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Keyword: proton

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The Fermilab Proton-Antiproton Collider antiproton, electron, electron cooling, target 2008
  • D.E. Young
HERA, A New Stage in Colliding Beam Facilities electron, luminosity, quadrupole, vacuum 2020
  • B.H. Wiik
The Status of CHEER electron, insertion, polarization, radiation 2028
  • A. Skuja, CHEER Group
Design of Muon Storage Rings for Neutrino Oscillations Experiments acceptance, injection, muon, neutrino 2034
  • D. Neuffer
Preparation and Study of Bunches Containing 1011Protons in the Fermilab Main Ring acceleration, accelerator, injection, synchrotron 2037
  • J.E. Griffin, J.F. Bridges, J.A. MacLachlan
Review of the Fermilab Main Ring Accelerator Study Program as Directed to the p Program acceleration, accelerator, emittance, lifetime 2040
  • J.E. Griffin, J.F. Bridges, J.A. MacLachlan
KEK Accelerator Facilities and Tristan Project booster, collider, electron, linac 2052
  • T. Kamei, Y. Kimura
Prospects for Pion and Kaon Factories cyclotron, injection, pion, synchrotron 2060
  • D.E. Nagle
Developments in Non-Destructive Beam Diagnostics accelerator, diagnostics, emittance, ion 2137
  • J.S. Fraser
A Transverse Schottky Noise Detector for Bunched Proton Beams betatron, pick-up, spectrum, synchrotron 2147
  • T. Linnecar, W. Scandale
A Transverse Beam Profile Monitor for p- Studies in the CERN SPS acceleration, electron, emittance, vacuum 2180
  • A. Barisy, R. Bellone, R. Blanchard, J. Camas, L. Evans, G. Ferioli, R. Hopkins, P. Sievers, J.P. Zanasco
Very Low Intensity Storage-Ring Profile Monitor electron, emittance, ion, residual gas 2219
  • T. Hardek, W. Kells, H. Lai
A Sealed Metal Argon Ionization Chamber (Argonion) ion, ionization, monitoring, radiation 2243
  • V. Agoritsas
Metallic Wedge Degraders for Rapid Energy Measurement of Bevalac Heavy Ion Beams accelerator, alignment, ion, target 2276
  • R. Wada, J.R. Alonso
Fermilab Energy Doubler Beam Position Detector acceleration, accelerator, impedance, quadrupole 2290
  • R.E. Shafer, T.H. Nicol, R.C. Webber
A Beam Position Monitor System for the Proton Storage Ring at LAMPF accumulation, extraction, injection, timing 2308
  • E.F. Higgins, F.D. Wells
A Novel Current Monitor for DC and Modulated Magnets in the Proton Storage Ring coupling, feedback, impedance 2314
  • B.R. Sandberg
Experiments with Beam Position Sensors accelerator, crystal, cw, electron 2328
  • K.C.D. Chan, R.T.F. Bird, M.F. Coulas, J. McKeown, Y.M. Shin
A Toroidal DC Beam Current Transformer with High Resolution antiproton, feedback, modulator, vacuum 2344
  • K. Unser
Electron Cooling Experiments at Fermilab electron, electron cooling, equilibrium, tune 2386
  • R. Forster, T. Hardek, D.E. Johnson, W. Kells, V. Kerner, H. Lai, A.J. Lennox, P. McIntyre, F. Mills, Y. Miyahara, L. Oleksiuk, R. Peters, T. Rhoades, D. Young
PS Beam Measurements at Flat-Top Fields near Transition Energy field, instability, space-charge, synchrotron 2389
  • R. Cappi, J.P. Delahaye, K.H. Reich
Duality Theorem of Nonstatistical and Statistical Beam Phase Spaces accelerator 2500
  • Y.B. Chen, X. Xie
A Survey of Collective Instabilities for Electron, Proton and Antiproton Beams in the SPS antiproton, damping, impedance, standing wave 2537
  • B. Chen, S. Chen, E.J.N. Wilson, B. Zotter
RF Phase Shake and Counterphasing at Phase Transition emittance, instability, quadrupole, timing 2563
  • Y. Mizumachi, K. Muto
Buncher System Parameter Optimization bunching, field, linac, rf cavities 2630
  • E.A. Wadlinger
Recent Developments in Polarized Ion Sources field, gun, ion, polarization 2640
  • E.F. Parker
A New Type Polarized H- Ion Source with Oriented Na Atoms field, ion, laser, polarization 2690
  • Y. Mori, S. Fukumoto, K. Ito, A. Takagi
Polarized Proton Preaccelerator Program extraction, injection, ion, quadrupole 2693
  • S. Fukumoto, Z. Igarashi, S. Inagaki, K. Ito, T. Kato, C. Kubota, Y. Mori, A. Takagi, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka
Antriproton Collection from a Production Target acceptance, antiproton, scattering, target 2711
  • F. Krienen, J.A. MacLachlan
On the Multiturn Injection of High-Power Beams into an Accumulator Ring brightness, injection, septum, tune 2767
  • P.F. Meads, Jr.
