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Keyword: sextupole

Title Other Keywords Page
Conceptual Design of a Gyrotron-Driven Superconducting ECR Ion Source field, ion, plasma, solenoid 325
  • P.J. Countryman, C.M. Lyneis, R.C. Wolgast
Magnets for High Energy Colliders field, optics, quadrupole, solenoid 369
  • J. Spencer, H. Stucki
Description of New Vacuum Chamber Correction Concept booster, field, proton, vacuum 384
  • G.T. Danby, J. W. Jackson
Design, Construction, and Field Mapping of the HISTRAP Prototype Dipole field, ion, quadrupole, vacuum 393
  • B.A. Tatum, D.T. Dowling, R. S. Lord, S.W. Mosko, D.K. Olsen
Optimization of Coil Configuration in a Superconducting Dipole Magnet for Compact Synchrotron Light Source electron, field, finite element, focusing 494
  • M. Kitamura, T. Kobayashi, N. Maki
Test of Two 1.8 M SSC Model Magnets with Iterated Design field, multipole, quench, thermal 497
  • P. Wanderer, J.G. Cottingham, P. Dahl, G. Ganetis, G. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, A. Prodell, E.P. Rohrer, W. Sampson, R. Shutt, P. Thompson, E. Willen
Collarless, Close-in, Shaped Iron Aperture Designs for the SSC Dipole accelerator, controls, field, quench 500
  • R.C. Gupta, G.M. Morgan
Time-Varying Sextupole Corrections during the Tevatron Ramp collider, emittance, injection, tune 518
  • D.A. Herrup, B.C. Brown, R.W. Hanft, D.E. Johnson, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, M.J. Lamm, A.D. McInturff, M.J. Syphers, A.V. Tollestrup
Design Considerations for a Large Aperture High Field Superconducting Dipole accelerator, field, multipole, target 527
  • F. Harfoush, C. Ankenbrandt, M. Harrison, J. Kerby, K. Koepke, P. Mantsch, T. Nicol, A. Riddiford, J. Theilacker
Fabrication and Test of Prototype Ring Magnets for the ALS booster, field, quadrupole, vacuum 566
  • J. Tanabe, N. Andresen, R. Avery, R. Caylor, M.I. Green, K. Halbach, S. Hernandez, E. Hoyer, D. Humphries, Y. Kajiyama, R. Keller, W. Low, S. Marks, J. Milburn, D. Yee
Comparison of Analytical and Computational Estimates of Reduction in Linear Aperture in the Presence of Sextupole Field field, lattice, tune 897
  • M. Li, S. Ohnuma
A Lattice with No Transition and Large Dynamic Aperture betatron, hadron, lattice, optics 915
  • G. Guignard
The Beam Tracking during the First Few Milliseconds of a Low Energy Booster emittance, field, synchrotron, tune 1061
  • S. Machida
Magnetic Performance of the LEP Bending Magnets field, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 1148
  • J. Billan, J.P. Gourber, G. Guignard, K.N. Henrichsen, J.M. Maugain, R. Wolf
Switch Mode Power Converters: Present and Future accelerator, acceptance, injection, quadrupole 1151
  • H.W. Isch, A. Dupaquier, K. Fischer, F. Forrest, J. Pett, P. Proudlock
An Ultra-Low Emittance Damping Ring Lattice and Its Dynamic Aperture damping, emittance, field, wiggler 1225
  • L. Emery
A Second Superconducting Wiggler Magnet for the Daresbury SRS emittance, field, injection, wiggler 1250
  • M.W. Poole, V.P. Suller, S.L. Thomson
Lattice Comparison for the Synchrotron Light Source Bessy II emittance, field, insertion, lattice 1265
  • G. Wüstefeld, G. Isoyama, H. Lehr, B. Simon
Analytical Expressions for the Smear Due to Nonlinear Multipoles accelerator, field, multipole, octupole 1286
  • N. Merminga, K.Y. Ng
One Dimensional Motion in a Thick Sextupole: A Comparison of Tracking Methods with the Exact Solution accelerator, field, multipole, proton 1295
  • J. Hagel, B. Zotter
Design of Optics for the Final Focus Test Beam at SLAC emittance, field, optics, quadrupole 1319
  • K. Oide
Dynamic Aperture of the ALS Booster Synchrotron booster, lattice, quadrupole, vacuum 1328
  • C.H. Kim, H. Nishimura
Symmetry Corrected Second Order Achromat accelerator, emittance, optics, target 1349
  • J.B. Flanz
Lattice Comparison for the 8 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source emittance, lattice, quadrupole, radiation 1358
  • K. Tsumaki, M. Hara, R. Nagaoka, H. Tanaka, K. Yoshida
AGS-Booster Orbit and Resonance Correction lattice, quadrupole, resonance, skew 1367
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero, S. Tepikian, W.T. Weng
Application of Collins' Distortion Functions emittance, lattice, skew, tune 1382
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Nonlinear Dynamics Experiment in the Tevatron extraction, injection, resonance, tune 1429
  • N. Merminga, A. Chao, T. Chen, D. Edwards, F. Finley, N. Gelfand, R. Gerig, M. Harrison, D. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Meller, P. Morton, S. Peggs, J. Peterson, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger, R. Siemann, M. Syphers, R. Talman
Multipole Correction in Synchrotrons accelerator, multipole, synchrotron, tune 1432
  • D. Neuffer
Analytic Estimates of Coupling in Damping Rings alignment, coupling, damping, emittance 1435
  • T.O. Raubenheimer, R.D. Ruth
Optics of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher (AmPS) accelerator, extraction, injection, synchrotron 1698
  • R. Maas, Y.Y. Wu
Measurement of the Magnetic Field Coefficients of Particle Accelerator Magnets booster, field, multipole, quadrupole 1774
  • J. Herrera, G. Ganetis, R. Hogue, E. Rogers, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Magnet Power Supplies for the Advanced Light Source booster, focusing, injection, monitoring 1910
  • L. T. Jackson, I. C. Lutz
Status of Magnet Power Supply Development for the APS Storage Ring accelerator, quadrupole, shielding, vacuum 1925
  • D. McGhee
Magnetic Properties of the ALS Booster Synchrotron Engineering Model Magnets booster, extraction, field, multipole 1966
  • R. Keller, M.I. Green, E. Hoyer, Y.M. Koo, K. Luchini, S. Marks, J. Milburn, D.H. Nelson
AC Magnetic Measurements of the ALS Booster Dipole Engineering Model Magnet booster, field, induction, vacuum 1969
  • M.I. Green, E. Hoyer, R. Keller, D.H. Nelson