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Keyword: vacuum

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Status of LEP and its Experimental Programme accelerator, injection, lattice, linac 1561
  • H. Schopper
Control of Background Rates in the Underground Physics Experiments of the CERN SPS Proton Antiproton Collider background, collimation, proton, target 1635
  • A. Ijspeert, L. Vos
Status Report on the DESY II Synchrotron field, injection, linac, synchrotron 1641
  • G. Hemmie
ITEP Complex for Proton and Heavy Ion Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 1693
  • N.N. Alexeev, I.V. Chuvilo, L.L. Goldin, B.I. Kruglov, P.I. Lebedev, V.I. Nicolaev, K.K. Onosovsky, V.G. Shevchenko, A.A. Vasiljev, M.A. Veselov, Ju. M. Zlatov, Ju. B. Zudinov
Performance of the H- Ion Source for the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source accelerator, cathode, ion, neutron 1754
  • V. Stipp, A. DeWitt
Cooling High Intensity Atomic Hydrogen Beams to Liquid Helium Temperatures acceptance, field, ion, scattering 1762
  • A. Hershcovitch, B. DeVito, V. Kovarik, A. Kponou, R. Meier, Th. Sluyters
Design Status of Heavy Ion Injector Program electron, field, ion, laser 1788
  • E.O. Ballard, E.A. Meyer, K.B. Riepe, H.L. Rutkowski, R.B. Shurter, F.W. Van Haaften
Improved Bevatron Local Injector Ion Source Performance accelerator, emittance, ion, sputter 1806
  • G. Stover, E. Zajec
Routine Production of a Triton Beam for an FN Accelerator accelerator, ion, maintenance, sputter 1820
  • J.W. McKay, P.G. Ashbaugh, J.W. Stark
Beam Probes for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron CAMAC, controls, cyclotron, extraction 1880
  • J.D. Hepburn, J.D. Walsh, E.H. Williams
Thermal Conductance of Metallic Interface in Vacuum background, insertion, radiation, thermal 1891
  • P. Mortazavi, D. Shu
A Beam Profile Monitor for the NSLS VUV Ring Employing Linear Photodiode Arrays electron, optics, radiation, synchrotron 1893
  • R.J. Nawrocky, J. Galayda, D.M. Shu, L.H. Yu
A Scanning Wire Beam Profile Monitor CAMAC, acceleration, emittance, proton 1920
  • Ch. Steinbach, M. van Rooij
New Beam Diagnostics at GANIL: Very Sensitive Current Transformers in Beam Lines and Counting System of Beam Turns in Cyclotrons accelerator, diagnostics, ion, spectrum 1938
  • F. Loyer, T. André, B. Ducoudret, J.P. Rataud
Wide Dynamic Range Beam Profile Monitor field, proton, shielding, timing 1967
  • D.M. Lee, J.R. Bilskie, D. Brown, R. Hardekopf, O.B. van Dyck
Beam Profile Monitor System for the Bevalac Transfer Line acceleration, ion, monitoring, software 1988
  • G. Stover
Parasitic Mode Losses Versus Signal Sensitivity in Beam Position Monitors damping, impedance, spectrum, synchrotron 2000
  • J.-C. Denard, K.L. Bane, J. Bijleveld, A.M. Hutton, J.-L. Pellegrin, L. Rivkin, P. Wang, J.N. Weaver
The LEP Radio-Frequency Low Power System controls, feedback, klystron, timing 2032
  • P. Brown, E. Ciapala, S. Hansen, E. Peschardt, J. Sladen
Performance of the TRISTAN Computer Control Network accelerator, accumulation, controls, software 2068
  • H. Koiso, K. Abe, A. Akiyama, T. Katoh, E. Kikutani, N. Kurihara, S. Kurokawa, K. Oide, M. Shinomoto
A Damper for the Injection Oscillations in the PS Machine betatron, cathode, kicker, pick-up 2135
  • E. Brouzet, R. Cappi, J-L. Gonzalez, W. Pirkl, E. Schulte, M. Thivent
Power Combiners/Dividers for Loop Pickup and Kicker Arrays for FNAL Stochastic Cooling Rings dielectric, impedance, insertion, thermal 2171
  • J.K. Johnson, R. Nemetz
The ISR Impedance Between 40 kHz and 40 GHz field, impedance, resistive wall, synchrotron 2212
  • A. Hofmann, J. Borer, K. Hübner, S. Hansen, J.Y. Hemery, J.C. Juillard, S. Myers, E. Peschardt, J. Poole, T. Risselada, L. Vos, B. Zotter
IMPASS-A Computer Program for Calculations of Impedances of Periodic Axially Symmetric Smooth Structures (Bellows) accumulation, impedance, rf cavities 2338
  • S.A. Kheifets, P.M. Gygi
Beam Vacuum Chamber Effects in the CERN Large Hadron Collider collider, impedance, injection, tune 2347
  • L. Vos
Theoretical Prediction of Head Tail Tune Shift in PETRA betatron, impedance, optics, tune 2356
  • R. Klatt, R.D. Kohaupt, T. Weiland
Interaction Regions for e-p and p-p Collisions in the LEP Tunnel electron, insertion, luminosity, radiation 2535
  • G. Guignard, K. Potter, A. Verdier
Commissioning the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, injection 2643
