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Keyword: acceleration

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Early Days at the Radiation Laboratory cyclotron, radiation, vacuum, x-ray 2004
  • W.M. Brobeck
New Developments at PETRA injection, luminosity, optics, tune 2025
  • J. Rossbach, PETRA Storage Ring Group
Acceleration of Polarized Protons in the Brookhaven AGS ferrite, field, polarization, resonance 2031
  • K.M. Terwilliger, J.A. Bywater, E.D. Courant, D.G. Crabb, A. Feltman, M. Fujisaki, A.D. Krisch, R. Lambiase, R.J. Lari, Y.Y. Lee, L.G. Ratner, R.D. Ruth, L.W. Smith
Preparation and Study of Bunches Containing 1011Protons in the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, injection, proton, synchrotron 2037
  • J.E. Griffin, J.F. Bridges, J.A. MacLachlan
Review of the Fermilab Main Ring Accelerator Study Program as Directed to the p Program accelerator, emittance, lifetime, proton 2040
  • J.E. Griffin, J.F. Bridges, J.A. MacLachlan
Acceleration and Stacking of Particles in the CERN Linac, PS and ISR deuteron, injection, linac, tune 2049
  • M. Bouthéon, R. Cappi, H. Haseroth, C.E. Hill, J.-P. Koutchouk
The Design of the Argonne Double-Sided Microtron field, linac, microtron, septum 2077
  • T.K. Khoe, Y. Cho, R.J. Holt, H.E. Jackson, G.S. Mavrogenes
Bunch Length Compression Inside a Separated Sector Isochronous Cyclotron and Related Problems cyclotron, emittance, field, injection 2122
  • A. Chabert, G. Gendreau, P. Lapostolle, P. Yvon
Fast Beam Profile Measurement cathode, electron, field, synchrotron 2160
  • W. Ebeling
A Transverse Beam Profile Monitor for p- Studies in the CERN SPS electron, emittance, proton, vacuum 2180
  • A. Barisy, R. Bellone, R. Blanchard, J. Camas, L. Evans, G. Ferioli, R. Hopkins, P. Sievers, J.P. Zanasco
Longitudinal Beam Signal Processing for the Fermilab Beam Quality Monitor accelerator, impedance, monitoring, software 2240
  • E.F. Higgins, Jr., C. Moore
The Isabelle Accelerator Software, Control System and Beam Diagnostic Philosophy accelerator, feedback, injection, lattice 2264
  • M. Cornacchia, J.W. Humphrey, J. Niederer, J.H. Poole
Fermilab Energy Doubler Beam Position Detector accelerator, impedance, proton, quadrupole 2290
  • R.E. Shafer, T.H. Nicol, R.C. Webber
Tevatron Serial Data Repeater System CAMAC, accelerator, booster, spectrum 2301
  • R.J. Ducar
A Microprocessor Based Function Generator for Superconducting Dipole Correction Coils CAMAC, accelerator, injection, timing 2311
  • D. Beechy, D. Bogert, S. Segler, T. Watts
A Radial Signal Process Method for the BPS Booster LLRF Control System booster, bunching, equilibrium, synchrotron 2334
  • R.Y. Cui
Calculation of Beam Injection and Modes of Acceleration for the JINR Phasotron accelerator, betatron, field, injection 2395
  • S.B. Vorozhtsov, V.P. Dmitrievsky
Experiments on Stochastic Cooling of 200 MeV Protons impedance, kicker, stochastic cooling, vacuum 2471
  • G.R. Lambertson, J. Bisognano, W. Flood, K. Kim, C. Leemann, B. Leskovar, C.C. Lo, R. Main, R. Reimers, L. Smith, J. Staples
Orbit Dynamics in Isochronous Cyclotrons accelerator, equilibrium, field, resonance 2480
  • T.A. Welton, T. Nichols
Investigation of the Coherent Beam-Beam Effects in the ISR betatron, coupling, luminosity, tune 2497
  • J.-Y. Hémery, A. Hofmann, J.-P. Koutchouk, S. Myers, L. Vos
Three-Dimensional Space-Charge Calculation Method accelerator, field, radio-frequency, space-charge 2509
  • W.P. Lysenko, E.A. Wadlinger
Calculations of Capture Efficiency of the Debunched Stack in ISABELLE impedance, injection, simulation, synchrotron 2558
  • E. Ezura, E.C. Raka
Synchrotron Improvements with Shed Waveform bunching, ferrite, synchrotron, tune 2577
  • S. Fenster, T. Dann, A. Moretti
Observations and Cure of Head-Tail Effect in the Argonne Rapid Cycling Synchrotron accelerator, field, instability, sextupole 2585
  • Y. Cho, A.V. Rauchas
Theoretical Studies of Collective Ion Acceleration in Linear Beam-Evacuated Drift Tube Systems cathode, electron, field, ion 2587
  • J.M. Grossman, I. Mayergoyz, C.D. Striffler
