Accelerator Technology II

Title Page
Electric Polarizability and Magnetic Susceptibility of Small Holes in a Thin Screen 88
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.K. Cooper, R. Li
Experiment of Cusptron Microwave Tube 91
  • J.Y. Choe, K. Boulais, W. Namkung, H.S. Uhm
FCI-Field Charge Interaction Program for High Power Klystron Simulations 94
  • T. Shintake
Small-Signal Gain and Numerical Simulation of Transvertron High Power Microwave Sources 97
  • D.J. Sullivan, M.J. Arman, B.B. Godfrey, J.E. Walsh
A Radio-Frequency Transfer Structure for the CERN Linear Collider 100
  • T. Garvey, G. Geschonke, W. Schnell
Structure Studies for the CERN Linear Collider CLIC 103
  • I. Wilson, H. Henke, W. Schnell
Installation and Operation of the New RF System for Lepton Acceleration in the CERN-SPS 106
  • P.E. Faugeras, H.P. Kindermann, T.P.R. Linnecar, V. Rödel, A. Warman
Development of the Collective Interaction Klystron (CIK) 109
  • J.A. Pasour, T.P. Hughes, K. Thomason
Computer Aided Field Measurements of the SUPERHILAC Alvarez Cavities 112
  • D. Howard, R. Dwinell, B. Feinberg, R. Fuhrman, R. Sorensen
Optimizing the High Power Input to the LBL 400 MHz Proton RFQ 115
  • D. Howard, R. Caylor, R. Gough, J. Lax, R. MacGill, R. Richter, W. Ridgeway, J. Staples
Advanced Light Source Master Oscillator 118
  • C.C. Lo, K. Baptiste, B. Taylor
Computer-Aided Studies of the ALS 500 MHz Storage Ring Cavity 121
  • C.C. Lo, B. Taylor
Advanced Light Source Storage Ring RF System 124
  • B. Taylor, K. Baptiste, H. Lancaster, C.C. Lo
Transient Analysis of Multicavity Klystrons 126
  • T.L. Lavine, R.H. Miller, P.L. Morton, R.D. Ruth
Design of a 100 MW X-Band Klystron 129
  • K. Eppley
RF Pulse Compression Experiment at SLAC 132
  • Z.D. Farkas, G. Spalek, P.B. Wilson
RF System for High Beam Intensity Acceleration in the CERN PS 135
  • R. Garoby, J. Jamsek, P. Konrad, G. Lobeau, G. Nassibian
Bunch Lengthening Control Using the Fourth Harmonic Cavity in the VUV Ring 138
  • J. Keane, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, A. Fauchet, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas, G. Vignola, J. Wachtel
X-Ray RF System Upgrade at the NSLS 141
  • J. Keane, H. Ackerman, J. Aspenleiter, W. Broome, S. Buda, R. D'Alsace, P. Mortazavi, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas
Planned Beam Transport and Two-Cavity Amplifier Experiments on the University of Maryland Gyroklystron 144
  • D. Welsh, J. Calame, V.L. Granatstein, B. Hogan, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, M. Naiman, M. Read, M. Skopec, C.D. Striffler
A High Power X-Band Relativistic Klystron 147
  • T.J. Davis, E. Chojnacki, J.A. Nation
High Power Traveling Wave Amplifier Experiments 150
  • J.A. Nation, J.D. Ivers, G.S. Kerslick, D. Shiffler
RF System for High-Power Industrial Irradiators 153
  • J.P. Labrie, S.T. Craig, N.H. Drewell, J. Ungrin, B.F. White
Damped Accelerator Structures for Future Linear e Colliders 156
  • H. Deruyter, H.A. Hoag, A.V. Lisin, G. A. Loew, R.B. Palmer, J.M. Paterson, C.E. Rago, J.W. Wang
Anomalous Electron Loading in SLAC 5045 Klystron and Relativistic Klystron Input Cavities 159
  • R. F. Koontz, W.R. Fowkes, T.L. Lavine, R.H. Miller, A. Vlieks
60 KW UHF, Solid State RF Power Supply 162
  • C.D. Davis, M.T. Lynch, D. W. Reid
Studies of Ferrite Materials for the AGS Booster Synchrotron 165
  • M.A. Goldman, P. Cameron, R.T. Sanders, J. Tuozzolo
Time Domain Beam Loading Studies of the Booster and AGS 168
  • M. Meth, A. Ratti
Perpendicular Biased Ferrite Tuned RF Cavity for the TRIUMF KAON Factory Booster Ring 171
  • R.L. Poirier, T. Enegren, C. Haddock
The Interaction Between the Third Harmonic Resonance and Parasitic Modes Inside the TRIUMF Cavity 174
  • V. Pacak, D. Dohan, T. Enegren, K. Fong
