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Keyword: proton

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Hydrostatic Leveling System photoelectric, radiation, synchrotron, thermal 19
  • P. F. Pellissier
The Application of a Digital Computer to the Control and Monitoring of a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, controls, monitoring, timing 21
  • T.M. Putnam, R.A. Jameson, T. M. Schultheis
Magnet Plunging System for the Bevatron External Proton Beam extraction, focusing, target, vacuum 69
  • R. Krevitt, D. Morris
A Synchronization Pulse for the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Van de Graaff, accelerator, field, injection 74
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, F.C. Shoemaker
RF Structures for Linear Accelerators electron, field, impedance, waveguide 110
  • G. W. Wheeler, S. Giordano
Design, Construction, and Testing of RF Structures for a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 118
  • E.A. Knapp
Design of the RF Phase and Amplitude Control System for a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, damping, field, resonance 138
  • R.A. Jameson, N. A. Lindsay, T.F. Turner
Numerical Studies of the Shapes of Drift Tubes and Linac Cavities field, impedance, linac 153
  • H. C. Hoyt
Resonantely Coupled Accelerating Structures for High-Current Proton Linacs accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 159
  • B. C. Knapp, E.A. Knapp, G.J. Lucas, J.M. Potter
An 805-Mc, 1 1/4 - MW Amplifier for Accelerator Service accelerator, factory, modulator, waveguide 166
  • D.C. Hagerman, J. D. Doss, R. W. Freyman, J. R. Parker
Accurate Field Level and Phase Control and Monitoring for a Proton Linear Accelerator accelerator, field, impedance, monitoring 195
  • K. Batchelor, G. Gallagher-Daggitt
Some New Radio Frequency Accelerating Structures field, impedance, standing wave 213
  • S. Giordano
Triodes and Klystrons at Ultra-High Frequency accelerator, electron, klystron, vacuum 222
  • O. C. Lundstrom
Dynamitrons of the Future acceleration, accelerator, coupling, ion 227
  • M.R. Cleland, P. Farrell
Production of Protons and Negative Hydrogen Ions with Low Energy Spread bunching, field, ion, plasma 247
  • L. E. Collins, R. H. Gobbett, P. T. Stroud
Energy Regulation of a 3 Mv Van de Graaff Positive Ion Accelerator by Modulation of the Ion Source Dark Current Van de Graaff, accelerator, feedback, ion 296
  • M. V. Isaila, H. L. Allen
Ion Pump Operation on 5.5 Me V and 12MeV Van de Graaff Accelerator Van de Graaff, accelerator, ion, vacuum 299
  • C. T. Adams
Magnetic Field Control in the Manitoba Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, ion 334
  • J. J. Burgerjon, F. Konopasek, K. G. Standing
Synchrotron - Magnet Cost Studies accelerator, field, power-supply, synchrotron 354
  • C. G. Dols, R. A. Kilpatrick
The Argonne ZGS Magnet alignment, controls, field, focusing 377
  • M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, R. J. Krizek, W. A. Siljander
Measurement and Shaping of the Fringing Fields of the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, focusing, synchrotron 401
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, P. J. Reardon, F.C. Shoemaker
Experience with Computer Models of Two-Dimensional Magnets field, induction, radiation, vacuum 412
  • J. H. Dorst
Variable Mode Solid State Magnet Cycle Timer accelerator, field, monitoring, timing 427
  • R. Frankel
Operation of a 3 GeV Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron acceleration, maintenance, synchrotron, target 445
  • E. P. Tomlinson
Comparison of Colliding and Single Beam Proton Accelerators accelerator, equilibrium, field, site 476
  • W. M. Brobeck
Beam Instabilities in Circular Accelerators accelerator, field, instability, space-charge 550
  • E.D. Courant
Transverse Beam Blow-Up in a Standing Wave Linac Cavity field, linac, resonance, standing wave 607
  • R.L. Gluckstern, H.S. Butler
Optimization of Magnetic Lenses for Waveguide Portion of a Proton Linac accelerator, acceptance, field, waveguide 617
  • W. M. Visscher
Electrical Behavior of Long Linac Tanks and a New Tank-Coupling Scheme accelerator, alignment, coupling, linac 623
  • B. C. Knapp, E.A. Knapp, G.J. Lucas, D.E. Nagle, J.M. Potter
A Computer Program for Optical Matching Systems acceptance, emittance, focusing, linac 627
  • S. Ohnuma, J.N. Vitale
A Study of Field Distribution and Beam Loading in Proton Linacs at High Energies coupling, electron, field, impedance 630
  • T. Nishikawa
Problems of Induced Radioactivity Around the 200 - BeV Alternating-Gradient Synchrotron neutron, radiation, radioactivity, target 665
  • W.S. Gilbert, R. H. Thomas
Residual Radiation Studies accelerator, radiation, spallation, target 673
  • C.B. Fulmer, M. Barbier, K.S. Toth
Survey of Injection-System Design accelerator, betatron, injection, synchrotron 792
  • W. A. S. Lamb
Transport Systems for High Intensity Beams electron, radiation, shielding, thermal 846
  • R. E. Taylor
The Brookhaven-Columbia Plasma Lens field, neutrino, plasma, target 872
  • E.B. Forsyth, L. M. Lederman, J. Sunderland
Experimental Area Beams from the ANL 12.5 BeV Proton Synchrotron extraction, field, target, vacuum 877
  • L. Ratner, A. V. Crewe, R. George, L.C. Teng
Extracted and Secondary Beam Targetry accelerator, feedback, field, target 887
  • D.F. Marcks, R.B. Wehrle
Production of Stopped Pions and Muons from a Multi-BeV Proton Synchrotron muon, pion, scattering, target 943
  • V. W. Hughes, R. D. Edge
Removal of the RF Microstructure from the Proton Linear Accelerator Beam accelerator, cyclotron, field, linac 949
  • R. D. Edge, V. W. Hughes, J. Sandweiss
Manipulation of the ZGS Beam for Targeting extraction, feedback, radiation, target 969
  • J.H. Martin, J. A. Dinkel, L. A. Klaisner, H. Varga
Excitation of Radial Oscillations in the Beam of the Synchrocyclotron by the Peripheral Cee cyclotron, field, pion, target 973
  • E. Nordberg
Meson Factories accelerator, cyclotron, factory, field 1012
  • J.R. Richardson
Super-Energy Accelerators accelerator, field, kicker, site 1042
  • L. Smith