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Keyword: plasma

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Laser Accelerators accelerator, electron, field, laser 1576
  • C. Joshi
The Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc (MEVVA) High Current Ion Source cathode, emittance, extraction, ion 1723
  • I.G. Brown
Spectroscopic Measurements on an H- Ion Source Discharge electron, emittance, extraction, ion 1736
  • R. Keller, H.V. Smith, Jr.
Ion Source Development for the Los Alamos Heavy Ion Fusion Injector accelerator, emittance, extraction, ion 1742
  • H.L. Rutkowski, L.S. Engelhardt, S. Humphries, Jr., E.A. Meyer, H. Oona, R.P. Shurter
A Study of Some Plasma-Physical Aspects of Radial Extraction Type RF Ion Source with an Injected Electron Beam electron, field, injection, ion 1748
  • M.E. Abdel-Aziz, M.M. Abdel-Baki, S.G. Zakhary
A High-Current Oxygen Ion Source extraction, implantation, ion, lifetime 1751
  • M.R. Shubaly, R.G. Maggs, A.E. Weeden
Characteristics of the Hollow Anode Ion-Electron Source cathode, electron, extraction, ion 1757
  • V.I. Miljevic
Remote Antiproton Sources accumulation, electron, equilibrium, field 1770
  • W. Kells
An Intense Alpha Ion Source for INRS Cyclotron cyclotron, field, ion, proton 1773
  • L.X. Chen, M.B. Chen
KEK Multicusp Negative Hydrogen Ion Source booster, electron, ion, lifetime 1782
  • A. Takagi, S. Fukumoto, K. Ikegami, Y. Mori
Ion Source for the Jülich SNQ-Project electron, extraction, ion, proton 1785
  • G. Crecelius, R. Hölzle
Effect of Resonant Microwave Power on a PIG Ion Source coupling, electron, field, ion 1800
  • I.G. Brown, J.E. Galvin, B.F. Gavin, R.A. MacGill
A Compact Microwave Ion Source cathode, electron, extraction, ion 1803
  • K.N. Leung, H.W. Owren, S. Walther
Improved Brightness of the ATA Injector brightness, cathode, emittance, field 1812
  • J.T. Weir, G.J. Caporaso, F.W. Chambers, R. Kalibjian, J. Kallman, A.C. Paul, D.S. Prono, M.E. Slominski
Investigation of Plasma Parameters in a Duopigatron Using a Langmuir Probe electron, extraction, ion, simulation 1838
  • E. Ghanbari, L. Ayers, G. Bender
Beam Potential Measurement of an Intense H- Beam by Use of the Emissive Probe Technique background, electron, emittance, ion 1973
  • J.D. Sherman, P. Allison, H.V. Smith, Jr.
Emittance Analysis of Beam Propagation in Low Pressure Air electron, emittance, focusing, ion 1997
  • J.R. Smith, W. Namkung, M.J. Rhee, R.F. Schneider
Relation Between Field Energy and rms Emittance in Intense Particle Beams emittance, field, focusing, tune 2196
  • T.P. Wangler, K.R. Crandall, R.S. Mills, M. Reiser
General Theory of the Diocotron Instability of a Relativistic Electron Beam cyclotron, electron, field, instability 2380
  • H.C. Chen
Ion Beam Cooling by Radiation and Electron Heat Sink electron, ion, radiation, thermal 2427
  • K.T. Nguyen, H.S. Uhm
Propagation of Intense Pulsed Electron Beams with Energies Below 80-keV background, electron, field, instability 2492
  • X.L. Jiang, S.C. Jiang
Simulation Studies of Instabilities and Emittance Growth in a Periodic Solenoidal Channel with Linear and Nonlinear Focusing electron, emittance, focusing, thermal 2620
  • H. Dantsker-Rudd, I. Haber, M. Reiser
Injection and Capture of Electrons in the UCI Stellatron betatron, cathode, electron, field 2727
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, G. Leslie, B. Mandelbaum, N. Rostoker
