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Keyword: simulation

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Investigation of Plasma Parameters in a Duopigatron Using a Langmuir Probe electron, extraction, ion, plasma 1838
  • E. Ghanbari, L. Ayers, G. Bender
GIANT- A Computer Code for General Interactive Analysis of Trajectories beamline, damping, field, lattice 1877
  • J. Jäger, M. Lee, R. Servranckx, H. Shoaee
Beam Impedance Measurement by the Wire Method Using a Synthetic Pulse Technique S-parameter, coupling, field, impedance 1914
  • F. Caspers
Computer Simulation of the Beam-Beam Interaction at a Crossing Angle betatron, proton, resonance, synchrotron 2240
  • A. Piwinski
Resonance Crossing in the Presence of Space Charge emittance, field, resonance, tune 2264
  • I. Hofmann, K. Beckert
Ion Stability in Bunched Electron Beams accumulation, electron, field, ion 2294
  • D. Douglas
Effect of Long Range Beam-Beam Interaction on the Stability of Coherent Dipole Motion collider, instability, multipole, tune 2297
  • M.A. Furman, A.W. Chao
Effect of Reactive Feedback on the Transverse Mode Coupling Instability Using the Few-Particles Model and Simulation betatron, feedback, tune, wakefield 2341
  • S. Myers
Simulation of Multiturn Transverse Instabilities in Electron Storage Rings damping, instability, quadrupole, synchrotron 2350
  • C. Reece, R. Sundelin
The Bunched Beam Interaction with the Hybrid Modes in a Multi-Sectional Ion Linac accelerator, field, linac, proton 2368
  • I.V. Gonin, S.K. Esin, L.V. Kravchuk, P.N. Ostroumov, V.V. Paramonov
Beam Breakup with Random Initial Displacement impedance, resonance, spectrum 2398
  • R.L. Gluckstern, R.K. Cooper
High Current Beam Transport Experiments at GSI emittance, ion, quadrupole, tune 2462
  • J. Klabunde, A. Schölein, P. Spädtke
Theory and Simulations of Neutralization and Focusing of ICF Ion Beams electron, field, focusing, ion 2474
  • D.S. Lemons, M.E. Jones
Numerical Studies of High Current Beam Compression in Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, field, heavy-ion, space-charge 2477
  • J. Bisognano, E.P. Lee, J.W-K. Mark
The Effect of Induced Charge at Boundaries on Transverse Dynamics of a Space-Charge-Dominated Beam betatron, emittance, field, focusing 2480
  • C.M. Celata, I. Haber, L.J. Laslett, L. Smith, M.G. Tiefenback
The LBL Neutralized Beam Focusing Experiment electron, field, ion, solenoid 2486
  • G.A. Krafft, C.H. Kim, L. Smith
The Negative Mass Instability in High Current Modified Betatrons at Low Energies betatron, electron, field, instability 2495
  • B.B. Godfrey, T.P. Hughes
Equilibrium and Stability Properties of the Solenoidal Lens Betatron betatron, equilibrium, field, focusing 2498
  • T.P. Hughes, B.B. Godfrey
Calculation of Space Charge Effects in Isochronous Cyclotrons acceleration, betatron, cyclotron, instability 2507
  • S. Adam
Beam Dynamics in MABE cyclotron, electron, emittance, field 2513
  • J.W. Poukey, P.D. Coleman, T.W.L. Sanford
Macrofilament Simulation of High Current Beam Transport emittance, field, solenoid, tune 2519
  • R.J. Hayden, M.J. Jakobson
A Computer Simulation Study of e+e- Storage Ring Performance as a Function of Sextupole Distribution algorithms, luminosity, sextupole, tune 2541
  • G.P. Jackson, R.H. Siemann
Moments in Particle-in-Cell Simulations betatron, focusing, ion, space-charge 2559
  • M.M. Berz, W.P. Lysenko
Comparison of Simulation with Experiment in an RFQ accelerator, field, space-charge, spectrum 2562
  • G.P. Boicourt, O.R. Sander, T.P. Wangler
The Moment Code BEDLAM accelerator, emittance, linac, space-charge 2565
  • P.J. Channell, L.M. Healy, W.P. Lysenko
Acceleration Simulation in the LAMPF II Booster acceleration, booster, emittance, space-charge 2567
  • E.P. Colton
A Generalization of the Child-Langmuir Relation for One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Diodes electron, field, ion, space-charge 2576
  • A. Kadish, M.E. Jones, W. Peter
Transverse Emittance of a 2.0 MeV RFQ Beam with High Brightness background, beam-transport, emittance, proton 2588
  • O.R. Sander, G.P. Boicourt, W.B. Cottingame
Circular-Beam Ray Tracing on a Microcomputer emittance, focusing, solenoid, space-charge 2591
  • J.D. Schneider
Numerical Simulation of High Power Microwave Sources accelerator, electron, field, spectrum 2733
  • A.T. Drobot, C-L. Chang, K. Ko, A. Mondelli, A. Monkofsky, L. Seftor, P. Vitello
Design of TE Cavities for RF Energy Storage coupling, field, linac, resonance 2812
  • P. Fernandes, R. Parodi, C. Salvo, B. Spataro
Reduction of Multipacting in an Accelerator Cavity accelerator, electron, field, multipacting 2815
  • R. Boni, V. Chimenti, P. Fernandes, R. Parodi, B. Spataro, F. Tazzioli
LASERTRON, A Photocathode Microwave Device Switched by Laser cathode, electron, field, laser 2831
  • Y. Fukushima, T. Kamei, Y. Kato, H. Kuroda, H. Matsumoto, M. Miyao, H. Mizuno, M. Mutou, N. Nakano, H. Nishimura, I. Sato, T. Shidara, T. Shintake, K. Takata, S. Takeda, M. Yoshioka
Self-Consistent Klystron Simulations electron, field, klystron, space-charge 2837
  • B.E. Carlsten, P.J. Tallerico
Results of Simulations of High-Power Klystrons accelerator, electron, field, klystron 2903
  • K. Eppley, S. Brandon, A. Drobot, H. Hanerfeld, W. Herrmannsfeldt, R. Melendez, D. Nielsen, S. Yu
Two and One-Half Dimension Particle-in-Cell Simulation of High-Power Klystrons accelerator, field, impedance, klystron 2918
  • S.S. Yu, A. Drobot, P. Wilson
A New and Improved RF Resonator Segment for the TRIUMF Cyclotron acceleration, cyclotron, spectrum, thermal 2942
  • G. Stanford, K. Fong, S. Hutton, R. Worsham
Design of Gyrotron Amplifiers for Driving 1 TeV e-e+ Linear Colliders electron, field, gyroklystron, plasma 2957
  • V.L. Granatstein, K.R. Chu, A. Drobot, K. Ko, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, C.D. Striffler, P. Vitello
The Effect of Focusing Field Nonlinearities in MBE-4 on Transverse Beam Dynamics emittance, field, focusing, quadrupole 3193
  • C.M. Celata, V.O. Brady, I. Haber, L.J. Laslett, L. Smith