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Keyword: quadrupole

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The Radio-Frequency Quadrupole-A New Linear Accelerator accelerator, focusing, ion, linac 1999
  • R.H. Stokes, K.R. Crandall, T.P. Wangler
HERA, A New Stage in Colliding Beam Facilities electron, luminosity, proton, vacuum 2020
  • B.H. Wiik
A Conceptual Design of a Linac-Stretcher Ring to Obtain a 2-GeV Continuous Electron Beam electron, extraction, linac, resonance 2119
  • Y. Cho, R.J. Holt, H.E. Jackson, T.K. Khoe, G.S. Mavrogenes
Features of the Beam Dynamics for the SNS Synchrotron extraction, impedance, injection, lattice 2125
  • G.H. Rees
Mathematical Models for the Control Program of SLAC Linear Collider accelerator, klystron, lattice, linac 2155
  • M.J. Lee, C. Blocker, A.W. Chao, R.H. Helm, R.J. Hollebeek, T. Knight, J. Nowak, J.L. Siegrist, J.E. Spencer, R.F. Stiening, T. Sun, H. Wind, C.Y. Yao
Automatic Tuning of the LBL Bevalac Transfer Line emittance, focusing, optics, simulation 2165
  • H. Pines, F. Selph
Some Schemes for On-Line Correction of the Close Orbit, Dispersion and Beta Functions in PEP accelerator, equilibrium, insertion, tune 2207
  • M.H.R. Donald, C. Blocker, A.W. Chao, R.J. Hollebeek, M.J. Lee, J.E. Lindstadt, J.L. Siegrist, N. Spencer
Four-Dimensional Beam Tomography accelerator, emittance, space-charge 2231
  • G.N. Minerbo, R.A. Jameson, O.R. Sander
Fermilab Energy Doubler Beam Position Detector acceleration, accelerator, impedance, proton 2290
  • R.E. Shafer, T.H. Nicol, R.C. Webber
A Low Cost High Resolution DAC System for Magnet Control accelerator, electron, scattering, software 2365
  • P.J.T. Bruinsma, K. Bouwknegt, J.B. Spelt
Numerical Simulation of the Transport of Intense Beams of Heavy Ions in an Electrostatic Quadrupole System accelerator, emittance, gun, ion 2425
  • E. Close, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt
Improvements to PARMILA field, focusing, linac, simulation 2443
  • R.A. Sacks, E.P. Colton
Charged Particle Beam Transport Using Lie Algebraic Methods accelerator, sextupole 2522
  • D.R. Douglas, A.J. Dragt
Effect of the Higher Field Multipoles in Superconducting Magnets on the Good Field Aperture accelerator, betatron, field, multipole 2549
  • G. Parzen
RF Phase Shake and Counterphasing at Phase Transition emittance, instability, proton, timing 2563
  • Y. Mizumachi, K. Muto
Non-Linear Optics for the Final Focus of the Single Pass Collider collider, emittance, field, sextupole 2568
  • K.L. Brown, J.E. Spencer
Characteristics of Magnetic Focusing and Chromaticity Correction System for TARN field, impedance, instability, sextupole 2612
  • A. Noda, A. Garren, T. Hattori, Y. Hirao, T. Hori, T. Katayama, A. Mizobuchi, M. Mutou, H. Sasaki, M. Takanaka
An Intense H- Source for the IPNS-I Rapid Cycling Synchrotron CAMAC, extraction, impedance, ion 2678
  • D.R. Moffett, R.L. Barner
Polarized Proton Preaccelerator Program extraction, injection, ion, proton 2693
  • S. Fukumoto, Z. Igarashi, S. Inagaki, K. Ito, T. Kato, C. Kubota, Y. Mori, A. Takagi, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka
The FMIT Experimental Draft Tube acceleration, accelerator, alignment, radiation 2761
  • W.E. Fox, R.G. Schamaun
Low Frequency Duty Factor Improvement for the CERN PS Slow Extraction Using RF Phase Displacement Techniques betatron, extraction, field, spectrum 2806
  • R. Cappi, Ch. Steinbach
A Four Quadrant Magnet Power Supply for Superconducting and Conventional Accelerator Applications accelerator, booster, feedback, impedance 2809
  • R.J. Yarema
A New Type of Pulsed Air-Core Multipoles of Simple Construction field, kicker, multipole, vacuum 2829
  • G. Stange
Prototypes of LEP Bending Magnets with Steel-Concrete Cores deceleration, field, radiation, sextupole 2867
  • J.P. Gourber, C.W. Wyss
Modular Transport Design for FNAL Antiproton Source to Precooler acceptance, antiproton, muon, scattering 2870
  • E.P. Colton
ISABELLE Superconducting Power Distribution System field, lattice, multipole, sextupole 2928