Design of Gyrotron Amplifiers for Driving 1 TeV e-e+ Linear Colliders electron, field, gyroklystron, simulation 2957
  • V.L. Granatstein, K.R. Chu, A. Drobot, K. Ko, P.E. Latham, W. Lawson, C.D. Striffler, P. Vitello
Focusing Moderate Energy Linacs with Background Ion Plasma accelerator, electron, emittance, ion 3154
  • R.J. Adler, J.R. Clifford
Longitudinal and Radial MHD Linear Induction Accelerator with Hot Conducting Plasma Core accelerator, field, induction, linac 3216
  • K. Denno
Beam Measurements on the Electron Injector for a High Current Betatron accelerator, cathode, electron, emittance 3274
  • K.W. Zieher, B. Fishbine, S. Humphries, Jr., D.M. Woodall
High Power Switches for Ion Induction Linacs electron, induction, ion, vacuum 3302
  • S. Humphries, Jr., M. Savage, W.B. Saylor
A Periodic Plasma Waveguide Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 3486
  • F.T. Cole
A Collective Accelerator for Electron Colliders accelerator, electron, field, ion 3489
  • R.J. Briggs
Measurement Facility for New Acceleration Techniques acceleration, field, linac, target 3492
  • J. Simpson, F. Cole, J. Norem, A.G. Ruggiero, P. Schoessow
Wave Excitation in Waveguides Below Cut-Off acceleration, electron, field, wiggler 3494
  • A. Anselmo, J.A. Nation
Space-Charge Wavegrowth and Propagation on a Relativistic Electron Beam acceleration, electron, field, space-charge 3497
  • S. Greenwald, G. Kerslick, J.A. Nation
Considerations on Collective Ion Acceleration as an Intense Ion Injector acceleration, cathode, electron, ion 3500
  • R.J. Faehl, W.K. Peter
Studies of the Plasma Droplet Accelerator Scheme coupling, electron, laser, radiation 3503
  • W.B. Mori, J.M. Dawson, D.W. Forslund, C. Joshi, J.M. Kindel, K. Lee
Collective Ion Acceleration by Means of Virtual Cathodes acceleration, cathode, electron, ion 3506
  • W. Peter, R.J. Faehl, M.E. Jones, C. Snell
Plasma-Focused Cyclic Accelerators accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 3521
  • A.A. Mondelli, D.P. Chernin
On Collinear Wake Field Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, field, focusing 3524
  • K.L.F. Bane, P. Chen, P.B. Wilson
The "Phase Velocity" of Nonlinear Plasma Waves in the Laser Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, beat-wave, laser 3527
  • W.L. Spence
Experimental Study of the Electron Beam Produced by a Plasma Focus Accelerator electron, emittance, field, gun 3536
  • R.F. Schneider, M.J. Rhee, J.R. Smith
Experiments on the Plasma Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, beat-wave, electron, laser 3539
  • N.A. Ebrahim, S. Aithal, P. Lavigne
Pump Depletion and Laser Staging for Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, beat-wave, laser 3542
  • T. Tajima, W. Horton, S. Singer, K. Witte
Study of the Plasma Fiber Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, field, laser 3545
  • E. Zaidman, D.C. Barnes, K. Mima, D. Neuffer, T. Ohsuga, T. Tajima
Experimental Study of the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator electron, field, laser, scattering 3551
  • C.E. Clayton, F.F. Chen, C. Darrow, C. Joshi, D. Umstadter
A Side-Injected-Laser Plasma Accelerator acceleration, field, ion, laser 3554
  • T. Katsouleas, J.M. Dawson, D. Sultana, Y.T. Yan
Magnet Correction by Figure Eights field 3717
  • J. Purcell, W. Chen, A. Peuron
Physics Opportunities with Relativistic Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, coupling, ion, target 3824
  • N.P. Samios