EPAC1994 Keywords
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Keyword: betatron

Title Other Keywords Page
Performance of the Advanced Light Source accelerator, coupling, emittance, undulator 107
  • A. Jackson (LBNL)
Transverse Coupled - Bunch Feedback in the Advanced Light Source (ALS) damping, feedback, kicker, synchrotron 122
  • W. Barry, J. Byrd, J. Corlett, G. R. Lambertson, C.C. Lo (LBNL)
Quasi-Isochronous Optics for Super-ACO accelerator, optics, sextupole, synchrotron 128
  • A. Nadji, P. Brunelle, M.P. Level, M. Sommer, H. Zyngier (LURE)
Vertical and Longitudinal-Electron Polarization at HERA electron, field, insertion, polarization 184
  • E. Gianfelice-Wendt (DESY)
Recent Achievements in Transverse Spin-Polarisation at LEP electron, polarization, resonance, tune 187
  • L. Arnaudon, B. Bouchet, J. Camas, B. Dehning, G. P. Ferri, P. Grosse-Wiesmann, H. Grote, R. Jacobsen, J. P. Koutchouk, J. Mann, J. Miles, R. Olsen, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt, J. Wenninger (CERN), A. Blondel (Ecole Polytechnique Paris), R. Assmann (MPI Munich)
Who is Afraid of a Crossing Angle? luminosity, resonance, simulation, tune 190
  • K. Hirata (KEK)
Particle Dynamics in LEP at Very High Energy damping, field, radiation, synchrotron 193
  • F. Barbarin, F. C. Iselin, J. M. Jowett (CERN)
About the Possibility of Storage and Acceleration of Ribbon Beams in Ring Magnets acceleration, field, instability, neutron 826
  • A. I. Dzergach (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
Arrangement in Sectors of CLIC Linac Focusing coupling, emittance, linac, quadrupole 893
  • G. Parisi, G. Guignard (CERN)
Detuning due to Sextupoles coupling, resonance, sextupole, tune 896
  • J. Feikes (DESY)
Nonlinear Beam Behaviour Study Using Lie Transforms accelerator, resonance, sextupole, tune 902
  • E. Levichev, V. Sajaev (INP, Novosibirsk)
Depolarization in the SLC Collider Arcs electron, emittance, linac, polarization 941
  • P. Emma, T. Limberg (SLAC), R. Rossmanith (CEBAF)
Spin Tune Shifts and Closed Orbit Distortions collider, polarization, simulation, tune 947
  • Yu. I. Eidelman, Yu. M. Shatunov, V. Ye Yakimenko (INP, Novosibirsk)
Detailed Comparison of Experimental Observations and Computer Tracking for the SPS Dynamic Aperture Experiment accelerator, hadron, resonance, tune 950
  • W. Fischer, M. Giovannozzi, F. Schmidt (CERN)
Tune Modulation Due to Gradient Ripple and the Dynamic Aperture field, resonance, synchrotron, tune 959
  • G. Parzen (BNL)
Low Emittance Lattices for Electron Storage Rings Revisited electron, emittance, lattice, x-ray 1000
  • D. Trbojevic, E. Courant (BNL)
Analysis of the Effects of Superconducting Wiggler on Beam Dynamics in Storage Ring electron, emittance, field, wiggler 1030
  • T. Lee, J. Choi, G. H. Kim, M. Yoon (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
Multi-parameter Sorting of Dipoles for Large Superconducting Rings field, multipole, sextupole, skew 1051
  • J. Shi, S. Ohnuma (University of Houston), G. Wang (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Experimental Observation of Synchro-Betatron Resonances in LEP coupling, resonance, synchrotron, tune 1063
  • P. Collier, K. Cornelis, A. Hofmann, S. Myers, H. Schmickler (CERN)
Preliminary Study on SRRC Storage Ring Impedance coupling, impedance, tune, vacuum 1099
  • Ch. Wang, L. H. Chang, K. T. Hsu, C. C. Kuo, W. K. Lau, G. H. Luo (SRRC, Hsinchu)
Issues in Multi-bunch Emittance Preservation in the NLC accelerator, alignment, emittance, linac 1114
  • K. L. F. Bane, C. Adolphsen, K. A. Thompson (SLAC), K. Kubo (KEK)
Beam-beam Tune Shift and Dynamical Beta Function in PEP-II lattice, luminosity, simulation, tune 1144
  • M. A. Furman (LBNL)
Head-Tail Instabilities Enhanced by the Beam-Beam Interaction coupling, focusing, impedance, tune 1150
  • K. Cornelis, M. Lamont (CERN)
Ion Trapping Investigations in ELETTRA electron, instability, ion, tune 1153
  • C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, R. Nagaoka, L. Tosi, R. P. Walker, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Emittance Dilution by Ions in the SLC Arcs emittance, field, ion, vacuum 1162
  • P. Emma, T. Raubenheimer, F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
Effect of Space Charge Tune Shift on Transverse Instabilities impedance, octupole, synchrotron, tune 1165
  • M. Blaskiewicz, W. T. Weng (BNL)
Self-Stabilisation of Higher-Multipole Modes of Coherent Transverse Oscillations due to Nonlinear Coulomb Tune-Shift Landau damping, damping, quadrupole, tune 1174
