PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: software

Title Other Keywords Page
Using MOTER to Design PILAC beamline, linac, multipole, pion 281
  • H.S. Butler, Z. Li, H.A. Thiessen
DIMAD Based Interactive Simulation of the CEBAF Accelerator beamline, extraction, septum, simulation 309
  • M.H. Bickley, D.R. Douglas, R.V. Servranckx
First Turn Around Strategy for RHIC betatron, injection, lattice, quadrupole 413
  • J. Milutinovic, A.G. Ruggiero
Analysis of Uptime Efficiency of the SLC as Measured by Pulse Accounting accelerator, electron, linac, positron 836
  • P. Krejcik, D. Bernstein, A. Gromme, D. Ohman, N. Spencer
Magnet Power Supply as a Network Object CAMAC, accelerator, controls, diagnostics 929
  • S. Cohen, R. Stuewe
Upgrades to the Fermilab Flying Wire Systems accelerator, feedback, laser, vacuum 1174
  • J. Zagel, A.A. Hahn, G. Jackson, T. Johnson, K. Martin, J. Misek, X.Q. Wang, W. Ye
Real Time Spectrum Analyzer electron, laser, linac, spectrum 1225
  • M. Bergher, E. Jules, A. Louis-Joseph
The AGS Booster Beam Loss Monitor System accelerator, booster, injection, radiation 1231
  • E.R. Beadle, G.W. Bennett, R.L. Witkover
Orbit Monitoring in the SLC accelerator, background, damping, monitoring 1284
  • L. Sanchez-Chopitea, P. Emma, D. Van Olst
Embedded Software for the CEBAF RF Control Module CAMAC, accelerator, algorithms, cathode 1290
  • G. Lahti, I. Ashkenazi, B. Morgan, C. West
Control of the Time and Energy Dependent Parameters of the Upgraded Tevatron Collider accelerator, collider, injection, lattice 1296
  • D.E. Johnson, G. Goderre, B. Hendricks, R.P. Johnson, R. Joshel
Development and Application of General Purpose Data Acquisition Shell (GPDAS) at Advanced Photon Source field, photon, quadrupole, vacuum 1299
  • Y. Chung, K. Kim
UNIX Data Acquisition System accelerator, instrumentation, timing, tune 1302
  • I. Kourbanis, G. Bourianoff, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, G. Tsironis
Control System User Interface for Accelerator Commissioning and Operation accelerator, beamline, field, septum 1305
  • D. Dobrott, J. Corbett, S. Howry, D. Keeley, A. King, G. Kolte, M. Lee, Z. Mikic
Overview of Real-Time Kernels at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory collider, controls, field, target 1308
  • K. Low, S. Acharya, M. Allen, E. Faught, D. Haenni, C. Kalbfleisch
A New Man-Machine-Interface at BESSY accelerator, background, light source, object oriented 1311
  • R. Müller, H.-D. Doll, I.J. Donasch, H. Marxen, H. Pause
Correlation Plot Facility in the SLC Control System commissioning, emittance, feedback, timing 1317
  • L. Hendrickson, N. Phinney, L. Sanchez-Chopitea
The AGS Booster Beam Position Monitor System booster, quadrupole, thermal, timing 1347
  • D.J. Ciardullo, A. Abola, E.R. Beadle, G.A. Smith, R. Thomas, W. Van Zwienen, R. Warkentien, R.L. Witkover
Rejuvenation of the CPS Control System: The First Slice CAMAC, accelerator, controls, instrumentation 1353
  • G. Benincasa, G. Daems, B. Frammery, P. Heymans, F. Perriollat, C. Serre, C.-H. Sicard
The UNK Control System accelerator, controls, field, synchrotron 1356
  • V.N. Alferov, V.L. Brook, A.F. Dunaitsev, S.G. Goloborodko, P.N. Kazakov, V.V. Komarov, B. Kuiper, A.F. Lukyantsev, M.S. Mikheev, V.P. Sakharov, E.D. Scherbakov, N.N. Trofimov, V.P. Voevodin, S.A. Zelepoukin
