Accelerator Technology I

Title Page
Remote Handling and Accelerators 2138
  • M.T. Wilson
The Control System for LEP 2142
  • M.C. Crowley-Milling
FASTBUS for Data Acquisition and Control 2147
  • L. Costrell, W.K. Dawson
Long Distance Wideband Optical Fibre Links for Accelerator Synchronization 2152
  • H.H. Beger, D. Boussard
A Broadband Accelerator Control Network 2155
  • J. Skelly, T. Clifford, R. Frankel
The Slotted Coax as a Beam Electrode 2158
  • G.R. Lambertson, K.-J. Kim, F.V. Voelker
Emittance Calculations for the Stanford Linear Collider Injector 2161
  • J.C. Sheppard, C.A. Blocker, J.E. Clendenin, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, R.H. Miller
Single Bunch Profile Measurement Using Synchrotron Light from an Undulator 2164
  • J. Bosser, L. Burnod, R. Coisson, E. D'Amico, G. Ferioli, J. Mann, F. Meot
Single Pass Antiproton Beam Diagnostics of the CERN PS Accelerator Complex 2167
  • G. Cyvogt, B. Frammery, A. Krusche, R. Maccaferri, M. Ruette, G.C. Schneider, E. Schulte
Computer Modeling of the Klystron 2170
  • P.J. Tallerico, B.E. Carlsten
Reducing Ferrite Tuner Power Loss by Bias Field Rotation 2173
  • W.R. Smythe
Polarimeters for the AGS Polarized Proton Beam 2176
  • D.G. Crabb, B. Bonner, J. Buchanan, J.A. Bywater, P.R. Cameron, M. Fujisake, M.E. Hejazifar, A.D. Krisch, S.L. Linn, A. Perlmutter, G. Phillips, L.G. Ratner, J. Rice, J.B. Roberts, K.M. Terwilliger
An Ionization Profile Monitor for the Brookhaven AGS 2179
  • H. Weisberg, E. Gill, P. Ingrassia, E. Rodger
Properties and Possible Use of Beam-Beam Synchrotron Radiation 2182
  • M. Bassetti, J. Bosser, R. Coisson, M. Gygi-Hanney, A. Hofmann, E. Keil
Continuous Tune Measurements Using the Schottky Detector 2185
  • T. Linnecar, W. Scandale
A Measurement of the Transverse Particle Distribution in the Presence of the Beam-Beam Interaction 2188
  • G. Decker, R. Talman
Beam Diagnostic Instrumentation at CESR 2190
  • D. Rice, K. Adams, G. Aharonian, M. Billing, G. Decker, C. Dunnam, M. Giannella, G. Jackson, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, D. Morse, S. Peck, L. Sakazaki, J. Seeman, R. Siemann, R. Talman
Fast Lifetime Measurements of Stored e+/e- Single Bunches in PETRA and DORIS II Utilizing the AC-Signals of Simple Beam Current Transformers 2193
  • W. Radloff, W. Kriens
Further Development of Instrumentation for the Tevatron Beam Dump 2196
  • E. Harms, B. Hendricks, T.L. Williams
A New Method for Longitudinal Emittance Measurements 2198
  • P. Strehl
Imagescope to Photodiode Beam-Profile Imaging System 2201
  • D.D. Chamberlin, J.S. Hollabaugh, C.J. Stump, Jr.
An Emittance Scanner for Intense Low-Energy Ion Beams 2204
  • P.W. Allison, D.B. Holtkamp, J.D. Sherman
Beam Dump/Diagnostics Assembly for a 10-kA, 50 MeV, 50-ns Electron Beam 2207
  • J.M. White, T.J. Fessenden, R.A. Fontaine, A.R. Harvey, A.C. Paul
A Beam Current Monitor for Intense Electron Beams 2210
  • R.B. Fiorito, M. Raleigh, S.M. Seltzer
A High Resolution Wire Scanner Beam Profile Monitor with a Microprocessor Data Acquisition System 2213
  • R.I. Cutler, D.L. Mohr, J.K. Whittaker, N.R. Yoder
Cherenkov Light as a Current Density Diagnostic for Large Area, Repteitively Pulsed Electron Beams 2216
  • M. Buttram, R. Hamil
Calibration of the Ring Model for the NSLS Rings 2219
  • E. Bozoki
Microprocessor Techniques and Construction at the NSLS 2222
  • J.D. Klein, J.F. Sheehan
A Single Bunch Transfer System for the National Synchrotron Light Source 2225
  • J. Sheehan, W. Rambo, O. Singh
Beam Steering at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory 2228
  • R.O. Hettel
Beam Diagnostics for HESYRL, the 800-MeV Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Hefei 2231
  • Y. Yin
Improving the Phase Stability of the SLAC rf Driveline Network for SLC Operation 2234
  • J.N. Weaver, H.A. Hogg
Energy Measurement Using a Resonator Based Time-of-Flight System 2237
  • R.C. Pardo, B. Clifft, K.W. Johnson, R.N. Lewis
Reduction of the Apparent Impedance of Wide Band Accelerating Cavities by rf Feedback 2239
  • D. Boussard, G. Lambert
Proposal for an Extra rf System Dedicated to Bunch Length Control and Synchrotron Movement Stabilization 2242
  • M. Bergher
Measurement of the Instaneous 200 MHz Bunch Currents at 750 keV for the CERN Linac 2 2244
  • J. Knott
Wide Dynamic Range (7 Decades) Beam Position and Profile Measurement for the CERN LEAR 2247
  • L. Bernard, C. Dutriat, J. Gabardo, M. Le Gras, P. Têtu, U. Tallgren, D.J. Williams
An R.F. Device for Precision Location of the Beam Position Detectors in the Energy Saver 2250
  • Q.A. Kerns, G.H. Biallas, F. Turkot, R.C. Webber, A. Wehmann
