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Keyword: synchrotron

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The Commissioning and Performance Characteristics of CESR electron, lattice, luminosity, tune 1984
  • B. McDaniel
SIS-A Two Stage Synchrotron Facility for Heavy Ions accelerator, booster, field, ion 2013
  • K. Blasche, D. Böhne, B. Franczak, B. Franzke, C. Riedel
Preparation and Study of Bunches Containing 1011Protons in the Fermilab Main Ring acceleration, accelerator, injection, proton 2037
  • J.E. Griffin, J.F. Bridges, J.A. MacLachlan
Prospects for Pion and Kaon Factories cyclotron, injection, pion, proton 2060
  • D.E. Nagle
Vacuum Requirements for Heavy Ion Synchrotrons field, injection, ion, vacuum 2116
  • B. Franzke
Electron and Proton Beam Diagnostics with Synchrotron Radiation field, radiation, spectrum, undulator 2132
  • A. Hofmann
A Transverse Schottky Noise Detector for Bunched Proton Beams betatron, pick-up, proton, spectrum 2147
  • T. Linnecar, W. Scandale
Fast Beam Profile Measurement acceleration, cathode, electron, field 2160
  • W. Ebeling
Optical Beam Diagnostics on PEP alignment, field, optics, vacuum 2162
  • A.P. Sabersky
Beam Quality Measurements in Fermilab Main Ring booster, controls, software, timing 2177
  • R. Gerig, C. Moore, S. Pruss
Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source Control System accelerator, booster, controls, light source 2183
  • E. Bozoki, B.B. Culwick, J.D. Smith
Operation-Oriented Computer Controls for CERN PS Complex accelerator, booster, controls, software 2261
  • J. Boillot, M. Bouthéon, D. Dekkers, J.P. Delahaye, B. Frammery, L. Henny, J.P. Potier, J.P. Riunaud, V. Schou, C. Steinbach
Aladdin Computer Control System injection, microtron, radiation, software 2273
  • W.S. Trzeciak
The Transverse Feedback System in DESY damping, feedback, injection, kicker 2285
  • W. Ebeling
The New Beam Position Measurement System for the DESY Synchrotron betatron, field, spectrum, vacuum 2287
  • W. Radloff
Operation of the PEP Transverse Beam Feedback damping, feedback, modulator, pick-up 2296
  • C.W. Olson, J.M. Paterson, J.-L. Pellegrin, J.R. Rees
Operation of PEP Longitudinal Feedback System damping, feedback, klystron, spectrum 2317
  • M.A. Allen, L.G. Karvonen, R.A. McConnell, H. Schwarz
Control Electronics of the PEP RF System feedback, field, insertion, klystron 2320
  • J.-L. Pellegrin, H. Schwarz
An RF Beam Position Measurement Module for the Fermilab Energy Doubler accelerator, betatron, cw, monitoring 2323
  • S.P. Jachim, R.E. Shafer, R.C. Webber
Betatron Tune Measurement at the Argonne Rapid Cycling Synchrotron betatron, extraction, kicker, tune 2331
  • A.V. Rauchas, F.R. Brumwell, Y. Cho, W. S. Czyz, G.R. Gunderson, M.J. Knott, D.E. Suddeth, G.J. Volk
A Radial Signal Process Method for the BPS Booster LLRF Control System acceleration, booster, bunching, equilibrium 2334
  • R.Y. Cui
The Low-Level RF Beam Controlled System for the Booster of the Beijing Proton Synchrotron (BPS) booster, crystal, feedback, pick-up 2336
  • R.Y. Cui, S.C. Zhong, C.G. Zhou
Beam Position Measurement System at the Argonne Rapid Cycling Synchrotron accelerator, cathode, impedance, radiation 2338
  • A.V. Rauchas, F.R. Brumwell, Y. Cho, W. S. Czyz
Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation in the Photon Factory Storage Ring beam position monitor, monitoring, radiation, x-ray 2353
  • T. Katsura, H. Nakagawa, S. Shibata
PS Beam Measurements at Flat-Top Fields near Transition Energy field, instability, proton, space-charge 2389
  • R. Cappi, J.P. Delahaye, K.H. Reich
Vertical Fast Blow-up in a Single Bunch betatron, coupling, field, impedance 2405
  • R.D. Ruth, J.M. Wang
Longitudinal Instabilities in Circular Accelerator and Storage Rings accelerator, coupling, impedance, instability 2413
  • C. Pellegrini
Computer Simulations of the Beam-Beam Interaction and Measurements with PETRA betatron, coupling, damping, luminosity 2440
  • A. Piwinski
Single Bunch Current Dependent Phenomena in CESR damping, impedance, tune, vacuum 2446
  • D. Rice, K. Adams, M. Billing, E. Blum, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, R. Meller, D. Morse, S. Peck, S. Peggs, J. Seeman, R. Siemann, R. Talman, M. Tigner, E. vonBorstel
Modes on a Short Spear Bunch as Observed with a Streak Camera cathode, electron, laser, streak camera 2449
  • A.P. Sabersky, M.H.R. Donald
Stochastic Cooling of Bunched Beams damping, feedback, simulation, stochastic cooling 2462