Particle Dynamics in the Electron Linear Accelerator electron, field, gun, linac 2590
  • S.R. Farrell, W.J. Gallagher
Simple Estimation of Focusing Properties of a Separated Sector Cyclotron with a Soft-Edge and Non-Zero Gradient Field betatron, cyclotron, field, focusing 2596
  • M. Inoue
Injection and Accumulation Method in the TARN accumulation, betatron, injection, synchrotron 2608
  • T. Katayama, T. Nakanishi, S. Yamada
Electron Bunch Space Charge Influence upon Its Energy Spread and Sizes under the Motion in Free Space accelerator, electron, field, linac 2633
  • V.A. Polyakov, I.S. Shchedrin
The Numerical Calculation of the Three Dimensional Electrical Field in the Central Region of a Cyclotron cyclotron, field, ion, ion-source 2636
  • M.B. Chen, D.A. Lind
The New Large Tandem Electrostatic Accelerators accelerator, commissioning, ion, laser 2644
  • J.B. Ball
Multi-Stage Intense Ion Beam Electrostatic Accelerator for ICF accelerator, emittance, focusing, ion 2669
  • Z.G.T. Guiragossian, J.L. Orthel
Status Report on the Oak Ridge 25 MV Tandem Accelerator accelerator, acceptance, cyclotron, vacuum 2672
  • N.F. Ziegler, J.A. Benjamin, J.A. Biggerstaff, C.M. Jones, R.C. Juras, J.E. Mann, E.G. Richardson
First Operation of a Flattop Accelerating System in an Isochronous Cyclotron acceptance, cyclotron, extraction, injection 2721
  • S. Adam, W. Joho, P. Lanz, H. Leber, N. Schmid, U. Schryber
The FMIT Experimental Draft Tube accelerator, alignment, quadrupole, radiation 2761
  • W.E. Fox, R.G. Schamaun
Instrumentation for the Tevatron Beam Dump instrumentation, monitoring, radiation, thermal 2771
  • E. Harms, B. Hendricks, G. Lee, T. Williams
Numerical Simulation of Survey Misalignment Effects in the ATA Structure accelerator, alignment, diagnostics, survey 2777
  • E.R. Close
Energy Saver Prototype Accelerating Resonator cw, field, focusing, vacuum 2782
  • Q. Kerns, M. May, H. Miller, J. Reid, F. Turkot, R.C. Webber, D. Wildman
A Unique Space Saving Accelerator Cavity Design accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 2818
  • H. Kim, F. Crosby, J. Fugitt, R. Johnson
Shaped Excitation Current for Synchrotron Magnets field, neutron, proton, synchrotron 2856
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg
Proton Model of a Heavy-Ion RFQ Linac acceptance, emittance, heavy-ion, proton 2862
  • R.W. Müller, H. Deitinghoff, K. Halfmann, P. Junior, H. Klein, K. Langbein, J. Müller, W. Neumann, A. Schempp
Measurements of H0 and H+ Ion Yields During H- Acceleration in a 50-MEV Linac injection, linac, proton, vacuum 2888
  • Y. Cho, J. Madsen, S.-A. Shin, V. Stipp
LAMPF Dual-Energy Operation accelerator, field, optics, timing 2910
  • D.C. Hagerman, R.E. Hill, W.T. Hunter, R.J. Macek, O.B. van Dyck
Use of a Small Off-Line Computer in the Operation of a Versatile Heavy Ion Cyclotron cyclotron, field, ion, resonance 2934
  • R.A. Gough
ISABELLE Magnet Power Supply System Performance Analysis accelerator, accumulation, extraction, field 2937
  • R.J. Edwards
Vane Fabrication for the Proof-of-Principle Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator accelerator, focusing, ion, quadrupole 2967
  • S.W. Williams, J.M. Potter
Improvement of the 108 MHz RF-Amplifiers for the Unilac Alvarez Structure coupling, damping, impedance, shielding 3012
  • G. Hutter, N. Angert
Active Filter for High Current dc Magnets accelerator, booster, feedback, impedance 3014
  • F. F. Cilyo, F.E. Mills, Y. Miyahara
Regulation of the Accelerated Intensity in SATURNE extraction, injection, monitoring, tune 3026
  • L. Degueurce, A. Nakach
RF System for MIMAS accelerator, ferrite, induction, ion 3028
  • C. Fougeron, V. Gontier, Ph. Leboulicaut, J. Peyromaure
Study of RF Capture Process in the Argonne Rapid Cycling Synchrotron field, injection, simulation, synchrotron 3040
  • Y. Cho, C.W. Potts, A.V. Rauchas, S.-A. Shin, H. Takeda
Measurement of Asymmetric Flux in the Gap of an Induction Accelerator Module accelerator, electron, field, induction 3099
  • G.G. North
