Table of Contents

Cyclotrons 2001 Conference


Cyclotron Applications

3Role of Cyclotrons in Recent Nuclear Physics
Tanihata, I.
8Results from HIMAC and Other Therapy Facilities in Japan
Hirao, Y.
13A Novel Gantry for Proton Therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute
Pedroni, E., Böhringer, T., Coray, A., Goitein, G., Grossmann, M., Lomax, A., Lin, S., Jermann, M.
18Status Report for the Harper Hospital Superconducting Cyclotron Neutron Therapy Facility
Maughan, R.L., Yudelev, M., Farr, J., Forman, J.D., Blosser, E.J., Horste, T.
21Cost Benefit Analysis of the Radiological Shielding of Medical Cyclotrons Using a Genetic Algorithm
Mukherjee, B.
24Review of Cyclotron Production and Quality Control of "High Specific Activity" Radionuclides for Biomedical, Biological, Industrial and Environmental Applications at INFN-LASA
Birattari, C., Bonardi, M., Groppi, F., Gini, L.
27The Midwest Proton Radiation Institute Project at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
Anferov, V., Broderick, B., Collins, J.C., Friesel, D.L., Jenner, D., Jones, W.P., Katuin, J., Klein, S.B., Starks, W., Self, J., Schreuder, N.
30Charged Particle Activation Analysis with Cyclotrons
Chaudhri, M.A., Chaudhri, M.N., Jabbar, Q., Nadeem, Q.
34Production of Plutonium, Yttrium and Strontium Tracers for Using in Environmental Research
Arzumanov, A., Batischev, V., Berdinova, N., Borissenko, A., Chumikov, G., Lukashenko, S., Lysukhin, S., Popov, Yu., Sychikov, G.
37Compact Superconducting 250 MeV Proton Cyclotron for the PSI PROSCAN Proton Therapy Project
Schillo, M., Geisler, A., Hobl, A., Klein, H.U., Krischel, D., Meyers-Reumers, M., Piel, C., Blosser, H., Kim, J.-W., Marti, F., Vincent, J., Brandenburg, S., Beijers, J.P.M.
40Hospital Based Superconducting Cyclotron For Neutron Therapy: Medical Physics Perspective
Yudelev, M., Burmeister, J., Blosser, E., Maughan, R.L., Kota, C.
44Magnetic Confinement of Radiotherapy Beam-Dose Profiles
Becchetti, F.D., Litzenberg, D.W., Moran, J.M., O'Donnell, T.W., Roberts, D.A., Fraass, B.A., McShan, D.L., Bielajew, A.F.
4713C(p,n) Reaction as a New Source of Fast Neutrons, Especially for Therapy
Chaudhri, M.A., Chaudhri, M.N., Debo, P.
49Production and Potential Implications of Secondary Neutrons Within Patients Undergoing Therapy with Hadrons
Chaudhri, M.A.
52Cyclotron Production of "Very High Specific Activity" Platinum Radiotracers in No Carrier Added Form
Birattari, C., Bonardi, M., Groppi, F., Gini, L., Gallorini, M., Sabbioni, E., Stroosnijder, M.F.
55Production of Carrier-Free Germanium-68 by Alpha-Particle Bombardment Zinc Cyclotron Target
Egamediev, S.Kh., Khujaev, S., Muminov, A.I.

Newly Operating Cyclotrons

59Commissioning of SPIRAL, The GANIL Radioactive Beam Facility
Lieuvin, M., Bertrand, P., Bibet, D., Bru, B., Chautard, F., Duval, M., Ricaud, Ch., Varenne, F.
64Commissioning of the Coupled Cyclotron System at NSCL
Marti, F., Miller, P., Poe, D., Steiner, M., Stetson, J., Wu, X.Y.
69The Self-Extracting Cyclotron
Kleeven, W., Lucas, S., Zaremba, S., Beeckman, W., Vandeplassche, D., Abs, M., Verbruggen, P., Jongen, Y.
74SPIRAL Facility: Beam Dynamics and Experimental Tests with Stable Ions
Varenne, F., Bertrand, P., Bibet, D., Bru, B., Chautard, F., Duval, M., Lieuvin, M., Ricaud, Ch.

