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Keyword: lattice

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A Review of Proposed New European Synchrotron Light Sources brilliance, emittance, radiation, synchrotron 99
  • M. W. Poole (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
The PEP - II Asymmetric B Factory: Design Details and R&D Results collider, damping, feedback, vacuum 464
  • E. Bloom, H. DeStaebler, J. Dorfan, B. Feerick, T. Himel, L. Klaisner, D. Nelson, E. Reuter, J. Seeman (SLAC), T Elioff, D. Hunt, M. Zisman (LBNL), T. McCarville, R. Yamamoto, K. van Bibber (LLNL)
Design Status of the High Energy Ring of the PEP - II B Factory alignment, sextupole, tune, vacuum 467
  • J. T. Seeman, Ring Group For the PEP-II B- Factory High Energy (SLAC)
Horizontal Crossing Angle Scheme for Tau-Charm Facotry collider, damping, factory, luminosity 470
  • P. F. Beloshitsky, E.A. Perelstein (JINR, Dubna)
A Versatile TBA Lattice for a Tau-Charm Factory with and without Beam Monochromatization emittance, lifetime, luminosity, optics 479
  • A. Faus-Golfe, J. Le Duff (LAL Orsay)
600 MeV, 100 to 200 A Proton Accelerator Designs at IBA cyclotron, extraction, field, injection 491
  • D. Vandeplassche, W. Beeckman, Y. Jongen (Ion Beam Applications S. A., Louvain-la-Neuve)
Racetrack Lattices for the KAON Accumulator and Booster Rings booster, injection, quadrupole, tune 494
  • D. Kaltchev, M. K. Craddock, R. V. Servranckx (TRIUMF)
The Crystal Storage Ring Project at Legnaro crystal, electron, instability, ion 521
  • G. Bisoffi, G. Ciullo, A. Dainelli, S. Gustafsson, A. Labrador, M. F. Moisio, A. Pisent, B. Tiveron (Lab. Naz. di Legnaro and INFN), A. Burov, N.S. Dikansky, D.V. Pestrikov, V. Rotayev, A. Semyakin, A. Sharapa (BINP Novosibirsk), A. G. Ruggiero (BNL), R. Hasse, I. Hofmann, J. Struckmeier (GSI Darmstadt), G. Lamanna, B. Yang (Lab. Naz.di Legnaro and INFN and PROEL-Tecnologie Firenze), M. Greiser (MPI Heidelberg), T. Clauser, M. Rutigliano, V. Stagno, V. Variale (Univ. di Bari and INFN), R. Calabrese, V. Guidi, P. Lenisa, F. Masoli, F. Petrucci (Univ. di Ferrara and INFN), G. Di Massa, M. R. Masullo, V. Vaccaro (Univ. of Napli and INFN), E. Mariotti, L. Moi (University di Siena and INFN), L. Tecchio (University di Torino and INFN)
Towards an Increased Brilliance at the ESRF brilliance, coupling, emittance, skew 582
  • A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
Status of the New High Brilliance Synchrotron Light Source BESSYII booster, field, light source, synchrotron 585
  • D. Krämer (BESSY)
Status of the Synchrotron Radiation Source MAX II emittance, injection, sextupole, vacuum 588
  • Å. Andersson, M. Eriksson, L. -J. Lindgren, P. Röjsel, M. Werin (Maxwell Labs)
Status Report on Operation of the Daresbury SRS after Recent Additions and Upgrades accelerator, lifetime, vacuum, wiggler 591
  • P. D. Quinn (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Possible Retuning of the ESRF Storage Ring Lattice for Reducing the Beam Emittance brilliance, emittance, optics, quadrupole 612
  • L. Farvacque, J. L. Laclare, A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble), H. Tanaka (JAERI-RIKEN, Hyogo), P. Nghiem, J. Payet, A. Tkatchenko (LNS, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette)
New Optics for SOLEIL emittance, insertion, optics, quadrupole 615
  • P. Brunelle, M.P. Level, A. Nadji, M. Sommer, H. Zyngier (LURE), P. Nghiem, J. Payet, A. Tkatchenko (LNS, Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Proposals for New UK Light Sources brilliance, electron, radiation, synchrotron 621
  • M. W. Poole, V. P. Suller (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
The Design of the HELIOS 2 Compact Source for Operation with a Low Frequency Accelerating System electron, injection, lifetime, scattering 624
