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: focusing

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Some Recollections on the Story of the Cyclotron and Comments on Higher Degrees cyclotron, factory, field, ion 48
  • J.R. Richardson
Single Interaction Point Operation of CESR coupling, luminosity, optics, tune 144
  • D. Rubin, L.A. Schick
Compensation of the Chromatic Effects in the Novosibirsk -Factory Lattice betatron, lattice, sextupole, tune 186
  • V.V. Danilov, A.N. Filippov, P.M. Ivanov, I.A. Koop, E.A. Perevedentsev
Simulation of High Energy Beam Focusing by a Plasma electron, ion, plasma, positron 222
  • S. Rajagopalan, P. Chen
Beam Dynamics in the Spiral Line Induction Accelerator accelerator, equilibrium, field, quadrupole 242
  • S. Slinker, G. Joyce, J. Krall, M. Lampe
Upgrade of the PHERMEX Accelerator cathode, emittance, field, injection 245
  • T.P. Hughes, R.L. Carlson, D.C. Moir
3d and r, z Particle Simulation of Beams for Heavy Ion Fusion: The WARP Code accelerator, emittance, field, lattice 263
  • A. Friedman, D.A. Callahan, D.P. Grote, I. Haber, A.B. Langdon
Aperture Determination by Long Term and Multiparticle Tracking acceptance, emittance, field, tune 288
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
Transverse Phase Space in the Presence of Dispersion betatron, collider, emittance, linac 461
  • N. Merminga, P.L. Morton, J.T. Seeman, W.L. Spence
Laser Wakefields at UCLA and LLNL accelerator, field, laser, plasma 564
  • W.B. Mori, C.E. Clayton, C.B. Darrow, J.M. Dawson, C.B. Decker, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, K. Marsh, S.C. Wilks
The IH-Structure and Its Capability to Accelerate High Current Beams ion, linac, quadrupole, resonance 567
  • U. Ratzinger
Beam-Dynamics Design and Performance of the RF Deflector in the Los Alamos Single-Beam Funnel Experiment accelerator, emittance, field, ion 578
  • F.W. Guy, K.F. Johnson, O.R. Sander
First-, Second-, and Third-Order Achromatic Bend Systems for Free-Electron Laser Applications bunching, laser, quadrupole, wiggler 607
  • D.P. Rusthoi, E.A. Wadlinger
SLIA Beam Line Design accelerator, field, induction, simulation 613
  • J.J. Petillo, D.P. Chernin, C. Kostas, A. Mondelli
Plasma Lenses for SLAC Final Focus Test Facility accelerator, electron, plasma, simulation 619
  • D. Betz, P. Chen, D. Cline, M. Gundersen, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, J. Norem, S. Rajagopalan, J. Rosenzweig, J.J. Su, R. Williams
Idle Superconducting RF Cavities for Bunch Focusing coupling, damping, impedance, rf cavities 780
  • P. Marchand, L. Rivkin
Zero-Degree Injection Line for PILAC, the Proposed Los Alamos Pion Linac accelerator, injection, pion, sextupole 899
  • B. Blind
Magnetic Field Tolerances for Insertion Devices on Third Generation Sychrotron Light Sources emittance, field, synchrotron, undulator 1091
  • P.J. Viccaro, D.W. Carnegie, R. Savoy
The LEP Synchrotron Light Monitors acceptance, emittance, extraction, vacuum 1160
  • C. Bovet, G. Burtin, R.J. Colchester, B. Halvarsson, R. Jung, S. Levitt, J.M. Vouillot
Beam Emittance Measurement Technique for PLS-IM-T Linac accelerator, emittance, quadrupole, target 1195
  • Y.X. Luo, I.S. Ko, W. Namkung, C. Ryu
Grid Scans: A Transfer Map Diagnostic betatron, damping, emittance, extraction 1549
  • P. Emma, W. Spence
Uniform Beam Distributions Using Octupoles octupole, optics, radiation, target 1695
  • N. Tsoupas, H.A. Enge, R. Lankshear, C.L. Snead Jr., T.E. Ward, M. Zucker
Stationary Longitudinal Phase Space Distributions with Space Charge coupling, impedance, instability, tune 1731
  • R. Baartman
Electromagnetic Instablity of an Intense Beam in a Quadrupole Focusing System electron, instability, quadrupole, waveguide 1788
  • C.-M. Tang, J. Krall
Beam Breakup with Finite Bunch Length deflecting mode, ion, linac, resonance 1809
  • C.L. Bohn, J.R. Delayen
Beam Breakup with Longitudinal Halo accelerator, cw, deflecting mode, halo 1812
  • J.R. Delayen, C.L. Bohn
Electron Beam Injector for Longitudinal Beam Physics Experiments cathode, electron, induction, instability 1818
  • J.G. Wang, M. Reiser, D.X. Wang
Experiments on the Beam Breakup Instability in Long-Pulse Electron Beam Transport Through RF Cavity Systems accelerator, electron, field, instability 1827
  • R.M. Gilgenbach, R.A. Bosch, H. Ching, J. J. Choi, P.R. Menge, T.A. Spencer
Effects of Quadrupole Wake Field on RF Focusing in Linear Colliders betatron, field, quadrupole, wakefield 1860
  • A. N. Didenko, V.N. Gusarov, G.A. Kuzmenko
Dynamic Aperture Effects Due to Linear Coupling betatron, coupling, field, quadrupole 1875