  • J.A. Hulbert, C.B. Bigham, E.A. Heighway, J.D. Hepburn, C.R. Hoffmann, J.H. Ormrod, H.R. Schneider
Preliminary Design for a 30 MeV, 500 A H- Cyclotron cyclotron, field, focusing, injection 2703
  • Y. Jongen, G. Ryckewaert
The Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher accelerator, extraction, injection, tune 2706
  • R. Maas, P.J.T. Bruinsma, F.B. Kroes, G. Luijckx, J.G. Noomen, A.G.C. Vogel, C. de Vries
Status Report on the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, injection 2712
  • S. Motonaga
CRYRING-A Small Storage and Acceleration Ring for Heavy Ions acceleration, electron, field, ion 2718
  • C.J. Herrlander, A. Bárány, L. Bagge, S. Borg, H. Danared, P. Heikkinen, S. Hultberg, L. Liljeby, Th. Lindblad
Mechanical Considerations in CW Linacs accelerator, cw, linac, thermal 2730
  • J.D. King
Computer Modelling of Two- and Three-Dimensional Cavities accelerator, dielectric, field, impedance 2738
  • T. Weiland
RF Beam Recombination ("Funnelling") at the CERN PSB by Means of an 8 MHz Dipole Magnet acceptance, antiproton, emittance, injection 2760
  • G. Nassibian, K. Schindl
The RF Design of a 270 MHz, cw Four Vane RFQ accelerator, cw, field, insertion 2769
  • R.M. Hutcheon, J.C. Brown, T. Tran-Ngoc, R.A. Vokes
High Order Mode Damping in the NSLS Accelerating RF Cavities by the Use of Damping Antenna damping, field, impedance, x-ray 2781
  • N. Fewell, Z. Wen
NSLS RF System Improvements field, injection, tune, x-ray 2784
  • J. Keane, H. Ackerman, R. Biscardi, R. D'Alsace, H. Langenbach, R. McKenzie-Wilson, G. Ramirez, M. Thomas
Tuning System for Capacitively Loaded \4 Accelerating Cavity acceleration, cooling water, tune, x-ray 2786
  • R. McKenzie-Wilson
SRS RF Cavity Windows coupling, electron, field, monitoring 2800
  • D.M. Dykes, T. Garvey, D.E. Poole, B. Taylor
A Low Shunt Impedance 53 MHz RF System for RF Stacking in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator antiproton, coupling, damping, impedance 2803
  • J.E. Griffin, J.R. Misek, A. Moretti, G.L. Nicholls
Fabrication and Operation of the 4 MV 53 MHz RF System for the Fermilab Antiproton Source Debuncher Ring alignment, antiproton, coupling, rf cavities 2806
  • J.E. Griffin, V. Bharadwaj, J.A. MacLachlan, J.E. Misek, A. Moretti
An Experimental Program to Build a Multimegawatt Lasertron for Super Linear Colliders cathode, electron, field, laser 2906
  • E.L. Garwin, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, C. Sinclair, J.N. Weaver, J.J. Welch, P.B. Wilson
Measurements of Ultimate Accelerating Gradients in the SLAC Disk-Loaded Structure accelerator, field, klystron, radiation 2915
  • J.W. Wang, G.A. Loew
Manifold-Coupled Linac Structure coupling, field, impedance, linac 2930
  • D.A. Swenson
Model Study on the Reduction of RF Leakage in the TRIUMF Cyclotron coupling, cyclotron, field, impedance 2939
  • K. Fong, D.A. Dohan, R. Hutcheon, V. Pacak
The Implementation of a New RF System for the University of Manitoba Cyclotron coupling, cyclotron, impedance, standing wave 2954
  • H. Uzat, V.P. Derenchuk, I. Gusdal, F. Konopasek, J. Lancaster
Foil Changer for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron CAMAC, cyclotron, monitoring 2986
  • C.R. Hoffmann, R.I. Kilborn, J.F. Mouris, D.R. Proulx, J.F. Weaver
Kickers and Power Supplies for the Fermilab Tevatron I Antiproton Source antiproton, extraction, injection, kicker 3003
  • T. Castellano, L. Bartoszek, J. McCarthy, J. Petter, E. Tilles
Time-Resolved Current, Current-Density, and Emittance Measurements of the PHERMEX Electron Beam accelerator, electron, emittance, focusing 3018
  • D.C. Moir, L.A. Builta, T.P. Starke
Electron Emission of over A/cm2 from a Pulsed-Laser Irradiated Photocathode cathode, electron, emittance, laser 3045
  • C.H. Lee, J.S. Fraser, J.H. Jacob, R. Klinkowstein, P.E. Oettinger, E.R. Pugh, R.L. Sheffield
Thermal and Structural Analysis of Ring Components by the Finite Element Method finite element, photon, thermal, wiggler 3051
  • R. Alforque, S. Sharma
Improvement of the High Voltage Properties of the Fermilab Electrostatic Septa cathode, field, residual gas, septum 3074
  • D. Trbojevic, S. Childress, C. Crawford, D. Tinsley
LAMPF Transition-Region Mechanical Fabrication alignment, field, linac, quadrupole 3083
  • E.D. Bush, Jr., J.D.F. Gallegos, R. Harrison, V.E. Hart, W.T. Hunter, S.E. Rislove, J.R. Sims, W.J. Van Dyke
Major Facility Overhauls at LAMPF alignment, neutron, target, thermal 3095
  • D.L. Grisham, J.E. Lambert, W.F. Sommer, Jr.