A High Intensity Beam Dump for the Tevatron Beam Abort System accelerator, instrumentation, radiation, thermal 2774
  • J. Kidd, N. Mokhov, T. Murphy, M. Palmer, T. Toohig, F. Turkot, A. Van Ginneken
Pulsed High Current Optics for Production at 5.4 GeV/c acceptance, antiproton, field, target 2785
  • J.A. MacLachlan, G. Nicholls, J. Nicholls, G. Silvestrov, T. Vsevolozhskaya
Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring Extraction System extraction, kicker, target, timing 2791
  • D.W. Hudgings, A.J. Jason
Water-Cooled Beam Line Components at LAMPF accelerator, maintenance, target, vacuum 2850
  • D.L. Grisham, J.E. Lambert
Investigation of the Disc-and-Washer Structure coupling, impedance, linac, simulation 2853
  • G. Mavrogenes, W.J. Gallagher
Shaped Excitation Current for Synchrotron Magnets acceleration, field, neutron, synchrotron 2856
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg
Proton Model of a Heavy-Ion RFQ Linac acceleration, acceptance, emittance, heavy-ion 2862
  • R.W. Müller, H. Deitinghoff, K. Halfmann, P. Junior, H. Klein, K. Langbein, J. Müller, W. Neumann, A. Schempp
Sparking Tests, and Design Considerations for RFQ - Structures accelerator, field, focusing, ion 2865
  • H. Klein, H. Deitinghoff, K. Halfmann, P. Junior, A. Schönlein, A. Schempp
Measurements of H0 and H+ Ion Yields During H- Acceleration in a 50-MEV Linac acceleration, injection, linac, vacuum 2888
  • Y. Cho, J. Madsen, S.-A. Shin, V. Stipp
Design and Operation, Water-Cooled Pyrolytic Graphite Targets at LAMPF pion, target, thermal, vacuum 2940
  • R.D. Brown, D.L. Grisham
Design of a Power Amplifier for the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring Transverse Damper System coupling, feedback, monitoring 2952
  • J.S. Lunsford
Improved FNAL Linac Beam Choppers accelerator, chopper, ion, linac 2994
  • K. Bourkland, C. Curtis, G. Lee, G. Tool
Monitor 1981 maintenance, shielding, target, vacuum 3007
  • D.L. Grisham, T.S. Baldwin, E.L. Ekberg, J.E. Lambert
The New Internal Beam Dump at the SPS. Temperature and Stress Calculations and Its Design. accelerator, field, shielding, thermal 3062
  • A. Ijspeert, R. Bellone, P. Sievers
Improved Dynamic Filters for the Main Ring Magnet Power Supply of the KEK 12 GeV PS accelerator, feed forward, impedance, quadrupole 3068
  • H. Baba, K. Asaji, A. Kabe, K. Kitagawa, T. Kubo, S. Matsumoto, H. Sato
Injection Dynamics and Multiturn Charge-Exchange Injection into the Fast Cycling Synchrotron for the SNS field, injection, septum, synchrotron 3085
  • V.C. Kempson, C.W. Planner, V.T. Pugh
An Electrostatic Beam Splitter for the SIN 590 MeV Proton Beam Line cathode, field, septum, vacuum 3094
  • M. Olivo, U. Rohrer, E. Steiner
Intense Pulsed Neutron Sources accelerator, neutron, spallation, target 3115
  • R.L. Kustom