  • N. C. E. Crosland, V. C. Kempson (Oxford Instruments, Oxford), M. W. Poole, S. L. Smith (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Dynamic Properties of the ROSY Optics electron, emittance, multipole, synchrotron 630
  • D. Einfeld, H. Büttig, W. Gläser, H. Guratzsch, D. Janssen, W. Matz, W. Neumann, D. Proöhl, R. Schlenk, H. Tyrroff (Research Center Rossendorf), R. Rossmanith (CEBAF), J. B. Murphy (NSLS-BNL), M. Plesko, D. Tomassini (Sincrotrone Trieste), Th Goetz (University of Bonn)
A Low Emittance Optics for a Pure Insertion Device Lattice emittance, insertion, optics, radiation 633
  • D. Einfeld, J. Schaper (Fachhochschule Ostfriesland), M. Plesko (Sincrotrone Trieste)
The Proposed Low Emittance Lattice for the PF Storage Ring emittance, factory, optics, photon 636
  • M. Katoh, A. Araki, Y. Hori, T. Kasuga, Y. Kobayashi, Factory Photon (KEK)
An Optimized Low Emittance Lattice for SPEAR emittance, injection, insertion, quadrupole 642
  • H.-D. Nuhn (SLAC)
Update on Commissioning and Operations with the Second Superconducting Wiggler at Daresbury commissioning, field, tune, wiggler 648
  • J. A. Clarke, D. M. Dykes, S. F. Hill, E. A. Hughes, P. A. McIntosh, M. W. Poole, P. D. Quinn, S. L. Smith, V. P. Suller, L. A. Welbourne (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
A Local Compensation Scheme for Insertion Devices in the 8 GeV Electron Storage Ring SPring-8 emittance, field, insertion, wiggler 660
  • K. Soutome, A. Ando, S. Daté, Y. Miyahara, T. Nakamura, H. Tanaka (JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team, Tokyo)
Design of the 800 MeV Booster Synchrotron for the Synchrotron Ligh Source ROSY booster, injection, linac, synchrotron 665
  • D. Einfeld, H. Guratzsch, G. Müller (Research Center Rossendorf)
The Application of Lie Algebra Methods to PEP-II Design accelerator, resonance, synchrotron, tune 899
  • J. Irwin, N. Walker, Y. T. Yan (SLAC)
Symplectic Tracking Using Point Magnets and a Reference Orbit Made of Circular Arcs and Straight Lines accelerator, coupling, field, tune 905
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Symplectic Tracking Using Point Magnets in the Presence of a Longitudinal Magnetic Field accelerator, field 908
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Analysis of Resonant Structures of a 4D Model of a Nonlinear Magnetic Lattice through Resonant Normal Forms accelerator, coupling, hadron, resonance 914
  • E. Todesco (Univ. of Bologna and INFN, Bologna)
GIOTTO: An Interactive Program for the Analysis of 2D Area Preserving Mappings background, resonance, spectrum, tune 923
  • A. Bazzani, D. Bortolotti, M. Giovannozzi, G. Servizi, E. Todesco, G. Turchetti (Univ. of Bologna and INFN, Bologna)
Simulation of 4-Turn Algorithms for Reconstructing Lattice Optic Functions from Orbit Measurements algorithms, booster, optics, tune 929
  • S. Koscielniak (TRIUMF), A. Iliev (INR, Moscow)
Multipole Contribution from an Off-axis Orbit in an IR Quadrupole and the Consequences on the Dynamic factory, field, multipole, quadrupole 956
  • M. Sullivan, Y. Cai, H. DeStaebler, M. Donald, R. Helm, J. Irwin, H. Moshammer (SLAC), S. Caspi, E. Forest, D. Robin, A. Zholents (LBNL)
Transition-Energy Crossing with a t-Jump coupling, impedance, ion, simulation 973
  • J. Wei, S. Peggs (BNL)
Normal Form Analysis of the Tevatron accelerator, collider, resonance, tune 988
  • J. A. Holt (FNAL)
Optimization and Tracking Studies for the 1.7 GeV Light Source BESSY II insertion, optics, quadrupole, sextupole 994
  • V. Sajaev (INP, Novosibirsk), B. Kuske, D. Schirmer, G. Wüstefeld (BESSY mbH, Berlin)
Preliminary Lattice Studies for the Proposed X-ray Source DIAMOND emittance, insertion, lifetime, radiation 997
  • J. A. Clarke, S. L. Smith, L. A. Welbourne (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Low Emittance Lattices for Electron Storage Rings Revisited betatron, electron, emittance, x-ray 1000
  • D. Trbojevic, E. Courant (BNL)