Progress on a Prototype Main Ring RF Cavity 177
  • G.R. Swain, R. Kandarian, R.L. Poirier, W.R. Smythe, H.A. Thiessen
RF System for the STA SR Ring 180
  • T. Kusaka, M. Hara, A. Miura, T. Yoshiyuki
High Power RF Tests of 433 MHz Single-Cell Accelerator Cavities and Associated Feed System 183
  • A.M. Vetter, J.L. Adamski, R.W. Kruse, A.G. Krycuk
SUPERFISH Accuracy Dependence on Mesh Size 186
  • J. L. Merson, G.P. Boicourt
Computer-Aided Design of Three-Dimensional Waveguide Loaded Cavities 189
  • Y. Goren, D.U.L. Yu
Prototype RF Cavity for the HISTRAP Accelerator 193
  • S.W. Mosko, D.T. Dowling, D.K. Olsen
Higher-Order Mode Damping in KAON Factory RF Cavities 196
  • T.A. Enegren, J. Griffin, R. Poirier, W.R. Smythe, H.A. Thiessen, L. Walling
Depressed Collectors for Gyrotrons 199
  • M.E. Read, A.J. Dudas, W. Lawson, A. Singh
Dynamics of an Electron in an RF Gap 202
  • Z.D. Farkas, P.B. Wilson
Modification of MEA Modulator-Kystron Units Enabling Short Pulse Injection into a Pulse-Stretcher Ring 205
  • F.B. Kroes, E. Heine
Wiggler Tune Shift Compensation on the Daresbury SRS 208
  • M.W. Poole, J.B. Lyall, V.P. Suller
Higher Order Modes in the SRS 500 MHz Accelerating Cavities 211
  • J.N. Corlett
Determination of Failure Mechanisms of RF Cavity Aperture Windows 214
  • R.A. Rimmer
Status Report on the Radio Frequency Accelerating Systems of the APS at Argonne 217
  • G. Nicholls, J. Bridges, J. Cook, R. Kustom
The Design of the R.F. Cavities for Elettra 220
  • P. Fernandes, R. Massarino, A. Massarotti, R. Parodi, A. Tarditi
CARM Driver for High Frequency RF Accelerators 223
  • B.G. Danly, K.D. Pendergast, R.J. Temkin, J.S. Wurtele
RF Cavity Design for High Current Operation of the Cornell Electron Storage Ring 226
  • S. Greenwald, Z. Greenwald, D. Hartill, J. Kirchgessner, D. Morse, D. Rice
Boeing Travelling Wave Structure Electrical Performance 229
  • T. Buller, R. Friedman, W. Gallagher, A. Vetter
Design of High Average Power Linear Electron Accelerator Sections 231
  • T. Buller
Ferrite Loaded Untuned RF Cavity for Synchrotron 234
  • K. Muto, S. Fukumoto
An Improved 1.26 MHz System for the Fermilab Antiproton Accummulator 237
  • D.W. Peterson, V. Bharadwaj, J. Klen, R. Pasquinelli, R. Webber
125 MHz Cavity for NAR 240
  • A. Shibayama
Design and Construction of a Chopper Driven 11.4 GHz Traveling Wave RF Generator 243
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg
Engineering Design of the Interaction Waveguide for High-Power Accelerator-Driven Microwave Free-Electron Lasers 246
  • D.B. Hopkins, H.W. Clay, G. Listvinsky, M.A. Makowski, B.W. Stallard, A.L. Throop
Technique of Race-Track Microtron Injection into Linac 251
  • A.R. Tumanian, R.V. Tumanian
Calculation of Losses and Protection Against Irradiation During Beam Abort and Loss Localization in the UNK 255
  • A.I. Drozhdin, Yu.S. Fedotov, M.A. Maslov, N.V. Mokhov, I.A. Yazynin
Second Slow Extraction of Relativistic Nuclear Beams from the Synchrophasotron 258
  • I.B. Issinsky, S.V. Kostyuchenko, V.D. Kravtsov, E.A. Matyushevsky, S.A. Novikov, D.V. Uralsky, B.V. Vasilishin, V.I. Volkov, I.V. Zaitsev, L.P. Zinoviev
Design of the Injection System by Half Resonance into a Superconducting Electron Storage Ring 260
  • S. Nakata, C. Tsukishima
Mechanical Design of SXLS Radio-Frequency Cavity 263
  • P. Mortazavi, J. Keane, S. Sharma, M. Thomas
Active Interlock for Storage Ring Insertion Devices 266
  • J.L. Rothman, R.J. Nawrocky
A Modular Instrumentation Panel for Monitoring the Status of Accelerator Cooling Systems at Los Alamos 268
  • T.L. Tomei, N.F. Clark, D. J. Liska
The Beam Slow Extraction from a Magnetic Ring of Moscow Meson Facility 270
  • N.D. Malítsky, M.I. Grachev, V.M. Lobashev, P.N. Ostroumov, Yu.P. Severgin, I.A. Shukeilo, V.A. Titov