Recent Advances in Remote Handling at LAMPF irradiation, neutron, radiation, target 3098
  • J.E. Lambert, D.L. Grisham
Beam Lifetime on the Daresbury SRS diagnostics, ion, lifetime, radiation 3113
  • E.A. Hughes, G.I. Figura, N. Marks
Investigation of Re-X Glass Ceramic for Accelerator Insulating Columns accelerator, induction, linac, thermal 3131
  • A. Faltens, S.S. Rosenblum
CW Operation of the FMIT RFQ Accelerator cw, emittance, solenoid, thermal 3139
  • W.D. Cornelius
KEK PS Injector Linac Upgrading booster, field, linac, quadrupole 3181
  • S. Fukumoto, Z. Igarashi, K. Ikegami, T. Kamei, T. Kato, C. Kubota, S. Machida, Y. Mori, T. Shintomi, A. Takagi, E. Takasaki, T. Takenaka
The SuperHILAC Upgrade Project field, ion, quadrupole, space-charge 3202
  • B. Feinberg, I.G. Brown
A Compact Heavy Ion RFQ Preaccelerator for Use at the CERN Linac I coupling, field, ion, linac 3205
  • R.A. Gough, R. Caylor, D. Howard, R. MacGill, J. Staples, J. Tanabe
The University of Washington Superconducting Booster Linac accelerator, booster, controls, linac 3262
  • D.W. Storm, J.F. Amsbaugh, J.G. Cramer, H.E. Swanson, T.A. Trainor, R. Vandenbosch, W.G. Weitkamp, D.I. Will
High Power Switches for Ion Induction Linacs electron, induction, ion, plasma 3302
  • S. Humphries, Jr., M. Savage, W.B. Saylor
A Low Cost/Low Intensity 50 MeV Proton Irradiation Facility accelerator, proton, radiation, synchrotron 3311
  • S.L. Kramer, R.L. Martin
A Compact Cyclotron C-30 for Medical Isotopes Production cyclotron, extraction, field, ion 3316
  • J. Sura, S. Getka, E. Plawski, C. Weychert, J. Zawadzki
The Proposed TRIUMF Accelerator Mass Spectrometer accelerator, alignment, background, ion 3344
  • J.R. Southon, D.E. Nelson, J.S. Vogel
Operating Experience with Existing Light Sources ion, lifetime, radiation, synchrotron 3350
  • M.Q. Barton
The VUV Radiation Source Super-ACO electron, emittance, lattice, lifetime 3371
  • H. Zyngier, G. Arzelier, A. Dael, A. Damany, A. Labeque, J.L. Laclare, G. Leleux, M.P. Level, P.C. Marin, C. Monet-Descombey, E.M. Sommer, R. Souchet, A. Tkatchenko
Synchrotron Radiation Vacuum Chamber Installation and Beam Size electron, light source, radiation, synchrotron 3389
  • M. Shleifer
Ironless Cos Magnet Option for the SSC field, quench, sextupole, thermal 3456
  • H.E. Fisk, B.C. Brown, J.A. Carson, D.A. Edwards, H.T. Edwards, N.H. Engler, J.D. Gonczy, R.W. Hanft, K.P. Koepke, M. Kuchnir, R.A. Lundy, P.M. Mantsch, P.O. Mazur, A.D. McInturff, T.H. Nicol, R.C. Niemann, R.J. Powers, R.H. Remsbottom, C.H. Rode, E.E. Schmidt, A. Szymulanski
Cold Iron Cos Magnet Options for the SSC accelerator, field, quench, sextupole 3466
  • P. Reardon
Operation of Large Cryogenic Systems commissioning, feedback, maintenance, quench 3557
  • C.H. Rode, B. Ferry, W.B. Fowler, J. Makara, T. Peterson, J. Theilacker, R. Walker
A Novel Fabrication Technique for Thin Metallic Vacuum Chambers with Low Eddy Current Losses field, injection, sextupole, synchrotron 3584
  • J. Kouptsidis, R. Banthau, H. Hartwig
Beam Test of a 9-Cell Superconducting Cavity in the PETRA Storage Ring field, klystron, quench, radiation 3596