Modeling of Beam Dynamics and Comparison with Measurements for the Advanced Light Source (ALS) octupole, quadrupole, skew, tune 1021
  • J. Bengtsson (LBNL), M. Meddahi (CERN)
Bump Compensation and System Error Detection using a Microsoft EXCEL Spread Sheet accelerator, commissioning, tune, wiggler 1024
  • S. L. Smith, L. A. Welbourne (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
RHIC Susceptibility to Variations in Systematic Magnetic Harmonic Errors injection, multipole, sextupole, tune 1057
  • G. F. Dell, S. Peggs, F. Pilat, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian, D. Trbojevic, J. Wei (BNL)
Beam-beam Tune Shift and Dynamical Beta Function in PEP-II betatron, luminosity, simulation, tune 1144
  • M. A. Furman (LBNL)
The Effect of Various Particle Distribution Functions on the Modeling of Space Charge Effects in a High-Order Optics Code field, neutron, optics, quadrupole 1168
  • D. L. Bruhwiler, M. F. Reusch (Northrop Gumman Corporate Research Center, Princeton, NJ)
Behavior of Space-Charge Dominated Ion Beams in Storage Rings betatron, emittance, ion, tune 1189
  • A. F. Haffmans, D. Maletic, A. G. Ruggiero (BNL)
The Space Charge Effect in Slow Extraction by Third Integer Resonance field, octupole, resonance, tune 1233
  • Yu. Senichev, V. Balandin (INR of RAS, Moscow)
Simulation of Beam-Beam Lifetime for LEP accelerator, lifetime, resonance, simulation 1356
  • T. Chen, J. Irwin, R. Siemann (SLAC)
Crystalline Beam in a Storage Ring: How Long Can It Last? betatron, field, focusing, simulation 1379
  • X.-P. Li (BIOSYM Technologies Inc., San Diego), J. Wei (BNL), A. M. Sessler (LBNL)
Numerical Modeling of a Small Recirculating Induction Accelerator for Heavy-Ion Fusion acceleration, accelerator, focusing, induction 1397
  • W. M. Sharp, J. J. Barnard, A. Friedman, D. P. Grote, S. M. Lund, M. A. Newton (LLNL), T. J. Fessenden, S. S. Yu (LBNL)
BPM System for Storage Rings, Measuring Beam Position Against Quadrupole Magnets Magnetic Centre alignment, betatron, quadrupole, tune 1557
  • P. Röjsel (Max-Lab, Lund University)
Development of Global Feedback for Beam Position Control in the Daresbury SRS Storage Ring electron, feedback, simulation, software 1574
  • B. G. Martlew, R. J. Smith, S. L. Smith (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Long Term Drifts and Correction of the SRS Closed Orbit electron, injection, monitoring, quadrupole 1577
  • L. A. Welbourne (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington)
Low Intensity and Injection Studies on the ISIS Synchrotron betatron, field, injection, synchrotron 1722
  • C. M. Warsop (Daresbury Laboratory, Didcot)
Relational Databases for RHIC Design and Control accelerator, collider, controls, impedance 1806
  • C. G. Trahern, T. Clifford, M. Hemmer, W. W. MacKay, V. Mane, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, T. Satogata, E. Scholl, T. Shea (BNL)
Design of the Magnets for the Synchrotron Light Source ROSY field, light source, sextupole, synchrotron 2217
  • D. Einfeld, H. Tyrroff (Research Center Rossendorf), A. Krüssel (Fachhochschule Ostfriesland, Emden)
Calculations for the Quadrupole Triplets for the S-Band Linear Collider Test Facility collider, field, fringe fields, quadrupole 2220
  • S. G. Wipf, M. Marx (DESY)
Cryogenic and Mechanical Measurements of the First Two LHC Lattice Quadrupole Prototypes collider, quadrupole, quench, thermal 2265
  • J. M. Rifflet, J. Cortella, J. Deregel, P. Genevey, J. Pérot, P. Vedrine (CEA DSM/DAPNIA/Service Technique de Cryogenie et de Magnétisme, CD-Saclay), K. H. Henrichsen, F. Rodriguez-Mateos, N. Siegel, T. Tortschanoff (CERN)
Study of a High Gradient, Large Aperture, Nb3Sn Quadrupole for the Low- Insertions of the LHC field, multipole, quadrupole, radiation 2268
  • G. Ambrosio, G. Bellomo, L. Rossi (INFN and Physics Dept. of Univ. of Milan, LASA, Milan)