  • J.J. Bisognano, S. Chattopadhyay
Beam-Beam Simulation for LEP betatron, damping, simulation, tune 2503
  • S. Myers
Beam-Beam Limit as a Function of the Damping Time in Electron Rings betatron, damping, resonance, tune 2506
  • G. Guignard
Reduction of the Horizontal Antidamping in the DESY Electron Synchrotron damping, emittance, injection, lattice 2546
  • G. Hemmie, M. Leneke
Calculations of Capture Efficiency of the Debunched Stack in ISABELLE acceleration, impedance, injection, simulation 2558
  • E. Ezura, E.C. Raka
Synchrotron Improvements with Shed Waveform acceleration, bunching, ferrite, tune 2577
  • S. Fenster, T. Dann, A. Moretti
A Computer Simulation of Injection into a Superconducting Synchrotron injection, resonance, sextupole, simulation 2599
  • B. Chen, S. Chen, E.J.N. Wilson
Turbulent Bunch Lengthening and the Microwave Instability damping, impedance, rf cavities, vacuum 2602
  • B. Zotter
Injection and Accumulation Method in the TARN acceleration, accumulation, betatron, injection 2608
  • T. Katayama, T. Nakanishi, S. Yamada
A Synchrotron Frequency Splitting Cavity - Qs Cavity - for the SRS Storage Ring coupling, impedance, instability, spectrum 2618
  • T.E. Swain
Higher-Order Terms in a Perturbation Expansion for the Impedance of a Corrugated Wave Guide accelerator, electron, impedance, light source 2621
  • S. Krinsky, R.L. Gluckstern
Report on the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source betatron, injection, tune, vacuum 2724
  • A. Jackson, SRS Accelerator Group
The Aladdin Frequency Accelerating System Power Amplifier: 140 kW at Considerably Less Than a Dollar a Watt brightness, cathode, electron, radiation 2780
  • E.M. Rowe
Inhomogeneities in Magnetic Field due to Variations of Lamination Gap Heights alignment, field, light source 2815
  • J.N. Galayda, R.N. Heese, S. Krinsky
A New Generation of High Power CW-Klystrons for Accelerator and Storage Ring Application, Practical Experience and Aspectrs for Future Developments accelerator, cw, electron, klystron 2833
  • H. Musfeldt, H. Kumpfert, Dr. W. Schmidt
Shaped Excitation Current for Synchrotron Magnets acceleration, field, neutron, proton 2856
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg
125 KW - 52.88 MHz Tetrode Amplifier for the National Synchrotron Light Source accelerator, controls, impedance, light source 2912
  • G.P. Grill, J.R. Tomcavage
RF Power Systems for the National Synchrotron Light Source booster, controls, electron, x-ray 2997
  • T. Dickinson, R.H. Rheaume
Development of the RF Accelerating System for the GSI Heavy Ion Synchrotron accelerator, ferrite, field, ion 3004
  • K. Kaspar, M. Emmerling
The Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Extraction Kicker Magnet Drive System extraction, feedback, kicker, timing 3017
  • D.E. Suddeth, G.J. Volk
Study of RF Capture Process in the Argonne Rapid Cycling Synchrotron acceleration, field, injection, simulation 3040
  • Y. Cho, C.W. Potts, A.V. Rauchas, S.-A. Shin, H. Takeda
Injection Dynamics and Multiturn Charge-Exchange Injection into the Fast Cycling Synchrotron for the SNS field, injection, proton, septum 3085
  • V.C. Kempson, C.W. Planner, V.T. Pugh
Synchrotron Radiation from Ends of Straight-Linear Interval electron, field, radiation, spectrum 3130
  • M.M. Nikitin, A.F. Medvedev, M.B. Moiseev
Status of the Aladdin Project electron, microtron, radiation, vacuum 3145
  • E.M. Rowe, M.A. Green, J.W. Hicks, W.S. Trzeciak, W.R. Winter Jr.
Status of the National Synchrotron Light Source Project booster, injection, linac, x-ray 3163
  • R.N. Heese
Free Electron Laser Experiment at the NSLS 700 MeV Electron Storage Ring electron, laser, radiation, undulator 3166
  • J.P. Blewett, L. Blumberg, A.J. Campillo, R.P. DiNardo, H.C. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, C. Pellegrini, J. Schuchman, P.Z. Takacs, A. Van Steenbergen
Design of UVSOR Light Source at IMS betatron, field, injection, radiation 3175
  • M. Watanabe, T. Katayama, M. Kihara, O. Matsudo, K. Sakai, K. Takami, A. Uchida, K. Yoshida
Computation of Intrabeam Charge Exchange Rate acceleration, emittance, ion, lifetime 3178
  • R.A. Sacks, R.C. Arnold
Design of a 6 Tesla Wiggler for the National Synchrotron Light Source electron, field, radiation, wiggler 3292
  • H. Hsieh, S. Krinsky, A. Luccio, A. van Steenbergen
Relevance of Accelerator/Storage Ring Technological Developments to U.S.A. Science and Technology - Past, Present and Future accelerator, electron, ion, radiation 3553
  • J.E. Leiss