The Control Systems for the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron Ring Power Supplies betatron, controls, injection, software 3102
  • H.K. Kuhn, J.D. Pahud
Accelerator Power Concepts Using Isolated Transmission Lines accelerator, dielectric, focusing, impedance 3105
  • W.C. Nunnally
Computation of Intrabeam Charge Exchange Rate emittance, ion, lifetime, synchrotron 3178
  • R.A. Sacks, R.C. Arnold
A Conceptual Design for an Accelerator System for a Very High-Intensity Pulsed Neutron Source Using a Linear Induction Accelerator induction, ion, linac, neutron 3181
  • M.H. Foss
Cyrogenic Systems for Large Superconducting Accelerators/Storage Rings accelerator, algorithms, factory 3214
  • D.P. Brown
Diagnostics for Superconducting r.f. Cavities electron, field, ion, x-ray 3217
  • H. Lengeler
First Results on a 500 MHz Superconducting Test Cavity for TRISTAN accelerator, electron, field, x-ray 3225
  • T. Furuya, S. Hiramatsu, T. Kato, P. Kneisel, Y. Kojima, T. Nakazato, T. Takagi
Studies of Quench Propagation in a Superconducting Window Frame Magnet accelerator, proton, quench, thermal 3234
  • J. Allinger, A. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J. Jackson, W. Leonhardt, A. Prodell, R. Stoehr
Improving the Bevatron Vacuum to 10-10 Torr extraction, ion, thermal, vacuum 3260
  • The Bevatron Vacuum Improvement Team
Investigation of a Modified Helix Loaded Superconducting Resonator for Acceleration of Heavy Ions field, injection, ion, vacuum 3312
  • K.W. Zieher, A. Hornung
High Current Betatron betatron, electron, field, injection 3340
  • G. Barak, A. Fisher, H. Ishizuka, N. Rostoker
Laser Beat Wave Electron Accelerator electron, field, radiation, wiggler 3346
  • P. Sprangle, C.-M. Tang
The IFA-2 Collective Accelerator electron, ion, ionization, laser 3349
  • C.L. Olson, C.A. Frost, R.A. Gerber, J.R. Woodworth
Recent Advances in Collective Ion Accelerators accelerator, electron, ion, vacuum 3355
  • M. Reiser
Laser Driven Electron Accelerators accelerator, electron, field, plasma 3370
  • R.B. Palmer
Proton Acceleration in an Induction Linac field, induction, injection, proton 3380
  • J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, I. Roth
Operating Experience with a High Current Cs+1 Injector for Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, emittance, induction, ion 3389
  • W. Chupp, A. Faltens, E. Hartwig, W. Herrmannsfeldt, E. Hoyer, D. Keefe, C. Kim, M. Lampel, E. Lofgren, R. Nemetz, S.S. Rosenblum, J. Shiloh, M. Tiefenback, D. Vanecek
Em Wave Electron Acceleration electron, field, laser, plasma 3395
  • D.J. Sullivan, B.B. Godfrey
Collective Acceleration of Light and Heavy Ions electron, field, ion, laser 3404
  • W.W. Destler, J.T. Cremer, L.E. Floyd, C.R. Parsons, M. Reiser, J.W. Rudmin
Self-Consistent Analysis of the Self-Resonant Electron-Cyclotron Linear Accelerator electron, field, laser, radiation 3418
  • J.L. Vomvoridis
Characterization of a Transverse Particle Acceleration System accelerator, field, injection, radiation 3421
  • N.C. Schoen
The Racetrack Induction Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, induction 3433
  • C.W. Roberson
The Status of the Argonne Heavy Ion Fusion Low-Beta Linac emittance, funneling, ion, linac 3449
  • J.M. Watson, J.M. Bogaty, A. Moretti, R.A. Sacks, N.Q. Sesol, A.J. Wright
RFQ for Heavy Ion Fusion acceptance, emittance, ion, linac 3473
  • N. Kobayashi, S. Kawasaki, A. Miyahara
Initial Operation of a 100% Duty Factor 3 MeV Alvarez Linac accelerator, cw, field, linac 3495
  • J. Ungrin, J.C. Brown, B.G. Chidley, G.E. McMichael, S.O. Schriber
RFQ Linac for the Numatron Project field, ion, linac, quadrupole 3510
  • N. Tokuda, S. Arai, T. Hori, T. Katayama, T. Nakanishi, A. Noda, N. Ueda
Performance Evaluation of a Heavy Ion RF Linac accelerator, focusing, ion, linac 3520
  • R. Die-Cas, H. Leboutet, J. Pottier
Accelerating Particles with Transverse Cavity Modes accelerator, electron, field, resonance 3529
  • N.R. Pereira, R.O. Hunter, Jr.
Electron Acceleration in a Homogenious Disc Loaded Guide with Beam Loading Effect electron, field, linac, radiation 3532
  • I.S. Shchedrin