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Keyword: damping

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The Status of SLC collider, electron, linac, positron 1592
  • S.D. Ecklund
Status of the SLC Damping Rings coupling, electron, linac, positron 1659
  • A.M. Hutton, W.A. Davies-White, J-P. Delahaye, T.H. Fieguth, A. Hofmann, J. Jäger, P.K. Kloeppel, M.J. Lee, W.A. Linebarger, L. Rivkin, M. Ross, R. Ruth, H. Shoaee, M.D. Woodley
Observations of Accelerated High Current Low Emittance Beams in the SLC Linac accelerator, electron, linac, quadrupole 1662
  • J.T. Seeman, M.C. Ross, J.C. Sheppard, R.F. Stiening
SLC Positron Damping Ring Optics Design electron, emittance, positron, sextupole 1695
  • J-P. Delahaye, L. Rivkin
A Multi-Channel Pulser for the SLC Thermionic Electron Source cathode, electron, gun, timing 1829
  • M.J. Browne, J.E. Clendenin, P.L. Corredoura, R.K. Jobe, R.F. Koontz, J. Sodja
Feedback to Suppress Beam Instabilities in Future Proton Rings feedback, impedance, instability, kicker 1857
  • G.R. Lambertson
GIANT- A Computer Code for General Interactive Analysis of Trajectories beamline, field, lattice, simulation 1877
  • J. Jäger, M. Lee, R. Servranckx, H. Shoaee
Study of LAMPF H- Beam Position Motion and a Predictive Algorithm for Noise Reduction accelerator, linac, proton, spectrum 1979
  • V. Yuan, J.D. Bowman
Parasitic Mode Losses Versus Signal Sensitivity in Beam Position Monitors impedance, spectrum, synchrotron, vacuum 2000
  • J.-C. Denard, K.L. Bane, J. Bijleveld, A.M. Hutton, J.-L. Pellegrin, L. Rivkin, P. Wang, J.N. Weaver
Real Time Bunch Length Measurements in the SLC Linac emittance, linac, radiation, streak camera 2006
  • J.C. Sheppard, J.E. Clendenin, M.B. James, R.H. Miller, M.C. Ross
On-Line Model Driven Control of the SLC Electron Damping Ring accelerator, electron, lattice, tune 2098
  • I. Almog, J. Jäger, M. Lee, M. Woodley
Performance of a Correlator Filter in Betatron Tune Measurements and Damping on the NSLS Booster betatron, booster, kicker, synchrotron 2132
  • J. Galayda
The Tevatron Global Radius and s System acceleration, accelerator, injection, synchrotron 2141
  • S. Bristol, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, H.W. Miller
A Programmable High-Power Beam Damper for the Tevatron betatron, impedance, spectrum, tune 2147
  • J. Crisp, R. Gerig, R. Goodwin, M. Johnson, A. Jones, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, P. Lucas, D. Martin, H. Miller, M. Shea, J. Ziober
The Longitudinal Feedback System in TRISTAN AR accelerator, feedback, instability, synchrotron 2156
  • H. Hayano, E. Ezura
T-Change in the KEK GeV-PS acceleration, betatron, injection, lattice 2270
  • A. Ando
A Diagnostic for Dynamic Aperture betatron, electron, kicker, modulator 2291
  • P.L. Morton, J.-L. Pellegrin, T. Raubenheimer, L. Rivkin, M. Ross, W.L. Spence
Instability Studies and Double RF-System Operation at BESSY betatron, impedance, synchrotron, tune 2317
  • E. Weihreter, A. Gaupp, H.G. Hoberg, W.-D. Klotz, P. Kuske, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier
Saturation of a Longitudinal Instability due to Nonlinearity of the Wake Field field, impedance, radiation, synchrotron 2320
  • S. Krinsky
Microwave Instability across the Transition Energy Landau damping, instability, ion, scattering 2323
  • S.Y. Lee, J.M. Wang
The Effect of Radiation Damping and Noise on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability due to Localized Structures betatron, coupling, synchrotron, tune 2344
  • F. Ruggiero
Simulation of Multiturn Transverse Instabilities in Electron Storage Rings instability, quadrupole, simulation, synchrotron 2350
  • C. Reece, R. Sundelin
"Anomalous", Nonlinearly Current-Dependent Damping in CESR betatron, coupling, impedance, tune 2353
  • L.E. Sakazaki, R.M. Littauer, R.H. Siemann, R.M. Talman
Coherent Synchrotron Relaxation Oscillation in an Electron Storage Ring electron, instability, spectrum, synchrotron 2377
  • G. Rakowsky
Landau Damping in the SLAC Linac Landau damping, accelerator, emittance, linac 2389
  • K.L.F. Bane
Instabilities in the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory Synchrotrons impedance, instability, resistive wall, tune 2395
  • R. Baartman, H. Schönauer, T. Suzuki
Accelerator Physics Measurements at the Damping Ring emittance, impedance, quadrupole, synchrotron 2626
  • L. Rivkin, M. Allen, K. Bane, J-P. Delahaye, T. Fieguth, A. Hofmann, A. Hutton, M. Lee, W. Linebarger, P. Morton, M. Ross, R. Ruth, H. Schwarz, J. Seeman, J. Sheppard, R. Stiening, K. Wille, P. Wilson, M. Woodley
RF Beam Deflection Measurements and Corrections in the SLC Linac accelerator, klystron, linac, survey 2629
  • J.T. Seeman, M.C. Ross, J.C. Sheppard, R.F. Stiening
High Order Mode Damping in the NSLS Accelerating RF Cavities by the Use of Damping Antenna field, impedance, vacuum, x-ray 2781
  • N. Fewell, Z. Wen
Higher Order Mode Couplers for Normal Conducting DORIS 5-Cell Cavities coupling, field, impedance, resonance 2797
  • B. Dwersteg, E. Seesselberg, A. Zolfaghari
A Low Shunt Impedance 53 MHz RF System for RF Stacking in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator antiproton, coupling, impedance, vacuum 2803
  • J.E. Griffin, J.R. Misek, A. Moretti, G.L. Nicholls
Development of an APS Cavity for TRISTAN Main Ring coupling, feedback, instability, thermal 2834
  • T. Higo, M. Akemoto, T. Kageyama, H. Mizuno, K. Takata, Y. Yamazaki
Bandwidth Broadening in RF-Structure coupling, electron, field, rf-structure 2948
  • D.T. Tran
Generation and Acceleration of High Intensity Beams in the SLC Injector electron, emittance, focusing, gun 3160
  • M.C. Ross, M.J. Browne, J.E. Clendenin, R.K. Jobe, J.T. Seeman, J.C. Sheppard, R.F. Stiening
Minimizing the Energy Spread within a Single Bunch by Shaping its Charge Distribution accelerator, electron, field, injection 3228
  • G.A. Loew, J.W. Wang
Storage Ring Design for a Short Wavelength FEL electron, emittance, lattice, radiation 3377
  • K.-J. Kim, J. Bisognano, S. Chattopadhyay, M. Cornacchia, A. Garren, K. Halbach, A. Jackson, H. Lancaster, C. Pellegrini, J. Peterson, G. Vignola, M. Zisman
High Gradient Superconducting Cavities for Storage Rings electron, field, instability, waveguide 3570
  • R.M. Sundelin
TOSCA Calculations and Measurements for the SLAC SLC Damping Ring Dipole Manget accelerator, field, induction, magnetic measurements 3654
  • R.A. Early, J.K. Cobb
Some Uses of REPMM's in Storage Rings and Colliders field, insertion, magnetic measurements, multipole 3666
  • J.E. Spencer