  • B. Dwersteg, W. Ebeling, W.D. Müller, D. Proch, D. Renken, J. Susta, H. Vogel
Superconducting Resonators for the University of Washington Booster Linac booster, cw, field, x-ray 3607
  • D.W. Storm, I. Ben-Zvi, J.M. Brennan
An Air Core Quadrupole System for Fast Tune Control in CESR betatron, feedback, field, tune 3619
  • D.A. Dean, D.L. Rubin
Design, Construction and Performance of the DESY II Magnets field, injection, lattice, synchrotron 3625
  • G. Hemmie, H. Böttcher, U. Berghaus, E. Dasskowski, H.R. Heller, G. Meyer, G. Nawrath, F. Schwickert, K. Sinram, G. Wöbke, H. Wümpelmann
A Pulsed Septum Magnet for the Fermilab Antiproton Source alignment, field, injection, septum 3628
  • J.A. Satti, S.D. Holmes
SLC Arc Transport System - Magnet Design and Construction field, focusing, quadrupole, sextupole 3657
  • G.E. Fischer, M. Anderson, R. Byers, K. Halbach
Stress Relaxation Studies of CBA and SSC Coil Sections field, thermal 3672
  • M. Anerella, A. Hoffman, R. Jackimowicz, W. Lenz, J. Skaritka, D. Tuttle
Technological Aspects of the LEP Low-Beta Insertions insertion, lattice, quadrupole, shielding 3704
  • T.M. Taylor
Experimental Evaluation of Design Features of a Cryostat for an Iron-Less Cos SSC Magnet background, collider, radiation, thermal 3710
  • R.C. Niemann, J.A. Carson, N.H. Engler, H.E. Fisk, J.D. Gonczy, R.H. Hanft, M. Kuchnir, P.M. Mantsch, P.O. Mazur, A.D. McInturff, T.H. Nicol, J. Otavka, R.J. Powers, E.E. Schmidt, A. Szymulanski
Evaluation of the GTO for 270 MVA Interrupter Applications ion, solid state devices 3784
  • M. Ehsani, W.H. Kernaghan
Details of the Cryogenic System for the Cornell Superconducting RF Beam Tests monitoring, solenoid, thermal 3787
  • J. Kirchgessner, P. Demjanic, C. Henderson, S. Herb, N. Mistry, L. Phillips, J. Walters
Long Removable Cryogenic Transfer Lines cyclotron, superconducting magnet, thermal 3790
  • M.L. Mallory, A. Gavalya, H.W. Laumer
A Vacuum System for the Argonne 6 GeV Synchrotron Light Source electron, lifetime, radiation, synchrotron 3792
  • R. Wehrle, J. Moenich
Ultrahigh Vacuum System of the Heavy Ion Transport Line at Brookhaven booster, ion, residual gas, thermal 3797
  • H.C. Hseuh, I. Feigenbaum, M. Manni, R. Skelton, P. Stattel
High Vacuum Portable Pumping Station Suitable for Accelerator Use accelerator, controls, ion, solenoid 3800
  • P. Stattel, J. Briggs, W. DeBoer, R. Skelton
A Method for Compensating Bellows Pressure Loads While Accommodating Thermal Deformations alignment, survey, thermal, x-ray 3803
  • M.H. Woodle
Radiation Resistance of Elastomers accelerator, ion, radiation 3806
  • G. Lee
Operational Characteristics of the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring Vacuum System electron, lifetime, residual gas, thermal 3809
  • T. Momose, H. Ishimaru, K. Kanazawa, H. Mizuno, K. Narushima, H. Watanabe
Beam Line Windows at LAMPF finite element, irradiation, neutron, thermal 3812
  • R.D. Brown, D.L. Grisham, J.E. Lambert
Tailored Vacuum Chambers for AC Magnets accelerator, dielectric, field, impedance 3815
  • A. Harvey
High Vacuum Chambers for High Energy Physics accelerator, field, proton, quadrupole 3818
  • G.R. Matarrese