  • M.H. Woodle
Redesign of the LAMPF Transition Region acceptance, emittance, field, linac 2964
  • O. Sander, A. Browman, E. Bush
Vane Fabrication for the Proof-of-Principle Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, focusing, ion 2967
  • S.W. Williams, J.M. Potter
FMIT Alignment Cart alignment, linac, radiation, shielding 2973
  • R.C. Potter, D.C. Clark, L.B. Dauelsberg, R.J. Grieggs
Beam Transport Calculation for K-500 Cyclotron Operation at Michigan State University cyclotron, neutron, scattering, target 2979
  • J. Kasagi, S. Angius, E. Kashy
D. C. Power System for Deuteron Accelerator accelerator, beamline, deuteron, linac 2988
  • K.O. Creek, D. J. Liska
RF Field Measurement and Its Analysis on a Model Resonator of the Interdigital H Type Linac field, impedance, ion, linac 3023
  • N. Ueda, T. Hattori, T. Hori, E. Tojyo, S. Yamada, K. Yoshida
Determination of Transverse Phase-Space and Momentum Error from Size Measurements along the 50-MeV H- RCS Injection Line field, focusing, injection, linac 3046
  • Y. Cho, E.A. Crosbie, H. Takeda
Beam Transport System for Heavy Ion Storage Ring -Tarn- cyclotron, emittance, field, vacuum 3052
  • T. Hattori, K. Chida, T. Fujino, Y. Hirao, T. Honma, T. Hori, A. Mizobuch, T. Nakanishi, Y. Ohshiro, K. Sato, S. Yamada, N. Yamazaki
The Operation of Multipole Magnets in the SRS coupling, field, multipole, sextupole 3056
  • R.P. Walker
Design Features and Operational Characteristics of the PEP Beam-Transport and Injection System beam-transport, electron, injection, positron 3059
  • J.M. Peterson, K.L. Brown, J.B. Truher
Improved Dynamic Filters for the Main Ring Magnet Power Supply of the KEK 12 GeV PS accelerator, feed forward, impedance, proton 3068
  • H. Baba, K. Asaji, A. Kabe, K. Kitagawa, T. Kubo, S. Matsumoto, H. Sato
Heavy Ion Accelerators for Inertial Fusion induction, ion, linac, target 3110
  • L.C. Teng
Xe+n - Xe+n Charge Exchange Experiment Using a Split-Beam and Beam Intersection Technique focusing, ion, septum, tune 3184
  • M.G. Mazarakis, G.H. Berry, E.P. Colton
Prospects for 10T Accelerator Dipole Magnets accelerator, field, vacuum 3200
  • C.K. Taylor, R.B. Meuser
A Panofsky-Type Superconducting Quadrupole with a Very High Gradient Homogeneity accelerator, field, magnetic measurements, shielding 3228
  • R. Auzolle, F. Kircher, J.P. Pénicaud
Magnetic Field Properties of the ISABELLE Project Superconducting Dipole Magnets field, multipole, octupole, skew 3237
  • H.G. Kirk, R. Engelmann, J. Herrera, K. Jaeger, K. Robins, E. Willen
Magnetic Properties of ISABELLE Superconducting Quadrupoles field, multipole, sextupole, skew 3300
  • E. Willen, R. Engelmann, A.F. Greene, J. Herrera, K. Jaeger, H. Kirk, K. Robins
Energy Doubler Vacuum Devices and Controls cathode, controls, ion, vacuum 3327
  • L. Bartelson, H. Jöstlein
Glass Jointed Alumina Vacuum Chambers neutron, radiation, thermal, vacuum 3336
  • J.R.J. Bennett, R.J. Elsey
Beam Dynamics in the Radio Frequency Quadrupole emittance, field, focusing, simulation 3464
  • Y.Y. Kuo
Meqalac Development at Brookhaven brightness, extraction, ion, linac 3482
  • G. Gammel, J. Brodowski, J. Keane, A. Maschke, E. Meier, R. Mobley, R. Sanders
Meqalac RF Accelerating Structure accelerator, field, vacuum, waveguide 3485
  • J. Keane, J. Brodowski
Status of the Stony Brook Superconducting Heavy-Ion Linac accelerator, coupling, heavy-ion, linac 3488
  • I. Ben-Zvi, J.M. Brennan, W. Burt, J.R. Delayen, G.J. Dick, J.E. Mercereau, J.W. Noé, P. Paul, A. Scholldorf, G.D. Sprouse, B. Zion Levy
A Chopper-Buncher for the Montreal CW Electron Accelerator accelerator, acceptance, bunching, field 3498
  • G. Bavaria, C. Brassard, P.F. Hinrichsen, J.P. Labrie, J.P. Martin
A Study of the Variation of Maximum Beam Size with Quadrupole Gradient Strength in the FMIT Drift Tube Linac accelerator, alignment, focusing, linac 3504
  • G.P. Boicourt, R.A. Jameson
RFQ Linac for the Numatron Project acceleration, field, ion, linac 3510
  • N. Tokuda, S. Arai, T. Hori, T. Katayama, T. Nakanishi, A. Noda, N. Ueda