New Applications of Particle Accelerators in Medicine, Material Sciences, and Industry accelerator, injection, neutron, pion 3120
  • E.A. Knapp
Prescription for a Gain-Enhanced Free Electron Laser with an Electromagnetic Pump Field electron, field, laser, pion 3147
  • H.R. Hiddleston, S.B. Segall
A New Stringer for the LAMPF Radiation Effects Facility insertion, neutron, radiation, spectrum 3172
  • R.D. Brown, C.F. Hansen
A Low Energy Van De Graaff Accelerator for the Study of Semiconductor Detector Surfaces and of the Stopping Power of Biological Materials accelerator, plasma, radiation, scattering 3190
  • A.K.M.M. Haque
Magnetization Characterization Study for the Energy Saver/Doubler Dipoles accelerator, coupling, field, instrumentation 3211
  • A.D. McInturff, D. Gross
Tests of a 3 Meter Curved Superconducting Beam Transport Dipole Magnet accelerator, field, quench, vacuum 3231
  • J.E. Allinger, A.S. Carroll, G.T. Danby, B. DeVito, J.W. Jackson, W.J. Leonhardt, A.G. Prodell, J. Weisenbloom
Studies of Quench Propagation in a Superconducting Window Frame Magnet acceleration, accelerator, quench, thermal 3234
  • J. Allinger, A. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J. Jackson, W. Leonhardt, A. Prodell, R. Stoehr
Test Dipole Magnets for the TRISTAN Superconducting Proton Ring accelerator, collider, field, sextupole 3266
  • S. Mitsunobu, H. Hirabayashi, K. Hosoyama, Y. Kimura, J. Kishiro, T. Kohriki, T. Kubo, A. Yamamoto
First Cell Magnet System Tests accelerator, focusing, radiation, vacuum 3269
  • W.J. Schneider, J.J. Briggs, D.P. Brown, C.L. Foerster, H.J. Halama, A.P. Schlafke, A.P. Werner
Lifetime of Titanium Filament at Constant Current accelerator, crystal, lifetime, vacuum 3323
  • T.S. Chou, C. Lanni
Leak Checking in ISABELLE accelerator, background, ion, vacuum 3330
  • J. Briggs, H.J. Halama
Application of Slow Space Chare Waves on an IREB to Collective Ion Acceleration accelerator, dielectric, electron, ion 3352
  • G. Providakes, J. Ivers, J.A. Nation
Proton Acceleration in an Induction Linac acceleration, field, induction, injection 3380
  • J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, I. Roth
A High Intensity Proton Linear Accelerator for the German Spallation Neutron Source (SNQ) accelerator, focusing, linac, neutron 3455
  • J.E. Vetter, The Linear Accelerator Working Group
Periodic Approach to Space Charge Limit in Proton Linear Accelerators damping, field, focusing, linac 3501
  • S. Inagaki
Measurements of Phase Shift Due to Beam Loading in KEK Linac accelerator, field, linac, pick-up 3507
  • T. Kato, E. Takasaki
The Physics Frontier in Elementary Particles and Future Accelerators coupling, electron, field, photon 3542
  • C. Rubbia
Accelerator R/D in the U.S. High Energy Physics Program - Past, Present and Future accelerator, electron, field, laser 3549
  • M. Tigner