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Keyword: feedback

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Beam Steering at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory beamline, electron, instability, synchrotron 2228
  • R.O. Hettel
Reduction of the Apparent Impedance of Wide Band Accelerating Cavities by rf Feedback impedance, injection, synchrotron, travelling wave 2239
  • D. Boussard, G. Lambert
Proposal for an Extra rf System Dedicated to Bunch Length Control and Synchrotron Movement Stabilization acceptance, pick-up, spectrum, synchrotron 2242
  • M. Bergher
Prototype Phase and Amplitude Feedback-Control Systems for the FMIT Accelerator accelerator, cw, field, irradiation 2253
  • M.V. Fazio, R.D. Patton
Low-Noise Gallium-Arsenide Field-Effect Transistor Preamplifiers for Stochastic Beam Cooling Systems accelerator, antiproton, field, thermal 2259
  • B. Leskovar, C.C. Lo
The CERN SPS Low Beta Insertion Control System CAMAC, field, insertion, software 2293
  • H.K. Kuhn, A. Hilaire
A Multi-Channel Fibre-Optic Link for Analog Telemtry controls, ion, plasma, timing 2296
  • M.R. Shubaly, J.G. Plato
Wide-Band Cable Systems at SLAC accelerator, collider, klystron, spectrum 2323
  • W. Struven
On Stochastic Cooling of Bunches in the Colliding Beam Mode in High Energy p- Storage Rings betatron, bunching, collider, synchrotron 2334
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Tackling Transverse Coherent Instabilities of Co- and Counter-Rotating Beams in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator betatron, coupling, damping, impedance 2343
  • F. Pedersen, W. Pirkl, K. Schindl
Stochastic Cooling: Recent Theoretical Directions betatron, kicker, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2393
  • J. Bisognano
Solution to the Transverse Phase Space Time Dependence Problem with LAMPF's High Intensity H+ Beam electron, ion, linac, vacuum 2487
  • J. Hurd
A Common Transverse Feedback Damper for Two Beams During a Stacking Cycle coupling, impedance, injection, tune 2498
  • J.M. Wang
Limitations of Bunch-Current in LEP by Transverse Mode-Coupling coupling, impedance, instability, rf cavities 2519
  • B. Zotter
Collective Beam Instabilities Caused by RF Cavities in TRISTAN coupling, damping, quadrupole, radiation 2563
  • T. Suzuki, Y. Chin, K. Satoh, K. Takata, K. Yokoya
Choice of Focusing Strength and Aperture for High Energy Synchrotrons and Colliders field, focusing, impedance, tune 2576
  • L.C. Teng
Stability and Signal Suppression of Schottky Signals from Stochastically Cooled Beams instability, kicker, spectrum, stochastic cooling 2590
  • W.P. Kells
Vlasov Theory of Signal Suppression for Bunched Beams Interacting with a Stochastic Cooling Feedback Loop betatron, kicker, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2646
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Application of a Digital Trigger Generator to NSLS Booster and Storage Ring Dipole Power Supplies booster, field, synchrotron, timing 2865
  • B.B. Culwick, R.E. Olsen
A Bipolar, High Precision, Low Ripple Power Supply accelerator, instrumentation, quadrupole, tune 2870
  • H. Pfeffer, R.J. Yarema
Power Supply Regulation by Microprocesser controls, light source, software, synchrotron 2876
  • J. Sheehan, H. Langenbach
CBA Main Magnet Power Supply Ripple Reduction accelerator, quench, spectrum, timing 2923
  • G. Bagley, R.J. Edwards
Digital Simulation for TRISTAN-AR Magnet Supply and Control System CAMAC, accumulation, positron, simulation 2929
  • T. Kubo, K. Endo, H. Fukuma, A. Kabe
Regulator to Control Current Sharing among Parallel-Connected Power Transistors accumulation, controls, field, power-supply 2935
  • F.D. Wells, E.F. Higgins, M.E. Mauro
The Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) Injection Deflector System impedance, injection, proton, ray trace 2941
  • A.J. Jason, E.F. Higgins, A.R. Koelle
A Cathode Follower Power Amplifier cathode, coupling, ferrite, impedance 3408
  • S. Giordano, M. Puglisi
A Linear and Non Linear Analysis of High Power rf Amplifiers cathode, damping, impedance, survey 3411
  • M. Puglisi
Damping Ring rf for SLC damping, field, injection, klystron 3447
  • M.A. Allen, H.D. Schwarz, P.B. Wilson
Three Phase rf Systems for Superconducting Cyclotrons coupling, cyclotron, ion 3452
  • J. Riedel
Microwave Matching and Tuning on the 20-MeV Medical Electron Linac with Feedback of RF Power coupling, field, linac, resonance 3463
  • Y.-L. Wang
A Second Harmonic (6-16 MHz) RF System with Feedback-Reduced Gap Impedance for Accelerating Flat-Topped Bunches in the CERN PS Booster bunching, damping, impedance, sextupole 3499
  • J.M. Baillod, L. Magnani, G. Nassibian, F. Pedersen, W. Weissflog