  • G. Parzen
Low Energy H- Beam Transport Using an Electrostatic Quadrupole Focusing System alignment, emittance, ion, quadrupole 1961
  • S.K. Guharay, C.K. Allen, M. Reiser, V. Yun
An Active Alignment Test Facility for the CERN Linear Collider accelerator, alignment, collider, linac 2070
  • W. Coosemans, P. Poirier, I. Wilson
Magnetic Data Analysis for the ALS Lattice Magnets booster, field, multipole, sextupole 2113
  • R. Keller
Quench Simulation Studies of the TAC Jelly Roll Superferric Dipole Corrector Elements for the SSC field, quench, radiation, simulation 2224
  • G. Lopez
Superconducting Quadrupole Magnet System for TRISTAN Mini-Beta Insertions field, injection, quadrupole, quench 2257
  • K. Endo, K. Egawa, H. Fukuma, A. Kabe, T. Kubo, S. Kuroda, S. Kurokawa, Y. Morita, Y. Ohsawa, N. Ohuchi, T. Ozaki, R. Sugahara, K. Tsuchiya
Magnet End Design: The Main Injector Dipoles accelerator, field, finite element, sextupole 2354
  • J.-F. Ostiguy
Recent Developments in High-Current Superconducting Ion Linacs accelerator, cw, field, ion 2441
  • J.R. Delayen, C.L. Bohn, W.L. Kennedy, C.T. Roche, L. Sagalovsky
Development of Non-Ferrous Superconducting Magnets field, lattice, muon, proton 2474
  • F. Krienen, D. Loomba, W. Meng
Emittance Growth in Mismatched Charged Particle Beams betatron, emittance, plasma, simulation 2497
  • M. Reiser
A New Method of Correcting the Trajectory In Linacs accelerator, emittance, quadrupole, wakefield 2503
  • T.O. Raubenheimer, R.D. Ruth
Linear Resonant Accelerators for Industrial Applications accelerator, field, ion, proton 2613
  • O.A. Waldner, V.D. Danilov, V.G. Gass, A.A. Glaskov, A.A. Il'in, A.D. Koljaskin, A.I. Krivonosov, V.N. Leonov, N.R. Lobanov, O.S. Milovanov, A.A. Mishukov, A.N. Pronin, A.A. Revkov, P.B. Shurupov, N.P. Sobenin, Y.I. Tlekhas, B.V. Zverev
Performance of the CERN Plasma Lens in Laboratory and Beam Tests at the Antiproton Source antiproton, field, plasma, proton 2631
  • R. Kowalewicz, E. Boggasch, J. Christiansen, K. Frank, M. Lubrano di Scampamorte, S. Milner, F. Pedersen, H. Riege, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz
Ion Channel Focusing in FEL Wigglers electron, field, ion, wiggler 2730
  • J. Vetrovec
Application of a New Scheme for Passing through Transition Energy to the Fermilab Main Ring and Main Injector acceleration, coupling, emittance, ferrite 2826
  • J.A. MacLachlan, J.E. Griffin
A Combined Symmetric and Asymmetric B-Factory with Monochromatization factory, luminosity, radiation, synchrotron 2835
  • A.N. Dubrovin, A.A. Zholents
DELTA Optics emittance, optics, quadrupole, wiggler 2859
  • D. Schirmer, K. Wille
Improvement of 150 MeV Racetrack Microtron field, injection, linac, x-ray 2877
  • T. Hori, T. Mitsumoto, Y. Sasaki, M. Sugitani
Development of a Radioactive Nuclides Accelerator at the Moscow Meson Factory acceleration, accelerator, cw, linac 2984
  • V.A. Andreev, V.A. Bomko, S.K. Esin, D.V. Gorelov, A.S. Iljinov, J.D. Ivanov, A.A. Kolomiets, V.A. Moiseev, B.P. Murin, P.N. Ostroumov, G.N. Vjalov, A.N. Zelenskiki
A New Electron Linac Injector Design up to 200 MeV bunching, electron, field, linac 3008
  • D. Tronc
Quadrupole Effects in On-Axis Coupled Linacs coupling, electron, linac, quadrupole 3011
  • F.P. Adams, R.J. Burton, J. Ungrin
Least-Squares Fitting Procedure for Setting RF Phase and Amplitude in Drift-Tube-Linac Tanks accelerator, instability, linac, permanent-magnet 3056
  • F.W. Guy, T.P. Wangler
Drift Compression Experiments on MBE-4 and Related Emittance Growth Phenomena accelerator, emittance, ion, simulation 3070
  • S. Eylon, A. Faltens, W. Fawley, T. Garvey, K. Hahn, E. Henestroza, L. Smith
Experiments Investigating the Effects of the Accelerating Gap Voltage Pulse on the Ion Focused (IFR) High Current Electron Recirculators electron, ion, lifetime, plasma 3126
  • M.G. Mazarakis, L.F. Bennett, W.R. Olson, J.W. Poukey, K.R. Prestwich, D.L. Smith, B.N. Turman, J.S. Wagner, J. Wells
Fast Risetime Magnetic Field Coil for Electron Beam Propagation Studies betatron, electron, emittance, field 3141
  • D.J. Weidman, W.C. Freeman, J.D. Miller, K.T. Nguyen, M.J. Rhee, R.F. Schneider, R.A. Stark
Long Pulse Electron Beams cathode, electron, field, solenoid 3144
  • J.R. Smith, I.R. Shokair, K.W. Struve
Investigations on Beam Damping Simulations and the Associated Model of CLIC damping, field, linac, quadrupole 3234
  • C. Fischer, G. Guignard, A. Millich
Microwave Quadrupole Structures for the CERN Linear Collider collider, damping, field, quadrupole 3237
  • W. Schnell, I. Wilson