Operational Facilities: Developments and Status

79Status and Future Plans at LNS Catania
Calabretta, L., Rifuggiato, D.
84Status of the Calcutta K500 Superconducting Cyclotron Project
Bhandari, R.K. for the VECC staff
89Cyclotron Development Program at Jyväskylä
Heikkinen, P., Liukkonen, E.
94RCNP Techniques for Producing Ultra-Precise Beams
Ninomiya, S., Saito, T., Tamura, H., Sato, K.
99AGOR Status Report
Brandenburg, S, Nijboer, T., Post, H., Roobol, L.P., Schreuder, H.W., van der Veen, S.
102GANIL Status Report
Moscatello, M-H, Baron, E., Barué, C., Berthe, C., David, L., Di Giacomo, M., Dolegieviez, P., Jamet, C., Lehérissier, P., Leroy, R., Loyer, F., Petit, E., Savalle, A., Sénécal, G.
105Status of ISL
Homeyer, H., Arndt, P., Bohne, W., Busse, W., Denker, A., Martin, B., Pelzer, W., Röhrich, J.
108Further Evaluation of Neutron Skyshine Dose in Vicinity of the K1200 Superconducting Cyclotron of the NSCL Using Bubble Dosimeters
Mukherjee, B., Ronningen, R.M., Grivins, P., Rossi, P.
111Status and Development of the Kazakhstan Isochronous Cyclotron
Arzumanov, A., Batischev, V., Borissenko, A., Gorkovets, M., Koptev, V., Lyssukhin, S., Mulgin, S., Popov, Yu., Zhdanov, S.
114Heavy Ion Acceleration Using 224 cm Cyclotron at Kolkata
Mallik, C. for the VECC staff
117Stripper Foil Mechanism for the K1200 Superconducting Cyclotron
Bonofiglio, J., Alfredson, S., Hitchcock, S., Marti, F., Rodriguez, A., Stork, G.
120New Priorities and Developments at NAC
Conradie, J.L., Botha, A.H., Celliers, P.J., Cronje, P.M., Delsink, J.L.G., de Villiers, J.G., du Plessis, H., du Toit, J.S., Fourie, D.T., Hogan, M.E., Jungwirth, H.N., Kohler, I.H., Müller, A., Rohwer, P.F., Smit, H.A., Theron, P.J., van Niekerk, M.J.
123Extraction of D- Beams From the Cyclotron JULIC for Injection into the Cooler Synchrotron COSY
Bräutigam, W., Brings, R., Gad, N., Gebel, R., Jungwirth, H., Maier, R., Rindfleisch, U.
126Improvements and Applications at NIRS Cyclotron Facility
Honma, T., Hojo, S., Miyahara, N., Nemoto, K., Sato, Y., Suzuki, K., Takada, M., Yamada, S., Kuramochi, Y., Okada, T., Hanagasaki, M., Komatsu, K., Ogawa, H.
129Status Report on the JAERI AVF Cyclotron System
Nakamura, Y., Nara, T., Agematsu, T., Ishibori, I., Tamura, H., Kurashima, S., Yokota, W., Okumura, S., Fukuda, M., Arakawa, K.
133Electrostatic Septum for Kilowatt Heavy Ion Beams
Alfredson, S., Marti, F., Miller, P., Poe, D., Stork, G.
136Status Report of the Clinical Cyclotron Facility in Seattle
Risler, R., Diaz, A.Z., Emery, R., Jacky, J., Laramore, G.E., Reid, D.
139Beam Intensity Modulation at the PSI Philips Cyclotron
Schmelzbach, P.A., Stammbach, Th. for the Injector 1 Crew
142The Cyclotron Radioisotopes Production Facility of the Argentinean Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA)
Strangis, S.R., Maslat, G.J., Kuo, T.Y.T.
145Operation Status and Upgrading of HIRFL
Tang, J.Y., Wang, Y.F., Wei, B.W.
148The Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron: Enhancements to ORNL's HRIBF Driver Accelerator
Tatum, B.A., Beene, J.R., Dowling, D.T.
151Breakdown Mechanisms in Electrostatic Deflector
Re, M., Cuttone, G., Zappalà, E., Passarello, S.
154A Multileaf Collimator for Neutron Radiation Therapy
Farr, J.B., Maughan, R.L., Yudelev, M., Forman, J.D., Blosser, E.J., Horste, T.
157The Warsaw K=160 Cyclotron
J. Choinski, J. Miszczak, J. Sura