Control System Specification for a Cyclotron and Neutron Therapy Facility acceptance, controls, cyclotron, neutron 1359
  • J. Jacky, A. Barke, S. Brossard, R. Jackson, I. Kalet, R. Risler, P. Wootton
The COSY Control System, a Distributed Realtime Operating System: First Practical Experience at the COSY-Injector accelerator, controls, cyclotron, object oriented 1362
  • M. Stephan, U. Hacker, K. Henn, A. Richert, K. Sobotta, A. Weinert
Initial Control of the H- Ion Source at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory CAMAC, accelerator, ion, monitoring 1365
  • G. Martinsen, S. Acharya, M. Allen, E. Faught, K. Low, J. Sage
Control System for the MLI Model 1.2-400 Sychrotron Light Source accelerator, injection, monitoring, synchrotron 1371
  • B. Ng, R. Billing, R. Legg, K. Luchini, D. Meaney, S. Pugh, Y. Zhou
An Inexpensive PC-Based Ion Linac Control System accelerator, ion, linac, plasma 1377
  • M.E. Hamm, J.M. Potter
Control System at the Synchrotron Radiation Research Center accelerator, monitoring, radiation, synchrotron 1380
  • G.J. Jan
Longitudinal Damping System for the Fermilab Booster booster, damping, instability, synchrotron 1386
  • I. Haberman, I. Rypshtein
Design of VAX Software for a Generalized Feedback System accelerator, collider, feedback, linac 1416
  • F. Rouse, S. Castillo, T. Himel, B. Sass, H. Shoaee
General, Database-Driven Fast-Feedback System for the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, controls, damping, feedback 1419
  • F. Rouse, S. Allison, S. Castillo, T. Gromme, B. Hall, L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, K. Krauter, B. Sass, H. Shoaee
Accelerator Simulation and Operation via Identical Operational Interfaces CAMAC, accelerator, controls, simulation 1443
  • J. Kewisch, A. Barry, R. Bork, B. Bowling, V. Corker, G. Lahti, K. Nolker, J. Sage, J. Tang
Use of Digital Control Theory State Space Formalism for Feedback at SLC accelerator, feedback, simulation, spectrum 1451
  • T. Himel, L. Hendrickson, F. Rouse, H. Shoaee
Proposed Data Acquisition System for the Fermilab Booster acceleration, accelerator, booster, injection 1458
  • V. Bharadwaj, S. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, G. Wu
BPM Data Acquisition System for the Bates Pulse Stretcher Ring injection, monitoring, target, timing 1467
  • O. Calvo, J. Flanz, T. Russ
Smart Rack Monitor for the Linac Control System accelerator, commissioning, crystal, linac 1484
  • S. Shtirbu, R.W. Goodwin, E.S. McCrory, M.F. Shea
SLC's Adaptation of the ALS High Performace Serial Link accelerator, collider, light source, target 1487
  • K. Krauter
Use of Ethernet and TCP/IP Socket Communications Library Routines for Data Acquisition and Control in the LEP RF System accelerator, controls, diagnostics, klystron 1490
  • E. Ciapala, P. Collier, P. Lienard
I/O Subnets for the APS Control System accelerator, field, ion, photon 1496
  • N.D. Arnold, R.T. Daly, M.R. Kraimer, W.P. McDowell, G.J. Nawrocki
A Programmable Beam Intensity Display System for the Fermilab Accelerators accelerator, controls, extraction, linac 1505
  • S. Johnson, D. Capista
An Automated RF Control and Data Acquisition System for Testing Superconducting RF Cavities coupling, crystal, field, modulator 1508