  • E. Mustafin (IHEP, Protvino)
Behavior of Space-Charge Dominated Ion Beams in Storage Rings emittance, ion, lattice, tune 1189
  • A. F. Haffmans, D. Maletic, A. G. Ruggiero (BNL)
Damping Ring for Testing the Optical Stochastic Cooling Method damping, quadrupole, stochastic cooling, wiggler 1214
  • A. A. Mikhailichenko (INP, Novosibirsk)
The Slow Extraction of Electrons from Synchrotrons and Storage Ring using Synchrotron Radiation extraction, radiation, resonance, tune 1231
  • V. Belov, A. Makarov (Efremov Institute), V. Nikogosian, H. Symonian, N. Zapolsky (EPI, Erevan)
Emittance Growth and Beam Halo due to Incoherent Random Phenomenoms electron, emittance, halo, synchrotron 1362
  • J.-M. De Conto (ISN-IN2P3-Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)
Linac Final Focus Feed-Forward for Increasing the SLC Luminosity feedback, kicker, linac, luminosity 1376
  • J. T. Seeman, M. Browne, P. Emma, T. Himel, K. Jobe, N. Walker (SLAC)
Crystalline Beam in a Storage Ring: How Long Can It Last? field, focusing, lattice, simulation 1379
  • X.-P. Li (BIOSYM Technologies Inc., San Diego), J. Wei (BNL), A. M. Sessler (LBNL)
Matrix Formulation of the Particle Motion in Crystalline Beams coupling, equilibrium, resonance, space-charge 1382
  • A. F. Haffmans, D. Maletic, A. G. Ruggiero (BNL)
Diagnostic Tools for the COSY-Jülich Synchrotron acceleration, extraction, synchrotron, tune 1515
  • J. Bojowald, K. Bongardt, J. Dietrich, H. Labus, H. Lawin, R. Maier (KFA-Jülich), I. Mohos (KFA Jülich/KFKI Budapest)
BPM System for Storage Rings, Measuring Beam Position Against Quadrupole Magnets Magnetic Centre alignment, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1557
  • P. Röjsel (Max-Lab, Lund University)
Tune Feedback System at ELETTRA feedback, software, spectrum, tune 1601
  • A. Carniel, L. Tosi, R. de Monte (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Comparative Precision Emittance Measurments in LEP emittance, optics, synchrotron, x-ray 1637
  • P. Castro, R. J. Colchester, C. Fischer, J. J. Gras, R. Jung, J. Koopman, E. Rossa, H. Schmickler, J. Thomas (CERN)
Tune and Bunch Length Measurements of SRRC Booster During Ramping acceleration, booster, field, tune 1684
  • K. T. Hsu, K. K. Lin, T. S. Ueng (SRRC Taiwan)
Low Intensity and Injection Studies on the ISIS Synchrotron field, injection, lattice, synchrotron 1722
  • C. M. Warsop (Daresbury Laboratory, Didcot)
Fast Q-Measurement for the PS by FFT Analysis coupling, instability, software, spectrum 1734
  • J. Gonzalez, S. Johnston, E. Schulte (CERN)
Automated Tune Measurements in the Advanced Light Source Storage Ring Using a LabVIEW Application instrumentation, software, spectrum, tune 1737
  • J. A. Hinkson, M. Chin, C. H. Kim, H. Nishimura (LBNL)
Implementation of Basic Control Procedures for SIBERIA-2 Storage Ring by Object-oriented Programming Methods CAMAC, accelerator, electron, software 1791
  • A. Valentinov, A. Kadnikov, Y. Krylov, S. Kuznetsov, Y. Yupinov (RRC "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow), E. Levichev (INP, Novosibirsk)
Energy Ramping in ELETTRA feedback, optics, quadrupole, tune 1812
  • R. Nagaoka, C. J. Bocchetta, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, M. Plesko, L. Tosi, R. P. Walker, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
Investigation of the Higher Order Modes in the ELETTRA Cavities coupling, damping, resonance, synchrotron 2134
  • M. Svandrlik, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, E. Karantzoulis, C. Pasotti, C. Rossi (Sincrotrone Trieste), A Massarotti (Sincrotrone Trieste and Dip. di Fisica Univ. di Trieste)
The Impact Parameter of the Particles at the Scraper and Ways to Increase It scattering, synchrotron, target, thermal 2432
  • I. Yazynin (IHEP, Protvino)
Alignment of the Linac with the Help of Radiation from the Quadrupoles of the Focusing System field, focusing, quadrupole, radiation 2579
  • A. A. Mikhailichenko (INP, Novosibirsk), E. G. Bessonov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow)
The 40 MeV Medical Betatron. Experience Versus Predictions electron, field, ionization, radiation 2616
  • F. Scarlat, C. Oproiu (Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest)
Extremely High Intensity Cyclotrons for Radioisotope Production cyclotron, extraction, ion, target 2627
  • Y. Jongen, G. Lannoye, S. Laycock, S. Zaremba (Ion Beam Applications S. A., Louvain-la-Neuve)