Prototype Phase and Amplitude Feedback-Control Systems for the FMIT Accelerator 2253
  • M.V. Fazio, R.D. Patton
Wide-Bandwith Test Fixture for Electromagnetic Beam Sensors 2256
  • J.D. Gilpatrick, D.D. Chamberlin, J. Hahn, B.A. Sherwood
Low-Noise Gallium-Arsenide Field-Effect Transistor Preamplifiers for Stochastic Beam Cooling Systems 2259
  • B. Leskovar, C.C. Lo
An Array of 1- to 2-GHz Electrodes for Stochastic Cooling 2262
  • F. Voelker, T. Henderson, J. Johnson
Phase and Amplitude Detection System for the Stanford Linear Accelerator 2264
  • J.D. Fox, H.D. Schwarz
Monitor 1983 2267
  • D.L. Grisham, J.E. Lambert
Water-Cooled Target Box Design at LAMPF 2270
  • D. Grisham, J. Lambert
The Control System for the Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Storage Ring BESSY 2273
  • G.v. Egan-Krieger, W.-D. Klotz, R. Maier
Status of the SLAC SNOOP Diagnostic Module for FASTBUS 2276
  • H.V. Walz, D.B. Gustavson
Computer-Automated Linac Diagnostics and Data Acquisition 2279
  • A. Yeremian, J. Adamski, D. Shoffstall
A Multiprocessor Bus Architecture for the LEP Control System 2281
  • J. Altaber, R. Rausch
New Methods to Correct On-Line the Closed Orbit of a Synchrotron Accelerator with Variable Focusing Configuration 2284
  • L. Burnod, E. D'Amico
Replacing Mini-Computers by Multi-Microprocessors for the LEP Control System 2287
  • J. Altaber, M.C. Crowley-Milling, P.G. Innocenti, R. Rausch
Computer Control of RF-Manipulations in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator 2290
  • R. Johnson, F. Pedersen, G. Shering, S. van der Meer
The CERN SPS Low Beta Insertion Control System 2293
  • H.K. Kuhn, A. Hilaire
A Multi-Channel Fibre-Optic Link for Analog Telemtry 2296
  • M.R. Shubaly, J.G. Plato
Accelerator Controls at DESY 2299
  • F. Peters
The Use of a Commercial Data Base Management System in the LAMPF Control System 2302
  • S.K. Brown
The Proton Storage Ring Control System 2305
  • P. Clout, S. Bair, A. Conley, R. Ford, M. Fuka, N. Greene
Data Acquisition Software for the LAMPF Control System 2308
  • S.C. Schaller, P.A. Rose
A High Performance Control System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator 2311
  • H.D. Lancaster, S.B. Magyary, R.C. Sah
Automatic Tuning of the LBL Super HILAC Third Injector Transport Line 2314
  • H. Pines
Application of Local Area Networks to Accelerator Control Systems at the Stanford Linear Accelerator 2317
  • J.D. Fox, E. Linstadt, R. Melen
On-Line Control Models for the Stanford Linear Collider 2320
  • J.C. Sheppard, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, M.D. Woodley
Wide-Band Cable Systems at SLAC 2323
  • W. Struven
A New-Control System for the SLAC Accelerator Klystrons for SLC 2325
  • R.K. Jobe
Applications of FASTBUS to Beam Diagnostics and Experiment Data Systems 2328
  • D.R. Machen
The Multiwire Secondary Emission Monitor and the Emittance Measurement of the AGS Beam 2331
  • W.T. Weng, I.-H. Chiang, G.A. Smith, A. Soukas
On Stochastic Cooling of Bunches in the Colliding Beam Mode in High Energy p- Storage Rings 2334
  • S. Chattopadhyay
An Interactive Alarm System for the CERN PS Accelerator Complex 2337
  • J. Cupérus
Synchrotron Radiation Lead Shielding of the Vacuum Chambers for LEP 2340
  • G. Chapman, O. Gröbner, G. Linser, T. Perry, G. Schmidlin
Tackling Transverse Coherent Instabilities of Co- and Counter-Rotating Beams in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator 2343
  • F. Pedersen, W. Pirkl, K. Schindl
Measurement of Single Bunch Purity in the SRS 2346
  • G.S. Brown, A. Jackson, G. Mant
Measurement of Bunch Length with an Image Dissector Tube 2348
  • G.S. Brown, V.P. Suller, E. Zinin
Bunch by Bunch Intensity Monitor for Fermilab Main Ring 2351
  • R.J. Pasquinelli
Beam Position Measurement in the Photon Factory Storage Ring 2353
  • T. Katsura, H. Nakagawa, S. Shibata
Beam Diagnostics of the Triastan Accumulation Ring 2356
  • T. Ieiri, H. Ishii, Y. Mizumachi, A. Ogata, J.-L. Pellegrin, M. Tejima
Muon Beams at the LAMPF Biomedical Channel 2359
  • M.A. Paciotti, J.N. Bradbury, O.M. Riveria
Computer Controlled Vacuum Control System for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines 2362
  • S.M. Goldberg, C. Wang, J. Yang
Monitoring of the Stanford Linac Microbunches' Position 2364
  • J.-C. Denard, G. Oxoby, J.-L. Pellegrin, S. Williams
Control of Machine Functions or Transport Systems 2367
  • M.D. Woodley, J. Jäger, A.S. King, M.J. Lee
Intermediate Energy Electron Cooling for Anitoproton Sources Using a Pelletron Accelerator 2370
  • D.B. Cline, J. Adney, J. Ferry, W. Kells, D.J. Larson, F.E. Mills, M. Sundquist