Facilities under Construction

161RI Beam Factory Project at RIKEN
Yano, Y., Goto, A., Kase, M., Katayama, T.
167Construction of the RIKEN IRC
Mitsumoto, T., Goto, A., Kase, M., Ohnishi, J., Kamigaito, O., Sakamoto, N., Ikegami, K., Okuno, H., Miyazawa, Y., Yano, Y., Hiasa, T., Kumata, Y.
170HIRFL-CSR Power Supply System
Gao, D., Zhou, Z., Chen, Y., Wu, R., Shangguan, J., Bai, Z.

Projects and Proposals

175HIRFL-CSR Project
Zhan, W.L., Xia, J.W., Wei, B.W., Yuan, Y.J., Zhao, H.W., Man, K.T., Dang, J.R., Yuan, P., Gao, D.Q., Yang, X.T., Song, M.T., Zhang, W.Z., Xiao, G.Q., Cai, X.H., Tang, J.Y., Qiao, W.M., Yang, X.D., Wang, Y.F. for the CSR Group
186HIRFL-CSR Electron Cooling Devices
Yang, X.D., Zhao, H.W., Xia, J.W., Zhan, W.L., Wei, B.W., Parkhomchuk, V.V.
189Design Studies of the K900 JAERI Superconducting AVF Cyclotron for the Research in Biotechnology and Materials Science
Fukuda, M., Arakawa, K., Yokota, W., Okumura, S., Agematsu, T., Kamiya, T., Mizuhashi, K., Nara, T., Saito, Y., Ishii, Y., Sakai, T., Kaneko, H., Tanaka, S., Kurashima, S., Chiba, A.


195Early FFAG Development
Mills, F. E.
198Progress on FFAG Accelerators - Toward Neutrino Factory
Mori, Y.
204Beam Optics and Dynamics of FFAG Accelerators - Application of TPSA and Polymorphism
Machida, S., Forest, E.
208Induction FFAG for Accelerator Driven Reactor
Takahashi, H.
211Recent Studies of FFAGs in the USA
Johnstone, C.

Ion Sources and Targets

219VENUS: The Next Generation ECR Ion Source
Lyneis, C.M., Leitner, M.A., Wutte, D., Taylor, C.E., Abbott, S.R.
223Operations of the SERSE Superconducting ECR Ion Source at 28 GHz
Gammino, S., Ciavola, G, Celona, L., Romano, P., Torrisi, L., Hitz, D., Girard, A., Melin, G.
228Recent Developments in ECR Ion Sources
Bouly, J.-L., Curdy, J.-C., Geller, R., Lacoste, A., Lamy, T., Sole, P., Sortais, P., Vieux-Rochaz, J.-L., Thuillier, T., Golubev, S.V., Razin, S.V., Vodopyanov, A.V., Zorin, V.G.
232Production of Intense Beams of Highly Charged Heavy Ions from RIKEN 18 GHz ECRIS and Liquid He Free SC-ECRIS
Nakagawa, T., Kidera, M., Kageyama, T., Kase, M., Yano, Y., Higurashi, Y., Kurita, T., Imanaka, M.
235ECR Ion Sources at HIRFL
Zhao, H.W., Zhang, Z.M., Zhang, X.Z., Guo, X.H., Yuan, P., Wei, B.W., Wang, Y.F., Zhan, W.L., Xie, D.Z.
238H- Source Development for Jyväskylä Cyclotron
Kuo, T., Baartman, R., Dutto, G., Hahto, S., Ärje, J., Liukkonen, E.
241The Production Target at ISAC
Bricault, P., Dombsky, M.
246A Radiation Hard ECR Source for ISAC
Olivo, M., Dombsky, M., Jayamanna, K., McDonald, M., Stanford, G., Yuan, D.
249Turn-Key, Solid Targets Irradiation System
Gelbart, W.Z., Orzechowski, J., Pavan, R., Wong, A., Wong, R., Zeisler, S.
252The CSRe Internal Target System
Cai, X.H., Lu, R., Zhan, W.L., Torpokov, D.K., Nikolenko, D.
255Development Work with the JYFL ECR Ion Sources
Koivisto, H., Heikkinen, P., Ranttila, K., Ärje, J., Liukkonen, E.
258Design and Field Configuration for a 14.4 GHz ECR Ion Source in Kolkata
Rashid, M.H., Bose, D.K., Mallik, C., Bhandari, R.K.
261Profile of Loss Cone on Plasma Surface of the 14.4 GHz ECR IonSource in Kolkata
Rashid, M.H., Bhandari, R.K.
264Optimization of Surface Plasma Sources for Efficient Production of Negative Ions with High Emission Current Density
Farrell, J.P., Dudnikov, V., Dudnikova, G.
268Ion Sources for the First Stage of the DRIBs Project
Efremov, A., Bogomolov, S.L., Lebedev, A.N., Loginov, V.N., Smirnov, Ju.I.
271Results of the ECR Ion Sources Operation at the FLNR (JINR) Cyclotrons
Bogomolov, S.L., Efremov, A.A., Lebedev, A.N., Lebedev, V.Ya., Loginov, V.N., Yazvitsky, N.Yu., Leporis, M., Zelenak, A.
274Progress Toward an Experiment to Study the Effect of RF Grounding in an Internal Ion Source on Axial Oscillations of the Beam in a Cyclotron
Schubert, J., Bailey, J.D., Bolomey, L., Jongen, Y., London, G., Nguyen, Q., Van Meerbeeck, A., Blosser, H.G.
277Emittance Measurements of a Cold Cathode Internal Ion Source forCyclotrons
Forringer, E., Blosser, H.G.