  • C. Reece, P. Kushnick, T. Powers
A New Data Acquisition and Control System for the Power Amplifier Test Station booster, cathode, instrumentation, monitoring 1511
  • M.S. Champion
Vacuum Control System for the MLI Model 1.2-400 Synchrotron Light Source accelerator, beamline, synchrotron, vacuum 1514
  • S. Pugh, B. Ng
The New Vacuum Control System for the SPS accelerator, controls, instrumentation, vacuum 1516
  • D. Swoboda
Vacuum and Beam Diagnostic Controls for ORIC Beam Lines accelerator, controls, ionization, vacuum 1519
  • B.A. Tatum
An Automated Vacuum System accelerator, controls, instrumentation, vacuum 1522
  • W.H. Atkins, C. Bridgman, G.D. Vaughn
Intelligent Power Supply Controller accelerator, controls, crystal, object oriented 1537
  • R.S. Rumrill, D.J. Reinagel
History Data Facility in the SLC Control System accelerator, collider, monitoring, positron 1540
  • R.G. Johnson, G.R. White
A Table Driven Database and Applications Generator for Accelerator Control Systems accelerator 1546
  • A. Carter, T. Russ, C. Sibley
The Improvement of TRISTAN Timing System CAMAC, field, linac, timing 1555
  • J. Urakawa, T. Kawamoto
Software Design for a Database Driven System for Accelerator Magnet Measurements accelerator, field 2134
  • B.C. Brown, M.E. Bleadon, H.D. Glass, R. Glosson, R.W. Hanft, D.J. Harding, P.O. Mazur, J.E. Pachnik, J.W. Sim, K. Trombly-Freytag, D.G. Walbridge
The Physical Way of Standardizing Magnets accelerator, betatron, field, quadrupole 2143
  • F.-J. Decker
Preliminary Study of an Integral Harmonic Analysis Magnetic Field Measurement System for Long SSC Magnets CAMAC, field, injection, instrumentation 2161
  • M.I. Green
A Software Package Linking PE2D and ANSYS for SSC Magnet Design collider, field, finite element, thermal 2197
  • N. Kallas, C. Haddock, J. Jayakumar, D. Orrell, G. Snitchler, G. Spigo, J. Turner
A Closed Cycle Cryogenic System for Testing Superconducting RF Cavities controls, radiation, solenoid, vacuum 2325
  • C. Reece, B. Almeida, T. Powers, J. Susta
Considerations for Design of a Micropositioner for Cryogenic Accelerators accelerator, alignment, thermal, vacuum 2456
  • S.C. Lloyd, R.C. Gentzlinger
RF Control System for CEBAF CAMAC, accelerator, field, resonance 2515
  • S. Simrock
Modern Computer Networks and Distributed Intelligence in Accelerator Controls accelerator, controls, survey 2520
  • C. Briegel
Modern Operators' Consoles for Accelerator Control at Fermilab accelerator, controls, linac, site 2523
  • P. Lucas, K. Cahill, R. Peters, J. Smedinghoff
The Advanced Photon Source Control System accelerator, injection, monitoring, photon 2526
  • M.J. Knott, M.D. Anderson, N.D. Arnold, B.-C.K. Cha, R.T. Daly, G.R. Gunderson, M.R. Kraimer, F.R. Lenkszus, W.P. McDowell
ALS Insertion Device Block Measurement and Inspection accelerator, field, insertion, photon 2739
  • S. Marks, J. Carrieri, C. Cork, W.V. Hassenzahl, E. Hoyer, D. Plate
Heating of the LSS Wiggler Beam Tube Due to Induced Surface Current impedance, laser, wiggler 2769
  • W.C. Sellyey, C.G. Parazzoli
An Active Interlock System for the NSLS X-Ray Ring Insertion Devices background, insertion, vacuum, x-ray 2790
  • R.J. Nawrocky, R. Biscardi, J. Dabrowski, G. Decker, J. Flannigan, S. Ramamoorthy, J. Rothman, J. Smith, I. So, M. Thomas