Radio Frequency Systems

283Variable Frequency RFQs as Cyclotron Injectors
Schempp, A.
288Impact of the Cyclotron RF Booster on the 500 MeV Proton Beam Production
Dutto, G., Fong, K., Laxdal, R.E., Mackenzie, G.H., Poirier, R., Root, L.
293Inexpensive RF Modeling and Analysis Techniques as Applied to Cyclotrons
Vincent, J.
297The Radio Frequency Pulsing System at INFN-LNS
Calabretta, L., Caruso, A., Spartà, A., Zappalà, E., Zhe, X., Zhao, J.
300Upgrade Concepts of the PSI Accelerator RF Systems for a Projected 14.3 mA Operation
Bopp, M., Fitze, H., Sigg, P., Stingelin, L.
303Design of the Flat-Top Acceleration System for the JEARI AVF Cyclotron
Kurashima, S., Fukuda, M., Nakamura, Y., Nara, T., Agematsu, T., Ishibori, I., Tamura, H., Yokota, W., Okumura, S., Arakawa, K., Kumata, Y., Fukumoto, Y.
306Construction of the RF-Resonator for the RIKEN Intermediate-Stage Ring Cyclotron (IRC)
Sakamoto, N., Kamigaito, O., Miyazawa, Y., Mitsumoto, T., Goto, A., Yano, Y.
309New Rebunchers for HIRFL-CSR
Tang, J.Y., Li, Z.H., Zheng, Q.W., Zhou, X.H., Yuan, Y.J., Li, H.H., Huang, T.Z., Nie, Y.Z., Zhang, B.
313RF System at HIRFL-CSR Main Ring
Zhang, W.Z., Zhang, D.S., Zhan, W.L.

Magnets and Vacuum

319Progress on the Sector Magnets for the RIKEN SRC
Goto, A., Okuno, H., Ohnishi, J., Fukunishi, N., Mitsumoto, T., Fujishima, S., Tominaka, T., Ikegami, K., Miyazawa, Y., Yano, Y.
324Design Study of a Superconducting Cyclotron for Heavy Ion Therapy
Kim, J., Marti, F., Blosser, H.
327Design and Construction of the Superconducting Bending Magnet for the Injection System of the RIKEN SRC
Okuno, H., Fujishima, S., Tominaka, T., Goto, A., Yano, Y.
330Temperature Control of a Cyclotron Magnet for Stabilization of the JAERI AVF Cyclotron Beam
Okumura, S., Arakawa, K., Fukuda, M., Nakamura, Y., Yokota, W., Ishimoto, T., Kurashima, S., Ishibori, I., Nara, T., Agematsu, T., Tamura, H., Matsumura, A., Sano, M., Tachikawa, T.
333The Design and Structure of the Ultra-High Vacuum System of HIRFL-CSR
Yang, X.T., Zhang, J., Zhang, X., Meng, J., Zhan, W.L.
336A Group of Codes for Finding the Pole Profile in Quadrupoles with High Field Quality
Dey, M.K., Sarma, P.R., Bhandari, R.K.
339A Method of Designing Magnetic Channels of Improved Field Quality for Superconducting Cyclotrons
Sarma, P.R., Pandit, V.S., Bhandari, R.K.
342Design of the Injection Channel Magnets for the K1200 Cyclotron
Wu, X.Y., Lawton, D., Marti, F., Zeller, A.F.
345Optimized Magnet for a 250 MeV Proton Radiotherapy Cyclotron
Kim, J., Blosser, H.
348Magnetic Field Calculation and Shimming of the Self-Extraction Cyclotron
Kleeven, W., Beeckman, W., Lucas, S., Zaremba, S., Vandeplassche, D., Jongen, Y.
351Magnetic Field Measurement of RIKEN IRC Sector Magnets
Ohnishi, J., Mitsumoto, T., Goto, A., Yano, Y.
354A C Type Dipole with Imbedded Windings to Improve the Field Distribution
Yuan, P., He, Y., Ma, L.Z., Zhang, B., Liu, W.J., Han, X.F., Xiong, H., Wang, W.J., Wu, J., He, R.R., Xia, J.W., Zhan, W.L., Wei, W.B.

Beam Diagnostics and Controls

359Diagnostics for Radioactive Beams
Launé, B.
364Requirements and Solutions for Accelerator Control Systems
Anicic, D., Blumer, T., Jirousek, I., Lutz, H., Mezger, A.
367Internal Current Measurement Errors in High Energy ProtonCyclotrons - Simulation, Correction, Design, and Measurement
Bailey, J.
370Radioactive Beam Diagnostics Status and Development at the SPIRAL Facility
Chautard, F., Baelde, J.L., Bucaille, F., Duneau, P., Galard, C., Le Blay, J.P., Loyant, J.M., Martina, L., Ulrich, M., Launé, B.
373Sub-Harmonic Bunching with the AGOR Cyclotron
Brandenburg, S., Roobol, L.P., Stokroos, M.

Beam Dynamics

379Specific Cyclotron Correlations under Space Charge Effects in the Case of a Spherical Beam
Bertrand, P., Ricaud, Ch.
383Compact Commercial 9 MeV Deuteron Cyclotron with Pulsed Beam
Erdman, K., Johnson, D., Papash, A., Dehnel, M., Gyles, B., Kovac, B., Medianu, S., Popa, I., Sabaiduc, V., Watt, R.
387Simulation of the Transmission Efficiency of the DRIBS Transport Lines
Bashevoy, V.V., El-Shazly, M.N., Gulbekian, G.G., Khabarov, M.V., Kolesov, I.V., Melnikov, V.N., Oganessian, R.Ts., Tikhomirov, A.V.
390Numerical Simulation of the 48Ca5+ Ions Transport along the U-400 Cyclotron's Injection Line
Aleksandrov, V.S., Gulbekian, G.G., Kazarinov, N.Yu., Shevtsov, V.F., Tikhomirov, A.V.
393External Injection into JINR Phasotron - Computer Simulation II
Onischenko, L.M., Samsonov, E.V.
396Lattice of the CSR
Xia, J.W., Yuan, Y.J., Song, M.T., Zhang, W.Z., Yang, X.D., He, Y., Mao, L.Z., Xia, G.X., Yang, J.C., Wu, J.X., Liu, W.
399Design of Beam Injection and Extraction for HIRFL-CSR Project
Yuan, Y.J., Tang, J.Y., Song, M.T., Xia, J.W., Long, J.Y.
402Space Charge Effects in RIKEN Cyclotrons
Vorojtsov, S.B., Vorozhtsov, A.S., Goto, A., Mitsumoto, T., Fukunishi, N., Yano, Y.
405Effects of Vertical Misalignment of Superconducting Coils in Cyclotrons
Kim, J.-W.
408Vertical Perturbation of High Energy Proton Beams in the AGOR Cyclotron
Roobol, L.P., Brandenburg, S., Post, H.
411A Fast Code for Simulation of the Longitudinal Space Charge Effect in Isochronous Cyclotrons
Pozdeyev, E.
414NORTICA - A New Code For Cyclotron Analysis
Gorelov, D., Johnson, D., Marti, F.
417The Program LISE: A Simulation of Fragment Separators
Tarasov, O., Bazin, D., Lewitowicz, M., Sorlin, O.

High Intensity Cyclotrons

423The PSI 2 mA Beam and Future Applications
Stammbach, Th., Adam, S., Blumer, T., George, D., Mezger, A., Schmelzbach, P.A., Sigg, P.
428Steps to Enhance the Knowledge on Space Charge Effects
Adam, S., Adelmann, A., Dölling, R.
431High Intensity Heavy Ion Beams for Exotic Nuclei Production at GANIL
Baron, E., Barué, Ch., Baelde, J.L., Berthe, C., Bibet, D., Chautard, F., Jamet, C., Gudewicz, P., Lehérissier, P., Loyer, F., Moscatello, M-H., Petit, E., Savalle, A., Sénécal, G.
434The High Current Cyclotron Complex for an Electronuclear Way of Production of Energy
Alenitsky, Y.G., Glazov, A.A., Dmitrievsky, V.P., Zaplatin, N.L., Kalinichenko, V.V., Onischenko, L.M., Rusakovich, N.A.
437A Superconducting Isochronous Cyclotron Stack as a Driver for a Thorium-Cycle Power Reactor
Kim, G., May, D., McIntyre, P., Sattarov, A.
440Parallel Beams Co-Extraction
Gelbart, W.Z., Wong, A., Wong, R., Zeisler, S.

Beam Transport

445High Intensity Ion Beam Injection into the 88-Inch Cyclotron
Wutte, D., Clark, D.J., Laune, B., Leitner, M.A., Lyneis, C.M.
449Design of the Injection and Extraction Systems for the RIKEN SRC
Fujishima, S., Okuno, H., Tominaka, T., Goto, A., Yano, Y.
452Modification of a Double Drift Beam Bunching System to Get the Efficiency of a Six Harmonic Buncher
Pandit, V.S., Sarma, P.R., Bhandari, R.K.
455Matching Modes between HIRFL and CSR
Tang, J.Y., Li, H.H., Yuan, Y.J.
458High Resolution WS Beam Line at RCNP
Wakasa, T., Hatanaka, K., Fujimura, H., Kamiya, J., Kawabata, T., Nagayama, K., Uraki, M., Fujita, Y., Fujita, H., Shimbara, Y., Itoh, M., Sakaguchi, H., Takeda, H., Uchida, M., Yosoi, M., Berg, G.P.A., Noro, T., Tamura, K., Ueno, H.

Radioactive Beams

463Acceleration of Low-Intensity Triton Beams with the AGOR Cyclotron
Brandenburg, S., Kopecky, S., Versteegh, M., Galès, S., Guillot, J., Laurent, H.
466Production and Acceleration of Tritium Ion Beam at the U-400M Cyclotron
Oganessian, Yu.Ts., Gulbekian, G.G., Bogomolov, S.L., Efremov, A.A., Loginov, V.N., Smirnov, Yu.I., Yazvitsky, N.Yu, Bekhterev, V.V., Zelenak, A., Leporis, M., Khabarov, M.V., Ivanenko, I.A., Borisov, O.N., Pashchenko, S.V., Rodin, A.M., Ter-Akopian, G.M., Fomichev, A.S., Yukhimchuk, A.A., Vinogradov, Yu.I.

General Remarks

471Departed Cyclotron Pioneers
Clark, D.J.
474Cyclotron, Psychlotron - What's in a Name?
Craddock, M.K.
477Concluding Remarks
Baron, E.

Final Items

483Lists of Cyclotrons
577Conference Program
589  List of Participants